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>> Teen dream Justin Bieber pops in to Westfield for Xmas lights 9 >> Shortlist for Fulham town hall future owner now down to three 13 >> Super sewer public meeting showdown to question Thames Water.........pages 14-15


>> Slip road ahead of time ready to ease traffic 16 >> Hammersmith home could be blueprint for modern house construction..pages 58-59


>> Fulham butcher confident festive feasts will still happen despite 11 >> Win a dinner for two at the new Hampshire Hog in 21 >> We bring you our great guide to the best Italian-style Christmas 67


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We all want a cleaner Thames... but there are greener ways to do this


VERYBODY wants to see a cleaner Thames and most people support measures to stop sewage overflowing into our great river. The question is, what is the common-sense and cost-effective way to achieve this? Thames Water’s current proposals – relying solely on a 20-mile-long concrete tunnel under the Thames – is threatening to needlessly rip the heart out of one of our communities while landing 14million water bill-payers, including all Londoners, with an unaffordable and constantly rising bill. We have long argued the case to consider greener alternatives. It is not just us. Experts from around the world have been lining up to say that there are better solutions to deal with the problem. The alternative solution would involve building a shorter tunnel to capture the bulk of the problem and relying on longer-term measures – such as green roofs, water butts and permeable pavements – to reduce the amount of rainwater that runs off roofs and roads into the underground sewer system, causing the mixture of fresh water and sewage to overflow into the Thames. If we took a common-sense approach to this, water bills would not have to rocket by up to £10 a month and we would not have to blight a tight-knit residential community in south Fulham to make way for a six-year construction site that is not needed. We will continue to campaign for common sense and we will do everything in our power to oppose Carnwath Road as a construction site. My message is a simple one: this council will battle to protect the interests of the people of south Fulham. In doing so, we believe we are protecting the interests of Londoners as a whole.

By Stephen Greenhalgh Leader of Hammersmith & Fulham Council

Editor Geoff Cowart Design Chris Chapman, Don Smith, Alison Tilley & Tom Derbyshire Advertising Sarah Baker, John Naylor & Sarah Harrison Words Tim Harrison, Dan Levene, Rob Mansfield, Steve Dew-Jones, Victoria Marshallsay, Nick Skoric, Kate O’Sullivan, Delyth Bowen, Jon Weisgard Pictures Leigh Quinnell, David Tett & Justin Thomas Published by Hammersmith & Fulham Council 2011

>> Front page picture shows Ed Walsh-Taylor at John Betts school Christmas in 2009


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There’s a P in Fulham Broadway... Fulham Broadway is a great destination for shops, restaurants, a David Lloyd Health & Fitness Club and a nine screen Vue cinema but don’t forget you can park here too! Why park on the road when our covered, safe and secure car park is waiting for you? The car park is open 24-7 with competitive rates from one hour to all day. So now you know, there is a P in Fulham Broadway but we’re still going to spell it with an F.

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 THE place to get the bug, if you’re looking for an intriguing gift for a one or two-year-old, is Little Heroes in Fulham Road. It’s doing a brisk trade in Wheely Bugs – cute, domed ride-on buggies – which give toddlers unexpectedly entertaining mobility. The shop is packed with Christmas toy ideas, including games, craft kits and puzzles, but it’s

the bugs that are causing all of the excitement. Manager Noush said: “There are two sizes; the one for one-year-olds plus is £59.99, the one for the over twos is £69.99. “It’s generally the bigger items that sell best at Christmas – things like the bugs, dolls houses, fire stations and garages.” >> Little Heroes is at 638 Fulham Road, SW6. Call 020 7348 7907 for more details or hours.


Bring back the cane: Haris Hareez helps plant a sapling at Normand Croft school

 YOUR garden may be looking a little bare and bleak at the moment, but one event co-ordinator is already thinking ahead to an outdoor event next June. The Open Garden Squares weekend will be staged on June 9 and 10 in 2012, and the organisers are looking for new gardens to take part. An initiative of the London Parks and Gardens Trust,

the weekend aims to raise awareness of the capital’s hidden and secret communal green spaces. This year more than 210 gardens took part, allowing access to all for one weekend. Garden squares, communal gardens of institutions, hotels, schools and hospitals, and roof gardens all qualify. >> Full details at:

Green estates gain trees will be planted. Other estates to gain large specimen trees in the planting season, which runs until March 2012, include Lancaster Court, Ethel Rankin Court, Fulham Court, Arlington House and the Springvale estate. Some of the planting will be ‘whips’ – metre-high bare-rooted saplings which are simply dug in as clumps of five, with grass and bulbs allowed to grow around them. An estimated 1,080 whips will be planted which, even allowing for a high initial failure rate, should



CONCERTED campaign is under way to plant trees on borough estates, with £10,000 earmarked to enhance green spaces. Planting will begin in December, with priority given to Fulham’s Bayonne estate, where 15 trees

result in more than six acres of trees thriving within a decade. Tree varieties include willow, maple, hornbeam, alder and silver birch. Shrubs being planted include species such as viburnum, euonynmus, rambling roses and buckthorns. Residents are being encouraged to do their bit by ‘adopting’ the saplings and watering them. “Trees help our borough breathe, and it is vital to maintain planting programmes to keep our estates green and pleasant places in which to live,” said Cllr Andrew Johnson, Hammersmith & Fulham cabinet member for housing. “We are urging residents to adopt

the new saplings to encourage them to grow, and help water them.” Additionally, as part of the Mayor of London’s tree-planting programme, 65 large specimen trees are being planted in central Hammersmith. Most will be planted in footways but 25 are earmarked for housing estates including the Lytton estate, Clem Atlee estate, Waterhouse Close, Queen Caroline estate, Alice Gilliatt Court and Vereker Road. H&F is also investigating taking part in the London Orchard project, in which grass areas in full sun, away from roads, are considered for the planting of fruit trees.


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Africa Odyssey are a local Fulham business based in Swan Mews, open for private presentations to discuss Africa and the Indian Ocean. Their extensive website at contains a wealth of information including photos, videos, reviews of over 500 lodges in Africa and the Indian Ocean. Exploring Zanzibar, a tropical island adventure Zanzibar wraps its reality around you like a lingering fairytale. This tiny archipelago of Indian Ocean islands that once lured sailors, Sultans and slavers to its far-distant shores is so charismatic that it sweeps you into its shadowy romantic past and sunlit present all at once, and finally sets you down, all sun-bronzed and laden with spices and island art, and memories of an exceptionally sparkling and colourfully abundant sea. The main island is small and easy to explore, with glorious white sand, palm-fringed beaches rewarding you for just a couple of hoursâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; drive to the North coast and the same to the East, along mainly hopeless but endlessly fascinating roads flanked by simple homesteads, roads worn more by foot or bicycle and frequented by chickens. There is a time warp here, this place where the past is so responsible for the present, where mobile phones, internet connections and television are all relatively recent, and where the history and culture is so imbued that you can simply stretch out beneath the dappled shade of the coconut palms and soak it up. Welcome to Zanzibar, and a world apart.

YOUR MAGS Pages 6-7 African odyssey AD FULHAM.indd 1

Sailors and traders from the first century AD came to the lands of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Zinj el Barrâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, the Black Coast, bringing beads, porcelain and silks to trade for gold, slaves and spices, ebony, ivory, indigo and tortoiseshell. They waited for annual monsoon winds to fill their dhow sails and bear them across the Indian Ocean; todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s visitors usually arrive in a small â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;plane or ferry from Dar es Salaam. But these still afford a measured approach, allowing a breathtaking vision of sparkling cerulean waters over sandbanks and reefs, and then into Stone Town, the ancient island capital, still more of a town than a city, a maze of winding pedestrian streets in a hotchpotch of rooftops, a mass of corrugated iron overwhelming the historic stonework beneath. Helplessly entwined in its own history, the people of Zanzibar are the Swahili, evolving from the influx of mainly Arabian and Persian immigrants who settled on the East African coast and islands to trade and escape the political upheavals of the Gulf two thousand years ago. Their cultural history was founded in sailing dhows, similar to those that glide by its shores today, boats that brought people, language and cultures and long centuries of power wrangling.

25/11/2011 14:42:13

ADVERTISEMENT The Arab immigrants were overthrown by the Portuguese in the 15th century, until the Sultan of Oman finally saw them off for good in 1698 and started building the Stone Town of today; the Old Fort on the harbour was built on the remains of a Portuguese church dating back to 1600. Visitors to Stone Town still encounter the grandiose vision and dominant architectural style of a confident young Sultan who transferred the seat of his sultanate from the contentious capital of Muscat to the breezier climes of Zanzibar in 1832, and then began palace building in earnest, and seeding the coconut palms and clove plantations which soon defined Zanzibar as the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Spice Islandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. Driving through the island centre now, it is worth stopping to explore the spice plantations, where a guided walk for passing tourists is likely to be more lucrative than vast crops to export, but it is a fine sensual pleasure to crumble cinnamon bark straight from the tree, to breathe the scent of cloves drying in the sun, to taste and guess the spice from a handful of pods and powders. These are well used by the chefs and kitchens in beach hotels, where fishermen daily bring the catch of the day to be grilled, baked, battered or blanched with assorted Zanzibar spice. The coast is dotted with hotels, self-contained beach hideaways that relish their privacy and provide various levels of style and comfort. I have been to most and head north by choice, to the northernmost peninsula which is occupied by Ras Nungwi beach Hotel. The name is a very literal Swahili translation, but it says nothing of how this beach is secluded and the coral sands are blanched very, very pale. It does not tell how the wonderfully translucent and clear the sea is here, where a coral reef surrounds the shore creating a shallow wide expanse to explore until the tide rises high and then turquoise waves crash onto the beach. It is a naturally beautiful place. Turtles come ashore to lay their eggs when the moon is full, and the surrounding reefs are a thriving colourful world to snorkel and dive. Ras Nungwi Beach Hotel is essentially respectful of its place, each room constructed from local wood and coral rag to create a number of thatched round houses along the beach, with lodge rooms in gardens behind. Soft sand pathways link the central thatched and open-sided restaurant to the rooms, pool and dive centre, providing the comforts of a fine hotel with a rustic, beach hideaway style. This is a fine place to lie back and soak up Zanzibar, crack open a coconut, watch the dhows on the far horizon and look forward to spice-scented, star filled African night. Zanzibar is but a 20 minute flight from the Tanzania mainland where the safari wonders of the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Selous, Ruaha and Mount Kilimanjaro await. For comprehensive advice and bookings please contact Africa Odyssey on 020 7471 8780 or Annabel Skinner

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The most comprehensive safari site on the net Africa Odyssey ATOL 5397 1 Swan Mews, Fulham, SW6 4QT Tel 44 (0) 20 7471 8780 Tel (USA) 1 866 356 4691 Fax 44 (0) 20 7384 9549 Email

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Late night shopping Wandsworth Bridge Road 1 , 8, 15 and 22 December until 7.30pm

Best dressed Christmas window and Odd Man Out Christmas competition -

Nominate your favourite Wandsworth Bridge Road Christmas window and locate the Odd Man Out. Enter to win an impressive goodie bag of 20+ fantastic prizes donated by participating businesses. Odd Man Out is a window shopping competition which requires you to locate small household objects found in participating shop windows that you wouldn’t find normally - e.g. a teabag in a DIY shop, a cotton reel in a butchers. In this competition you must also rank your top five favourite best dressed Christmas window shop displays too. Pick up a competition form from participating WBR businesses or Circus Circus at 176 Wandsworth Bridge Road or Harringtons, 154 Wandsworth Bridge Road or download at Organised by Circus Circus & Harringtons, supported by local Wandsworth Bridge Road businesses donating some great prizes.

Odd Man Out Christmas competition -

Can you locate the Odd Man Out? Enter to win an impressive hamper of 20+ fantastic prizes donated by participating businesses. Window shopping competition which requires you to locate small household objects found in participating competition shop windows that you wouldn’t find there normally, e.g. a tin of baked beans in a butchers, a pair of spectacles in a flower shop. Pick up a competition form from participating Fulham Road businesses or the Durell Arms at 704 Fulham Road or download at Organised by the Durell Arms, supported by local Fulham Road businesses donating some great prizes.

Christmas Market

Traditional Scandinavian Market with food, drink, confectionary, crafts, gifts and entertainment. Stalls will serve up a range of delicious Scandinavian style treats including roast duck, skewered wild boar and venison. Plus hot dogs served from a polsevogn (‘sausage wagon’), a Swedish bakery, Danish beer, mulled wine, Swedish forest berries, Marabou milk chocolate and more. For more information visit

Wandsworth Bridge Road 1-21 December

Fulham Road 1-21 December

‘I love Fulham’ logo ©2009 Tosh World Limited

Come down to the area’s premier location for independent shops and have a relaxed wander, unpressured by time. Enjoy mulled wine and mince pies while the children look out for Santa as he strolls up and down Wandsworth Bridge Road. Don’t miss out on exclusive Late Night Shopping Special Offers from all of the retailers on these dates.

at Eel Brook Common 15 -23 December 11.00am - 8.00pm

Shop locally - Fulham first

Nicki Burgess Fulham town centre manager 020 8753 5695 email

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'I love Fulham' Christmas baubles for sale at Plate Tableware, 211 Munster Road, SW6 6BX

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Justin-mania grips mall as star hits Westfield to turn on Xmas lights P

OP sensation Justin Bieber turned on the Westfield shopping mall’s Christmas lights as west London went crazy to catch a glimpse of the star. Hundreds of girls queued through the night to be first in line for a wristband which allowed them a front-row view of the Canadian singer as he performed tracks from his Christmas album Under The Mistletoe. He was then whisked by helicopter to

Westfield’s other mall in Stratford, to do the honours there, and also managed to squeeze in a private tour of Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge stadium in the company of girlfriend Selena Gomez. Fan Zoe Ridley, 17, said the long overnight wait had been worth it. “It means the world to be here; I just love Justin so much.” Tim Harrison

Juicy Couture joins Westfield newcomers  A HOST of new arrivals at Westfield in Shepherds Bush suggests retail confidence may not be as bleak as some commentators are saying. The newcomers, a mix of luxury labels and breakt h r o u g h

brands, include Spanish label Bimba & Lola (urban women’s ready-towear clothes aimwed at working women aged 25-45) and the leading men’s and women’s fashion brand Aquascutum. Juicy Couture stocks bright, glamorous and fun clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories, while American cosmetics house Kiehl’s offers consultations. Banana Republic stocks men’s and women’s wear, accessories and shoes, while Sacoor Brothers is a Portuguese fashion brand. Colourcopia, a leading distributor of handcare, nailcare and skincare, has opened a flagship store and salon at Westfield, while other newcomers include Tinc (a trendy designer stationery brand) and a doll boutique.

