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GILL POWER! Right said Fred! After weeks of electioneering, a 16-year-old has been picked as our youth MP


HE campaigns have ended, and the final manifesto pledges have been delivered as the battle to become a member of the UK Youth Parliament reached its climax last week. Eight committed teens from across the borough drummed up backing for their candidacies,


with the votes showing a groundswell of support for all their hard work. Now your h&f buzz can announce that Burlington Danes pupil Fred Gill (pictured left) has been re-elected as this year’s representative for the borough, with Rahima Begum elected deputy MYP. CONTINUED ON pageS 4&5

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Spring is a fresh time, with loads of opportunities

inside your


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Archie Scott

Leila Chentouf

Nada Montague

Hanan Faisal

Laura Bevan

Francesca Scott

of the young people ...and many thanks to all ion including who helped with this edit ab, Zakaria Rag r Heba Kusseibait, Haja Madronio, Jack Arif, Alistair Read, Paulina & Maria Ortega Duggan, Sarah Duggan

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espite the cold weather, sleet, snow, grey clouds and constant rain, spring really is coming and with it comes our seventh edition of h&f buzz. Spring is a time of revelations. We know who the new Pope is, and who the new Archbishop of Canterbury is. We know which new headteachers will be starting in September, while our year 6s and year 11s know which school or college they’ll be going to next year... and in this special democracy issue of h&f buzz we now also know the identity of our youth parliament MP. There are several more exciting events for us to look forward to. The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race takes place on the Thames at 4.30pm on Sunday March 31, with most of the best places to watch it being in our borough. Then the London Marathon will be run on April 21. It is now the world’s biggest marathon, and this is the 32nd year it has been run on the capital’s streets. Finally, after all the exams, the school summer holidays will start. But here is our spring h&f buzz edition to get you up and running for the new season. Having been set the arduous task of writing a news report for homework at least 100 times, in every single subject you could think of, I didn’t think I was interested in journalism. That was until I started going to the Hammersmith & Fulham Young Reporters’ sessions, where I’ve learned all about the amazing opportunities associated with journalism. There is a lot more to it

By Beatrice Warren Youth Editor April 2013

THE DEMOCRACY ISSUE than meets the eye. Apart from articles, it involves photography, editing, advertising and interviews. The media plays a large part in our everyday lives, but most of us have no idea what is involved in the production of everything we read, watch or hear. Writing articles for h&f buzz has helped me understand what goes on behind the scenes of every story, and has led me to admire journalists around the world who write a new story every day, under constricted time conditions. So if you want a career in journalism, or need something good on your CV, or want to check whether you actually do hate English, come to a Young Reporters’ session and maybe you’ll see your name in print!


BUZZ 4.2013

Just six votes put Fred back in office for a second term VOTE FOR ME: Fred Gill, right, is re-elected Member for Youth Parliament. His deputy is Rahima Begum (inset, opposite page). Right, Madi Oliver hugs Rahima. Below right, Fred gets a grilling

THE DEMOCRACY ISSUE u In the end it all boiled down to a handful of votes. Magda Ibrahim reports on the climax to one of the closest elections in the history of the UK Youth Parliament



S FRIDAY, March 15, drew to a close, and ballot boxes gathered from locations including schools, libraries and youth clubs had been emptied, it was about to turn into a celebratory date for two local youngsters. When every vote had been counted, 16-year-old Fred Gill was re-elected as MYP for Hammersmith & Fulham, with 15-year-old Rahima Begum elected as his deputy. The UK Youth Parliament is an elected body of 600 MYPs aged 11 to 18 from across the country. It aims to represent the views of young people to the nation’s decision-makers.

In a tense ceremony at Hammersmith town hall last Thursday, mayor Belinda Donovan revealed the candidates to have received the lion’s share of the 5,309 votes cast during a twoweek election period from February 25 to March 8. Last year’s local UKYP elections garnered 3,877 votes. Cllr Donovan said: “All eight candidates received at least 450 votes and should be very proud.” But with a whopping 880 votes, Fred took the top spot in the election – closely followed by Rahima, who received 874 votes. “I was quite confident until the week before, when I found out only about a third of my school had voted in the elections,” explained Fred, who is studying for A-levels in maths, further maths, economics and physics at Burlington Danes Academy in Shepherds Bush. “But that made the win feel even stronger, because it meant that most of my votes came from outside of my

school. That means people voted based on my policies, not just because they know me.” Fred and Rahima – who studies at Phoenix High School, also in Shepherds Bush – will now work together to represent the interests of local young people, raising the profile of issues such as financial support, career development, mentoring, and the relationship between the police and teenagers. Highlights of the 2013 calendar include the UKYP annual sitting to be held in Leeds in July, when MYPs from across the country will join to set priorities and develop a manifesto for the coming year. Meanwhile, the budding politicians will have the opportunity to campaign on the most important issues at a House of Commons debate on November 15, which will air on Parliament TV. Fred added that the UKYP is making great gains in the political landscape in this country, with iconic

Election night is quickly followed by question time


WRITING ON THE WALL: Darnell Christie and Shahrukh Husain show the way

WHAT IS THE UK YOUTH PARLIAMENT? l SINCE it was formed in 2000, the UK Youth Parliament has taught 11 to 18year-olds about democracy across the country. More than 600 locally elected representatives consult with their peers, discuss issues and lead followup campaigns to government and other organisations. The MYPs provide a vital link between the youth and decision-makers in Westminster. And with endorsements from the leaders of the three main political parties, it looks as though Westminster is listening. Campaigning across issues including marriage rights and input into the national curriculum, the parliament is not afraid to take on the priorities of young people. In 2008, the Youth Parliament successfully campaigned government to make sex and relationship education a statutory part of the curriculum. Over a quarter of a million votes were counted in 2012 to decide the issues which should be campaigned for in 2013 during the Make Your Mark ballot campaign. Rachel Mountain

examples including last year’s House of Commons debate on November 23 featuring the first hijab-wearing Muslim woman to speak at the despatch box in Parliament in its 700-year history. “This is such a privilege and a great opportunity for young people to be represented and their voices heard,” he said. “It is about pushing forward what we really need and want in our society.” In his 2012-2013 role as local MYP, Fred led the Make Your Mark UKYP consultation, gaining feedback from more than 3,000 young people on the issues that are important to them. The dedicated teen, who lives in Wood Lane, also set up the H&F Youth Involved Facebook page. Fred explained that, locally, he hopes to foster a ‘better relationship with the police to make sure that young people don’t feel victimised’ around issues such as stop and search. Nationally, he wants to work with schools to raise awareness of financial support for young people such as the pupil premium, which is given to schools to support their students who are entitled to free school meals. The other candidates were: Madi Oliver, 15; Farrah Talsi, 17; Zen Erasmus, 13; Mina Al-ameri, 15; Basak Erten, 18; and Lara Itzen. Hammersmith & Fulham’s involvement in the UKYP and its Borough Youth Forum has been running for nine years.


BUZZ 4.2013


Words by Paulina Madronio & Alistair Read

n a blustery March evening, young people gathered at Hammersmith town hall awaiting the announcement of the winner of the local UK Youth Parliament elections. The evening started off with a short introduction by representatives of the H&F Borough Youth Forum. Finally, the eight MYP candidates were called upon; it was time to announce the winner. The voting this year has increased by well over 1,000 votes compared to last year and by the smallest of margins (only six votes) Fred Gill was named, for the second year running, to be the MYP for Hammersmith & Fulham. After the celebrations, we grilled Fred and Rahima on policies, objectives and the challenges that lie ahead. Fred’s passion for politics is simply outstanding, with confidence oozing out of him even with tough questions being fired at him left, right and centre. Rahima was ‘very shocked’ but happy to be elected DMYP. She will focus on employment, using mentoring to help young people develop skills and improve their employability. Nationally, she wants to promote alternative skills and qualifications, which offer a different route to employment than the traditional academic one. Both seem well aware of the challenges they face but encouragingly are completely upbeat about the experiences that lay before them. We wish them good luck in all their future plans!


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Picture perfect l Young Stagecoach actors put on a new version of that timeless classic Alice in Wonderland Pages 38-39

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Words to look for!

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basket bunny candy chocolate

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R O L L H Y F chick dye Easter egg

Connect the dots! Easter chick



9 fun 10 hunt 11 roll

Size: 12 years


Chelsea FC top >> Hunt for clues in this issue of buzz, then send your quiz answers to: with your name, address and phone number. Winners

666 will be picked out of a hat. Usual rules apply! Good luck!!

Quick Quiz!!

1 Young singers are performing in a new version of Cats... but who wrote the musical? 2 Where were the finals of the Mayor’s Cup football tournament played? 3 Which school finished top in the borough’s annual swimming gala? 4 A girls’ team from Hammersmith & Fulham won a sporting contest at Lord’s. Which sport was it? 5 The borough’s young chef of the year is Amina Bendadjal. What was her winning pudding? 6 St Stephen’s were the most accurate team in the Year 3 skittleball tournament. But how many skittles did they actually score?


7 QPR’s new phone app allows young fans to collect what online? Is it cards, stickers or photos of the players? Good luck!

, y e n Ho

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BUZZ 4.2013 BIG TREAT: Tansy Mercer, 10, Sydney Rose, 11, and Iris Booth, 10, make a face scrub for mum in Ravenscourt Park


ALL LOVE: Above, Tansy Mercer, 10, has gifts for mum. Left, twins Angus and Owen Ridley, 2, make a scented spray for Mother’s Day

u For extra special gifts, you can’t beat home-made, writes Tim Harrison


UMS in Hammersmith were given seasonal gifts with a truly personal touch. Drop-in workshops run in the glasshouses at Ravenscourt Park by the Hammersmith Community Gardens Association allowed youngsters to produce some

memorable Mother’s Day presents. Herbal bath bags with rosemary, lavender, rose, chamomile flowers and oats proved very popular. Young hands, under the direction of Maria Vlotides, also created marmalade face scrubs and lavender

facial skin toners for their appreciative mums. “We had a great collection of people from as young as two to retirement age working together to make beautiful hand-made gifts,” said Maria. “And everyone also learned a bit about herbs and plants.”


BUZZ 4.2013


! e c n a One ch ! e c i o v e On ! e ot v e On



s teenagers, whether we avoid the fact or not, politics is all around us, from the Oyster cards we can’t find in the morning to the daunting schools we are imprisoned in and, ultimately, the homes we go back to when the day is done. Politics is an overriding force of everyone’s life, but as young people and essentially the future of tomorrow’s society, do we have a voice? Do we as young people, who are the future of this country and the next generation’s politicians, doctors, surgeons and lawyers, have a chance to contribute to our society politically? Do we have a voice, have a chance and have a say in the running of our society? Scotland recently announced it will pay for a voter registration programme so that all 16 and 17-year-olds can vote in the independence referendum. The proposal to effectively reduce the voting age from 18 to 16 has caused much debate. With the freedom of being a 16-year-old comes the responsibility of making

YOUR SHOUT Asha Yusuf, 15, Shepherds Bush

One problem is that young people might choose to vote the way their friends vote, but I still think it’s better to have a voice and a chance to vote than no voice at all. It is a good idea as it gets people involved in society. It may also motivate people to do something in politics. Yes, I would vote. I don’t think that you need to be educated about politics to vote, as long as you know what suits you and your family best.

Erna Syleimani, 15, Shepherds Bush

It’s good for people to get involved, but most 16-yearolds won’t vote because they think they don’t know enough about it all to make an informed decision. Me? I think it’s a good idea, as it gets people more involved in society.

rational and long-term decisions. We have the choice to work full-time, drop out of education, fight in the army and even start our own family, so why are 16-yearolds not trusted to vote? In 2005, only 44 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds voted. Some argue that young teenagers shouldn’t have the vote because 16-year olds have no experience of what change might work, or how it would work. They say that as young people, we should face the fact that we are not equipped with the experience to know what is best for this society. They point out that as children, we are not educated about politics, and get no education in the basic rules of how to run our society. As most 16-year-olds are not even remotely interested in politics, is there any point in having the vote?


any adults claim that young teenage minds are not strong enough to make an informed personal decision. Politicians have argued that a younger audience

just means politicians will introduce policies which target young people. Is age ever a good cut-off point for the vote? Does being older determine whether you’re smarter? Just 100 years ago, the possibility of women voting seemed stupid. It was felt politics was too advanced for a woman to comprehend. Now, as time has passed, we have moved on to be a more open-minded society, a society which claims to value the opinions of everyone. In another 100 years will we look back in amazement at a world where 16-year-olds couldn’t vote? Today’s teenagers can die for their country but not vote. The time has come where we should be in charge of our own future. With one cross in a box, we are able to put who we think will benefit our country in charge. The government’s main focus is essentially on education and systems for the next generation, however all these politicians with their astounding education and elite lifestyles have never stopped to ask what we want. Whether we want O-levels, whether our parents are able

YOUR SHOUT Dalia Ali, 16, Fulham

I think it is a good idea for 16-year-olds to be able to vote; everyone can help to make an impact, whether big or small. It is a good idea to get people involved in politics from a young age. They will feel more encouraged to be a part of politics, and it will also encourage them to vote when they are older. If there was an election tomorrow, I would definitely vote. I think I understand politics well enough to be able to vote. Even though we don’t learn it at school, we are all aware of the changes around us.

