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expenses and financial aid

During or after the first day of classes, there is no refund of room rent. A pro-rata refund of unused board is allowed if withdrawal occurs prior to two weeks before the end of the semester. There is no refund of the tuition, room & board for students who are suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons. For students whose withdrawal is certified as necessary by the College physician, a pro-rata refund of the tuition will be made until the middle of the semester. SCHOLARSHIP PAYMENTS Disbursements of institutional grants and loan funds and federal and state grants and loan funds are made in equal amounts each semester. OBLIGATIONS OF GRADUATING SENIORS A graduating senior who has any outstanding financial obligations to the College (unpaid fees, disciplinary or library fine, lost library-book charge, etc.), or who has not completed his required Perkins, Stafford, Booker-Stebbins, or Teaching Loan exit counseling with the Financial Aid and Business Offices, may not receive his diploma at Commencement. He will be allowed to march in the Commencement exercises, but the diploma may be held in the Business Office until all obligations have been met. Transcripts will also be held until obligations have been met. Seniors are reminded of this policy well in advance of Commencement. In addition, approximately two weeks before Commencement seniors with outstanding obligations are sent a notice specifying any obligations to be met; preparation of the notice is coordinated by the Business Office, in cooperation with other offices of the College. It is the responsibility of each senior to make sure that all obligations are met in a timely manner. The deadline for payment of financial obligations is the close of business on the Friday preceding Commencement. HEALTH INSURANCE All students must have primary health insurance coverage. Students must check their present policy to ensure that they are covered currently and that coverage will continue concurrently with their attendance at Hampden-Sydney College. Students are responsible for all medical expenses except for those services received at the Student Health Center without charge.


Please note that no student may participate in any intercollegiate athletic program until valid and collectible primary health and accident insurance is verified. Proof of adequate insurance coverage must be provided by all students prior to participation on any intercollegiate team. This primary health and accident policy must remain in force during the entire period the student is participating in intercollegiate sports activities. Lapse of coverage will disallow participation in intercollegiate sports until the policy has been reinstated. HampdenSydney College does carry a supplemental, standard sports accident insurance policy for its intercollegiate athletes. The policy covers only new athletically related injuries that are sustained during NCAA sanctioned competition or supervised practice. For additional information concerning this coverage, contact the Head Athletic Trainer at (434) 223-6237. For the benefit of students who participate in approved intramural and club sports, the College provides Catastrophic Injury Insurance. INSURANCE ON PERSONAL VEHICLES USED FOR COLLEGE BUSINESS Students operating their personal vehicle or a borrowed vehicle while traveling on College business have primary insurance coverage under that vehicle’s insurance policy. Only when a student drives a College-owned vehicle or a College-leased vehicle is coverage provided under the College’s insurance. College insurance provides coverage for damages to the College’s vehicle, a College-leased vehicle, and any other vehicles or property, should the student be held responsible for such damages. Students planning to travel for the College should take into account these insurance provisions. Any questions regarding the vehicle insurance policy should be directed to the Controller in Cabell House. INSURANCE ON PERSONAL POSSESSIONS College insurance does not cover losses of personal property (including motor vehicles) of students as a result of fire, theft, damage, etc. Therefore, parents, guardians, or students are urged to consider a floater on their insurance policy to cover such possessions.

Academic Catalogue, 2018-19  
Academic Catalogue, 2018-19