Wrapping the list of new stores is a pop-up shop full of Xmas gift ideas on the ground floor by The Atrium. TH

 GET your skates on! A festive ice rink is proving an added draw at the Westfield mall in Shepherds Bush, with up to 180 on the ice at any time. Sessions at the indoor rink – under the centre’s glass roof – last 40 minutes, and off-peak tickets start at £9 for adults (0844 847 2490) and £6 for children. You can skate 10 a m -10 p m weekdays, 9am-10pm Sat, noon-6pm Sun, with longer hours from December 15. There is also a Santa’s grotto featuring the animated story of Elbow the elf. The attractions will help Westfield raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. TH


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Have you made your new yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s resolutions? Why not consider fostering a child? Fostering turns lives around. If you can give a child a safe and caring home, get in touch. For more information please contact the Fostering Service on Freephone

0800 169 3497 visit Hammersmith & Fulham Council YOUR MAGS Page 10 Fostering AD.indd 1

25/11/2011 11:44:01




Serena Turle has filled her shop with tasty goodies ahead of the festive rush

IMES may be tough, but one thing nobody’s going to forego is the Christmas feast. That’s the firm belief of Fulham Road butcher Serena Turle, whose Parson’s Nose shop has the distinctive black and white lifesize cow guarding the door. “People may chip in more, we might have bigger groups getting together to pool their resources, but people won’t forego their Christmas feast,” she predicted. Whether it’s a free-range turkey, a big chicken or a goose, the message – as always – is to order as early as you can to be sure of the exact size bird you want. “The bigger birds always go last, so if you order earlier you’ve a better chance of getting the more popular smaller sizes,” she added. Being a frantic foodbuying time of year, there is always a late rush for items for the Christmas table, but Parson’s Nose orders were placed with their free-range suppliers last month. The rule of thumb is to order half a kilo of turkey per person, so a 4k bird would suit eight. “They’re all free-range, and most are bronze,” said Serena. “We do some Copas birds, but we’re also stocking Adlingtons, produced by an independent farmer from the Midlands.” So will Serena be sitting down on the 25th to a plump, juicy turkey? “No, we’re having goose

this year,” she said. “I love it. A percentage of our business each year is geese, and quite a few customers order one of each. Beef is very popular too, but perhaps more into the new year.” Scotch eggs, pies, sausage rolls and other party food is also in demand, and Parson’s Nose has a wide range of other ready-cooked food including minty lamb pies and beef and chorizo pies (£3.95). Ready-to-cook pies for freezing is a trading line growing in popularity; a handy stand-by for when unexpected guests descend. Parson’s Nose also offers amateur butcher’s courses, with an expert demonstrating, one-to-one, how to make

SCOPE CHARITY LAUDS COUNCIL’S CARING STANCE  RESEARCH funded by disability charity Scope found H&F Council is protecting disabled residents from the impact of cuts to social care budgets. After comparing 174 councils, Scope said: “H&F demonstrate that councils have the ability to introduce measures [to] reduce the negative impact on their disabled residents.” sausages, or cut up half a free-range lamb and pig. As well as spending three hours learning what to do, you get to take home all the meat. Prices from £85. The shop is open 9am7pm Monday-Friday, 8am6pm Satuday and 10am-4pm Sunday.  Parson’s Nose, 753 Fulham Road, SW6, on the corner of Epple Road. For more details, call 020 7736 4492 or visit: www.parsons


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NEWS You choose: Public votes will help make the decision on town hall



ESIDENTS will be able to learn more about plans to sell Fulham Town Hall and regenerate the surrounding area at a special exhibition later this month. The Grade II-listed building has had interest from bidders across the globe and H&F Council has now whittled down candidates to a shortlist of three. An exhibition will take place at Fulham Town Hall on Tuesday, December 13, from 1-9pm. Residents will be able to view the plans and complete a questionnaire that will help the council make a decision. The council, together with

commercial property consultant Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH) has been scrutinising all of the bidders’ proposals and is confident that the historical character of the building and its public heritage can be respected. The town hall, opposite Fulham Broadway tube station, is one of several buildings across the borough that the council is selling to reduce its historic £133million debt burden, which is costing taxpayers around £5m a year in interest payments.

The council also has to make £65m of savings in the next three years. The majority of people who responded to a consultation held last year agreed that it would be sensible to sell the building so that more money could be directed towards frontline services. If the council was not to sell the town hall, it would cost taxpayers more than £5m to maintain it at its present standard. H&F Council is committed to retaining the heritage and

FIRST HOMES TO BE BUILT IN 30 YEARS  H&F COUNCIL is set to return to housebuilding for the first time in more than 30 years. The local authority has set up its own housing company and is now seeking to appoint a development agent to support building of the first phase. It means the council will return to directly providing new affordable homes to buy or rent. Local people who are priced out of the borough’s housing market will be the target market for the affordable new homes. The plans were approved in April. JW

historical identity of the town hall and all three bids will allow parts of the building to be available for public use in the future. H&F cabinet member Nick Botterill said: “The proposals for Fulham Town Hall offer innovative ways to regenerate the property while acting as a catalyst for improvements in the wider area. “Taxpayers have also told us to look at ways to preserve the building’s heritage in a way that benefits Fulham as a whole. “All three bids achieve that objective and the proceeds from the sale will reduce the council’s debt allowing more to be spent on key services such as protecting our most vulnerable residents, keeping the streets clean and buying books for our libraries.” The council and LSH will scrutinise the three bids together with comments from the exhibition and should make a final decision in the new year.


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This could be Fulham riverside: Thames Water image showing DLR tunnel construction in Woolwich



Hurlingham & Chelsea School Peterborough Road London SW6 3ED

Thames Water’s ‘preferred site’ for its main super sewer drive shaft now threatens homes, schools and jobs in residential South Fulham. 29,000 lorries threaten to bring gridlock to west London roads for six years. We only have until 10 February 2012 to reverse this decision. More information:

Supported by:


The Fulham Society

Hammersmith & Fulham Council YOUR MAGS Page 14 Super Sewer AD.indd 1

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: h

Summit paves way for residents to oppose Thames Water bulldozers


HE decision by Thames Water to dump a giant super sewer drive shaft on a residential street in Fulham will be challenged at a public meeting next month. The Super Sewer Summit on December 7 will allow locals to probe Thames Water’s decision to earmark south Fulham for the main sewer construction site for their £4.1billion Thames Tunnel. Thames Water’s choice has sparked a wave of protests from residents and businesses south of Lillie Road – especially in the tight-knit residential community around Carnwath Road.


Firdousi Ahmed

The public meeting, organised by H&F Council, will be the first chance that local people have had to publicly question Thames Water about their change of heart. Fears have emerged that 29,000 lorries will bring roads like New King’s Road and Wandsworth Bridge Road to a standstill during the six years of construction work. Backed by the council, anti -super sewer site campaigners have vowed to fight the proposal and launch a concerted effort to persuade Thames Water to reverse the decision in time for the final deadline – expected next spring. H&F Council leader Stephen Greenhalgh said: “Fulham is

uniting to say no to these plans. The summit is a call to arms and we all need to man the barricades if we are to defend our neighbourhood from Thames Water’s bulldozers.” And Firdousi Ahmed, who would be just 50 yards from the possible construction site, said: “If this site is used as a construction site for seven years it will seriously affect not just me, but the elderly and disabled people on my estate who also have medical conditions.” The Super Sewer Summit takes place from 7pm on Wednesday, December 7. See page 14 for details. To sign the council’s petition, visit:

10 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS refuse permission for the super sewer and the main construction work is scheduled to begin in 2016 and last for at least six years.

1 What is the super sewer? The super sewer, or Thames Tunnel as it is also known, is a massive concrete tunnel the width of three buses. It will run 20 miles from west to east London, up to 250 feet below ground, broadly following the route of the river. 2 Why do Thames Water and the Government want to build the tunnel? Because 10 years ago the EU said London had to do something about rain that was running off roofs and roads into the underground sewer system, causing the mixture of fresh rain water and sewage to overflow into the Thames. Water industry experts say Thames Water stands to make an extra £162million worth of revenue each year from the project due to the way the industry is financed. 3 How much will it cost to build if it goes ahead? The cost has more than doubled since it was first conceived. Thames Water now estimates the bill at £4.1billion – despite Government assurances that it would not cost a penny more than £3.6 billion.

4 Who will benefit most from the Thames Tunnel? The owners of Thames Water, the Australian bank Macquarie, will be able to increase the value of the water company by 40 per cent by building the tunnel – in the hope of boosting profits for shareholders. The tunnel will not directly benefit the majority of Londoners or Thames Water customers and will not address basement flooding. 5 Are there other ways to stop rainwater from causing overflows into the river? Yes. Lord Selborne’s Thames Tunnel Commission reported that a shorter tunnel, combined with green infrastructure solutions like water butts, permeable pavements and green roofs would be both compliant with EU directives and less costly and disruptive to Londoners. 6 If it goes ahead, when will the super sewer be built?

Thames Water is hoping to submit a planning application to the national body responsible for large infrastructure projects towards the end of 2012. The council has no power to

7 Why has the Fulham riverside been selected as west London’s main drive shaft? Thames Water is yet to fully explain its thinking in deviating from its original choice south of the river. Despite admitting that using the Fulham riverside would be more costly and more disruptive to more people Thames Water named Carnwath Road as the preferred site for the first time in November 2011. 8 Are the plans final? Not necessarily. The council is lobbying hard to persuade Thames Water to rule out the Fulham riverside as a potential site for the entrance compound. Residents have until 10 February 2012 at 5pm to respond to Thames Water’s consultation.


How can I have my say?

It is essential you fill out Thames Water’s online form at: www.

10 How can I lobby others if Thames Water doesn’t act? You should also send your views to three people who can make a difference: • Greg Hands MP: • H&F Council Leader, Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh: • The Water Minister, Richard Benyon MP, at Defra, Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, London SW1P 3JR


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Ahead of time, new slip road eases jams


ULHAM Palace Road’s new slip road opened last month – well ahead of schedule and in record time. Workers from H&F Council and its contractors, Conway, have been pulling out all the stops, working late into the evening and on weekends, to get the slip road and pavement outside the shops in Sussex Street finished.

Transport for London (TfL) put the temporary traffic lights in place on October 27 and the road welcomed its first rush-hour traffic the following morning. Work began in mid-August, and it is the fastest time for any new road to be built in the borough. According to the council’s transport experts, the new junction will ease congestion on the

main north-south route, improving traffic flow around the Hammersmith gyratory and surrounding areas. Other works to improve the traffic island, pavements and nearby pedestrian crossings will continue until February next year, but the slip road should start to help ease traffic congestion in the area immediately. Delyth Bowen

BIKE VIEWS LEAD MOVING DEBATE  HUNDREDS of residents took part in the council’s Get H&F Moving campaign by sharing their views on local transport – the good, the bad and the ugly. Most of the comments were suggestions for places for ‘Boris Bike’ docking stations, with 214 sending in ideas. The council has already identified 30 sites using residents’ comments. And about 170 people commented on traffic congestion during the campaign, mainly on the impact of road works, especially in North End Road, Fulham Palace Road and Wandsworth Bridge Road. The campaign was rounded off by a huge summit last month, where residents got the chance to grill the council, TfL, Thames Water and Heathrow owner BAA. Brian Mooney (pictured above), of the H&F branch of the Association of British Drivers, attended and responded to the idea to build a new cycle super-highway by saying: “I hope that the cycle lanes won’t remove any road space.”