BUZZ 4.2013

With the freedom of being 16 comes the right to fight for Britain, start a family and even enter the busy world of work. But why can we still not vote? asks Leila Chentouf to afford £9,000 a year for university education. The latest statistics show youth unemployment rising. From just 6,000 in 2008, it has increased more than eight times to just short of 50,000.


o what can we do, as young people, to free our voice, free our opinion and hope to change our society for the better? Hammersmith and Fulham provides activities that help youth get involved, from the borough’s youth forum to young reporters and the youth commissioner, there’s a chance to get involved. But is it enough? As young people, we must do more. We have a chance to vote. We are part of society, regardless of age. The changes this country is going through affects everyone, so we should have the chance to vote.

COULD THE VOTE FOR UNDER-16s BE NEAR? l A BID in 2008 to drop the voting age failed, but in January this year a motion (backed by Labour and Lib Dem MPs) passed. It didn’t, however, become

law. Conservatives oppose it... but in 2014, 16s and 17s WILL be able to vote on Scottish independence, which might then prove a game-changer. Tim Harrison


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BUZZ 4.2013

Debate gives airing to the world’s big issues

THE DEMOCRACY ISSUE u Youngsters practise their oratory skills in the council chamber of Hammersmith town hall, and impress the judges, writes Rachel Mountain


UDDING orators gathered in the town hall’s council chamber for the Children’s Parliament on the Environment. Ninety year-six pupils from 10 schools enjoyed a morning of lively debate on the environment, local and school issues. Each school was represented by two speakers whose topics ranged from rainforest rescue to Lillie Road’s past. It was a great opportunity to experience democracy in action, with participants also having question-andanswer sessions. Key to the event’s success was help from Hammersmith & Fulham Urban Studies Centre. Director Moya O’Hara

BIG TOPICS: Top, Cesar Medina and Mariam Ahmed give their presentation to a packed council chamber at the town hall; Left, Mahdi Malkawi takes notes; Ebi Tabrizian shows his appreciation PICTURES BY LEIGH QUINNELL

said: “It gave children the opportunity to research a topic of local or global importance and have their say on issues that affect them.” The event was overseen by a panel of judges, chaired

by Cllr Helen Binmore. “The high standard made judging difficult,” she said. Pupils from Fulham Primary, Kenmont, Melcombe, Queens Manor, Servite and Sulivan took part, with awards going to Good Shepherd, Sir John Lillie, Miles Coverdale and Lena Gardens.


BUZZ 4.2013

SALLYING FORTH... Burlington Danes headteacher Sally Coates shows off the MBE she was awarded by The Queen PICTURE BY GRANT HUMPHREYS


COATES u A once-in-a-

lifetime trip to Buckingham Palace turned Burlington Danes head Sally Coates into Dame Sally, reports Magda Ibrahim


earing the words ‘well done’ from the Queen is an honour that only the elite few will ever experience. And Burlington Danes Academy principal Dame Sally Coates is still buzzing after a once-in-a-lifetime day at Buckingham Palace, to receive a very special award from Her Majesty. The hard working principal of the school in Wood Lane was named Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire for services to education, in the latest New Year’s Honours list. Just a few weeks later, Dame Sally was making her way to the Queen’s spectacular London residence for a star-studded reception with the monarch. “My legs were shaking,” admitted Dame Sally. “I was very nervous, even though I regularly give speeches to hundreds of people.” Alongside famous faces including Olympic heptathlete Jessica Ennis, boxer Nicola Adams and long jumper Greg Rutherford, Dame Sally joined other honoured guests such as Bletchley

Park code breaker Raymond “Jerry” Roberts MBE, and Cherie Blair, who was awarded a CBE for services to women’s issues and charities, during the ceremony on February 28. “It was a really great honour, especially when Her Majesty told me ‘it is a great job you do’,” she added. “The Queen has such a lot of presence and the pomp and ceremony was wonderful. It was amazing.” Dame Sally – who has worked in teaching since she was 22 – has spent the past five years toiling tirelessly to improve standards at Burlington Danes. Almost four decades of experience stood her in good stead, as the school was shortlisted as outstanding secondary school of the year in 2011, by the Times Educational Supplement. In 2012, 64 per cent of students achieved five or more A*-C grades at GCSE,

‘‘ My legs were shaking; I was very nervous, even though I regularly give speeches to hundreds of people

BUZZ 4.2013


up 33 per cent from when the school became an academy in 2006. Dame Sally may have been the fulcrum of the dramatic transformation at the school, but she is keen to share the honour and acclaim with the school as a whole. “This is an award for Burlington Danes,” said Dame Sally. “It is such a team effort and the school is so brilliant. There is so much going on here and it is difficult to explain enough how good the staff are, and the children and parents are so supportive.”


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Fulham - 020 7386 0006 or Shepherds Bush – 020 8749 2877/5080

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u They always do their best for us, but sometimes they make us cringe. Nada Montague analyses our relationship with parents, and decides that despite all the family traumas, they mean well


arents... they can be such a pain. Mothers can be naggy at times; they tell you to clean your room when it’s perfectly perfect, just the way you like it. They can also be annoying and embarrassing. I know someone who got stuck in a public toilet and had to be freed by seven firefighters, and her mum went and told almost everyone she knew! But mothers love their children at the end of the day. We all know they can go a little too far, but that makes them who they are. They make you smile at times, and they make you feel happy. They are always there for you. Once Jack (my kitten) rubbed himself on to my mum’s hand, and she freaked out and screamed... and my mentor was there! It was so embarrassing. Fathers? Busy, busy, busy.

They always have too much on their plate. They are caring, but may not notice you at times. They provide you with money, food, clothes and shelter. Parents clean and


My parents can be embarrassing... but I love them

have a big responsibility, they keep the family safe but they can also be a real pain. My dad used to drag the whole family to Kew Gardens every week, and my big brothers used to say they were busy, so they didn’t have to go. But me, I could never get away with it. I always had to go until my dad became busy, which was a relief, because now he hardly goes there, and I can relax at home doing my drawings. But he still offers to take my little brothers, and anyone that wants to go, to the local park – either Normand Park or Lillie Road Rec. But that hasn’t stopped my dad. He is in love with plants; that’s the main reason why he used to go to Kew Gardens. He is a mega plant lover. The balcony is filled with plants and it takes him ages to water them as he stares and stares at them to see if he has missed a spot. Once, the family had to go to Paddington to get a train to Plymouth, and we were almost late because he was so busy watering his plants! I sometimes think our balcony looks like a jungle. My parents can be very embarrassing but I love them sooooo much.

BUZZ 4.2013


A GRass act: Family outings are usually fun, even itdoes mean endless trips to (inset below) Kew Gardens


BUZZ 4.2013

Could you be the next



Song Academy

Easter Hols workshops

BUZZ 4.2013

Fraser T Smith

Song Academy, which runs singing and songwriting sessions in Fulham, Hammersmith, Notting Hill, Chiswick and Chelsea, has a series of Easter holiday workshops, which cost £75. Contact 07710 023 743 or contact@


Dates include: l Monday, April 8, and Tuesday, April 9, 2.30-5.30pm The Hurlingham Club, Ranelagh Gardens, Fulham SW6

Eg White

Here’s a rare, wonderful chance to get on the first rung of the ladder to fame. Magda Ibrahim outlines the rules for the 2013 Song Academy Young Songwriter event


orget The Voice, Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor. If you want your songwriting skills to get an airing in front of a star-studded panel of music industry experts, then look no further. The unique Song Academy Young Songwriter 2013 competition is looking for the next big musical talent to wow judges – and win a session at Universal Music’s studio in London. Simply getting in front of the right people is part of the battle and among last year’s judges was international recording artist Rumer, who said she was ‘very impressed’ with the compositions submitted to the competition. “I was taken aback by their originality and their beautiful, approach to storytelling,” revealed Rumer. “I was very humbled by a lot of their words.” Now the 2013 contest is calling for six to 18-year-olds to flex their musical muscles and electrify judges with a ground-breaking track. Award-winning songwriters Fraser T

l Wednesday, April 10, and Thursday, April 11, 2.30-5.30pm St. Clement’s Church Hall, 286 Fulham Palace Road, Fulham SW6 l Tuesday, April 16, and Wednesday, April 17, 2.30-5.30pm The Holy Trinity Church, Brook Green, Hammersmith W6 l Tuesday, April 16, and Wednesday, April 17, 2.30-5.30pm The Tabernacle, 35 Powis Square, Notting Hill, Kensington W11

Smith – who works with artists including Adele, James Morrison and Taio Cruz – and Eg White – known for his work with James Blunt, Duffy and Will Young – will be bringing their expertise to the judging panel. Joined by BBC 6Music broadcaster Tom Robinson, Heart FM DJ Jamie Theakston and singer Amy Studt (pictured inset below), the judges will be casting their expert ears over the entries. Not only will the winner receive a professional recording session at the Universal Music studio, along with a fullyproduced single to take away, but The X Factor’s sponsor Talk Talk has arranged for the winners to meet some of The X Factor’s finalists backstage at a ‘secret gig’, or a pair of tickets to the 2013 final. Young songwriters can enter the competition individually or with friends, a school class or family. The competition will be judged separately for six to 12-year-olds and 13 to 18-year-olds. l To enter your song, visit: young-songwriter-2013, and upload your tune before April 7. Good luck!


BUZZ 4.2013


It’s an edgy time for performers as they wait to see if they’ll get their big theatre break, writes Magda Ibrahim

REDIAL: The cast of the new production of Mobile Phone Show go through their paces ahead of the chance to perform on the stage of the National PICTURES BY DAN PATRICK


local actors aged 11 to 25 – will perform the play as part of the National Theatre’s Connections Festival in April. Other plays on the bill as part of the festival at the Lyric theatre include Don’t Feed the Animals, performed by The Langley Academy and Sacred Heart High School; and We Lost Elijah, performed by Fulham Cross Girls’ School and SL5 – St George’s Ascot. The festival takes place across the UK, with local theatres acting as partners for the event, which aims to bring together new writing with young theatre talent. With performances of the 10 NT Connections plays taking place at 23 partner theatres across the UK during the festival on April 16-18, it is only a select few that will be chosen to tread the boards at the National Theatre in June and July.

BUZZ 4.2013


nail-biting few weeks lie ahead for the Lyric’s young actors as they anxiously await news of whether they are good enough to perform at the National Theatre this summer. In the meantime, preparations are in full swing at the Lyric Hammersmith for the potentially pivotal performances of award-winning playwright Jim Cartwright’s new production Mobile Phone Show, that will showcase the skills of the fledgling thespians. The play examines the lives we lead through our mobile phones, in a cacophony of text, tweet and rap. Lyric Young Company – formed of budding


BUZZ 4.2013

iPhone versus BlackBerry Which one will win the battle?


These days, it seems as if everyone either has an iPhone or a BlackBerry. But which one is easier, and which does the most? Hanan Faisal makes the call

ersonally, I feel that iPhones are much better because they have better apps than BlackBerrys, such as Instagram and TempleRun. However, it all depends on you. If you are the kind of person who enjoys using a lot of apps on your phone, and visiting social networking sites, then an iPhone is for you, but if you like messaging your friends and family instantly, then a BlackBerry is for you. But

both phones do have pros and cons. The pros on a BlackBerry are you are able to communicate with friends and families via BBM and the internet . The cons on a BlackBerry are that it has terrible battery life. The pros on an iPhone are it is easy to use and it has many apps to download. The cons on an iPhone are it also has terrible battery life however it has slightly better battery life than the BlackBerry.

We asked readers about “I have a BlackBerry and I love my BlackBerry because it is my alarm for starters! I can also contact people through BBM and Whatsapp without having text or call credit. However I prefer iPhones to BlackBerrys because they are much better with apps.” Kimberley Williams, age 18, from Sands End

“I have a BlackBerry, I love my BlackBerry because I am able to socialise with my friends through BBM and Whatsapp. “I prefer BlackBerrys to iPhones because I can communicate with my friends easily.” Samsam Osman, age 16, from Sands End


BUZZ 4.2013

WHICH IS THE SMARTEST OF THEM ALL? Do you have a favourite smartphone? We weigh up the pros and cons of iPhone and BlackBerry

their favourite phones “I have a BlackBerry and I love that it has BBM and internet. I prefer BlackBerrys to iPhones because iPhones don’t have BBM so I can’t communicate with my friends. But I think iPhones are good for apps like Instagram. ” Hafsa Elmi, age 15, from Fulham


ique â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;A un outlet ative e r c & for al music â&#x20AC;&#x2122; en childr



emember Mr Mistoffelees, Mungojerry and Rumpleteaser, and the classic musical hit Memory? These show-stopping numbers from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s smash success Cats have brought joy to millions worldwide. Now a group of local children will sing in Britain’s largest live performance of the rousing musical, based on TS Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. A total of 42 singing stars from the Stagecoach Fulham weekend drama school will join 3,000 other kids for an epic Cats production on March 24. Auditioning against Stagecoach schools worldwide, the Stagecoach Fulham choir was picked to add its voice to the exclusive show at the national indoor arena in Birmingham, with the backing of Andrew Lloyd Webber himself. “I’m absolutely thrilled that so many young people will be able to take part in this very special performance of Cats,” he revealed. The Fulham kids – aged seven to 15 – had an anxious wait to hear if they would be taking part, after submitting an audition DVD of songs from the musical, which had a 21-year run in London’s West End. Stagecoach Fulham principal Alison Bullman said it was ‘like something out of The X Factor’, when the young performers heard they had been accepted. “There was a lot of screaming,” she laughed. The show has been created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Stagecoach, and will include youngsters aged six to 18 from the UK, Malta, Germany and Ireland. A virtual choir of international students from countries including Canada, Gibraltar, South Africa, Spain and USA will appear on large screens throughout the arena, while an orchestra will There was play the famous score. a lot of Alison said it had been an ‘intense’ four months of screaming rehearsing. The youngsters will need to follow silent cues as they sing their way through the Cats score during the two-and-a-half-hour show. “The work and vocal score has been challenging, but the kids are really looking forward to performing,” Alison said.


