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GERMAN 304. (3) POSTWAR GERMANY: LITERATURE AND CULTURE. As a form of historical documentation, literature informs us about the social and cultural life of a people, the country’s political climate as well as certain philosophical trends within a particular epoch or time span. This course will look at samples of literature written between two pivotal historical dates-1945 and 1990-and will open up for discussion significant political, social, historical and philosophical aspects of that era. Readings will include both literary works as well as select non-literary texts that provide important factual information about the political and historical climate of that period. The class will capitalize on the location of Münster to highlight aspects of this recent historical and political legacy. Students will be required to give oral presentations and to write several position papers and a longer analysis of the texts under consideration. Offered: May Term GERMAN 305. (3) ADVANCED CONVERSATION AND COMPOSITION. A course designed to improve speaking and writing skills in preparation for more advanced course work. Compositions and classroom discussions will be based on a variety of contemporary topics drawn from German radio and news programs, magazines, and the internet. Students will perform a variety of oral communicative tasks. They will also continue to build their vocabulary and work on grammatical structures in their compositions. Discussions and all course work in German. Prerequisites: German 201-202, or placement by the department. Offered: fall semester of odd-numbered years. GERMAN 306. (3) CONTEMPORARY GERMANY AND THE MEDIA. In this course students will become acquainted with the most significant current events in Germany using both regional as well as prominent national newspapers and magazines. Students will learn to evaluate, analyze and discuss relevant topics in the German media. At the same time, they will continue to work on advanced grammatical structures and will learn how to incorporate more nuanced and idiomatically informed language into their spoken and written German. Aside from taking regular quizzes on grammatical structures, students will give daily summaries of regional news items and will give two oral presentations and write two longer analytical pieces on items of national significance. Offered: May Term


GERMAN 401. (3) GERMAN THEATER. Survey of German drama from medieval Fastnachtsspiel and Volksspiel to the Absurde through the Burgersatire and Horspiele, in thematic presentation, through theory and criticism. Extensive reading. Prerequisites: 301-302. Offered: fall semester of even-numbered years. GERMAN 402. (3) ADVANCED GERMAN COMPOSITION. Intensive grammar review in conjunction with preparation of difficult texts, exploring a novel theme or particular dimension of German literature; vocabulary acquisition and stylistics incorporated in the program. Stylistic approach. Prerequisites: German 301-302. Offered: spring semester of odd-numbered years. GERMAN 403. (3) GERMAN POETRY. Survey of German poetic forms from Middle Ages to Symbolismus; Sprüchdichtung, Ballade, and Klassische Poesie through Dichtungstheorie. Extensive reading. Analysis of thematic and metrical variations. Prerequisites: German 301-302. Offered: fall semester of oddnumbered years. GERMAN 404. (3) GERMAN NOVEL. Seminar course conducted through intensive study of authors and movements; biographic, bibliographic, and critical sources, from the elaboration of early Erzähl-literatur through the Roman zwischen Tradition und Wandlung and Die Geschichtserzählung. Extensive reading. Prerequisites: German 301-302. Offered: spring semester of even-numbered years. RUSSIAN RUSSIAN 101-102. (3-3) INTRODUCTION TO RUSSIAN. A first-year course for students who have little or no experience with the language. The ultimate aim is to develop the four skills necessary to achieve basic communicative competence in speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing. This course includes a significant audio component to improve listening skills. Prerequisite for 101: none; prerequisite for 102: Russian 101, or placement by the department. Offered: 101 in the fall semester; 102 in the spring semester.

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