OLD OAK COMMON SHOULD BE HIGH-SPEED RAIL LINK  OLD Oak Common could be the only London terminus for the rapid rail link between the capital and the north, according to the House of Commons Transport Committee. A new generation of high-speed trains – running at 250 mph – could halt north of Wormwood Scrubs with passengers transferring to central London via Crossrail. The move would ‘avoid the significant capital costs’ of building the line between Old Oak Common and Euston, according to the report by MPs. H&F Council, supported by rail enthusiast Pete Waterman (pictured), has long argued that HS2 would transform Old Oak Common, one of Britain’s poorest neighbourhoods. Rob Mansfield


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Wine tasting IRU everyone *LIW


Taste and learn about wine in a relaxed setting Discover which wines you like and where to buy them Unravel the mysteries of wine lists and labels Understand how to match wine and food Flexible courses - miss a night, get a credit $PVSTFTCBTFEBU5IF8JOF$FMMBS 'VMIBNtFWFOJOHUBTUJOHTQMVT XFFLDPVSTFTTUBSUJOHBUQNt4BUVSEBZDPVSTFTXJUI $IBNQBHOFMVODIt84&5QSPGFTTJPOBMDPVSTFTt#FFSUBTUJOHTt 'JOF8JOFUBTUJOHTt$PSQPSBUF1SJWBUFFWFOUT


25/11/2011 11:47:50


Open book: the CAB will share use of the refurbished library at the Avonmore centre

Barons Court Library future secured


PLAN to secure the future of Barons Court Library has been announced. H&F Council is set to team up with the Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB), which will move into the building in April 2012 and run its advice and information services at the library. The new facility will be known as the Avonmore Library and Neighbourhood Centre. If the plans are approved on December 5, CAB will manage and train local volunteers to run the

self-serve library. In addition, The Urban Partnership Group (which runs the nearby Masbro Centre) will organise parent and child sessions at the new centre. The council will also be spending almost £400,000 refurbishing the building and installing the library self-service machine. Repairs will be made to the roof, wheelchair accessibility will be improved and new toilets installed along with greatly improved energy efficient lighting and improved heating.



 A NEW scheme to get more people living in blocks of flats to recycle has been launched. The council recently installed recycling mini-banks (pictured) on the landings of flats across the borough in Cobbs Hall, Boxmoore House, Horton House, Linacre House and Verulam House, as well as parts of Cheeseman’s Terrace. The mini-banks will make it easier for residents living in 500 flats to dispose of their recycling, as they will no longer need to take their recycling to the ground floor smart banks. DB


New books will also be purchased for the library by the council. The library will close in January 2012 so that these improvements can be carried out. Meanwhile, one year after they joined forces to share services, Hammersmith & Fulham, Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea councils are drawing up plans to make it easier for residents to use all the boroughs’ libraries, and in the future are hoping to develop a single library card. Jon Weisgard

 LOCAL residents are being encouraged to help themselves and their neighbours if severe winter weather should hit the borough this winter. The council is prepared for snow and ice, with a full stock pile of over 1,000 tonnes of grit, and gritters and footpath gritting machines at the ready to help keep main roads and pavements clear, day and night. The Directgov website – emergencies – says: “Don’t be put off clearing paths because you’re afraid someone will get

injured. Remember, people walking on snow and ice have responsibility to be careful themselves.” Residents can keep up to date with weather forecasts, and news of any services that might be affected by the weather, by signing up for regular snow update email alerts at the council’s dedicated snow page: There is useful information and updates, and details will also be available on Twitter – Delyth Bowen

Free BBC Television Centre tours for W12 residents

To take advantage of these FREE places, please call 0370 901 1227 quoting ‘local residents offer’.

The BBC has reserved places on the award-winning tour of BBC Television Centre for local residents in Hammersmith & Fulham. On the tour, you can see what happens inside the most famous TV headquarters in the world! Well-informed guides will show you around the centre, making sure you see the most entertaining areas available.

Please note that Television Centre is a working building so no two tours are ever the same.


YOUR MAGS Page 18 barons court library winter weather LEFT.indd 1

25/11/2011 16:17:44


High Class brasserie offering Mediterranean Food 0QFO…EBZT #SFBLGBTU…-VODI…%JOOFS





25/11/2011 11:48:17




...beautiful British sofas, 30% cheaper than the high street... YOUR MAGS Page 20 Sofas and Stuff AD FULHAM.indd 1

phone 0808 1597466



25/11/2011 11:53:48


Win a dinner for two at Hampshire Hog


HE combination of Pub + Pantry = a great competition for our readers thanks to a new dining spot in Hammersmith. The Hampshire Hog Pub + Pantry has just opened at 227 King Street at the former site of the Ruby Grand, which has been transformed into the impressive home of a ‘relaxed pub with a stunning pantry’ offering tempting breads, pastries and deli produce, office and party catering or an ‘on the run’ service. The Hog aims to provide King Street with

a casual and friendly atmosphere for working, relaxation or dining from 8am until midnight, seven days a week. It specialises in seasonal, responsibly sourced food for breakfast, lunch or dinner ‘with well-loved beers, innovative cocktails, boutique spirits and an eclectic selection of organic and bio-dynamic wines’. The pantry is stocked daily with a hand-picked range of fresh, natural and homemade food, artisan produce, coffee and tea and refreshing soft drinks to take home or straight to the office.

Full of Christmas cheer, the Hog is offering a lucky competition winner a Christmas menu lunch for two with a bottle of house wine (subject to booking) and a luxury box of goodies from the Pantry. Ten lucky runners-up will also receive a £15 Pantry voucher – ideal for those wishing to buy Christmas presents. All you need to do to enter is click on to the Hog website and register your email address. Enter your email address where it says subscribe.  See

NEW BEER IS FARE ENOUGH  GET ready to hail an ale... Fuller’s new seasonal beer Black Cab Stout is available all through December, celebrating one of London’s most familiar sights. The rich, dark beer is brewed with a combination of five different malts, some heavily roasted for a near jet black appearance. Black Cab Stout is 4.2 per cent ABV and Fuller’s say that beneath its dark exterior it features ‘luxurious red berry notes, toasty aromas on the nose and culminates in a dry, bitter finish’. Fuller’s head brewer John Keeling said: “Stout is one of the stand-out beer styles of the UK beer scene, and it’s been some time since Fuller’s made one in draught. “The brewing team really showed their knowledge when we recreated an old double stout recipe for our Past Masters series earlier this year and they have shown once again that they know the way to make a great beer with Black Cab. “I’m delighted with the results: the beer is complex, lighter on the palate than its dark appearance may suggest and very tasty.” Tom Derbyshire

 THE latest addition to Fuller’s pub portfolio means you can visit a different one on every day of the year. The Hand & Flower in Olympia is part of a batch of new pubs bought by the Chiswick brewery which takes the total number in its estate to 365. It is opposite the Olympia exhibition halls and has nine bedrooms and a large function room.

Simon Emeny, Fuller’s group managing director, said: “The acquisitions are high-turnover managed houses with a similar trading style to our own, where we feel Fuller’s can add value. “They emphasise our continued focus on London and our strategy to increase the number of bedrooms in our estate, which is an area of growth for the company.” TD


YOUR MAGS Page 21 Hampshire Hog comp fullers hand flower stout RIGHT.indd 1


25/11/2011 12:47:35






SULQFHVWUXVWRUJXN Bishops Avenue, London SW6 6EE T: 020 7736 2640

YOUR MAGS Page 22 Fulham Palace Garden Centre AD FULHAM.indd 1

25/11/2011 11:57:10


Give us a wave: Lady Margaret’s (from left) Ruth Neligan, Anneke Hanegraaf, Laura Taylor and Isabel Fletcher celebrate their A level results



PARSONS Green girls’ secondary school has been given the highest possible rating in a glowing report by Ofsted inspectors. Lady Margaret School was judged to be ‘good’ four years ago, but has now risen to ‘outstanding’ – the top assessment level. The hard work of pupils, staff, governors and headteacher Sally Whyte, who has been head of the voluntary-aided Lady Margaret for the past five years, all contributed to the improvement, said Ofsted. Inspectors sat in on 28 lessons, and interviewed students, staff, parents and governors to build a picture of life at the 710-pupil school.

One parent’s comment, quoted in the report, summed up the findings. “The school does an excellent job both academically and pastorally and I, as well as many other parents, greatly appreciate the education our daughters receive.” The report by Ofsted (the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills) means Hammersmith & Fulham (H&F)

now has seven out of nine secondary schools in the top category. Welcoming the findings, H&F cabinet member Helen Binmore said: “I am delighted Lady Margaret School has been formally recognised as outstanding. It is a credit to students, teaching staff, parents, governors and the headteacher. “Sally Whyte has focused her efforts on addressing points raised in the last Ofsted inspection, and she has done a magnificent job in raising the school’s standards to the highest possible level.”

FULHAM RESIDENTS BRACE FOR NOISE  RESIDENTS living under the Heathrow flightpath face more aircraft noise after the introduction of new rules using both runways at the same time. The first trial will run until February 29, with a second scheduled for July 1 to September 30 next year, coinciding with the Olympics. >> For more details on the Heathrow trial, visit: noise or call 0800 344844 or email:

The progress of sixth-formers at Lady Margaret – an area of Ofsted concern in 2007 – was singled out for special praise, as was the ‘exceptional’ help for vulnerable students and leadership development. Staff morale is high, reported Ofsted, with the headteacher having ‘a real passion for making Lady Margaret the best school it can be’. Results speak for themselves. This year 92 per cent achieved five A* to C grades at GCSE, including English and maths. Sally Whyte attributed Lady Margaret’s success to ‘very hard work by staff, maintenance of very high standards and a commitment to the school beyond the everyday, with so many extracurricular activities’. She was pleased with comments about sixth-form improvements. It has doubled in size in three years, with sixth-formers described as excellent role models for younger students, with a lively mentoring scheme in place.


YOUR MAGS Page 23 lady margaret ofsted RIGHT.indd 1


25/11/2011 16:24:08


Jack Tizard has been honoured by high-profile visitors such as Ed Balls and David Cameron. Inset, head Cathy Welsh

School wins outstanding Ofsted rating


N outstanding result for Jack Tizard School has taken the borough to the top of the class. The latest Ofsted success for the White City school, which specialises in helping children with severe learning difficulties, means that all five of the borough’s special schools have received ‘outstanding’ reports in the past two years. Ofsted inspectors said the school’s success was down to the leadership of headteacher Cathy Welsh – who joined the school in 2006.

Referring to the quality of care provided by the school, the report said: “The support and guidance for all students is excellent and this helps to underpin their good achievements and excellent progress in almost all aspects of their personal development.” The school, in South Africa Road, Shepherds Bush, caters for students aged from two to 19 who have a wide range of severe and complex learning difficulties. This includes many children and young people with physical,

Left, the parks police are joined by Victor Omoniyi, 13, of Phoenix High School. Right, Klaus Visha

YOUTH TAKES OVER AS WORK SHADOW SCHEME GIVES TEENAGERS A VOICE  A WHITE CITY teenager took control of a £500million budget and the children’s services departments for three local councils on November 11 – for one day only. As part of Youth Takeover Day, 15-year-old Klaus Visha, from White City, spent the day shadowing Andrew Christie in his role as the shared director of children’s services for the boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham, Westminster, and Kensington and Chelsea. Klaus, who attends the Bridge Academy in Fulham, was one of 40 young people, aged 13-19, taking part in the day. Supported by the children’s commissioner, the takeover day gives children and young people the chance to be involved in decision-making. The aim is to give young people more of a voice and involve them in issues that affect their lives, while giving organisations a fresh perspective. Klaus said: “His job looks really interesting. I wanted to know how Andrew looks after the three boroughs at the same time. It is a big job and I wanted to see how he manages it. “I also wanted to see how unfortunate children and families get the help they need and how Andrew has an input into this. This was also an opportunity to see if my views on how children’s services could be improved would be taken seriously and to make my suggestions.” Delyth Bowen


sensory, medical, behavioural and autistic spectrum disorders and complex medical needs, including some with life-threatening conditions. Cathy said the entire teaching staff was absolutely delighted by the Ofsted inspection report. She added: “It reflects the unrelenting desire of all our staff and therapists to offer our students the highest possible standard of teaching, learning and care.” Tracy Williams

DRUG FACTORY SHUT  A HAMMERSMITH flat used as a drug factory has been shut. Police raided 6 Ashcroft Square following reports from Kings Mall security guards of people suspiciously loading plastic sacks into a number of cars. The individuals had left a trail of cannabis leaves and compost that led to the front door of the flat. The tenant, Emily Douglas, was arrested on suspicion of cultivating cannabis and officers found that one entire bedroom had

been converted to a cannabis factory and, despite the overnight harvesting, still had 30-40 plants growing inside. On October 13, the council was granted outright possession of the property by West London magistrates. H&F cabinet member Greg Smith said: “I am delighted that this property can be given to someone more deserving.” Douglas is thought to have fled and is being sought by police. Jon Weisgard


YOUR MAGS Page 24 takeover day special schools LEFT.indd 1

25/11/2011 16:32:09

Enrichment Maths launching in October

Maths & English

A unique course designed to stretch the most able young mathematicians.


Reserve your space now!