BUZZ 4.2013

u Stars from Fulham’s Stagecoach are furry excited about a new show, and have raided the kitty for a trip to perform in Birmingham. As Magda Ibrahim reports, everybody’s feline up for it...

PURRFECT: 42 young Fulham singers join a cast of 3,000 to perform Cats in honour of theatre arts school Stagecoach


BUZZ 4.2013

Break out of your shell this Easter! u Head to the big screen at Riverside Studios for Easter holiday cinema entertainment, including the best animated film from this year’s Oscars, writes Magda Ibrahim


dreams of becoming a hero by rebelling against his role. Find out what happens when Ralph accidentally unleashes a deadly enemy in this computer-animated film. Brave (PG) – Wednesday, April 3 With voices by Julie Walters, Billy Connolly, and Robbie Coltrane, Brave won best animated feature at the Oscars 2013. Set in the Scottish Highlands, skilled archer Merida defies an age-old custom, causing chaos in her family, and is

TUCK for ideas to entertain your little ones during the Easter break? Well look no further than Riverside Studios, which is hosting a week-long film festival dedicated to kids. With the latest bigscreen releases from Disney, as well as some favourites from the last few years, the fiesta of film is sure to provide a welcome distraction. Each film begins at CUTE: 2.30pm, with adult Vanellope tickets priced at £4, charms Wreck-it and kids at £2, with Ralph in the free popcorn and a Oscar-nominated film. Top, drink thrown in for Sammy’s Great young movie-goers. Escape The films: Wreck-it Ralph (PG) – Tuesday, April 2 This Oscar-nominated family-action comedy tells the story of game villain Ralph, who

forced to undo the spell herself before it is too late. The Boy in the Bubble (U) + The Secret of Kells (PG) – Thursday, April 3 This double bill kicks off with 2011 short film The Boy in the Bubble, which tells the story of 10-year-old Rupert, who falls hopelessly in love for the first time. The Secret of Kells is a tale of action and adventure, in which 12-year-old Brendan must overcome his deepest fears on a dangerous quest to complete a magical book. Sammy’s Great Escape (U) – Friday, April 5 Leatherback turtles Sammy and Ray are poached to be part of a spectacular aquarium show for tourists in Dubai. Big D the seahorse enlists them in his plans for a great escape with their new friends Jimbo the bug-eyed blob fish and Lulu the snippy lobster, plus a whole family of penguins. l For details visit: www. riversidestudios. or call 020 8237 1000.


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u New play equipment is an extra incentive to children UP, UP... Veronika Kovaliove in Wendell Park. Right, Carolina Lera in Eel Brook Common 32

to use the boroughâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s awardwinning parks and spaces

BUZZ 4.2013


PRING has sprung with a host of new-look playgrounds opening their gates to children and parents across the borough this month. First up was the newly revamped Wendell Park in Shepherds Bush, which now boasts a new slide, swings, an activity net, a seesaw, hammock and a roundabout. Similar playgrounds are set to open at Lillie Road recreation ground and Eel Brook Common, both in Fulham, at a combined cost of £200,000. At Lillie Road recreation ground, improvements include a new slide, roundabout, flat swings, a nest swing, seesaw, spinners and new trees. Eel Brook Common improvements feature a combination of all of these components. H&F Council deputy leader Greg Smith said: “I am delighted that so many children are already using the new playgrounds. “We may only be a small borough but we have more than 50 parks and open spaces, and improving them is one of the council’s main priorities.” Over the last two years, the council has improved numerous playgrounds the length and breadth of the borough. These are Bishops Park, Brook Green, Cathnor Park, Hammersmith Park, Hurlingham Park, Marcus Garvey Park, Margravine Gardens, Ravenscourt Park, South Park, White City playground and Wormwood Scrubs. The recent cold weather did not deter youngsters from dragging their parents to the new park, with eight-yearold Carolina Lera trying out the refurbished playground at Eel Brook Common last week. The Holy Cross Catholic Primary School pupil told h&f buzz: “I love the new equipment. They have done a good job.” The borough has nine of the best parks and open spaces in the country following the bestowal of a string of Green Flag Awards from the Keep Britain Tidy campaign last summer.

GREEN SCENE: Clockwise from top, mum Indre Kovaliove with son Oskaras in Wendell Park; new swings in Eel Brook Common; new play equipment at Lillie Road Rec; work still underway at Eel Brook Common; and new play equipment at Eel Brook Common is revealed PICTURES BY LEIGH QUINNELL & KEVIN POOLMAN


MAKE IT SWEET Get your votes in for H&F Heroes Do you know an unsung community hero? Well now you can give them the thumbs-up by nominating them for an H&F Hero award.


ime is running out if you want to nominate your H&F Hero! Hammersmith & Fulham Council is running a competition to find unsung community heroes who deserve a spot of recognition. One of the main categories of the Agilisys H&F Heroes Awards is Young achiever â&#x20AC;&#x201C; so if you know someone, aged up to 18 who may have overcome the odds, displayed amazing courage or shown huge talent, make sure you nominate them today.

Nominate your Agilisys H&F Heroes at There are five categories â&#x20AC;&#x201C; you can vote for all of them or just one: Young achiever A young person, aged up to 18, who has achieved amazing things. Maybe they have overcome the odds, displayed amazing courage or shown huge talent.

Crime fighter

Sponsored by Fulham Broadway Shopping Centre

A resident or member of the community who has helped tackle crime or made their neighbourhood a safer place.

Charity worker Recognising people who have worked tirelessly to support local charities either through fundraising or volunteering.


Sponsored by Hammersmith Broadway Shopping Centre

Celebrating people who have started a small business or enterprise of some kind â&#x20AC;&#x201C; including budding bedroom entrepreneurs!


Sponsored by Horton and Garton Estate Agents

Honouring those who have shown amazing talent, either in music, theatre, art or sport.

Give them your thanks The deadline for nominations is April 15

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DINNER’S SERVED: Young chef of the year Amina Bendadjal checks the seasoning in her winning dish of baked salmon. Opposite page, clockwise from top: Gian Richard cooks up a treat; Alicia Bradshaw in the kitchen; H&F Mayor Belinda Donovan casts her eye; Amina Benadjal puts the winning touch to her dish; Bethlehem Soloman cracks an egg; and she presents her final dish PICTURES BY LEIGH QUINNELL

Amina’s baked salmon wows The best young local cook created vanilla ice cream from scratch on her way to lifting this year’s title. Delyth Bowen put on her apron and built up a hearty appetite to meet Amina Bendadjal in the kitchen 36


ulham Cross Girls’ School pupil Amina Bendadjal is celebrating after being named Hammersmith & Fulham’s Young Chef of the Year. Amina, 14, beat four other local students to the title after impressing judges with her menu of baked salmon, Mediterranean rice, sundried tomatoes and yoghurt dressing followed by chocolate fondant and homemade vanilla ice cream. She, along with four other competitors, was given a budget of £6.50 for the two-course

meal and had one hour to prepare and cook it. Amina, who did not initially realise she had won, said: “It’s still sinking in! My parents have been a big influence on my choice of dish. I’m in the first year of GCSE food technology and my school has been very supportive. “It’s been a good experience and hopefully will lead to lots of opportunities for a future career.” The judges – Ruth Rogers from Hammersmith’s famous River Cafe, Omar Allibhoy from Tapas Revolution, based in Westfield, and John Reen, Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College’s senior chef

BUZZ 4.2013

the chef-of-the-year judges lecturer – thought Amina was ‘cooking above her age’ and her meal was ‘a really advanced effort’. Amina was presented with £150 in vouchers to spend at Westfield and a glass trophy by H&F mayor Belinda Donovan and H&F cabinet member Greg Smith. “All the HEAD CHEF: contestants made Ruth Rogers some incredible of the River Cafe food and it goes to was one of the show that a little competition’s can go a long way,” and should all judges Cllr Smith said. be very proud of “Amina’s meal themselves.” really did stand out and The annual event held it obviously meant a lot to each February was hosted her to win. These young by Ealing, Hammersmith people are talented cooks & West London College

in partnership with Hammersmith & Fulham Council, and aims to get young people interested in cooking. The competition also teaches students about the importance of food hygiene and encourages them to create healthy dishes to tight deadlines – an essential skill needed to progress in the catering trade. The other finalists were: Bethlehem (Betty) Solomon from Hurlingham & Chelsea School, Gian Richard of Bridge Academy, Alicia Bradshaw from Godolphin & Latymer School, and Ryan Gaffney from Wood Lane High School.


BUZZ 4.2013 38


BUZZ 4.2013

A TOWN LIKE ALICE: Opposite page, three different sized actresses in the title part were, from large down, Rosie Walker, Sally Sevastopulo and Constanza Denison. Bottom, from left, cast members Fred Hill, Pia Jones, Rosie MacIntyre, Rosie Walker, Costanza Denison, Sally Sevastopulo, Alexi Markham, Ellie Carlon, Lachlan Williams, Evie Shelbourne, Leo Blanning, Elyana Frieda and Seliany Ozgun PICTURES BY DAVID TETT

u Five weeks of rehearsing produced a fresh version of the classic Alice in Wonderland, as Magda Ibrahim reports


t was a trip into wonderland for little performers from Stagecoach Fulham as they were transformed into an array of fairytale characters. After five weeks spent rehearsing, the young actors and actresses brought their interpretation of Alice in Wonderland to life for a packed audience at Lady Margaret

School in Parsons Green on March 16. Scenes from the magical story included the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and the Queen of Hearts. Stagecoach Fulham principal Alison Bullman said that the 51 youngsters, aged four to 18, had “taken real ownership of the production”.


BUZZ 4.2013



KICK IT: William Morris Sixth Form BTEC pupils perform on the Lyric Theatre’s stage PICTUREs BY DAVID TETT


u They may not be the most obvious drama props, but Magda Ibrahim will never look at elderly walking aids in the same way again

BUZZ 4.2013


ARD-HITTING themes got a creative interpretation from performing arts students who took over the Lyric Hammersmith for a showcase of their skills. Exploring abuse in the care system, the tough employment market, and even the Third Reich, the aspiring performers from William Morris Sixth Form used dance and physical theatre to wow an audience that was a complete sell-out. The 22 teenagers studying on the school’s BTEC courses in acting and dance took inspiration from professional choreographers including Olivier awardwinner Akram Khan and Sadler’s Wells associate artist Jasmin Vardimon to create a stunning visual show. Taking over the Lyric’s Studio space for the second year running, the 16 to 18-year-olds had an insightful experience of life as a professional performer. William Morris’s performing arts technician Harriet Stevens, who worked closely with the youngsters on their BTEC showcase, told h&f buzz it was a “fantastic experience for the students to perform in a professional theatre”. “We try to make it as professional an experience STORY CONTINUEs ON PAGE 42


BUZZ 4.2013

YOU’ve BEEN ZIMMER FRAMED CONTINUED FROM PAGE 41 as possible,” explained Harriet. “They are in the theatre from 9.30am rehearsing until the evening show.” The dancers and actors performed six pieces to 115 people in February. Second-year dancers Saye Charles, Natalia Regan, Parys Hill, Latifah Sylvester, Marta Thachuk, and Maliqkah Walton performed Safe Hands, set in a hospital ward, with the care system under the microscope. Meanwhile actors Lania Karim, Ana Miller, Aliya Alikhanbayova, Guneet Bhambra, Lewis Messam, Gary Roche and Elisa Vizioli created a piece of improv theatre called The Interview. Fear and Misery of the Third Reich by playwright Bertolt Brecht was also among performances used as part of the students’ BTEC assessment. Not content with wowing Hammersmith, the crew now take the show on the road, performing Safe Hands at the RichDance 2013 festival at Hampton School on April 20.


