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(2) Rhetoric Proficiency Examination: Each student must write the proficiency examination in Rhetoric at the end of his sophomore year. The examination is a three-hour timed essay; the completed essays are evaluated by readers drawn from the faculty at large. Those students whose essays are judged unsatisfactory may retake the examination each semester until they reach the equivalent of their seventh semester at the College (or the first semester of their senior year). At that point, students are enrolled in Rhetoric 200: Proficiency Tutorial. This requirement applies equally to all students, whether transfer students or not. Transfer students who expect to receive six credit hours for composition courses taken elsewhere must take and pass the proficiency examination at the beginning of their first semester of residence.

Applied Mathematics Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Biology Chemistry Classical Studies Computer Science Economics Economics and Business Engineering Physics English Foreign Affairs French German Government

MAJOR REQUIREMENT The major affords students the opportunity to study a particular subject in depth. It comprises a minimum of 30 credits of work in the discipline and directly supporting coursework; some majors comprise more than 30 credits, as indicated in the departmental sections. The major is intended to complement the broad education provided by core requirements and electives. Students must successfully complete a major in one of HampdenSydney’s academic departments in order to be graduated from the College. A student selects his major and notifies the Registrar of his choice, ordinarily during the student’s fourth semester at the College. He may select multiple majors, normally from different departments. If he does so, he must inform the Registrar which of these majors is his major of record. Only the major of record will be used to determine whether the student has satisfied the requirements of the Core Curriculum. If his interests change, a student may change his major(s) while he is an upperclassman, and he must inform the Registrar of the change. The College offers majors in the following disciplines or groups of disciplines:

MINORS Minors offer an additional opportunity for concentrated study in a discipline outside of the major (a student may not complete a minor in the same discipline as the major). The College offers minors in the following disciplines or areas of study: Asian Studies Latin Astronomy Law and Public Policy Biology Leadership in the Chemistry Public Interest Classical Studies Math Computer Science National Security Studies Creative Writing Music Environmental Studies Neuroscience French Religion German Rhetoric Greek Spanish History Theatre Latin American Studies Visual Arts

Greek Greek and Latin History Latin Mathematical Economics Mathematics Philosophy Physics Psychology Religion Spanish Theatre Visual Arts

The requirements for each of these majors may be found in the section on Course Offerings.

The requirements for each of these minors may be found in the section on Course Offerings or other appropriate locations of the Catalogue. CREDIT HOURS REQUIREMENT Students meet the credit hours requirement by the successful completion of enough course work to total 120 semester hours of credit. A semester hour of credit is authorized for a class which meets 50 minutes per week for the semester or for a laboratory which meets two and one-half hours per week for the semester.

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Academic Catalogue 2019-20