High quality child care a t affordable prices Mapped to the National Curriculum

Come and visit the only Private WFTC & CCV discounts available Nursery in Hammersmith & Fulham Monthly Open Sessions Rated by Ofsted as “Outstanding”*

Regular feedback and parents’ meetings

Flexible session times

“Overall the quality of the provision is outstanding. All children make progress in their individual learning and development to a very high Book your free trial today! standard”. Ofsted 26th Marchsession 2009

02080 901 216

1 Montessori education 1 Open 8am – 6pm (50 weeks per annum) 1 Extra curricular activities including French, Ballet, Football Coaching, Swimming and Gymnastics Book your visit now to see why Little People is the only private day nursery in Hammersmith & Fulham rated as Outstanding by Ofsted. Call: Fulham - 020 7386 0006 or Shepherds Bush – 020 8749 2877/5080 Email: *as at 26th March 2009 Taking care of Little People since 1978

uality child care at s affordable price High q Little People of Willow Vale 9 Willow Vale Shepherds Bush London W12 OPA

Little People of Fulham 250a Lillie Road Fulham London SW6 7PX

Shepherds Bush 020 8749 2877/5080

Fulham 020 7386 0006


YOUR MAGS Page 25 little people and explore AD.indd 1

Outstanding Ofsted Report Montessori Education Open 8am-6pm, 50 weeks per annum. (7.30am-6.30pm by arrangement) Extra curricular activities; French, Ballet, Football Coaching Swimming & Gymnastics

25/11/2011 14:49:28



HE’S GOT DADDY’S EARS! BABY SCAN IN 3D IS THE FIRST SNAP  LOCAL schools are set to benefit from an additional £15million of extra funding to address the shortage of pupil places. The borough is among 100 areas to share £500m to provide more places, following an announcement from secretary of state for education Michael Gove in November. Mr Gove said there was an ‘urgent need’ for pupil places after the Office for National Statistics updated its projections for population growth last week. It found previous projections had underestimated the level of growth and that by 2020 there would be around 21 per cent more primary age children in the UK than in 2010. H&F cabinet member Helen Binmore said: “More local children are being taught in H&F than ever before as standards are improving, and three new schools have opened. This extra £15m will ensure that we can continue to meet the increasing demand for local primary school places from parents.” Rob Mansfield

 SMILE! There’s a new meaning to baby’s first picture thanks to 3D moving images of mums-tobes’ scans. In-womb images are now available to expectant mothers booked in for deliveries at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital in Shepherds Bush. The scans are an extra service for patients who want a film and photo of their baby before he or she is born. Ultrasound service manager Alison Smith said: “This is a great way for expectant parents to

get a closer look at their son or daughter in the womb – and you can show the film to friends and family too.” The scan is best done between 24 and 32 weeks of pregnancy, is available on evenings and weekends and costs £135 for a printed photo and DVD. Funds raised from the scans go back into the maternity department, and expectant mothers booked at St Mary’s Hospital can also use the service. TH >> For more information, call 020 3133 3916.

Inflation: Haven staff use balloons to highlight breast cancer; (inset) Pam Healy

Balloons give a real lift to cancer charity


ORE than 800 balloons were blown up to help a breast cancer centre in Fulham raise awareness of the need for continued fundraising. Businesses along the Broadway backed the efforts of The Haven support centre in Effie Road with (pictured) Lois Page, Hannah Daws, Susan-


nah Behr, Suzanna Gantlett, Laura Irwin, Lucy French, Nicki Burgess and Sharon Ickringill joining chief executive Pam Healy at the event. More than £1,000 was raised for the cause. Hannah Daws said: “We were all delighted with the response from local businesses.” Hammersmith & Fulham mayor Cllr Frances

Stainton helped release balloons (above right) while pink cakes and cocktails were served to mark the culmination of the annual breast cancer awareness month, while comedian Hugh Dennis chaired a quiz. Tim Harrison  For more information about The Haven’s work, visit:


YOUR MAGS Page 26 baby snaps haven balloons LEFT.indd 1

25/11/2011 16:33:38










YOUR MAGS Page 27 duchess and distillers AD.indd 1

25/11/2011 15:47:06


PEPPA PIG AT MALL!  PEPPA Pig and George will visit Kings Mall in Hammersmith to switch on the Christmas lights. The characters appear at noon on Saturday, December 3, ready for a string of festive activities leading up to the big day. You may bump into Father Christmas wandering

around the shops, you could win a prize in a free tombola or just enjoy live music and festive choirs, while nibbling on a free mince pie. Activities run from 11am4pm on December 4, 10, 11, 17, 18 and 23. For details, see:

 BAFTA-WINNING comedian Jo Brand and the UK’s best-known voiceover artist Peter Dickson from ITV’s The X Factor have LYRIC HAS added their vocal talents to the Lyric’s panto. Following the input of Alan ITS OWN Davies and Stephen Fry in 2010, two of BRAND FOR the country’s most recognisable voices are contributing to Aladdin. It runs until PANTO! December 31. For more details see Tom Derbyshire


www lbhf.go . enterp rise

BEAM ME UP ENTERPRISE  THE H&F Enterprise Club was launched last month to help local residents and traders who are interested in starting a business to share ideas and get expert advice. On the night at Hammersmith’s Macbeth Centre, H&F mayor Frances Stainton said: “The club will offer a range of courses and workshops to cover topics which include financial management, sales and marketing, taxation and trading standards. “It was truly inspirational to speak to so many hard-working residents who have set up their own businesses or who intend to during these tough economic times.” Pictured above is Inga Bonner, the mayor and Ritzy Richards, who plans to set up her own company. Picture by Graeme Harris

BUSH’S PLUSH NEW HOME  HAVE you been to the plush new Bush Theatre yet? It’s now nicely settled in its Uxbridge Road home, the site of the former Shepherds Bush Library, a stone’s throw from its old base by Shepherds Bush Green. Facilities include a bar and cafe and a library of playtexts donated by publishers and supporters. For details about the latest shows see: www.

From above: Jessica Olivar; Marijn Pieroelie; Katie Pemberton and Dom McAllister; Jordan Jackson; Emmanuel Ray and Michela Ferrara

Show reveals what a talented lot we are


BC’s Strictly Dance Fever winner Sadie Flower attended a talent show at Hammersmith Town Hall as youngsters showcased their artistic side. Over 100 people crammed into the town hall in November as Fulham charity Nicola (New International Company of Live Arts), based in Vanston Place, organised a night of music and dance. The first half of the evening consisted of performances by representatives from the Nicola youth exchange programme, who come from Italy, Bulgaria, Poland, France and Holland. For the second half, local members of the


Nicola talent factory performed... and, according to the organisers, several of the participants have received interest from a number of top music labels. Professional choreographer and dancer Sadie Flower said: “I used to compete in competitions like this when I was younger and always enjoyed myself out on stage. “It is great to see the London talent do their thing and I was really impressed with the new material on show.” The dancer won the 2005 edition of BBC’s Strictly Dance Fever and Trouble’s Bump n Grind dance contest.

“Nicola is great as it offers a creative hub where youngsters can express themselves, as we saw on the night in their spectacular show,” said Emmanuel Ray, winner of the Fashion Icon of the Year at Fashion’s Finest Awards UK 2011. Nicola, a not-for-profit organisation, came to Fulham in March this year after founder Michela Ferrara saw a gap in the borough’s creative arts facilities. She said: “We were delighted with the turnout. And there was a great array of talent and original material on show.” Nick Skoric  For more details visit: or visit their Facebook page at: nicola.arts


YOUR MAGS Page 28 nicola talent show enterprise club LEFT.indd 1

25/11/2011 16:42:00

Until 31 December

‘AS A FAMILY PANTO YOU CAN’T ASK FOR MORE.’ Metro on Dick Whittington and his Cat

Travel to a far away land with Aladdin at the Lyric Hammersmith this Christmas.


A family panto suitable for ages 6+


0871 22 117 22 /

Lyric Hammersmith, King Street, London W6 0QL Reg Charity, No. 278518

YOUR MAGS Page 29 Lyric Aladdin AD.indd 1

25/11/2011 11:57:47

Recycle more this Christmas CHRISTMAS RECYCLING AND RUBBISH COLLECTIONS We are helping you recycle more by keeping the collections going over the festive season

Last December you helped save over £70,000 by recycling. Thank you and please help us recycle even more this Christmas

Details of your Christmas Waste collections will be available on our website soon: If there are any changes to your normal collection day, you will be notified separately. You can recycle the following items in the Smart Sack or Smart Bank:

Christmas Recycling DPS.indd 1

Yes please

No thanks

Please remember:

• Newspapers and magazines • White and coloured paper • Catalogues and directories • Leaflets and envelopes • Card and cardboard

• Food soiled boxes • Shredded paper • Tissues • Paper towels • Books

• Flatten cardboard boxes. If they don’t fit into the Smart Sack, leave them in a neat bundle for collection.

• Glass bottles and jars of any colour

• Drinking glasses • Pyrex or kitchenware • Mirrors or window glass • Broken glass • Lids, tops or corks

• Give bottles and jars a quick rinse. • Remove lids, tops and corks.

• Cans and tins • Aerosols

• Foil

• Give tins and cans a quick rinse. • Make sure aerosols are empty.

• Drinks cartons e.g. fruit juice • Food cartons e.g. soup

• Plastic tops • Coffee cups • Ice cream tubs • Pringles pots

• Give cartons a quick rinse. • Squash cartons.

• Plastic bottles • Butter and margarine tubs • Yoghurt pots • Food trays e.g. ready meals • Other plastic food pots, tubs and trays

• Bottle tops, yoghurt pot lids and foil • Food film • Plastic bags • Crisp packets • Polystyrene • Plastic cups • Other plastic items

• Remove lids and tops. • Give containers a quick rinse. NEW • Squash plastic bottles. yoghur

t pots, margarin e tubs, food tray s and other pla stic container s.

25/11/2011 17:21

CHRISTMAS RECYCLING TIPS If you receive new electrical equipment drop your old kit off at one of our recycling bins located at libraries and some council offices. If you receive presents in large cardboard boxes, please remember

to remove polystyrene (this can’t be recycled) and flatten the boxes. We can only recycle plastic bottles, pots, trays and tubs in the Smart Sack and Smart Bank. If you have plastic bags or plastic film take them to the recycling bank located at larger supermarkets when you do your big Christmas shop. If you receive new clothes and shoes for Christmas - drop your old ones off at one of the charity textile banks located at some of our public bring sites.

Save money and reduce the amount of food waste you produce this Christmas - visit for tips. If you’re buying presents which take batteries try to find products that plug into the mains or use windup instead. You could invest in rechargeable batteries or drop off any you do end up with at one of our recycling tubes located in libraries and some council offices.

CHRISTMAS TREE RECYCLING Last Christmas you helped us recycle 50 tonnes of Christmas trees that would have been expensively disposed of. Christmas trees will be composted and put to good use rather than going to waste.

Help us recycle even more this year by: If you have your recycling and rubbish collected in sacks from outside your home, leave your tree in your front garden or outside your property where it is clearly visible from the street and does not cause an obstruction on the pavement, by 12.00pm on your normal rubbish and recycling collection day from Monday 2 to Friday 13 January. Trees will be collected in the afternoon, not at the same time as your bags. Please remember to remove decorations.

There are also designated collection points where you can take your trees. These include: • New Kings Road (on edge of Eel Brook Common) • Fulham Palace Road Cemetery (opposite Queensmill Road) • Normand Park (opposite Lillie Road entrance) • Loris Road Community Gardens • Ravenscourt Park (by the football pitch) • Wormwood Scrubs Car Park (off Scrubs Lane).

Further information: • • 020 8753 1100

REAL NAPPIES If you live in Hammersmith and Fulham, you may be entitled to a free Real Nappy Voucher worth £45. This can be used to purchase any real nappies and related accessories from the Washable Nappy Company.

The best way to claim a voucher is to come to one of our Nappy Natters (held monthly), bringing proof of your identity, address, and birth/pregnancy.

For more information please email call 020 8753 4199 or visit

Christmas Recycling DPS.indd 2

25/11/2011 17:22

Parking restrictions and opening hours Christmas and New Year 2011-12 There are some changes to parking restrictions over the Christmas and New Year period. Our parking telephone helpline (020) 7371 5678 is closed on December 24, 25, 26 and 27, and January 1 and 2. Friday 23 December Usual parking restrictions and charges apply. Our telephone helpline is open 8am-5pm. Christmas Eve Saturday 24 December Usual parking restrictions and charges apply. Christmas Day Sunday 25 December Parking is free in all resident/ business permit and pay and display bays in the borough. Other parking restrictions (including yellow lines, disabled bays, pedestrian crossing zig-zag markings, bus stops, doctors' bays and diplomatic parking bays) still apply.

YOUR MAGS Page 32 buffet and parking AD.indd 1

Boxing Day Monday 26 December & Bank Holiday Tuesday 27 December Usual parking restrictions and charges apply in Zones CC & G. Parking is free in resident/ business permit and pay and display bays in all other parking zones. Other parking restrictions (including yellow lines, disabled bays, pedestrian crossing zig-zag markings, bus stops, doctors' bays and diplomatic parking bays) also still apply. Friday 30 December Usual parking restrictions and charges apply. Our telephone helpline 020 7371 5678 is open 8am-5pm.

New Year's Eve Saturday 31 December Usual parking restrictions and charges apply. Our telephone helpline 020 7371 5678 is open from 9am to 5pm. New Year's Day Sunday 1 January, 2012 Usual parking restrictions and charges apply in Zones CC & G. Parking is free in resident/ business permit and pay and display bays in all other parking zones. Other parking restrictions (including yellow lines, disabled bays, pedestrian crossing zig-zag markings, bus stops, doctors' bays and diplomatic parking bays) also still apply.

Bank Holiday Monday 2 January, 2012 Usual parking restrictions and charges apply in Zones CC & G. Match day parking restrictions will also apply in Zones X & Y due to a home game at Fulham FC. Parking is free in resident/ business permit and pay and display bays in all other parking zones. Other parking restrictions (including yellow lines, disabled bays, pedestrian crossing zig-zag markings, bus stops, doctorsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; bays and diplomatic parking bays) also still apply.

Payments for penalty charge notices can be made via our automated telephone payments system on 020 7371 5678 at any time, even when our helpline is closed. Payments can also be made online at any time via the epayments page.

25/11/2011 16:29:20

Thai Restaurant











Please bring this advertisement with you to claim your special offer. Mention at time of ordering. Not applicable with any other offer.

127a Hammersmith Road, London W14 0QL Email:

TEL: 020 7602 5855


81%($7$%/(35,&(6:,7+ Established 1989


tShoe repairs tTrophies & Engraving tKey cutting tAll work guaranteed



Logos, leaflets, posters, brochures, adverts, reports, newsletters, application forms, exhibitions and much more.