BUZZ 4.2013

AIR CHAIRS: It wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just people who got airborne at the Lyric


Could you

Foster a child like me? Come to our information event

11 APRIL 2013 6:00pm Westminster City Hall 64 Victoria Street London SW1E 6QP

Freephone 0800 169 3497 /adoptionandfostering /fostering

It is like winning the lottery to see their confidence grow Niamh and Peter Murphy, Foster Carers

“She is coming home with certificates for star of the term and she was voted on to the school council by her class. Joanna’s progress has been remarkable.” Apart from the help they give each other, they talk about the other avenues of support that have been open to them, including their social worker and the local fostering support network. Peter adds: “We have had huge support from our supervising social worker and we also go to support groups with other foster carers who have experience in dealing with the kinds of challenges that come up. You will always find someone whose ear you can bend.” Reiterating her motivation to get involved in fostering, Niamh says: “To see these children achieve something that they thought they never could is incredible. It is like winning the lottery to watch their confidence grow. In my head I am a bit like the Waltons. I want the big kitchen with all the kids around it and if I had a big house and a big kitchen I would take loads in.” To prospective foster carers, she gives straightforward advice. “Research it and do not expect a perfect child. Most importantly, make sure your family is behind you because they are the most important kind of support that you are going to get.”

*All names have been changed

“THERE was this old NSPCC advert that used to get me every time. One day I just wanted to reach into the TV to help the child. That was when I decided to become a foster carer.” Niamh Murphy has been fostering with her husband Peter for six years and during that time they have looked after eight children ranging in age from three days to 15 years. “I wanted to be a foster carer when my last child left home,” Niamh says. “I thought you could not do it if you are single, then I met Peter. “So I got all the details and found out I actually could have been doing it all these years because you don’t need to have a partner.” Over the next year, the couple went through a robust assessment process. Having been approved by the fostering panel, and with their training complete, Niamh and Peter’s skills were put to the test immediately by the first children that came to them. There is no easing into foster care. Peter says: “We quickly learned that you have to take each child as he or she is.“ Joanna, who they currently care for, came to them aged six, for one night initially. She has severe behavioural problems and educational difficulties. Today, she has developed strategies for dealing with her behaviour through therapy, and is top of her class; something Peter talks about with the same pride that is recognisable in any parent. As a result of her progress, it has been decided by the local authority that Joanna will stay with the couple until she is 18. “We are just so proud of her,” Peter says. “She is coming home with certificates for star of the term and she was voted on to the school council by her class. Joanna’s progress has been remarkable. “All of this has only been possible because we have helped Joanna develop her self-esteem. Now Joanna has plans. She wants to go to college. She wants to work with young kids.”

BUZZ 4.2013 46

When I dj, I’m in a different world... A world where creativity stands out... A world where emotions and bass come together... A world where you dance to SOMETHING YOU’VE NEVER HEARD BEFORE...

BUZZ 4.2013

WHEELS OF STEEL: Max Cartoux, pictured in his Fulham bedroom, is the youngest DJ to gain a Ministry of Sound diploma PICTURES BY KEVIN POOLMAN

Others rely on technology for the right sound, but teenage Ministry of Sound DJ Max relies on his ear, finds Nick Skoric


E’S the youngest DJ to enrol in the Ministry of Sound’s legendary academy, and the youngstest to gain a professional DJ diploma. While other teenage boys are busy Xboxing, 16-year-old Max Cartoux is in his bedroom, spinning wheels of steel. He only took up DJing six months before the course began, and was the youngest DJ in the house. The next youngest was 19, while the oldest had more than 40 years’ experience. There is a freshness and innocence

to Fulham teenager Max as he speaks passionately about his ‘ear’ – the key instrument in the musical arsenal which allows him to create his unique sound. Max dismisses automated Traktor software in favour of his own two hands to mix music manually, as every second matters when taking the crowd on a sound journey. Software can sync the beats for the DJ to guarantee a seamless mix, but the top turntable talents use headphones to keep everything on track. STORY CONTINUEs ON PAGE 48


BUZZ 4.2013

MIXED-UP KID: And somewhere in the room there’s even a bed...



“Musicians are the most powerful men on Earth as they affect people’s emotions. I am a progressive DJ so it is about the whole atmosphere. I want girls to cry. It is a sad and emotional epic piece of music that triggers emotion,” said Max. The French Lycee student has been composing on his trusty piano since he was six, and realised he had an ear for good music after his iPhone playlist became the rage at a friend’s party.

Max has created 25 original songs, but take into consideration the fact that it takes hours for the Sands End boy to produce three minutes of music and you start to understand his level of dedication. The youngster brought a Ministry of Sound-themed night to the area after staging an U18 party at Fulham philanthropist Teo Catino’s Il Pagliaccio restaurant in Wandsworth Bridge Road. The teenagers enjoyed the chance to party and Max’s music was again on

BUZZ 4.2013

everyone’s lips. “We have had some lively parties at Paggs down the years but Max was able to create an atmosphere I’ve not seen before,” said the Paggs Cup founder. Max has already played to a 500-strong crowd at a private event. “When I perform live, I go down to the club an hour before and get in between the crowd to get a sense of the people and atmosphere. I even dance with everyone, and then go up to the decks,” added Max. “When I DJ, I’m in a different world; a world

where creativity stands out. A world where emotions and bass come together. A world where you dance to something you’ve never heard before.” The progressive house DJ had a problematic few years at school with bully trouble, but success breeds its own confidence. The Ministry of Sound judges watched Max put on a real A-class mix to be crowned No. 1. You, too, can listen to Max’s music at:


BUZZ 4.2013

WHAT’S ON? British Sea Power 02 Shepherds Bush Empire April 17 l AN 8ft bear, foliage and plastic birds have all featured as part of Brighton band British Sea Power’s live shows, so it is anyone’s guess what could be coming next. Set to storm the O2 Empire on April 17 as the culmination of their UK tour, don’t miss the opportunity to see this exciting band in action. Well known for their idiosyncratic blend of indie rock complete with viola accompaniment, playing unusual venues and outstanding live shows, British Sea Power are taking a whistle-stop tour to promote their new album, Machineries Of Joy. The Rough Trade artists vow to deliver a night like no other. Tickets £15. Box office 0844 477 2000.

Martha High Under the Bridge at Stamford Bridge April 19


l Soulstress Martha High – a former member of the live James Brown show – will showcase her dazzling vocals during this funky night in Fulham. Collaborating with Speedometer to bring the sounds of their latest project Soul Overdue to a live audience, the show also features special guests Funkshone and a DJ after-party with Perry Louis. With the musical offering given four stars by Mojo magazine, and described as ‘an album that captures one of soul music’s most powerful voices’, the live show is tipped to be captivating. Take a stroll on the soul sidewalk as Martha High re-interprets some classics, and gives a new angle to some more contemporary compositions. Tickets £15. For more details or to book call 020 7386 3327.

Blue 02 Shepherds Bush Empire May 3

BUZZ 4.2013

>> By Geoff Cowart

l Blue are back on stage with a new live show, performing a mix of old favourites as well as new songs from their upcoming album Roulette, due for release in April. The Blue boys – Lee Ryan, Antony Costa, Duncan James and Simon Webbe – have been working with Lady Gaga’s producer on the current offering, so expect an exciting show. Tickets £25. Box office 0844 477 2000.

The Hare & Tortoise Lyric Hammersmith April 27-28

All About Hop Along Music House for Children – April 8

Wallace & Gromit Hammersmith Apollo March 31-April 1

l THE race is on, and it is slow, steady tortoise against speedy, greedy hare – but who will triumph? Aimed at three to seven-year-olds the 55-minute show rolls out twice a day, at 11am and 1pm, on Saturday, April 27, and at noon and 2pm on Sunday, April 28. Messy play sessions are held after the shows. Tickets £8, with a family ticket for four £30. Box office on 020 8741 6850.

l This high-energy session will take children on a musical adventure especially themed for Easter. Incorporating song, dance and instruments, All About Hop Along combines music and movement for a fun and lively tale. Aimed at children aged up to four, the 45minute story session starts at 10am at 306-310 Uxbridge Road. Tickets £10. For more details call 020 8932 2652.

l LIVE interactive show for all the family featuring everyone’s favourites Wallace and Gromit in a specially filmed animation. Audiences will see the duo’s backstage exploits as they prepare for the first performance of Wallace’s new work, My Concerto in Eee, Lad. Nick Park’s Lancashire man-anddog pairing were last seen on stage at the BBC Proms. You can book on 0844 249 1000.


l i r p A 3 2- 1

(up s r a e y 11 -19

bled a s i d f i to 25


Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a lot on offer for young people to take part in this school holiday. Check out the listings inside or visit the Youth Life website. Ă&#x20AC;V#OEKIJRYXNZZZOEKIJRYXN\RXWKOLIH

SPORT ACTIVITI ES Basketball Training Camp LDF

Tuesday 2 to Friday 5 April 11.00am-1.00pm Age: 11-19 An NBA styled week with 3v3 s tournaments, shootouts, scrimmage and skills training. Very fast-paced with prizes to be won! Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College, Gliddon Road, W14 9BL 0845 009 0933 Barons Court

Sports Hub Multi Sports Camp LDF

Tuesday 2 to Friday 5 April 11.00am-3.00pm Age: 11-19 Action packed sports week, including dodge ball, football, handball, basketball and lots more! Hurlingham and Chelsea School, Peterborough Road, SW6 3ED 0845 009 0933 Parsons Green

Junior Football Tournament LDF

Tuesday 2 April 12.00-4.00pm Age: 11-14 Come alone or in a team and play for the title trophy or try and win the man of the match or a prize for the winning team. Linford Christie Stadium, Du Cane Road, W12 0DF 0845 009 0933 East Acton/White City/ Wood Lane

Got to Dance!


Tuesday 2 to Friday 5 April 12.00-3.00pm Age: 11-19 Dance like the stars at this intense week-long camp, with professional choreographers. Bishops Park, Bishops Avenue, SW6 6SX. Meet near the beach 0845 009 0933 Putney Bridge/Parsons Green

Basketball Young Leaders Course LDF

Tuesday 2 to Friday 5 April 2.00-6.00pm Age: 11-19 Calling basketball enthusiasts! Opportunity to gain a Sports Leaders award through four afternoons of intense instruction and learning. Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College, Gliddon Road, W14 9BL 0845 009 0933 Barons Court

Senior Football Tournament LDF

Tuesday 2 April 4.00-7.00pm Age: 15-19 Team tournament for senior football players and teams. Prizes to be won. Linford Christie Stadium, Du Cane Road, W12 0DF 0845 009 0933 East Acton/White City/Wood Lane


ITâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S EASTER! Personal Training and Self Defence â&#x20AC;&#x201C; girls only LDF

Wednesday 3 and Wednesday 10 April 11.00am-12.00 noon Age: 11-19 A girls only fitness session with basic self-defence skills. Lillie Road Fitness Centre, Lillie Road, Fulham, SW6 7PD Hammersmith

Personal Training and Circuits â&#x20AC;&#x201C; boys only LDF

Wednesday 3 and Wednesday 10 April 12.00-1.00pm Age: 11-19 A fast-paced, high intensity fitness session for boys only. Lillie Road Fitness Centre, Lillie Road, Fulham, SW6 7PD 0845 009 0933 Hammersmith

Athletics Day


Thursday 4 April 11.00am-3.00pm Age: 11-19 Jump like Jessica or run like Moâ&#x20AC;Ś just choose your discipline and get coached by top GB Athletics at the home of Thames Valley Harriers. Linford Christie Stadium, Du Cane Road, W12 0DF 0845 009 0933 East Acton/White City/Wood Lane

Swim Club LDF

Friday 5 and Friday 12 April 3.00-4.00pm Age: 11-19 Whether you want to perfect your technique, beat your friends, or just have fun, these sessions are active and open to all. Phoenix Leisure Centre, Bloemfonte in Road, White City, W12 7DB 0845 009 0933 White City/Wood Lane

Tennis Club


Monday 8 April 10.00am-12.00 noon Age: 11-19 For beginners or more advanced who want to learn racquet and playing skills, along with a fun round-robin tournament. Bishops Park, Bishops Park Road, Fulham, SW6 6DX 0845 009 0933 Putney Bridge

i-Kayak LDF

Thursday 4 and Thursday 11 April 1.00-3.00pm Age: 11-19 Take to the water for Spring! Fun, outdoor and active â&#x20AC;&#x201C; prepare to get wet in this kayaking session. Furnivall Sculling Club, 19 Lower Mall, W6 9DJ 0845 009 0933 Hammersmith/Ravenscourt Park


Trampolining LDF

Monday 8 to Thursday 11 April 10.30am-12.30pm Age: 11-19 An exclusive trampolining club for beginners or more advanced young trampoliners. Phoenix High School, The Cur ve, W12 0RQ 0845 009 0933 White City/Wood Lane

Junior Football Leaders Award LDF

Monday 8 to Wednesday 10 April 12.00-3.00pm Age: 11-19 Get the chance to be coached by an FA accredited coach in gaining . your Junior Football Leaders Award South Park, 88 Peterborough Road, SW6 3BA 0845 009 0933 Parsons Green

Street Dance Academy LDF Monday 8 to Friday 12 April 12.00-3.00pm Age: 11-19 Love street dance? Come and join us for five days of high intensity dance teaching from a professional street dancer. Masbro Centre, 87 Masbro Road, W14 0LR 0845 009 0933 Shepherdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bush

Football Club at Fulham Court LDF

Monday 8 to Friday 12 April 12.00-3.00pm Age: 11-19 Join qualified coaches at this drop in session, for professional coaching, games and competitions. Fulham Court Community Centre, Shottendane Road, SW6 5TJ 0845 009 0933 Parsons Green/ Fulham Broadway

