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Willin’ to be Movin’ A Reflection on Journeys with Cabas By Dr. Timothy A. Daniels ’03


was out on the road late at night when Dr. Victor N. Cabas, Jr.’s grin parted his greying goatee, unmistakably sharing a deep memory, even though I couldn’t know any of the particulars. The headlights of the Lincoln Town Car that Victor Senior had given his son to drive from the Pacific coast to Faber, Virginia, illuminated one of those lonely, shot-up signs on I-40 that tells you just how far you are from your destination on a long-distance-ina-short-time cross-country road trip. On December 30, 2004, the lights of Albuquerque were dimming in the rear view mirror, about a thousand miles from my drop off in Nashville, and Vic sang, “I’ve been from Tucson to Tucumcari,” amazingly the only lyrics I heard over two 16-hour days in the car.


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Record of Hampden-Sydney, Fall, 2018  

Record of Hampden-Sydney, Fall, 2018