Door to door any area. Individually addressed, enveloped and posted. Discount delivery across the borough is also available with H&F News.

Print Small or large quantities to any size, digital or litho printing, photocopying, perforation, binding, exhibition displays, reports, brochures, forms, stickers and promotional items.

70 Fulham Palace Road, Hammersmith W6 9PL

020 8748 4697

YOUR MAGS Page 57 Quarter Pages Sids Dance Tango Kanna AD.indd 1


Video/DVD production We have full video production services, including scripting, camera work, editing and copying. Call 020 8753 2171.

&DOOXVQRZ 25/11/2011 15:41:15


Views of the ‘rational house’ in W6 which could transform the way homes are built and (inset above right) builder Tim Battle and David Lunts of the GLA attending the opening. For more pictures see page 61>>

YOUR MAGS Pages 58-59 Rational House Biscay Road HOMES PAGES 1-2.indd 1

25/11/2011 16:43:43


R A T R O M & S K C I BR



RAPIDLY built five-bedroom home in Hammersmith is tipped to be the blueprint for modern house construction in the capital. Until a few months ago the site alongside 2 Biscay Road was just a patch of concrete used to park three cars. Today it is London’s first ‘rational house’, a home built of pre-made panels winched into place in the space of a fortnight. Hammersmith & Fulham

Council leader Stephen Greenhalgh cut the ribbon at a ceremony in November, and said he was proud that ‘you chose the borough of opportunity for the first rational house’. Tim Battle, a director of the firm Rational House, proudly pointed to the number 0001 stamped into the concrete of the porch at 2a Biscay Road, and said he hoped many more new buildings would follow. “We’re very much in the market for single dwellings on tight sites,” he said.

The new house, made of pre-cast panels created in Somerset, is built around a basement, with the four levels linked by a concrete spiral staircase that was lowered into place by crane. Fellow Rational House director Robert Dalziel told Your Magazine: “We visited nine world cities, including Melbourne, Shanghai, New York and Mexico City, looking at a variety of high-density housing. “This has the density of five-storey flats, but presents as a family home. It’s very flexible >>

Your Hammersmith & Fulham Magazine

YOUR MAGS Pages 58-59 Rational House Biscay Road HOMES PAGES 1-2.indd 2


25/11/2011 16:44:35


Monday to Friday 9.00am to 6.00pm Saturday 10.00am to 4.00pm


Measure & Es timate Up to 10% discount on all carpets & flooring.

020 7736 9400

UNIT 7A - DOWN HOUSE 297 Wandsworth Bridge Road Fulham, SW6 2NY T 020 7736 9400 E At the Junction of PC World and Porcelanosa (Next to Dreams bed store).

Free parking available





21 (1 9, 5









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Below right, Tim Battle from Rational House, H&F Council leader Stephen Greenhalgh, David Lunts of the GLA and Bob Dalziel from Rational House

– you could sub-divide it into flats and easily make it a house again.” Despite the cramped site, the new house (due to be occupied by early December) has 36sq m of outside space; a requirement imposed by H&F Council. There is an atrium, courtyard and roof terrace. Although the main living area is subterranean, clever use of lightwells means a surprising amount of natural light percolates down. But the most intriguing aspect of the whole project has been the speed of construction. Most : N O K IC CL of the house was built in a www. l a fortnight. ration se u o h A glance at the Google .com Streetview website still shows the site as a small car park. If the Rational House company manages to acquire more sites to roll out its home programme in other parts of London, it could set a pattern for infill development across the capital. Billed as ‘a new kind of urban dwelling combining features of the best townhouses in the world’, 2a Biscay Road meets the design and build criteria set out by London Mayor Boris Johnson when he challenged house-builders to raise their game in April 2009. David Lunts, the interim director of housing and regeneration at the Greater London Authority, welcomed the new house as being ‘designed to fit into an ordinary street’. He said he took particular pride in the new design being a family home, built using rapid and sustainable technology… with no public money needed. Cllr Greenhalgh added: “This is fantastic news for hard-working, middle-income earners who want to live in the borough. “I am particularly impressed with the innovative and sustainable design of the new home, which ensures that the running costs are kept low. “This is exactly the kind of scheme that helps us to make Hammersmith & Fulham your borough of opportunity.”


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Astral SundholmHayes of Circa Vintage shows off the shop’s antique and vintage clothes



T’S always had a curious mix of shops, offices, beauty parlours and cafes, but Fulham High Street is bucking the trend in these difficult trading days by focusing on the past. For years it has been known as a haven for vintage secondhand clothing shops, but its reputation for quirky gifts, unusual things to wear, craft workshops and specialist emporiums is still growing. King of the street remains David Saxby, the tailor who traces his professional lineage back to the swinging sixties and who still creates tweed outfits from a vast bank of 700 rare rolls and discontinued materials. From his base at 60-62 Fulham High Street he produces timeless designs evoking a bygone era of shooting parties, country gatherings and farmer chic. But the road is certainly not stuck in time. New arrivals include an antique and curio


Your Hammersmith & Fulham Magazine

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shop, and a bridalwear store (at 6 Fulham High Street) offering affordable designer dresses. One of the street’s other established fixtures, milliner Siggi Hesbacher, welcomes the revival, and says he hopes it will attract others. “David Saxby caters for the toffs, and their wives and girlfriends come here to wear the hats,” he laughed. Siggi Hesbacher has run Siggi for 11 years, but has worked in London even longer. “I got into millinery just by chance, after I came to London from Germany,” he said. “I began making clothes in Portobello Road, and then started making hats; little cocktail numbers. It just went from there.” He presented his first collection in 1982 at Harvey Nicks, and now offers everything from fullblown Ascot specials to decorated hairbands, outrageous explosions of colour to sombre, sober black impact numbers, with delicate silk flowers. Although trade is not particularly seasonal, he does get busy in December with demand for party fascinators – the small, stylish and often sparkly adornments which are more hair decoration than hat. Prices start at £35. “Yes, we do sell a lot of sparkling fascinators for Christmas parties,” he said. Hats are very personal items; it’s either exactly right, or you wouldn’t be seen dead in it. So it’s a bit of a surprise to learn that some men decide to buy hats for their partners. “It’s true, but it’s very difficult to buy a hat for someone else,” admitted Siggi. “We’ve had men in, buying hats for someone else, but it doesn’t always work.” A safer option for the man eager to please might be a gift


Saxby caters for the toffs, s e and their wiv s d and girlfrien come here to ! wear the hats

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Top, the shops in Fulham High Street. Clockwise from left, Rhona Buchanan from vintage menswear shop Old Hat, Siegfried Hesbacher from milliners Siggi Hats, Ruth Helen Craster from Underworld lingerie specialists and tweed master David Saxby

voucher. Siggi does sell vouchers, for any amount the customer wants, to allow women to shop for their own headgear. “It’s great that the street has a bridal shop opening as well,” added Siggi, whose shop is two along from a new – as yet unnamed – antique and curio shop at No54, featuring mirrors, bronzes, pots, jardinieres, objets and oddities. Also in Fulham High Street is the well-established Old Hat at 66 (020 7610 6558), with its window full of top hats, shooting sticks and classic vintage clothes. Circa Vintage at No64 ( has stunning dresses on display as well as 40s and 50s clutch bags in a window decorated with 1950s issues of Vanity Fair. David Saxby at 60 and 62 has everything from waistcoats and cufflinks to riding boots, caps and toppers. Underworld, at 56 Fulham High Street (020 7610 6598), sells lingerie and luxury nightwear, and offers a bra-fitting service. It opens Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, from 1-7pm, plus Friday 11.30am-4pm and Saturday 10.30am-6pm. The shop also features Alexandra Sareh’s readyto-wear designs. At No44, Rupert Bevan (020 7731 1919) does furniture commissions, including mirrorfronted cupboard designs. Visit It is often best to ring shops to ensure they are open. They are all run by individuals who often put life before regular timekeeping, and they don’t always stick rigidly to advertised hours. Over the years Fulham High Street has evolved into an appealing enclave of workshops, quirky one-off vintage wear shops and specialists… and the trend looks set to continue. Siggi is at 48 Fulham High Street, SW6. 020 7736 2030. See

The Golden Lion in Fulham High Street will remain a traditional pub after fears it would be converted into a gastropub. Restaurant and pub company Mitchells & Butlers was looking to make its establishments more like restaurants – but the Fulham pub will now remain untouched. Landlady Ann Carroll said: “We will continue to be a lovely, traditional, community pub which caters for all in the area just as everybody likes it.” She held a one-off Cockney day on November 16 with free bangers and mash as well as bingo. And the pub’s new winter menu is now available, with Mondays staying cheap beer day – Foster’s/Carlsberg at £1.79 a pint and John Smith’s at £1.69.

Fisher’s SET TO OPEN AFTER FIRE The ever-popular Fisher’s Fish and Chips in Fulham High Street is due to reopen in early January after a devastating fire in December last year forced it to shut. Renovation work has already begun, and should be completed this month. Director of Fisher’s Madhu Morgaria said: “The insurance companies have finally settled matters and now we can look forward to rebuilding this beloved business and be open for customers by the beginning of next year.” For more details, visit:

Your Hammersmith & Fulham Magazine

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Ipnf.nbef!gppe!up!ublf!bxbz Csjoh!tpnf!Nfejufssbofbo!tvotijof!up!zpvs! qbsuz! xjui! b! wjtju! up! FnjmjbĂ&#x2013;t! Efmjdbufttfo-! b! Ă&#x;sn! Gvmibn! gbwpvsjuf/! Uif! Ă&#x;oftu! tbmbnj-! Qbsnb! ibn! boe! puifs! dpme! nfbut! nblf! b! qfsgfdu! mjhiu! tubsufs! ps! gps! tpnfuijoh! npsf! tvctuboujbm! zpv! dpvme! pqu! gps! pvs! efmjdjpvt! qbtub!Ă&#x;mmfe!xjui!xjme!nvtisppn-!btqbsbhvt-! spdlfu! ps! sjdpuub/! Ipnf.nbef! ujsbnjtv!

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;6;(3-66+)033 4(?04<4+05,9: DISCOUNT EXPIRES 31 MARCH 2012

>>>)(9,:;(<9(5;*64 FULHAM

345 Fulham Palace Road London SW6 6TD T. 0207 371 7077

;/0:79646;0650:56;(=(03()3,05*651<5*;065 >0;/(5@6;/,96--,9=6<*/,94<:;),79,:,5;,+(;;/,9,:;(<9(5;;69,*,0=, ;/,6--,9(5+:<99,5+,9,+<7659,+,47;065567/6;6*670,:>033),(**,7;,+

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christmas shopping

Gul Taris from Sapori Sardi wants to tempt you into buying delicious panettone this Christmas

The cake that was lovingly created of in the mists mewhat lost so an e ar of s on in ti ig while its or to be the crea ettone – said ess a lady – has become n pa THE e, m ti trying to impr ick skoric italian baker e treat in H&F, writes n stiv a popular fe


here once was a baker by the name of Toni who wished to woo a beautiful young lady in his home city of Milan and so created the Pan de Toni, from which we have today’s delicious panettone. That’s how the story goes anyway, but what is certain is that Italy’s answer to the Christmas cake has proved to be a real hit on our shores, and purveyors of the finest examples in Hammersmith & Fulham are ready to make it a buon natale. Along Fulham Road, close to Bishops Park, sits a recently opened Italian establishment, Sapori Sardi. It is run by the friendly Gul Taris and her husband Piero, who is from Cagliari, Sardinia. For those of you looking for something a little stronger to go alongside your panettone, Gul offers it with amarone grappa cream filling from the Pasticceria Scarpato range as well as a limoncello-filled cake from Torinese. To continue with the merry

spirit, she also has the Dolce Marrone Glace panettone with glazed chestnuts and a chestnut cream filling inside. “This is our first Christmas in Fulham and we would like to welcome the local people to try our unique grappa and limoncellofilled panettones which will help to warm them up as the cold weather settles in, as well as a whole host of traditional panettones that we have on offer,” said Gul. Brackenburys Delicatessen (formerly Buchanans) in Aldensley Road, just off Hammersmith Grove, has an organic panettone at a reasonably priced £9.99 from the Organic Collection. The cake comes from the Veneto region near Venice from a small town called Castelfranco, where the producers use their own natural yeast and natural flavouring made from Italian

citrus fruit. Sales assistant Ash Miles said: “Brackenburys is continuing to provide wholesome organic food with a healthy twist to the traditional panettone in the lead-up to Christmas so our customers do not feel like they are missing out on this delicious festive treat.” The store also offers the traditional panettone, a rich chocolate panettone with layers of chocolate and orange cream inside from the Dal Colle range for £9.80, and mini-panettoncini for just £2.75. Meanwhile, over in SW6, a mountain of the festive cakes can be found filling the display

window of a traditional, homely Italian delicatessen, Delitalia, in Lillie Road. For those of you who do not like the tiny bits of fruit inside the cake, owner Tony Marziano also has the delicious pandoro version (the Verona counterpart of panettone) by Bauli for £11. He has been running his shop for the last 19 years and continues his tradition of building a gigantic display of panettones. “We are an original, family-run, Italian shop and so we try to bring some of that Italian spirit to the Christmas season in Fulham with our wide range of pandoros and panettones,” he said. On the other side of Fulham at the ever-lively Il Pagliaccio restaurant in Wandsworth Bridge Road there is the chance to pop in throughout the day for a slice of panettone with a cappuccino. Its selection from the Christmas menu includes a delicious panettone from Sicily filled with home-made chocolate and vanilla ice cream topped off with a brandy sauce. Manager Teo Catino is looking to really bring a festive feel to his restaurant with plans for a Santa’s Grotto in front.