Tri Sports Camp


Monday 8 to Friday 12 April 2.00-4.00pm Age: 11-19 Enjoy Boxing, Football, and Cricket taught by professional sports coaches from Let Me Play. Burlington Danes Academy, Wood Lane, W12 0HL 0845 009 0933 East Acton/Wood Lane/White City


ITâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S EASTER! Cycle Day and Rollerblading Fun Day LDF

Wednesday 10 April 11.00am-3.00pm Age: 11-19 Come and join us for a cycle and blade around the borough. Grab ! your bike or blades and get moving Meet at cafĂŠ in Ravenscourt Park, Ravenscourt Avenue, W6 0SL 0845 009 0933 Ravenscourt Park

Basketball Jam


Friday 12 April 4.00-7.00pm Age: 11-19 Fast-paced, NBA styled Jam with music, competitions, games and prizes. Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College, Gliddon Road, W14 9BL 0845 009 0933 Barons Court



Tuesday 2 April 12.00-4.00pm Age: 11-19 Experience a day of different dance styles, including Jazz, Bollywood, Zumba and Street. Perform at the end of the day for your guests. West London School for Dance, 25 Bulwer Street, W12 8AR 0845 009 0933 Shepherdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bush Market/ Shepherdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bush

GLEE! Drama Camp


Tuesday 2 to Friday 5 April 11.00am-1.00pm Age: 11-19 All singing, dancing and acting like the stars in the show. Make your very own mini production! Burlington Danes Academy, Wood Lane, W12 0HL 0845 009 0933 Wood Lane/White City

Spoken Word â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Musical Boot Camp


Tuesday 2 to Friday 5 April 1.00-3.00pm (meet at Shepherdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bush Market station,12.45pm sharp) Age: 11-19 Fancy writing your own lyrics or songs and putting them to music and instruments? This is the week for you! Bush Studios, 151 The Arches, W12 7JD 0845 009 0933 Shepherdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bush Market







9.30am-4.30pm, Greswell Centre

9.30am-4.30pm, Greswell Centre

9.30am-4.30pm, Greswell Centre

SAFE Programme

SAFE Programme

SAFE Programme

10.00am-3.00pm, Phoenix High School

10.00am-3.00pm, Phoenix High School

10.00am-3.00pm, Phoenix High School




11.00am-1.00pm, Burlington Danes Academy

11.00am-12.00 noon, Lillie Road Fitness Centre

11.00am-1.00pm, Burlington Danes Academy




11.00am-3.00pm, Masbro Centre

11.00am-1.00pm, Burlington Danes Academy

11.00am-3.00pm, West London School for Dance


11.00am-3.00pm, Hurlingham & Chelsea School STAGE MAKE-UP COURSE

11.00am-1.00pm, Lyric Theatre BASKETBALL TRAINING CAMP

11.00am-1.00pm, EH&WL College READY STEADY COOK

11.00am-4.00pm, West Kensington Tenants Hall GOT TO DANCE



11.00am-3.00pm, West London School for Dance

11.00am-3.00pm, Masbro Centre


11.00am-3.00pm, Hurlingham & Chelsea School

11.00am-3.00pm, Masbro Centre




12.00-1.00pm, Lillie Road Fitness Centre SPORTS HUB MULTISPORTS CAMP

11.00am-3.00pm, Linford Christie Stadium

11.00am-3.00pm, Hurlingham & Chelsea School

11.00am-1.00pm, EH&WL College





11.00am-1.00pm, EH&WL College

12.00-3.00pm, Bishops Park

12.00-4.00pm, West London School for Dance



12.00-3.00pm, Bishops Park

1.00-3.00pm, Furnivall Sculling Club



1.00-3.00pm, Bush Studios

1.00-3.00pm, Bush Studios

12.00-3.00pm, Bishops Park


12.00-4.00pm, Linford Christie Stadium HAIR & BEAUTY – 60S & 70S FASHION

1.00-3.00pm, Phoenix High School SPOKEN WORD – MUSICAL BOOT CAMP

1.00-3.00pm, Bush Studios BASKETBALL YOUNG LEADERS

2.00-6.00pm, EH&WL College CRAFT FAIR CAMP

3.00-6.00pm, Old Oak Community Centre FOOD ART

3.00-6.00pm, Fulham Court Community Hall CATWALK TUESDAY

4.00-6.00pm, West London School for Dance SENIOR FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT

4.00-7.00pm, Linford Christie Stadium BREAKDANCE WORKSHOP

5.00-7.00pm, Lyric Theatre SULGRAVE YOUTH PROJECT

6.30-9.30pm, 287 Goldhawk Road WHITE CITY YOUTH PROJECT

6.30-9.30pm, Fatima Centre OLD OAK YOUTH PROJECT

6.30-9.30pm, 76 Braybrook Street SANDS END YOUTH PROJECT

6.45-9.45pm, Adventure Playground



1.00-3.00pm, Phoenix High School

1.00-3.00pm, Phoenix High School



2.00-6.00pm, EH&WL College

2.00-6.00pm, EH&WL College



3.00-6.00pm, Old Oak Community Centre

3.00-6.00pm, Old Oak Community Centre



3.00-6.00pm, Fulham Court Community Hall

3.00-6.00pm, Fulham Court Community Hall



6.00-9.00pm, Masbro Centre

6.30-9.30pm, 287 Goldhawk Road



6.30-9.30pm, Fatima Centre

6.30-9.30pm, Fatima Centre



6.30-9.30pm, 34 Haldane Road

6.30-9.30pm, 34 Haldane Road SANDS END YOUTH PROJECT

6.45-9.45pm, Adventure Playground





9.30am-4.30pm, Greswell Centre

6.30-9.30pm, 287 Goldhawk Road

SAFE Programme

10.00am-3.00pm, Phoenix High School GLEE! DRAMA CAMP

11.00am-1.00pm, Burlington Danes Academy YOUNG CIRCUS

11.00am-3.00pm, West London School for Dance ART ATTACK – GRAFFITI CHALLENGE

11.00am-3.00pm, Masbro Centre SPORTS HUB MULTISPORTS CAMP

11.00am-3.00pm, Hurlingham & Chelsea School BASKETBALL TRAINING CAMP

11.00am-1.00pm, EH&WL College



12.00-3.00pm, Bishops Park SPOKEN WORD – MUSICAL BOOT CAMP

1.00-3.00pm, Bush Studios BASKETBALL YOUNG LEADERS

2.00-6.00pm, EH&WL College SWIM CLUB

3.00-4.00pm, Phoenix Leisure Centre HAIR & BEAUTY – 60S & 70S FASHION

1.00-3.00pm, Phoenix High School FOOD ART

3.00-6.00pm, Fulham Court Community Hall CRAFT FAIR CAMP

3.00-6.00pm, Old Oak Community Centre OLD OAK YOUTH PROJECT

7.00-10.00pm, 76 Braybrook Street MASBRO YOUTH PROJECT

6.00-9.00pm, Masbro Centre BRUNSWICK CLUB

6.30-9.30pm, 34 Haldane Road SANDS END YOUTH PROJECT

6.45-9.45pm, Adventure Playground

See guide for ages, details and contact information






9.30am-4.30pm, Greswell Centre

9.30am-4.30pm, Greswell Centre

9.30am-4.30pm, Greswell Centre

SAFE Programme

SAFE Programme

SAFE Programme

10.00am-3.00pm, Phoenix High School

10.00am-3.00pm, Phoenix High School

10.00am-3.00pm, Phoenix High School




10.30am-12.30pm, Phoenix High School

10.30am-12.30pm, Phoenix High School

10.30am-12.30pm, Phoenix High School




10.00am-3.00pm, Hurlingham & Chelsea School

11.00am-1.00pm, Lyric Theatre

11.00am-12.00 noon, Lillie Road Fitness Centre


11.00am-1.00pm, Shepherds Bush Library

10.00am-12.00 noon, Bishops Park




11.00am-1.00pm, Lyric Theatre

11.00am-1.00pm, Hurlingham & Chelsea School


12.00-2.00pm, Phoenix High School JUNIOR FOOTBALL LEADERS

12.00-3.00pm, South Park STREET DANCE ACADEMY

12.00-3.00pm, Masbro Centre


12.00-2.00pm, Phoenix High School JUNIOR FOOTBALL LEADERS

12.00-3.00pm, South Park STREET DANCE ACADEMY


12.00-3.00pm, Masbro Centre

1.00-4.00pm, West London School for Dance

1.00-3.00pm, Phoenix High School




1.00-4.00pm, Lyric Theatre

1.00-4.00pm, West London School for Dance


2.00-4.00pm, Burlington Danes URBAN DANCE


2.00-5.00pm, meet at 2.00pm at Let Me Play


1.00-4.00pm, Lyric Theatre TRI SPORTS CAMP

2.00-4.00pm, Burlington Danes URBAN DANCE

2.00-4.00pm, EH&WL College



3.00-6.00pm, Fulham Court Community Centre

2.00-5.00pm, meet at 2.00pm at Let Me Play


11.00am-1.00pm, Shepherds Bush Library STREET HUB (DANCE)

11.00am-1.00pm, Hurlingham & Chelsea School CYCLE & ROLLERBLADING FUN DAY

11.00am-3.00pm (meet at Ravenscourt Park Café at 11.00am) PERSONAL TRAINING/CIRCUITS

12.00-1.00pm, Lillie Road Fitness Centre IMPROVISATION

12.00-2.00pm, Phoenix High School JUNIOR FOOTBALL LEADERS

12.00-3.00pm, South Park STREET DANCE ACADEMY

12.00-3.00pm, Masbro Centre MC-ING & DJ-ING WORKSHOP

1.00-3.00pm, Phoenix High School PROJECT RUNWAY

1.00-4.00pm, West London School for Dance DRAMA LAB

1.00-4.00pm, Lyric Theatre VOLUNTEER MAKE-UP DAY



1.00-5.00pm, John Betts’ House

5.00-8.00pm, Masbro Centre

3.00-6.00pm, Fulham Court Community Centre

2.00-4.00pm, Burlington Danes


6.30-9.30pm, 76 Braybrook Street




4.00-7.00pm, St Etheldreda’s Church

2.00-4.00pm, EH&WL College



5.00-7.00pm, Lyric Theatre OLD OAK YOUTH PROJECT

6.30-9.30pm, 76 Braybrook Street SULGRAVE YOUTH PROJECT

6.30-9.30pm, 287 Goldhawk Road WHITE CITY YOUTH PROJECT

6.30-9.30pm, Fatima Centre SANDS END YOUTH PROJECT

6.45-9.45pm, Adventure Playground

2.00-5.00pm, meet at 2.00pm at Let Me Play T-SHIRT DESIGN & PRINTING

3.00-6.00pm, Fulham Court Community Centre MASBRO YOUTH PROJECT

6.00-9.00pm, Masbro Centre WHITE CITY YOUTH PROJECT

6.30-9.30pm, Fatima Centre BRUNSWICK YOUTH CLUB

6.30-9.30pm, 34 Haldane Road






9.30am-4.30pm, Greswell Centre

9.30am-4.30pm, Greswell Centre

6.30-9.30pm, 287 Goldhawk Road

SAFE Programme

SAFE Programme

10.00am-3.00pm, Phoenix High School

10.00am-3.00pm, Phoenix High School



10.30am-12.30pm, Phoenix High School

10.00am-3.00pm, Hurlingham & Chelsea School



11.00am-1.00pm, Shepherds Bush Library

12.00-3.00pm, Masbro Centre


1.00-4.00pm, West London School for Dance

11.00am-1.00pm, Hurlingham & Chelsea School IMPROVISATION

12.00-2.00pm, Phoenix High School STREET DANCE ACADEMY

12.00-3.00pm, Masbro Centre I-KAYAK

1.00-3.00pm, Furnivall Sculling Club MC-ING & DJ-ING WORKSHOP

1.00-3.00pm, Phoenix High School



1.00-4.00pm, Lyric Theatre TRI SPORTS CAMP

2.00-4.00pm, Burlington Danes


3.00-6.00pm, Fulham Court Community Centre





2.00-4.00pm, Burlington Danes

4.00-7.00pm, EH&WL College



2.00-4.00pm, EH&WL College

6.00-9.00pm, Masbro Centre





3.00-6.00pm, Fulham Court Community Centre


2.00-5.00pm, meet at 2.00pm at Let Me Play 3.00-4.00pm, Phoenix Leisure Centre

2.00-5.00pm, meet at 2.00pm at Let Me Play






2.00-4.00pm, EH&WL College

1.00-4.00pm, West London School for Dance 1.00-4.00pm, Lyric Theatre



6.30-9.30pm, 34 Haldane Road SANDS END YOUTH PROJECT

6.45-9.45pm, Adventure Playground OLD OAK YOUTH PROJECT

7.00-10.00pm, 76 Braybrook Street


4.00-7.00pm, St Etheldreda’s Church SULGRAVE YOUTH PROJECT

6.30-9.30pm, 287 Goldhawk Road WHITE CITY YOUTH PROJECT

6.30-9.30pm, Fatima Centre BRUNSWICK YOUTH CLUB

6.30-9.30pm, 34 Haldane Road SANDS END YOUTH PROJECT

6.45-9.45pm, Adventure Playground

See guide for ages, details and contact information

Breakdance Workshops



Wednesday 3 to Friday 5 April 11.00am-3.00pm Age: 11-19 Love the circus? Learn the trade with acrobatics, juggling and lots more! West London School for Dance, 25 Bulwer Street, W12 8AR 0845 009 0933 Shepherdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bush Market/ Shepherdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bush

