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HISTORY 180. (3) THE MOTON STORY: PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY AND THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT. An investigation of the civil rights movement using the Moton school crisis in Prince Edward County as our focus of inquiry. The seminar looks at the “Jim Crow” system of segregation in Virginia, civil rights leaders and organizations that emerged to challenge that system, and the school desegregation crisis that unfolded in this region between the 1940s and 1960s. Prerequisite: none. Open to freshmen only unless with permission of the instructor.

HISTORY 207-208. (3-3) MIDDLE EAST SURVEY. The Arab East, Turkey, and Iran in the Islamic age. The first semester covers the life and mission of Muhammad, Islam as a religion, and medieval Islamic history and culture to the sack of Baghdad by the Mongols in 1258. The second semester covers the Mamluk age in Egypt and Syria, the rise, zenith and decline of the Ottoman empire to the First World War, Republican Turkey, and Iran from the Safavids through Khomeini. Prerequisite: none. Offered: 207 in the fall semester; 208 in the spring semester.

HISTORY 201-202. (3-3) ENGLAND AND THE BRITISH EMPIRE. The origins and growth of English institutions and their spread to other parts of the world. Particular attention is devoted to the English contribution in government and law, to Britain’s relations with the rest of the world, and to the rise and decline of its empire. The second semester begins in 1700. Prerequisite: none. Offered: 201 in the fall semester; 202 in the spring semester.

HISTORY 209-210. (3-3) LATIN AMERICAN SURVEY. The course is designed to increase understanding of our neighbors to the South. The first semester examines PreColombian civilizations, the effect of European contact on those civilizations, the key features of Spanish and Portuguese colonization, and the issues leading to independence. The second semester looks at post-independence developments in the key nations of Latin America and devotes attention to inter-American relations. Prerequisite: none. Offered: 209 in the fall semester; 210 in the spring semester.

HISTORY 203. (3) RUSSIA. A survey of Russian history covering the period from the founding of Kievan Russia in the ninth century to the end of Nicholas I’s reign in 1855. Prerequisite: junior or senior status, or permission of the instructor. Prerequisite: none. Offered: 203 in the fall semester of odd years. HISTORY 205-206. (3-3) EAST ASIA. This introductory survey covers the history of China, Korea, and Japan. The first semester concentrates on premodern East Asian history to the year 1800. Topics include the Chinese Confucian classics, Buddhism, the commercial revolution of the Song Dynasty, the Mongol invasions, the rise of unified kingdoms in Korea, Japanese mythology, court life in Heian Japan, the evolution of samurai society, and developments under the Tokugawa Shogunate. History 206 will focus on modern East Asian history from 1800 to the present. Topics include the Opium Wars, imperialism, Meiji reforms in Japan, the 1911 Chinese Revolution, Maoism, colonial Korea, World War II, the Korean War, the Cold War, and the “economic miracle” in East Asia. Prerequisite: none. Offered: 205 in the fall semester; 206 in the spring semester.

HISTORY 211. (3) COLONIAL AMERICA. After a consideration of the motives of English colonization and the actual establishment of the colonies, particular attention is given to the factors shaping the political, religious, economic, and social institutions in the eighteenth century. Prerequisite: none. Offered: fall semester. HISTORY 213 (3) THE COMING OF THE CIVIL WAR. This course studies the origins of the Civil War, emphasizing the themes of nationalism and sectionalism, slavery, abolition, and the breakdown of the political system. Prerequisite: none. Offered: fall semester. HISTORY 214. (3) CIVIL WAR AND RECONSTRUCTION. This course investigates the waging of the Civil War, with some attention given to military events, and the efforts to restore the Union. Prerequisite: none. Offered: spring semester.

Academic Catalogue, 2018-19  
Academic Catalogue, 2018-19