Your Hammersmith & Fulham Magazine

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MAKE YOUR DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE  COMPARED to the big guns of the wine trade, the single-branch merchant in Parsons Green Lane may not seem to have much firepower… but there are loud reports about Petit Canon. The indie wine shop has a broad stock, a host of surprises and a knowledgeable staff eager to share their know-how. The shop lets you taste 24 wines, kept fresh using nitrogen gas, via a novel button-push

and pre-paid card system. Owner Jamie Vanrenen organises regular Wednesday night tastings to stir up interest, with the one on December 14 having a sparkling theme – sweet, fortified and sparkling wines on free tasting from 6-9pm. And if you’re planning a party or festive event, Petit Canon organises free glass hire, local delivery and sale or return, as

well as free hire of ice buckets, corkscrews and other party paraphernalia. Add to that case discounts (15 per cent on pre-ordered dozens). “It’s how we can compete,” said Jamie, who also pointed out that pricing remained keen in this very competitive field. >> Petit Canon, 77 Parsons Green Lane, SW6. 020 7731 7503. See

Jamie Vanrenen of Petit Canon


Feast on great Brazilian-style meat at Rodizio rico in Fulham


IO de Janeiro is tempting this time of year: beautiful beaches, refreshing cocktails and scantily-clad bodies playing early-morning volleyball. A perfect escape from a blustery, dreary autumn in London. With the arrival of Rodizio Rico in Fulham, you won’t need to clock up any air miles to get a taste of it. Brazil is famous for its colourful carnivals, upbeat music and eclectic cuisine. From the churrascarias (barbecues) to the light and fluffy pao de queijo (cheese buns), there is a little something for everyone, all to be washed down with the famous Cacha spirit. Jerdan Place’s latest culinary gem brings the spirit of traditional Brazilian barbecued meat to life with offerings of spicy sausages, rare cuts of beef and, for the braver diner, chicken hearts. The atmosphere in Rodizio Rico is warm and welcoming with plenty of room for big parties. We started our Brazillian experience with traditional Caiprihnia cocktails made with Cacha to get us into the South American swing of things. In the centre of the restaurant there is a ‘help yourself’ salad bar, loaded up with both hot and cold traditional Latin treats: refried beans and rice, cassava wedges, exotic vegetable dishes and light and moorish pao de queijo. All accompanied by a spicy selection of sauces and chillies. We began with a slightly enthu-

siastic loading of side orders, which included a tasting of the vegetarian and fish option. The white fish was baked in a traditional tomato sauce and was tender enough to hold its powerful aromatic flavours, while the vegetarian option was a less traditional but interesting take on a European lasagne. Rodizio, however, is all about the grill for a carnivore’s treat. The meat is brought to the tables on big skewers by ‘passadors’ who carve it to order. The Brazilian-style grilling method left each offering of meat moist in its own juices. With a constant stream of grilled dishes (the passadors only stop when you tell them!) it is difficult to pick favourites, but the traditional chicken hearts and the pincanha beef were consumed in great quantities. A Brazilian Cabernet /Merlot blend, chunky and smokey, provided a perfect companion to the strong flavours from the grill. We rounded off our South American feast with an exotic mix of pineapple and banana desserts, fruity and light after the over-indulgence that preceded. Rodizio Rico is a meateater’s paradise, but with enough variety from the hot and cold dishes to keep even the vegetarians happy. If only Rodizio Rico could bring the Brazilian weather too.  Rodizio Rico, 11 Jerdan Place, Fulham Broadway, SW6 1BE. 020 7183 6085.


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Buy your bird then learn how to carve Idea Bright manager Sally Patel


Shop has lots of bright Xmas ideas LOOKING for bright ideas for Christmas gifts? The obvious place to start – for the cook in your life – is Idea Bright. The shop at 672 Fulham Road is packed to the gills with kitchen equipment and extras, from pots and pans to teapots, cake decorations to rolling pins. The Idea Bright branch at 212 New Kings Road handles the online business (www., while the branch at 770 Fulham Road focuses on electrical goods, hardware and paint.  Idea Bright, 672 Fulham Road, SW6. 020 7736 5414.


OU have a simple choice when it comes to the Christmas bird: a slow-reared, free-range, outdoor-bred turkey, or a cheaper, no-questions-asked supermarket special. Budget plays a big part in the decision, and everyone is feeling the pinch this year, but if you have the freedom (and wallet) to choose, Union Market in the old Fulham Broadway tube ticket hall is the place. Copas turkeys – established in the late 1950s – encompass 25 breeds and are free-range, freeto-roam birds which build up their weight slowly, in the process developing a finer flavour than their commercial counterparts. Union Market has ordered 120 of the Copas beauties, all between nine and 14 kilos in weight, and it’s first come, first served. At £12 a kilo, the birds aren’t cheap… but you’re guaranteed a superb Christmas meal. Tony Bromovsky (pictured inset right), owner of Union Market, said: “We get our deliveries on December 15 and 22, and customers can order by paying a deposit. We also have geese. In fact, Union


Firm’s busy month has a silver lining Market can offer something unique to customers with the range of foods we have.” From big British hams to great British cheeses, the market always tries to go for home-grown where possible. Tony sees it as a kind of ‘food theatre’; a place which can inspire people to cook, assisted by a recently overhauled online site (www. unionmarket., where special offers are promoted. One particularly useful mini course that Union Market runs is the carving class – an ideal

 FINDING Christmas gifts for men is notoriously difficult, but not if you take a military approach to the problem. Stephan Haroutunian Shirts – or Stephan Shirts for short – has been making officers’ clothing for 60 years, but also sells to discerning civilians too. From its base in Moore Park Road, SW6 (where the street

tutorial for whoever’s job it is to dish up the turkey portions. It costs £40, runs from 7-9.30pm, includes a tasty supper with wine, and has plenty of useful tips for unusual and eye-catching ways of making the most of the inevitable leftovers, as well as explaining why different cuts have different flavours. Full details online. Parma ham and Iberico hams are also very popular with Christmas buyers.  Union Market is at 472 Fulham Road, SW6. Call 020 7386 2470 or visit: www.

POSH Jewellery – the Mexican silver centre in Fulham Road – is gearing up for a busy month. The shop specialises in imported silver, and has been open for three years. But why Mexican silver? “Ah,” said manager Osvaldo Lopez Figueroa, “it’s purer than other silvers, such as Indian silver. It is very well known around the world, and is exported all over the globe. Its quality shines – it’s unique.”  Posh Jewellery, 645 Fulham Road, SW6. 020 7998 0525.

meets Cedarne Road), it offers upmarket gifts for men. And the shirts aren’t ordinary. With double-stitched sleeves, arms and sides, they’re built to last. Manager Erlend Norby said gift vouchers were very popular gifts at Stephan – either for a set amount, or for a specific item. “You get something newer and fresher here,” he explained.

Top-sellers are the bright, outrageously coloured socks favoured by newscaster Jon Snow, and the shop’s boxer shorts (£25 for four), which you are pretty much guaranteed no one else in the squash club changing room will be wearing. >> Stephan Shirts, 95 Moore Park Road, SW6. 020 7731 5008. Visit:


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Stallholders at the farmers’ market in Parsons Green, including Mike Belcher of March House Farm on the right

It’s stall over by December 23 as Parsons Green farmers’ market pulls the punters Friday, December 23, from 9am-noon. Producers, who commit to using local ingredients, include Little Jack Horner, which has three winter pies: hare, roast vegetables, juniper and red wine; pheasant, butternut squash, sage and walnut; and the controversial squirrel, beer, prune and pearl barley. Cheryl Cohen from organiser London Farmers’ Markets, confirmed that the last December event would be on December 23. “It will be a smaller market than usual, but it’s a chance to pick up orders and any buy any last-minute provisions,” she said. Pastures Farm from Northamptonshire has free-range geese, bronze turkeys and free-



HE tastiest festive food is piled high on the groaning tables of the Parsons Green farmers’ market. The Sunday event at New Kings School, New Kings Road, is a dazzling kaleidoscope of colours and flavours, with produce on all the main stalls – from fish to dairy, meat to fresh juices – originating within 100 miles of the M25. Since it opened in September, the 10am-2pm market has become a regular Sunday morning ritual for the Parsons Green area. There will be markets every Sunday leading up to Christmas, with a special extra market on

range cockerels on order for Christmas. Galileo Farm is taking orders for organic Barbary Cross ducks, Cornish game hens, Eben Cross geese and heritage breed turkeys. Based in Buckinghamshire, Animal Farm specialises in wild boar and saddleback hams, and also raises free-range poultry including ducks and turkeys. From deep in the Leicestershire countryside, Mike Belcher of March House Farm recommends his three-bird roasts – a duck inside a pheasant inside a chicken. He admits they’re hard work to bone out. “For Christmas we also have ribs of beef, saddles of lamb and rolled pork loins,” he said. Mike is also proud of the freerange white and bronze turkeys which they buy as chicks in

SARDINIAN RESTAURANT DOUBLES AS A DELI  THIS is a brave time to open a new restaurant, but one enterprising couple have created a little corner of Sardinia in SW6. Piero and Gul Taris opened Sapori Sardi in the early summer, and are already building a loyal and enthusiastic band of regulars. Piero is Sardinian, while wife Gul comes from Turkey, but the menu is purely Italian. “He won’t let me put anything Turkish on the menu,” laughed Gul. “It’s very Sardinian, with a lot of meat and fish dishes and fresh pastas.”



YOUR MAGS Page 70 BUSINESS Fulham THREE.indd 1

Traditional Sardinian regional dishes jostle for space with mainstream Italian favourites on an alluring menu. During the morning Sapori Sardi is a popular coffee shop, with cake and biscuits. The restaurant doubles as a deli, and there is also a huge selection of dried pasta, breadsticks, biscuits and Italian groceries for sale. TH >> Sapori Sardi,786 Fulham Road, SW6. 020 7731 0755. Email

April and raise on the farm. Over at Celestial Cakes, Sara Rees is busy baking stollen, almond and amaretto mincemeat, plum and russet apple mincemeat, kugelhopf, mince pies, cinnamon rolls, quince cheese and piccalilli. Ellie’s Goats is new to the market. Its Kentish cheese and unpasteurised milk has been well received at Parsons Green. Debby Vernon from Ellie’s said: “I’m knocked out by the friendly reception and customers’ enthusiasm. We love it here, it’s a great location.” She has been busy making her Fremlin’s Kentish log, Ellie’s fresh cheese rolled in cranberries or walnuts, or garlic & black pepper.  The market reopens on January 8. Email to join the market email list for monthly news and updates:

 ALTHOUGH MAKE Aspace’s specialty Y O is child T ren’s furniture, A the Fulham shop’s STOP character chanRoad ges in the

festive season as the focus shifts to toys. Packed with the kind of traditional wooden toys which have entertained youngsters for centuries Aspace’s stock straddles stocking- , fillers and big, ‘special’ presents. >> Aspace, 725 Fulham Road, SW6 020 7731 7768.

Aspace manager Georgina Weedon

25/11/2011 16:44:09



Mare Moto owner Luigi Ferrara’s right-hand man, Adriano


MAGINE a place where you to the traditional homely Italian cuican eat a yummy plate of sine with a modern twist from his exquisite Italian food with head chef Piero La Barbera, such a bar flowing with the finest as the tender veal scaloppine mariselection of drinks and then dance nated in limoncello. the night away in the bustling For the traditionalists among nightclub nestled underneath the you, don’t fret – you can still get hold main floor. of a wholesome plate of spaghetti It exists! Just pop along to carbonara, risotto and bolognese Luigi Ferrara’s Mare Moto in King’s with a menu that changes accordRoad, Fulham. ing to the season. Pressed for time? The experienced restaurateur fell Luigi has unveiled a new express in love with the area when he first lunch menu where you can be in and laid his eyes on the seductive stretch out in 15 minutes. of street in 1973 after arriving He has brought his latest batch in London. of vino to Fulham after his summer The 55-year-old finally got the escape to Tuscany with the chance to open up his restauTignanello, Sassicaia and rant, on the boundary beOrnellaia bottles added to an : tween Fulham and Chelsea, already comprehensive wine CLICK ON three years ago and went on list to please connoisseurs www. . to o marem to design and redevelop the and beginners alike. premises with his contracLast month was set for the tor friend, Alex Ross, to give launch of Mare Moto’s latest it – as Luigi likes to say – a touch house wines, with their own House of LA in King’s Road. Blanc white and red coming from “After owning two restaurants the vineyards of Abruzzo. in Los Angeles I wanted to bring The magic does not stop there that same glamour and sunshine to as the swanky nightclub holds 150 the area with a place that offers it people and plays commercial and all with fine Italian dining in mod- house music into the early hours of ern surroundings with the glam and the morning. With Public and Emglitz of the famous King’s Road,” bargo 59 close by, the area really is a said the Mare Moto director. hub for partygoers. Modifications have not stopped “I love music and food. They there. Luigi has also given a facelift are an essential part of my life so

I thought why not put the two together? I may not dance as much as I used to but you can still catch me doing my thing on the dance floor,” joked the Italian. Luigi has been in the restaurant business since the tender age of eight when he started working as a barista in his home town of Naples. It was not long before he packed his belongings and headed out at the age of 15 to set off on culinary adventures to Switzerland, Germany and the US before London. He ran the classy Regine nightclub, where Kensington Roof Gardens is now, before going on to open the Spaghetti Western restaurant in Wimbledon Village which was created in the style of the old Italian Western movies. But you will be glad to hear that Luigi’s latest venture in Fulham is free from sawdust and rowdy horsemen as it oozes elegance and style, with famous faces spotted in the establishment including Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton as well as London singer Plan B and international DJ David Guetta.  Mare Moto, 562 King’s Road, Fulham, SW6 2DZ. 020 7731 8685 or email:

Turning on the Chaam pre-game LOOKING to fill up before Chelsea face Valencia on December 6, or ahead of the eagerly awaited top-of-thetable clash with Manchester City at Stamford Bridge on Monday, December 12? The northern Thai eatery Chaam, tucked round the corner from Fulham Road at 461 North End Road, offers 20 per cent discounts off all food to anyone with a Chelsea ticket on matchdays. It’s also a great chance to try a particular type of Thai cooking, including specialities such as angry pig (flame-fried pork with red curry paste and long Thai runner beans) for £7.95… or nearly £1.60 cheaper with the Chelsea discount. Another recommended dish is penang goong (£9.95), a peanut-based curry with king prawns, coconut milk and shredded kaffir leaves. The 20 per cent discount applies after 6pm on matchdays to ticket holders and season ticket holders. The mixed platter of starters is well worth trying.  Chaam, 461 North End Road, SW6. 020 7610 3572. See the website at

Azou on starway to award heaven HAMMERSMITH’S highlyrated Moroccan restaurant Azou is a step away from gaining a Michelin star. The eatery at 375 King Street, which features both classic and modern North African food on its menu, is one of 13 London restaurants to be awarded the ‘junior’ Michelin rating, Bib Gourmand, for its food quality.  See


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Great British Food Special 3 course menu

Live music from ‘The Steelers’ Champagne Fireworks at Midnight As always, entrance is free so if you’re coming in for drinks, just turn up.