Shrek The Musical â&#x20AC;&#x201C; West End Masterclass




Monday 8 April 11.00am-1.00pm Age: 11-19 Experience the art of mask making in this special one-off workshop. Lyric Hammersmith, Lyric Square, King Street, W6 0QL 0845 009 0933 Hammersmith

Tuesday 2 and Tuesday 9 April 5.00-7.00pm Age: 11-19 Learn proper breakdance moves from the basics through to choreographed pieces. Lyric Hammersmith, Lyric Square, King Street, W6 0QL 0845 009 0933 Hammersmith

Young Circus

Mask Making


Monday 8 April 10.00am-3.00pm Age: 11-19 Take part in a unique day of musical theatre, as we bring Shrek The Musical to the borough. Young people can expect to receive a day of acting, singing and dancing workshops. Hurlingham and Chelsea School, Peterborough Road, SW6 3ED 0845 009 0933 Parsons Green

Monday 8 to Thursday 11 April 12.00-2.00pm Age: 11-19 Come alone or with your friends to take part in this fun, fast-paced drama improvising class. Phoenix High School, The Cur ve, W12 0RQ 0845 009 0933 White City/Wood Lane

Drama Lab


Monday 8 to Friday 12 April 1.00-4.00pm Age: 11-19 Experience drama classes at the home of drama in Hammersmith. You will work towards a final showcase! Lyric Hammersmith, Lyric Square, King Street, W6 0QL 0845 009 0933 Hammersmith


ITâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S EASTER! Urban Dance LDF

Monday 8 to Friday 12 April 2.00-4.00pm Age: 11-19 An intense week of street, breakinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, hip-hop, locking, popping, and whacking Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College, Gliddon Road, W14 9BL 0845 009 0933 Barons Court

Young Writers Club


Tuesday 9 to Thursday 11 April 11.00am-1.00pm Age: 11-19 Are you a budding author, poet or playwright? Come along and spend time with an inspiring writer. e, Shepherds Bush Library, 6 Wood Lan 7BF 2 W1 Shepherds Bush, 0845 009 0933 Shepherdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bush Market/ Shepherdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bush

Street Hub


Tuesday 9 to Thursday 11 April 11.00am-1.00pm Age: 11-19 Fill your holidays with dance as we have industry experts guiding you through the latest moves to the latest tracks. Hurlingham and Chelsea School, Peterborough Road, SW6 3ED 0845 009 0933 Parsons Green

MC and DJ-ing Workshops LDF

Tuesday 9 to Thursday 11 April 1.00-3.00pm Age: 11-19 Learn to MC and DJ on profession al equipment with professional DJs and MCs. Phoenix High School, The Cur ve, W12 0RQ 0845 009 0933 White City/Wood Lane

Pop Art and Music LDF

Tuesday 9 and Thursday 11 April 4.00-7.00pm Age: 11-19 Create new pieces of pop art, t-shirts and music from the pop art era. All work will be on display! St Etheldredaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Church, Cloncurry Street, SW6 6DS 0845 009 0933 Putney Bridge/Parsons Green

Lights, Camera, Action


Friday 12 April 10.00am-3.00pm Age: 11-19 A day long workshop to bring a script to life, you will consider staging, lighting and filming. Performance at the end of the day . Hurlingham and Chelsea, Peterborough Road, SW6 3ED 0845 009 0933 Parsons Green



Catwalk Tuesday

Art Attack â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Graffiti Challenge LDF

Tuesday 2 to Friday 5 April 11.00am-3.00pm Age: 11-19 Calling all aspiring graffiti artistsâ&#x20AC;Ś this is your chance! Design, spray and display your work. Masbro Centre, 87 Masbro Road, W14 0LR 0845 009 0933 Shepherdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bush

Ready Steady Cook


Tuesday 2 April 11.00am-4.00pm Age: 11-19 Take to the kitchen with this cookery challenge; you will have limited ingredients to make the best meal possible. Prizes to be won! West Kensington Tenants Hall, 70 Lillie Road, SW6 1TN 0845 009 0933 West Brompton


Tuesday 2 April 4.00-6.00pm Age: 11-19 A chance to learn behind the scenes of the fashion world. Plan, design and walk your own catwalk! West London School for Dance, 25 Bulwer Street, W12 8AR 0845 009 0933 Shepherdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bush Market/ Shepherdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bush

Hair and Beauty â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 60s and 70s Fashion LDF

Tuesday 2 to Friday 5 April 1.00-3.00pm Age: 11-19 Four days of hair and make-up instruction and practice. Includes a talk from a current professional artist. Phoenix High School, The Cur ve, W12 0RQ 0845 009 0933 White City/Wood Lane


ITâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S EASTER! Craft Fair Camp


Tuesday 2 to Friday 5 Ap ril 3.00-6.00pm Age: 11-19 Take part in a range of urban arts and crafts! Learn how to make your own jewellery, paint ca nvases and make lanterns. Old Oak Community Centr e, 76 Braybrook Street, W1 2 0AP 0845 009 0933 k White City/East Acton

Food Art


Tuesday 2 to Friday 5 Ap ril 3.00-6.00pm Age: 11-19 Couture cooking and ca ke Delicate and deliciousâ&#x20AC;Ś art. not to be missed! Fulham Court Community Hall, Shottendane Road, SW6 5TJ 0845 009 0933 k Parsons Green/Fulham Bro adway

Stage Make Up Cour se


Tuesdays 2 and 9 April 11.00am-1.00pm Age: 11-19 Celebrity make overs an d th make up skillsâ&#x20AC;Śmake yo eatre ur friends look like true actors an d actresses! Lyric Hammersmith, Lyric Square, King Street, W6 0QL 0845 009 0933 k Hammersmith

Project Runway


Monday 8 to Friday 12 April 1.00-4.00pm Age: 11-19 Fashion, photography, denim design, bag making, look books and loads more! West London School for Dance, 25 Bulwer Street, W12 8AR 0845 009 0933 Shepherdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bush Market/ Shepherdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bush

Mural My Borough


Monday 8 to Friday 12 April 2.00-5.00pm Age: 11-19 Spend the week painting your way around the borough. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll visit five venues and create five unique pieces of art. Various locations. Meet at Let Me Play HQ, 27 Bulwer Street, W12 8AR. Locations for painting will include Ravenscourt Park, Bishops Park and more. 0845 009 0933 Shepherdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bush Market/ Shepherdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bush

T-Shirt Design and Printing LDF

Monday 8 to Friday 12 April 3.00-6.00pm Age: 11-19 Design, print and wear your own t-shirt design! Fulham Court Community Centre, Shottendane Road, SW6 5TJ 0845 009 0933 Parsons Green/Fulham Broadway


Volunteer Make Up Day LDF

Wednesday 10 April 1.00-5.00pm Age: 11-19 Put your skills to use and meet local people to give them the make-over! John Bettsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; House, Rylett Road, W12 9NJ 0845 009 0933 Ravenscourt Park

YOUTH PROJECTS Monday 7.45-10.00pm, Tuesday 6.30-9.30pm and Friday 7.00-10.00pm Age: 13-19 76 Braybrook Street, Old Oak, W12 7PH 020 8969 2528


Monday 5.00-8.00pm Wednesday and Friday 6.00-9.00pm Age: 13-19 87 Masbro Road, Shepherds Bush, W14 0LR 020 7603 8172

White City youth project @ Fatima centre

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 6.30-9.30pm Age: 13-19 Fatima Centre, Commonwealth Avenue, White City, W12 7QR 020 8969 2528

Sands End youth project

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 6.45-9.45pm Age: 13-19 Marinefield Road, Adventure Playground in William Parnell Park 020 7736 6572

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 6.30-9.30pm Age: 13-19 287 Goldhawk Road, Hammersmith, W12 8EU 020 8748 3561

Brunswick Club

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 6.30-9.30pm Age: 13-19 34 Haldane Road, Fulham, SW6 7EU 020 7385 4856


Old Oak youth project

Masbro youth project

Sulgrave youth project

All activities should be open to all young people, including those with disabilities. If you are unsure whether they can access the activities, give the project a call.

HAFAD holiday LDF programme

Tuesday 2 to Friday 12 April 2013 9.30am-4.30pm Age: 11-25 A weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s programme of activities for young disabled people which includes arts, dance, sports and music production â&#x20AC;&#x201C; advance booking required. Greswell Centre, Greswell Street, Fulham, SW6 6PX 020 7471 8510

Short Breaks (scheduled/ prearranged respite) LDF The Haven offers both day based and overnight stays for children aged 9-18. Disabled Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Team on 020 8753 3321


ITâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S EASTER! Sessional Carers Service LDF

Access one-to-one carers services for children and young people to take part in activities or for scheduled/prearranged respite. Disabled Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Short Breaks Team on 020 8753 2311/2312

The Antony Lillis Playscheme LDF Disabled Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Team 020 8753 3321

LI BR AR IES Fulham Library

598 Fulham Road, SW6 5NX 020 8753 3877 Parsons Green

Hammersmith Library

Shepherds Bush Road, W6 7AT 020 8753 3823 Hammersmith Broadway

Askew Road Library

87/91 Askew Road, W12 9AS 020 8753 3863 Goldhawk Road/Shepherdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bush Market

Shepherds Bush Library

6 Wood Lane, W12 7BF 020 8753 3842 Wood Lane/Shepherdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bush Market More information on Hammersmith and Fulham Librarie s is also available at www.lbhf. and by calling 0303 123 0035, our 24 hour renewal and information line.


Cost: contact provider Normand Park, Lillie Road, SW6 7ST 020 7471 0450 West Brompton

Lillie Road Fitness Centre

Cost: contact provider Lillie Road, SW6 7PD 020 7381 2183 Parsons Green

Hammersmith Fitness and Squash Centre

Cost: contact provider Chalk Hill Road, W6 8DW 020 8741 8028 Barons Court


Phoenix Fitness Centre and Janet Adegoke Swimming Pool Cost: contact provider Bloemfontein Road, W12 7DB 020 8735 4900 White City

Linford Christie Outdoor Sports Centre Cost: contact provider Artiller y Way, off Du Cane Road, Wormwood Scrubs, W12 OAE 07908 788739 East Acton

TE NN IS COURTS Bishops Park Tennis Centre

Cost: contact provider Bishops Park, SW6 6DX 020 7736 3854 Putney Bridge

Hammersmith Park tennis courts Cost: Free South Africa Road W12 White City

Wormholt Park tennis court

HOLIDAY PLAYSCHEM ES If you are looking for childcare over the holiday period, do check out the Family Information Service Directory: 0845 313 3933 Email:


Tuesday 2 to Friday 5 April and Monday 8 to Friday 12 April 10.00am to 3.00pm Age: 8-16

Parents must also attend a pre-registration session at 4.00-6.00pm on Thursday 28 March

Come and take part in a variety of activities including futsal, football, table tennis, box-fit and taster sessions in other sports (all participants must bring a packed lunch and water). Phoenix High School, Bloemfontein road entrance, adjacent to Phoenix Fitness Centre and Janet Adegoke Pool, Bloemfontein Road, W12 7DB T: 020 8749 1141 White City/ Wood Lane

Cost: Free Bryony Road, Off Bloemfontein Road W12 White City


BUZZ 4.2013 l FOOTIE fans snapped at the chance to win a free 2011-12 season top from either QPR, Chelsea or Fulham FC. All three of the local Premier League clubs donated a size small shirt, perfect for young supporters. And the three lucky winners were: Sheldon Brown of Sundew Avenue, Shepherds Bush (QPR top); Sandra Julien of Broughton Road, Fulham (Fulham FC top); and Michael Murphy of Holyport Road, Fulham (Chelsea top). Congrats! Keep on reading sports fans!


Our competitions to win a Premier League footie top or Disney Wreck-it Ralph! soundtrack attracted lots of entries l IT’S the Disney story of an arcade-game bad guy who embarks on a quest to prove he’s really a good guy, Wreck-It Ralph journeys through wildly diverse arcade game worlds, including the 1980s-era, 8-bit video-game world, the original first-person shooting game and the candy-coated cart-racing game. We had a bunch of the soundtracks to give away – featuring music by Skrillex, AKB48, Owl City and Buckner & Garcia – and the lucky winners were: Carys Considine of Biscay Road, Hammersmith; Michael Murphy of Holyport Road, Fulham; and Laura Clark of Atwood Road, Hammersmith. Enjoy!


