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Other than the exceptions listed above under Release of Records and Public Information, the College will not release in writing, or provide access to, any personally identifiable information in education records unless: • There is written consent from the student specifying the records to be released, the reasons for such release, and to whom or what class of parties the records are to be furnished. The student shall receive a copy of the records, if requested. • Such information is furnished in compliance with judicial order, or pursuant to any lawfully issued subpoena, upon condition that the students are notified of all such orders or subpoenas in advance of the compliance therewith by the College. The College will notify any third party receiving information about a student from the College (other than educational institutions, etc., noted in this policy statement as exceptions) that the information is being transferred on the condition that such third party will not permit any other party to have access to such information without the written consent of the student. NOTE: A student whose account is delinquent is not entitled to issuance of an official transcript or diploma. RELEASE OF GRADE REPORTS AND DISCIPLINARY ACTION TO, AND CONSULTATION WITH, PARENTS AND GUARDIANS Realizing that parents and guardians have a legitimate interest in the progress of their sons and daughters, the College routinely mails copies of deficiency reports (for freshmen and first-semester sophomores), and notices of significant disciplinary action taken against a student, to parents and guardians. A financially independent student (as defined by the Internal Revenue Code) may submit a written request to the Dean of Students asking that the College not send designated information to parents or guardians, and this request will be honored. The College recognizes the legitimate interests of parents and guardians to consult with the professional staff about the academic and personal well-being of their sons and daughters. This consultation will be carried out consistent with basic College policy respecting the rights of confidentiality of the student. Whenever a student is separated from the College for academic, disciplinary, or other reasons, the College notifies the parents or guardians.

RECORD OF RELEASE OF OR ACCESS TO EDUCATIONAL RECORDS A record of all requests for educational information is maintained in each office where applicable student records are kept. The form includes information on the name of the inquirer, institution, or agency; the date of the request; the purpose or legitimate interest that each person, institution, or agency has in obtaining this information; and the disposition of the record. A student may see this record. EDUCATIONAL RECORDS MAINTAINED BY THE COLLEGE, THE COLLEGE OFFICIAL IN CHARGE, COLLEGE PERSONNEL WHO HAVE ACCESS AND THE PURPOSES FOR WHICH THEY HAVE ACCESS The College does not expunge academic records after a student leaves college or is graduated. These records are maintained either on microfilm or in a storage facility for possible future reference. Most other records are kept for up to five years. Academic, administrative, and clerical personnel of the College having a legitimate and demonstrable need for information concerning students as a result of their duties in the College are permitted access to those records directly related to their duties and functions. Whenever possible, the information needed by such persons should be provided by the officials responsible for the records, without permitting direct access to the records themselves. If academic records and personnel folders are relevant to student courts, social fraternities, student government, or honor societies, the necessary information will be provided only when authorized by the appropriate College official.

Academic Catalogue, 2018-19  
Academic Catalogue, 2018-19