1-3 Parsons Green, London, SW6 4UL 0207 736 2115


al De e M e Movi

YOUR MAGS Page 72 white horse and bodeans AD FULHAM.indd 1

Available Monday to Thursday

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BOOK chronicling the rich and colourful history of Bishops Park has been published by the friends’ group. The History of Bishops Park, A People’s Park contains 100 historic pictures and maps together with contemporary photos by Angelo Hornak and Michael Birt. It was written by garden historian Sally Miller, a former Fulham resident who runs a research project for the London Parks and Gardens Trust.

Her three-year delve into the archives included reading dusty old hand-written minute books dating back to the fateful evening in July 1883 when the idea for the park was conceived. The Friends of Bishops Park also commissioned Robert Wilkinson of the Oral History Society to record interviews with residents, while the Bishop of London has written a foreword. Sally, 64, who wrote her dissertation on the 18th century gardens of Barn Elms, said she was delighted with the final quality

of the splendid 100-page A4 paperback. “I knew Bishops Park, and was very interested in it from a research point of view,” she said. “The early records, including the vestry minutes, are wonderful; everything was recorded verbatim… they wrote down exactly what people said. “At one time there were rumours that the park was being used after dark for immoral purposes, and the head gardener was called in to be asked about that.” How have things changed >>


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Make a trek over to Nomad to post letters to Santa DON’T stick your letter to Santa Claus in the normal pillar box. The ones he really pays attention to are written in the children’s area of Nomad. The Fulham Road bookshop will be employing letter power to communicate with Father Christmas this year, encouraging its young customers to put pen to paper in organised writing sessions. Full details in store. Meanwhile the shop is fully stocked ahead of its busiest time of year, with piles of enticing volumes on tables and shelves. This year Nomad is offering a Christmas gift-wrapping service, to save customers time and add a professional flourish to presents. The two-decadeold bookshop was recently visited by baking queen Mary Berry, signing books and sharing recipe ideas. “Christmas is a time for stories, and we will be running Christmas storytime for children on Saturdays,” said owner Harriet Morton (pictured). Nomad is open 9am-7pm Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm Saturday, 11am-5pm Sunday. There is a coffee shop with sofas, and several book clubs are co-ordinated at the shop. Tim Harrison  Nomad Books is at 781 Fulham Road, SW6. 020 7736 4000. For more details visit:

Tea party winners  The three lucky winners of the Betty Blythe tea party competition in our October edition were Mrs A Armanios of Rannoch Road, Fulham; Julia Pippet of Hartismere Road, Fulham; and Dione Simpson of Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush.



over the years? “Well, the role of the parkies has change for one thing,” said Sally. “They have disappeared. I remember being chased by them as a child.” The personal tales and reminiscences, contained in a section at the end of the book, really humanise the history of the park. But what sets this volume apart is the quality of the picture reproduction – including crystal-clear copies of old postcards, newspaper articles from a century ago, and pamphlets and drawings from the archieves. Roger Weston, vice chairman of the Friends of Bishops Park, said: “I have been living close to the park since 1975 and I am very excited by the restoration scheme that is taking place and look forward to its completion. “We believe this book is a thoroughly well-researched study, an interesting read, and will be an attractive record of the park’s history, and of the park today.” The Bishops Park restoration plans centre around the creation of an urban beach. In Edwardian times,


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Pictures of Bishops Park in the old days and now, including, inset below, a 1904 postcard from ‘Fulham’ Park which was often called ‘Margate Sands’

Have a hands-on Xmas experience

families from across the capital descended on ‘Margate Sands’ in Bishops Park every summer. During the Second World War the venue fell into disrepair and by 1949 it was considered such a safety hazard it was closed. As well as the urban beach, the ornamental lake is also being restored, three major play areas are being created and the park’s cafe refurbished. At the adjoining Fulham Palace, the longest medieval moat in England has been excavated. The council is also restoring the moat bridge, Gothic Lodge, the vinery and potting sheds. The stables are being converted into an education facility, with new toilets and a shop. H&F cabinet member Greg Smith has donated £50 towards the book and said: “I am sure that this book is a very interesting account of the

Both Bishops Park and Fulham Palace grounds are of huge historical importance to the borough

history on the magnificent park and I look forward to reading it. “Both Bishops Park and the adjoining Fulham Palace grounds are of huge historic importance to the borough and these exciting improvements will see them reaffirmed as jewels in our crown.” The entire project is costing £8million, with £3.65m awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The book is now on sale at £14.95, with free delivery for residents of Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, and Westminster. Otherwise, there is a £3.95 delivery charge. Cheques should be made payable to the Friends of Bishops Park and sent to 54 Langthorne Street, SW6 6JY. Profits from the sale of the book will go toward the friends’ work.  The Friends of Bishops Park held its AGM at St Etheldreda’s church hall in November. For more details see www.friendsof

FULHAM Road’s Pottery Cafe is busy incorporating foot and handprints into glazed designs for customers seeking one-off special design gifts. The studios allow customers to create their own pottery, with expert assistance and advice, before leaving the creations for firing and collection, and the idea of making individual glazed plates and mugs seems particularly appealing at this time of year. Shop assistants are standing by to turn handprints, including children’s handprints, into designs. With a bit of imagination, handprints can become angel wings, turkeys, reindeer antlers, a wreath or even Santa’s beard. “This year we are focusing on the hand part of handmade gifts, and are inviting people to use their handprints creatively on Christmas pottery gifts,” said shop owner Petra Evans. The cafe itself stocks cakes, cookies, smoothies and juices.  Pottery Cafe, 735 Fulham Road, SW6. 020 7736 2157. Visit:

Gift making in the season to be holly MAKE a Christmas Wreath and other seasonal gifts at Ravenscourt Park on Saturday, December 10. Hammersmith Community Gardens Association is inviting visitors to the glasshouses, next to Ravenscourt Park Cafe, from 10am2.30pm. It costs £5 for adults and £3 for children.


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Quit smoking for FREE with Kick It…

…save over £100 on stop smoking medication!

Visit your local GP Practice or Pharmacy and sign up with one of our experienced Stop Smoking Advisors OR Drop into Kick It HQ at 7 Galena Road, Hammersmith W6 0LT OR Catch us out and about in our brand new company tuk-tuk

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#FFQ #F FQ Kick-It Stop Smoking Service is a subsidiary company of Live Well UK Ltd

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KEY CLASHES STILL TO COME Chelsea games>  FORGET the league, Chelsea’s seasondefining clash is on December 6 at Stamford Bridge when the Blues face Valencia in the Champions League shootout knowing that they need to keep a clean sheet to progress to the last 16.  Anything less could see Chelsea slip down into the Europa League, with the possibility of a west London meeting with noisy neighbours Fulham.  The Premier League gap between the Blues and high-flying Manchester City is now so big that the chances of bridging it are slender... but Andre Villas-Boas knows he has chances to make up lost ground against Newcastle and City in the next fortnight.  Looking ahead, Chelsea visit Wigan on December 17 (live on ESPN) before travelling to White Hart Lane on December 22 for a rare Thursday night league match.  The Boxing Day game sees Fulham stroll down the road for the west London derby at the Bridge – a lunchtime game – before Aston Villa travel down to SW6 on New Year’s Eve. By then, AVB will either have turned the corner, or be looking for alternative employment.

Ravenscourt Park action from Pope John v Addison, John Betts v Brackenbury and the girls’ Pope John v Addison game in the annual Mayor’s Cup tournie PICTURES BY DAVID TETT

QPR games>

Mayor’s Cup hots up as leading schools emerge WITH a third of the Mayor’s Cup primary school football tournament over, front runners are emerging. In the girls’ section, reigning champions Brackenbury look unstoppable again, with the pick of their results being the 7-0 defeat of Lena Gardens on October 28. The boys’ league looks tighter. Score of the tournament remains Addison 0 Greenside 7, but St Peter’s are on a hot streak of form, recently beating Lena Gardens 5-0. Good

Shepherd recorded a solid 4-0 win over Flora Gardens, while Pope John defeated Kenmont. Spare a thought for the parents of players from Wormholt Park and St Stephen’s. When the boys clashed, it finished 0-0. The girls’ teams met the same day. You’ve got it. 0-0. “Some teams with familiar names are beginning to establish leads over the rest, so some teams are going to have to play hard to catch up by the mid-tournament break on December 9,” said organiser Deryck Fill. TH

 WITH Tony Fernandes set to dip into his wallet again next month, to add a further five players to Rangers’ squad (including a couple of prospects from Malaysia), the Hoops are settling snugly into the mid-table comfort zone before a serious push on the Europa League places in 2011/12.  The 3-2 away win at Stoke’s notorious fortress the Britannia stadium was a real morale-booster ahead of a Christmas run-in which offers the Rs a realistic prospect of points and some very tricky challenges.  West Brom visit Loftus Road on December 3, while there’s the mouthwatering prospect of a trip to Anfield on December 10, where Liverpool’s home form has been decidedly patchy, with draws against Sunderland, Manchester United, Norwich and – surprisingly – Swansea.  Before anyone tucks into the turkey, the Hoops entertain Man Utd and Sunderland at Loftus Road. Rangers fans, still drifting off to sleep each night recreating the magic of the victory over Chelsea, know there’s a real chance of taking points off the Reds.  Between Santa’s visit and the start of 2012, the Rs travel to Swansea – as tough a Premier League ground as it’s possible to imagine – and Arsenal, for a New Year’s Eve London derby to savour. TH


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HUGHES ARE YA? YOUR MAGS Pages 78-79 Aaron Hughes SPORT PAGES 1-2.indd 1

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HEN Aaron Hughes arrived in 2007, most Fulham fans would have had a quiet chuckle at the notion of European football joining him at Craven Cottage. On Wednesday, December 14, the Whites will host Danish league runners-up Odense Boldklub, in what will be their 33rd Europa League match in two and a half years. And Hughes can’t wait. “There is a little bit of a different atmosphere in European games,” he enthuses. “I think there is just a buzz around the place in the evenings. “They bring their fans, and create a bit of a different atmosphere around here. It’s great, because we had that success before and we enjoy it. It’s as much fun for us as it is for the fans.” You can’t tell the recent story of Fulham Football Club without saying a lot about the Europa League. And you can’t tell the story of Fulham in the Europa League without saying a lot about Aaron Hughes. When, in May 2010, west London’s oldest club arrived in its first European final (the ‘success’ he speaks of), it was largely thanks to an outstanding campaign by Hughes. After a season out of the competition (‘We

Dependable defender Aaron Hughes reached a European cup final with Fulham PICTURES BY ACTION IMAGES

“ YOUR MAGS Pages 78-79 Aaron Hughes SPORT PAGES 1-2.indd 2

When I first came down to Fulham the sense of calm about the place was something I was attracted to

missed it a little bit’), the club qualified this season via the sometimes controversial route of the fair play league – that is, by accumulating fewer red and yellow cards than other sides in contention. Hughes explains how the team plays football that is easy on the eye, not difficult on the shins. “We don’t go flying into tackles, we don’t go here, there and everywhere, we keep a good shape, a well-structured side, and from that we build,” he says. “I think a lot of it comes from that: we know we can hold a striker up without a tackle, because we know a midfielder will come and help us, rather than just playing oneon-one.” And Hughes certainly backs this up in his game. Unusually for a central defender, this season he passed the milestone of 400 Premier League appearances without a single career red card. Add to that another 130-odd appearances in internationals and cup games, and you have a truly remarkable feat. “People look at it two ways,” he says. “Some people say it’s a bad thing, because I’m a centre half and I need to be more authoritative and smash people, for want of a better word, leave an impression on them. “And other people will say it’s an art: how you can tackle, intercept, do all that without giving away fouls. “I don’t know how to answer it. I just get through games, and don’t get many bookings. It’s not something I think about.” Though he insists his angelic disciplinary record does not belie a lack of passion. “When I was captain of Northern Ireland, people asked ‘What do you bring as captain, because you don’t shout and scream, and show your emotions?’ And I was like, that doesn’t mean to say I don’t get upset when something happens, that I don’t feel something when we lose, and I’m not happy to win when we win. “But at the same time I know that if a player next to me makes a mistake he doesn’t need me in his ear telling him he’s made a mistake. “For me, that’s just how I’d be. I know he knows, so it’s more about encouragement as opposed to anything else. “Yes, if he does it four or five times he might get a quiet word, saying he needs to sort his head out. “But I think that people have different ways of doing things and that’s just been my way.” Hughes recently retired as captain of his country after 79 caps – the seventh highest by any Ulsterman. CONTINUED>>