BUZZ 4.2013

It worked for Hermione, now it’s big in Brook Green

Former Stagecoach pupil Emma Watson

u A new Stagecoach song-anddance class is packing in the young hopefuls, reports Tim Harrison


F YOU reckon Brook Green is an area that appeals to luvvies, you’re absolutely right. Since Stagecoach launched its weekly songand-dance classes at Addison Primary in September last year, youngsters have been flocking to perform on stage. “I’ve been thrilled by the popularity,” said Sara Catlin Brown, the principal of the Brook Green Stagecoach. “We saw there was an opening in Brook Green for

2-5 April £2.00 kids / £4.00 adults

70 kids_film_week-easter-A5leaflet.indd 1

21/02/2013 16:04

alongside her Stagecoach Kensington schools. The capacity is around 50. The aim is to develop skills which would allow children to pursue a career on stage or screen, but also to teach social life skills to boost confidence. “Emma Watson, who played Hermione in the Harry Potter films, was a Stagecoach student,” said Sara. “It gives youngsters a good grounding, as well as having fun. We have to

stand up in front of people throughout our lives; many adults hate having to give presentations, but this helps young people build confidence.” Sara, and her team of experienced teachers, have devised a coaching programme for 2013, and she is also launching Stagecoach holiday workshops and Stagecoach parties. l For details from Sara Catlin Brown on 020 8398 8106 or at:

BUZZ 4.2013

children from six upwards, and we now have three groups.” The young performers rotate between an hour of dance, an hour of drama and an hour of singing, while early stagers (aged four to six) do a mini version of the programme. It has proved such a hit that a second early-stager class has been created. There are currently 40 young participants at Brook Green, which Sara runs

2-5 April It’s the Easter break and Riverside Studios will be showing kids’ films every afternoon for 4 days! The films start at 2.30pm. A free drink and popcorn with every kid’s ticket. Tuesday 2 April Wreck It Ralph (PG) 108m Wednesday 3 April Brave (PG) 90m Thursday 4 April The Boy in the Bubble (short film) + The Secret of Kells (PG) 75m Friday 5 April Sammy’s Great Escape (U) 93m

£2.00 kids / £4.00 adults Adults must be accompanied by kids to all screenings

We are happy to cater for kids’ parties before or after the films. Please contact for more details. Poster design: Emily Brown, aged 9 - Wormholt Park Primary School

Box Office 020 8237 1111 Book a table to eat on 020 8237 1009

Crisp Rd, Hammersmith, W6 9RL

71 kids_film_week-easter-A5leaflet.indd 2

21/02/2013 16:04



HIRED! Lesley Grant grew up on the White City estate. She landed a job with H&F Council after she signed up to be an apprentice



a n i all rk o w s ’ y a d

Lesley Grant is proud of growing up on the White City estate. Her life was transformed when she began an apprenticeship last year – and now she hopes her story can inspire others to take up more than 120 new opportunities at Westfield “SOME people think the White City estate has a bad reputation, but I’ve lived here all my life and I have never experienced anything other than warmth and friendliness. “There is a real community spirit here. My nan passed away a couple of years ago and all the neighbours rallied round and helped us. “After leaving sixthform college I found myself unemployed, and as my mother couldn’t cope financially, I had to claim income support to help pay the bills. “I’d studied health and social care and planned to be a teaching assistant, but without experience I found it impossible to get a job. “After signing on for a year I was asked to go on a two-week course. I spent my time calling companies and applying for jobs online. We also had help with CVs and interview skills. “It seemed hard, but looking back now I can see it increased my confidence. “As the course

came to an end, the Job Centre told me about an apprenticeship in business administration at Hammersmith Town Hall. I applied and within a week I was sent an email asking me to write about myself, which I found difficult. “When I heard that I would have to go along for an assessment, I panicked. “I had to do customer service, ICT, English and maths. I’m OK with maths but felt very anxious about the rest. I needn’t have worried, everyone was very friendly and most of the assessment was common sense. “I was asked to list my three strengths and weaknesses. I’m patient, always punctual and I like meeting deadlines. If I’m honest my handwriting isn’t good, I lack confidence and I’m not good with eye contact. “Even once I’d said that, I still got the post. I’ve been an apprentice for seven months now and my weaknesses have all but disappeared. l IF YOU live locally and are unemployed, or “Not only do I get have just left school or college, do you fancy paid but I’ve been a job in retail, hospitality or catering? attending college one At least 120 apprenticeships are being offered at Westfield – and local people have day a week. I’ve just the chance to take them up. completed a level 2 If you’re inspired by the high street, you course in business could learn how to work the sales floor of a administration and I flagship store, become a beauty specialist, plan to progress to level arrange creative window displays or work 3, which will give me behind the scenes in the stockroom. management skills. Or if you’re interested in catering and “If someone had hospitality, you could learn essential skills told me a year ago that in table waiting, drinks service, as a hotel worker or in a restaurant kitchen. I’d be standing up and Before anyone chooses to apply for an giving presentations to apprenticeship, the team at Hammersmith managers, I wouldn’t & Fulham Council will help with interview have believed them. But skills and wider support. I am, and I now feel very To find out more, call Lesley on 020 8753 confident about my 6548 or email: future.”

! Learn while you earn




Furnish@West12 Reuse & vintage furniture shop Open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-6pm

Affordable, fair prices

Cheap delivery service available

Good quality second hand furniture

Support your local charity

Many unique items

Opposite the tube and bus station

Stock changing weekly

Work experience opportunities


Established 1989

• Shoe repairs • Key cutting • Trophies & engraving •Locks, grilles & gates supplied and fitted • Locksmith 24-hour call-out • Free estimates • All work fully-guaranteed 70 Fulham Palace Road, Hammersmith W6 9PL

020 8748 4697 Email:

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For the love of pets

From stick insects to goldfish, puppies to budgies, children everywhere adore feeding and caring for all creatures, great and smallâ&#x20AC;Ś


BUZZ 4.2013


hat does looking after a pet involve? And how do animals enjoy living in Hammersmith & Fulham? Three h&f buzz reporters share their experiences of life at home with their pets. ARCHIE SCOTT

There are two cats in my house, a black one with small ginger patches called Harpo, and a ginger one called Zeppo. We’ve had them since they were kittens, when they were full of life and energy. Now they are a little less playful but still as affectionate as ever. They

spend most of the day lying down, purring and watching us. Over nine years they have brought us back a wide array of poor animals from nearby, including live frogs bouncing around the house. As they have got bigger and Zeppo has got a little fatter, they have stopped bringing back so many creatures. They are probably the least adventurous and softest cats on our street – neighbours’ cats roam our garden and walk right into the house when we are not around. They steal Harpo and Zeppo’s food as they watch helplessly. They are very fussy about the food they will eat. They never eat the small biscuits, only the sachets of meat chunks in jelly, but even then they only like STORY CONTINUES ON PAGE 78


BUZZ 4.2013


the jelly so they often leave piles of meat chunks. They do not like any other food. Our attempts at feeding them leftovers have never been successful – they rush over excitedly as they see us fill up their food bowls, peer their heads into the bowls as soon as we move away and then look away in complete disgust on discovering that it is not jelly. They will go back to lying on a chair, sulking. It is a magnificent sulk that can last for ages. Finally they either give up and eat the food out of hunger, or the neighbour’s cat comes and eats it for them.


Having been given four eggs by one of my parents’ friends, we decided to try to hatch them. One week before they were due to hatch, the man who’d given them to us sent us an email saying that he was very sorry, he’d made a mistake and they were in fact crocodile eggs. Of course we all thought this was amazing and told all our friends, and – unknown to our parents – we rang our granny telling her the news. Believing everything she heard, our granny told all her friends how her grandchildren in London were breeding crocodiles. She’ll never believe anything we tell her again. It was my parents’ idea of a joke but my granny was mortified and had to explain to all her friends that they were, in fact, just plain farm goose eggs. Eventually one of

the geese hatched, and in our shock at having a pet goose, we gave him the original name of Goosey. Thinking we were his parents, Goosey would follow us anywhere we went. We even took him on a walk down to the river with our dog, and stopped for a drink at the pub. Unsurprisingly we got some very odd looks. Eventually Goosey got too big and went to live with my granny in the countryside where he had more space and a friend who our cousins named Lucy. After the success of Goosey, we later hatched two of Goosey and Lucy’s eggs, and named them Duck and Moose. Like Goosey they were quite tame and spent a lot of time following us around the garden, but now they too live with Goosey and Lucy at our granny’s house in Kent. Geese are definitely the best pets.


Well my favourite pet was my beloved cat, Mica. She was black and white. She was the sweetest thing. I got her when I was six and I’m now 15, so I had her for eight years. Sadly, two weeks ago she died of a stroke. Mica always stared at me for food whenever I ate. She followed me everywhere I went… even to the toilet, which could be annoying! She would sit right outside the bathroom whenever I had a bath, and she was the sweetest and most cuddly puffball ever. She would never harm anyone, but she was a diva. If anyone she didn’t know came to the house, she would smell them and rub her head on them to put her scent on them. That was my precious Mica!

MORE THAN A HANDFUL? As Beatrice can testify, some pets eventually grow bigger than you might expect!


To advertise in

Talk to decision makers - Have your say!

What’s going on in your borough? Visit us at:






PAGES 66-71






Issue 4  May 2012



Stur crazy!

Blues hitman wows students with playground kickabout ahead of major Munich final


HERE do Chelsea players warm up for the Champions League final? On Burlington Danes’ artificial turf, of course. Striker Daniel Sturridge (pictured left, and with head Sally Coates) visited the academy after the Blues’ semi-final win in Barcelona, and just before the FA Cup victory against Liverpool. The 22-year-old forward – a sub in both games – enjoyed a kickabout for with students, signed shirts, posed pictures... and even handed over his CONTINUED ON PAGE 11>>

Movie s n's famou Ribs Bodea Back and coleslaw Baby with fries served

movie AND to the at a ticket choice a Fulham of your Vue Cinem



Available Monday to Thursday

WWW.BODEANSBBQ.COM any other offer *Not available in conjunction with card’ deals including ‘kids eat free’ and ‘Q

Call John Naylor 07768 440 987 020 8753 2162

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Applications to primary schools local schools hit hit all-time high high an all-time area, l The number of children Hammersmith central Hammersmith where demand is applying for places in area, where demand is greatest, along with a primary schools in the new permanent twoborough has increased form entry at St Stephen’s this year to an all-time Primary School. high. The Holy Cross A total of 1,571 bilingual Frenchresidents have applied English stream, run in for a place at a school in conjunction with L’Ecole the borough this year – up 70 on last year – with Marie d’Orliac, has drawn more than 174 another 413 children applications for just 28 from other boroughs places, with 90 parents applying to H&F schools. choosing it as their The most first preference, while oversubscribed school was the new West London Larmenier & Sacred Heart had 190 applications in Free School primary, total. which has just received Burlington Danes planning permission to Academy in White City develop its Cambridge is looking to open a new Grove site (see story on two-form entry primary right), with a total of 394 applications for 60 places, school in 2014, either as parents of 135 children on or next to onits orexisting next to secondary chose it as its existing 135 children school in their secondary chosefirstit as Wood preference schoolLane. in their firstConsultschool. Wood Lane. preference ation on the The free Consultschool. proposals school ation on the The was free is currently closely proposals school was being carried followed is currently closely in out and, if the popularity being carried followed inby 394 went school go Brackenbury, out and,does if the popularity by for 60 West ahead, go ahead, then 60 which school does go Brackenbury, places then 60would received ahead, then 60 which 385 London Free be places made would applications received 385 places, with available for 60 places, be made every applications 385 going year available to local every and John for 60 places, children – Betts with 340 year to local and John for 60 at places children that – are applications Betts with 340 Brackenbury much-needed. for 30 places. places that are applications much-needed. There are council forThe 30 places. 1,588 places is creating There are The council available 1,588 places in bulge classes is creating local schools. for classes September for available in bulge local Parents schools. will 2013 September at for these classes be Parents notified will schools, 2013 at these falling Parents will September on be notified April 17 in schools, theat central 2013 these if their falling in the on Aprilchild 17 schools, has if their received child central falling in has a school received the place a school for DEMAND: this coming place for A Larmenier & Sacred September. this coming Heart Heartpupils pupil Delyth Bowen September.



u Council gives the green light to ambitious scheme to establish a new primary school in Cambridge Grove, reports Delyth Bowen


HE West London Free School is set to expand after plans to redevelop its current site were approved, establishing a new primary school in Hammersmith. The proposal to redevelop a site in Cambridge Grove with several ground-floor and first-floor extensions, and a brand new two-storey classroom block, were given the go-ahead at H&F Council’s recent planning application committee. The site is currently used by the West London Free School’s secondary pupils, but it is expected to become solely a primary school site from next year, when the secondary school is expected to move to the refurbished Palingswick House in King Street. The new two-storey building in Cambridge Grove will provide a reception class block with two classrooms, toilets, and a wet play and classroom area at ground level, while on the first floor there will be specialist classrooms. The ground-floor extensions to the existing buildings will make current classrooms bigger, cover an external walkway and provide a new storage area. There will be two new classrooms at first-floor level, and a library. H&F Council’s cabinet member for children’s services, Cllr Helen Binmore, said: “This is great news for the borough, meaning more school places, with parents being given more choice and say over where they send their children to school. “The new buildings will provide much-needed new classrooms and extra space for our pupils.” Toby Young, chairman

of the West London Free School, said: “We’re delighted our planning application has been approved. “We know parents are interested in our education offer because the new primary school is already the most oversubscribed primary in Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington and BIGGER: Top, the site of the former Cambridge School in Hammersmith is Chelsea and set to be expanded for more pupils at Westminster.” The the West London Free School, above. school was Inset right, Toby Young and his son

built in 1964 and was originally Elizabeth Burgwin School. It recently housed pupils from Cambridge School before they moved to the former Bryony Centre in Shepherds Bush in the summer of 2011, with the West London Free School moving to the site in September of the same year. The school’s first intake will be a two-form entry at reception level, with two classes of 30 children in each class.