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Aaron Hughes takes to the field for the Whites once again in a European game PICTURE BY ACTION IMAGES

WIN! LUCKY JUNIOR COULD NET MATCHDAY TOUR JOY AT COTTAGE “It’s not the playing I’ve been his other Fulham high points? getting a bit tired of, and it’s not “When I first came down, the even the training,” he says. sense of calm about the place “It’s just the travelling, was something I was and the 10 days away – attracted to,” says the P E KE it’s what that is doing to man who had spent a : G IN D A RE my body and my mind. decidedly torrid 10 s p li il h P It’s nice to get a little years growing up Morgan ack at a b looks m FC break and to switch off during a time of major Fulha for five days, and take change at Newcastle great 86>> a bit of a breather from United. SEE PAGE the season.” “I think that the lads Asked if he might one that are here are probably day link up with the Irish FA the best group of lads, in terms again – fellow professionals talk of how we go out and play on the of him as having all the attributes pitch and perform. needed for a great coach – Hughes “That sort of bond we have is tight-lipped. together – we’ve been though quite “I hadn’t even thought of a bit together over the last four or that. It’s never been something five years. that... Until you just mentioned it, “There are a few of us who were I’d never thought about it to be here that first season (2007-08) honest,” he says, although at 32, when we almost got relegated, and and being in good shape but for we went right the way from there the odd knock, it’s not something to almost winning a European he needs to think about for a few cup final. seasons yet. “So there have been a lot of So aside from that special things that have happened, and you Craven Cottage buzz, a positive have almost a unity with that. But attitude towards football, and some I think that calmness is something famous European nights, what are that the club is renowned for.”


 See what really goes on behind the scenes in the build-up to matchday... We have a super My First Matchday Tour to give away to one lucky junior and their parent/guardian. For your chance to win, simply tell us the full name of Fulham FC’s stadium – and send entries to: by December 9.  If you would like to find out more about this great tour and others, see: www.fulhamfc. com/Visit/CottageTours. aspx#MyFirstMatchday#ixzz1

FESTIVE FULHAM FC CALENDAR  Tuesday, December 6 6-8pm Christmas at the Cottage Meet first team players, hear the Christmas choir, and join in with festive activities for kids. Free entry.  Wednesday, December 14 8.05pm - UEFA Europa League, Fulham v Odense BK A positive result on the night should see Fulham progress through to the knockout stages early next year. Adult tickets from just £10 when purchased before

4pm on Monday, December 12. After this, tickets available from £15 for adults/from £5 for juniors.  Saturday, December 17 3pm - Kids for a Quid at Fulham v Bolton Wanderers Unbelievable value, as juniors aged 15 and under can see Premier League action for just £1 (under 12s must be accompanied by an adult – tickets from £20). >> For details on all events call the Fulham Ticket Hotline on 0843 208 1234, or visit: www.


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Tickets are currently on sale to our Members for the following matches: Fulham v Tottenham Hotspur â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Sunday 6th November (4.00pm) Fulham v Liverpool â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Monday 5th December (8.00pm) Even our upcoming matches against Manchester United and Arsenal are on sale to Members from Tuesday 25th October* at 9am, so there is no better incentive to sign up today!

Join today at

*All match tickets are subject to availability. YOUR MAGS Page 81 Fulham FC AD.indd 1

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s i h t e k a t s i m e m o n g Make * p o h s ’s b lu c r u o y t a Xmas GNOME HUNTER DAN LEVENE


T’S the busiest time of year at the Fulham club shop as customers pile in to buy gifts for the fans in their life. And top of the must-haves this year is a Mohamed Al Fayed garden gnome, complete with black and white scarf and football at his feet. The gnome is waving his arms in the air just like the real Fulham owner does as he walks across the pitch before home games, reacting to the fans’ applause. Online it’s more expensive, but if you buy at the shop the gnome is £14.99. Once again, the club’s merchandising wing has risen to the challenge of dreaming up novel presents for Whites supporters, with the festive gear in the shop at the junction of Fulham Road and Fulham High Street including triple packs of Fulham Christmas baubles. You could hang a Fulham FC Christmas stocking at the end of your bed, shake up a Fulham snow globe, or wear a black and white Fulham Santa hat. Another range of goodies centres on club mascot Billy the Badger, with a 17in soft toy costing £14.99, and keyrings and T-shirts also on sale. But don’t stop there. Other possibilities include a 2GB computer USB stick in the shape of Al Fayed, salt and pepper sets in the club colours… and even a matching cereal bowl. That’s on top of all the replica kits and training gear, ladies’ fashion items and babywear. The shop works like an advent calendar in the build-up to Christmas, with special offers every day. Senior sales assistant Jack Smith (pictured top) said another of the most popular gifts was Fulham Monopoly. “We sell a lot of them,” he said. “And the Christmas decorations are going well too.”


 BIG names make easy headlines in football – so my editor sent me out to find the little men behind the game. And I found them alright: at Stamford Bridge, Loftus Road and Craven Cottage. They sat in the backs of the club shops: each of them around the 12-inch mark; each of them with a steely stare. Well, more of a bonded plastic stare really – but you get my point. For years, Hammersmith & Fulham’s three clubs have known there’s no place like home. Now it’s a case of: gnome is where the heart is. First in the club shop at Fulham I found their own Chairman Gnome – modelled on the indefatigable Cottage boss Mohammed Al Fayed (£14.99). Next I trekked over to Chelsea, where I unearthed the Blues’ very own gnome (£14.99): which, despite appearances, I was assured is not modelled on former Stamford Bridge chairman Ken Bates. But west London gnome bragging rights must surely go to QPR: where I hooked upon my line not one, but two gnomes (£13.99 each): one squatting in Shaun Derry-like goal celebration, the other pointing out almost Warnockian managerial direction. Will I have space for any of these little fellas around my pond this Christmas? Nah – gone fishin’ instead. Dan Levene

The Monopoly board features the club’s four stands – Johnny Haynes, Putney, Riverside and Hammersmith – instead of the more conventional Monopoly stations. Tim Harrison  The Fulham FC club shop is at 959 Fulham Road. The shop is open 9am-5pm Mon-Sat, 11am-3pm Sun. Visit:


This gnome not for sale...


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B OOK YOUR C HRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS EVE PARTY NOW ! Find us on facebook at Il Pagliaccio Paggs


T: 020 7371 5253 YOUR MAGS Page 83 Il Paggs AD FULHAM.indd 1

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Tina Moran of The Springbok is delighted that Tony Fernandes (inset below) has made such a difference at QPR

Tony put the spring back in Springbok


ITH a personal fortune of around £250m, he’s the richest man to have ever set foot in The Springbok pub. And, despite having not even bought a pint while in there, landlady Tina Moran says he’s welcome back any time – simply because Tony Fernandes has lifted the spirits of QPR so much since becoming the club’s chairman earlier this season. Fernandes, the Malaysian air travel magnate who bought out Bernie Ecclestone’s shareholding in Rangers back in August, wandered into the South Africa Road pub following October’s 1-1 draw with Blackburn. “I was on the bar, and all of a sudden everyone in the pub was swarming around this one bloke,” said Tina. “There were so many people around him that

I couldn’t really see anything. But someone said ‘It’s Tony Fernandes!’, and the whole place was over there. “Someone bought him a drink, and he was in the public bar for about 15 minutes, before going off to spend a bit of time in the supporters’ association bar downstairs.” Tina says that she has a lot to thank the multi-millionaire for, because he has changed the atmosphere in her pub so much on matchdays. Following promo-

tion last season, the club’s former owners hiked up ticket prices for matches and didn’t seem able to inject the money needed to build a side good enough to stay in the Premier League. “The outlook was poor,” she says. “Everyone was saying ‘we’re going down’, and the first game didn’t even sell out. Then, as soon as this fella came in, it all changed. “He’s done a lot for the club in a short space of time, and it’s good he decided my pub was the best place to come and meet real fans.” Dan Levene

LAST ORDERS FOR A PUB AFTER HOOLIGAN ATTACK  A PUB on the White City estate has been banned from selling alcohol. The General Smuts (left) in Bloemfontein Road lost its licence after police objections. H&F Council learned that it had broken licence rules by failing to employ enough door supervisors. At QPR v Leeds in May, 15 Leeds fans raided the pub and attacked licensee Yasser Hamouda with a chair. Cllr Victoria Brocklebank-Fowler said: “We are calling last orders on the advice of the police who are deeply concerned about the crime and disorder.” Jon Weisgard

The General Smuts pub in White City can no longer sell alcohol


 BARS near Loftus Road ground cannot use glasses or sell glass bottles within three hours of QPR matches, to ensure drink-fuelled trouble doesn’t flare up. The Central Bar in the West 12 Shopping Centre, O’Donoghues in Goldhawk Road and The White Horse, Uxbridge Road, are affected, as are the British Queen and the Coningham Arms in Uxbridge Road, and the Green Room, Goldhawk Road. JW


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NEW YEAR NEW YOU! After the Festive Season and Christmas feast.... ....New Year comes with new Resolutions

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2012 OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE CATALOGUE Available online Printed version available in-store from 6th December


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Former Fulham FC president Leslie Bowker in his law and army service days, including cartoon form during the First World War

Happy to operate a turnstile or play for his fave Fulham FULHAM FC LOOKBACK



HEN you wake up on Christmas morning, think of Leslie Bowker exactly 100 years ago racing his motorbike from Putney to the Orient ground in East London to play for Fulham reserves. He was not a professional footballer and could easily have stayed in bed. But throughout his life


Leslie was devoted to football, especially Fulham FC. Born in Nottinghamshire in 1887, he moved south in time to witness Fulham’s first-ever London League match at Craven Cottage in October 1896. He may have dreamed of playing for the club but he could hardly have foreseen that one day he would be president not just of Fulham FC but of the London League itself. A pupil at All Saints School in Fulham High Street, Leslie achieved academic and sporting success. He was known locally as a first-rate defender, but even so he was surprised one Saturday to receive an urgent summons from Craven Cottage. In fact, he was needed not to play for the Southern League team but only to operate a turnstile. He was happy to oblige and to receive the sixpence fee. After leaving school he founded the West London Old Boys FC and organised the

Arthur Thomas Memorial Cup commemorating an FFC pioneer. He regularly represented his county at football and early in 1911 he was invited to join Fulham reserves. He became their regular full-back for three years until a broken leg put him out of action. Leslie served in the First World War, earning a Military Cross, and also helping his London Scottish Regiment to win the Brigadier’s Football Cup. His appearance always fascinated cartoonists. One FA yearbook describes a ‘burly strong-necked figure of a fullback, his long, rather stubbornlooking upper lip and deceptively innocuous blue eyes’ An army sketch shows him as a chef serving up a ‘wild fowl’. After the war he had his best season, playing for Dulwich Hamlet and winning the Isthmian League and three major cups. He was called to the bar in 1922 but remained a senior administrator

of London football, showing a rare sympathy for the professional player. His duties included investigating clubs who made illegal payments or failed to keep proper accounts. Most of these cases are forgotten now, though Fulham fans will be pleased that Alec Stock in his time at the Orient only received a strong reprimand for his book-keeping. Alec later led Fulham to a Wembley final. Leslie Bowker received a knighthood in 1948 mainly for his service to the City of London (he held the high office of city remembrancer). The 1950s saw him made vice chairman of the FA Council and president of Fulham FC. He died in 1965 and his life and achievements were largely forgotten until local historian Keith Whitehouse bought part of his archive at auction and provided the details and the illustrations for this article.


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Terms and Conditions Minimum Spend of £10 per transaction applies. Advert must be cut out and surrended in full to member of staff. No photocopies. Not available through mail order or online. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer ends 24/12/11. Strictly one coupon per customer per transaction. Vouchers are not transferrable. No change given. In the event of a dispute, the store manager’s decision is final. Not redeemable against matchday programmes, magazines, matchday tickets or giftcards.


FREE GIFT FOR ALL KIDS WHO VISIT SANTA CHELSEA MUSEUM, BEHIND THE MATTHEW HARDING STAND, STAMFORD BRIDGE Terms and Conditions 1. Grotto is located inside the Chelsea FC Museum 2. One paying adult can bring 4 children for free admission to the museum to see Santa between 18th – 24th December 2011. 3. Photos are available at an additional charge. 4. Chelsea FC reserve the right to change the advertised times at short notice. 5. Pre booking for Stadium Tours / Museum is encouraged. 6. Free gifts cannot be exchanged or refunded 7. One paying adult (Museum tickets only apply, not Tour and Museum combined tickets).

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Your Fulham magazine (Christmas 2011)  

Your Fulham magazine (Christmas 2011).

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