BUZZ 4.2013

Approval for a two-form entry primary school in Hammersmith is extra boost to parental choice


BUZZ 4.2013

Freedom to be the best

u By switching to academy status, the schools in the Fulham Federation can create their own curriculum and appoint their own staff – at a time when they are celebrating being in the top four per cent in the country, as Delyth Bowen reports



HE three schools that make up the Fulham Federation are the latest in the borough to become academies. Fulham Cross Girls’ School, Fulham Boys’ College and Fulham Enterprise Studio were given permission by the Department for Education to form the new collective of Fulham College Academy Trust. It is another exciting step for the trust, whose studio school became the first school of its kind in inner London. They join the majority of secondary schools in the borough

in becoming academies, free schools or foundation schools, which are outside the control of H&F Council. The news comes as the Fulham schools celebrate being in the top four per cent nationally for the progress their students achieve between leaving primary school and sitting their GCSEs. Bernie Peploe, executive principal of Fulham College Academy Trust, said: “We have already shown that

treating every student according to their individual strengths and needs within the context of the national curriculum pays dividends. “By taking control through academy status we have greater independence and control of funding and curriculum flexibility. It means we can safeguard our trademark approach to ensure that every student who joins us has the best opportunities to progress through education. “It also gives us more potential to expand our offering to a wider range of students.” H&F Council cabinet member for children’s services Cllr Helen Binmore said: “This is great news for the borough and shows that

Everyone wants to be part of our schools’ success

POP: Fulham Cross girls party after their exams; top, the Duke of York at Fulham Enterprise Studio; inset, Bernie Peploe of Fulham College

our schools have welcomed this new approach to education, as they recognise the benefits it can bring. “They are happy to develop new and effective ways of teaching borough children and take advantage of the greater freedoms for schools when it comes to funding and the curriculum. “We believe that parents should have a wide range of good schools to choose from for their children’s education, and this is key to our Schools of Choice manifesto. We have some of the best teachers in the country and they, as experts, know better than anyone how to ensure students reach their potential.” Academy schools receive their funding direct from the Department for Education under an agreement that is independent of the local authority. With this independence comes total control of their curriculum and staffing.

l The West London Free School is the most popular school in the borough, according to a new report from H&F Council. The Cambridge Grovebased school received a massive haul of 1,179 applications for places this September, of which 296 were first-preference applications. Meanwhile in Fulham, the Catholic boys’ school, London Oratory, retains its popularity with 793 applications (293 first preferences), with two academies, Burlington Danes and Hammersmith Academy – both in Shepherds Bush, receiving 778 and 714 applications respectively. Sacred Heart Girls’ School in Hammersmith received 314 firstpreference applications, more than any other school, and received 675 applications overall. H&F Council cabinet member Helen Binmore said: “Our new free schools and academies have added new choices, without undermining other local schools. Instead they are encouraging families to opt for local state schools rather than choosing schools outside the borough or independent schools.” The number of applications for secondary school places rose by 216 from last year, to 5,860. The proportion of students getting into their top-choice school rose to 56.7 per cent from 54.5 per cent last

BUZZ 4.2013


year and the number securing a place in one of their top three choices rose to 81 per cent from 78 per cent last year. H&F Council launched its Schools of Choice strategy in 2006 in response to high numbers of families either moving out of the borough when their children reached secondary school age or choosing schools in the private sector or in other boroughs. In 2006, only 38 per cent of local children went to local state schools. That number is now well over 60 per cent,


Free schools and academies have added new choices without undermining other local schools

although the final figure for this year will not be known until families decide whether to take up the offers they have received. Part of the strategy included encouraging free schools and new academies into the borough – a move that some critics suggested would exclude local people from less affluent backgrounds, or destabilise other schools. Delyth Bowen


BUZZ 4.2013


In just five years it has become one of the UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most popular sports... which is why ÂŁ300k is being spent on netball

HOOP DREAMS: The current netball courts in South Park


u Since 2009 netball has risen 34 per cent in popularity. Could the next champions come from Fulham? Jon Weisgard reports

BUZZ 4.2013

FUTURE: Could one of these Melcombe Primary pupils be the next netball star?


ULHAM’S South Park is set to become the borough’s netball centre of excellence. The park in Clancarty Road, Fulham, is also set to gain the borough’s only public cricket nets. H&F Council has teamed up with Sport England to radically overhaul the sporting facilities at the park. As part of the improvement programme, the park’s multi-use games area will be completely revamped with markings painted for three fullsize netball courts. Floodlighting and fencing will also be improved. The games area will still be able to host other sports such as football and mini-tennis. Netball is one of the most popular sports in the country and has seen a 34 per cent increase in participation levels since 2009. More than 160,000 men and women play the sport at least once a month, with 75,000 people affiliated to clubs. The England netball team recently beat Australia, the current world champions, in a 3-0 whitewash in a test series, and this new facility could well help to develop future England netballers. The total cost of the improvements is £295,000.

Sport England has given £120,000, with £85,000 coming directly from the council. The Veolia Environmental Trust has donated £25,000. New state-of-the-art cricket nets will be installed in the park for use by local teams. The nets are being funded by the London Marathon Trust at a cost of £65,000. H&F Council deputy leader Greg Smith said: “This really is boom time for South Park. Hot on the heels of gaining its first green flag award, the park is now set to get some of the best sporting facilities in London.” Work is likely to begin in the summer and the facilities should be open SEE PAGES to the 86-87 public by autumn. H&F Council recently spent £177,000 improving the play area at South Park. New facilities include a timber climbing nest and rock walls, a shipwreck for children to climb on, a zip wire, a reflection pool and a sand pit.



BUZZ 4.2013 HEAVY MEDAL: Left, Grace Fradgeley shoots for Larmenier & Sacred Heart. Above, winning team St Maryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s celebrating victory. PICTURES BY LEIGH QUINNELL


BUZZ 4.2013


Everyone’s cock-a-hoop about the primary schools netball competition u One thing’s for sure... they’ll be running the hi-5s schools netball tournament again, writes Tim Harrison


HIGH COURT BATTLE: Clockwise from left, Flo Gurney looks for a Sacred Heart teammate; St Mary’s v Addison; Abir Ali on the ball for Addison; all of the netball teams

T MAY have been a chilly day, but nobody noticed the cold at an action-packed final full of hoop drama in the first hi-5s schools netball tournament staged in Hammersmith & Fulham. Staged at Sacred Heart high school, the match was won by St Mary’s RC primary from W14, who just pipped Fulham’s energetic Larmenier & Sacred Heart. “It was close-run, with St Mary’s winning the final

by goal difference,” said coordinator Stephen Hughes. “It was great to see local primarys participating in the first school games Hi-5s netball tournament. All enjoyed the evening’s play.” He praised the hard work of Sacred Heart PE head Sophie Thomas, who hosted the competition, and the school’s sports leaders who helped coach the primary school teams. Netball hi-5s features five-a-side teams from years 5 and 6, playing six minutes each way, with players rotating positions for each new match. The competition featured mixed teams, with St Mary’s now going on to represent Hammersmith & Fulham borough in the London Youth Games at Crystal Palace.


BUZZ 4.2013

More activities on offer than ever before at your local childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s centres

SMILES: Parents and kids enjoy a Masbro session. Right, childminder Matteo Macini with little Ludovico



u Sessions at children’s centres have doubled in number in the space of two years, and now stand at an all-time high, writes Delyth Bowen


ore activities than ever are in full swing across the borough’s network of children’s centres, and more youngsters are attending sessions than ever before. Parents and carers can go to any of the centres; there is one within walking and pram-pushing distance of wherever they might be in the borough. It is easy to choose whichever works best – which could be near work, home or the school of other children. The number of sessions at children’s centres has doubled since 2011 and visits have reached an all-time high of almost 20,000. Activities for under-fives and their parents or carers are wide-ranging, from cooking to baby massage, parenting classes and education courses, yoga and zumba to money management sessions, and the popular stay and play sessions. The news comes on top


of the expansion of early-years services, with a £2.8m boost for children and families in the borough as the council offers around 1,100 new free nursery places to children over the next two years. The places will be created in the borough’s existing children’s centres and private and voluntary nurseries, and via childminders using government funding. The extra places will provide eligible two-year-olds with 570 hours of free early childhood education over the course of a year, giving them a head start and offering working parents the childcare they need. By 2014, 40 per cent of twoyear-olds in the borough will receive a free nursery place. H&F cabinet member Helen Binmore said: “This is a massive expansion of our early childhood services and will offer services to more two-year-olds than ever before. “This is another excellent way of helping to give our borough’s young children the best possible start in life.”


BUZZ 4.2013 A NEW START: Kayleigh Gibson at the Masbro Children’s Centre

‘As a single mum I had nowhere else to go...’ Kayleigh’s story



ayleigh, 27, lives on the Westway in Shepherds Bush, and has been attending the Masbro Children’s Centre with her son Aidan since he was six months old, and regularly since he was two. Now four, Aidan has grown from being a ‘clingy, shy thing’ to a confident and outgoing little boy’ – as Kayleigh describes him – but he is not alone in how he has developed. Mum Kayleigh has herself blossomed in that time and this family is a real success story straight from the children’s centre. “We went first when Aidan was a baby,” says Kayleigh, “and then we went back for the stay and play sessions, the Christmas party and the summer barbecue – and then we kept going regularly. “Now he says all the time, ‘Can we go to Masbro?’ And even though Aidan is in

nursery, we still go to the centre in the holidays.” Through the centre’s outreach worker, Kayleigh got help and advice on how to go back to education, first passing her numeracy and literacy exams. She is now studying for a course in child care with Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College and is doing her 16-week placement at Masbro Children’s Centre. “As a single mum, I had nowhere else to go with Aidan, so he would go to the centre’s crèche while I was studying. He used to be really clingy and wouldn’t leave my side, but he became confident and sociable with all the other children at the centre. It was great for him – and me. “I wanted to work with children but didn’t know where to start, how to go about doing it, so I went along to the jobs club called Wishes and, as I was clueless, they really helped me. “The Wishes co-ordinator helped find me the course, was a go-between with the college and helped me with all the paperwork. She was amazing.”

l Avonmore Neighbourhood Family Centre, Avonmore Library and Neigbourhood Centre, North End Crescent, W14 8TG tel: 020 7605 0800 email: l Bayonne Children’s Centre 50 Paynes Walk, London, W6 8PF tel: 020 7736 4350 email: fulhamcentral l Cathnor Park Children’s Centre 1 Melina Road, W12 9HY tel: 020 8740 2000 l Flora Gardens Children’s Centre Dalling Road, W6 0UD tel: 020 8741 7892 email: ccfg@

GET IN TOUCH ABOUT H&F’s CHILDREN’S CENTREs l Have a young one? Want more information about your local children’s centre? If so, details on services and activities at your local children’s centre for families in the borough are available by contacting H&F Family Information Service on 0845 313 3933 or visit:

‘‘ I wanted to work with children but didn’t know where to start

l Fulham Central Children’s Centre Tudor Rose Community Centre, Shottendane Road, SW6 5PG tel: 020 7736 4350 email: fulhamcentral@

l Fulham Palace Family Centre Palace Playground, Bishop’s Avenue, SW6 6EA tel: 020 7371 9297 email: fulhamcentral l Masbro Brook Green Family Centre 49 Brook Green, W6 7BJ Masbro Centre tel: 020 7605 0800 email: l Masbro Children’s Centre 87 Masbro Road (Milson Road entrance) W14 0LR tel: 020 7605 0800 email:


l Melcombe Children’s Centre Fulham Palace Road, W6 9ER tel: 020 8748 2939 email: childrenscentre

BUZZ 4.2013

Contact details for all H&F children’s centres: l Pre-school Learning Alliance Children’s Services at New Kings Family Space, New Kings Primary School, New Kings Road, SW6 4LY tel: 020 7736 4350 email: fulhamcentral l Pre-school Learning Alliance Children’s Centre Services at Normand Croft Community School, Bramber Road, W14 9PA tel: 020 7736 4350 mobile: 07540 914 627 email:fulhamcentral l Old Oak Community & Children’s Centre, 76 Braybrook Street, W12 0AP tel: 020 8740 8008 email: jackie.feeney@ l Randolph Beresford Early Years Centre Australia Road, W12 7PH tel: 020 8743 7339 email: reception@ l Ray’s Playhouse Ltd 247 Stephendale Road, SW6 2PR tel: 020 7371 9002 web: l Shepherds Bush Families Project & Children’s Centre, 58a Bulwer Street, W12 8AP tel: 020 8749 2371 email: l Wendell Park Family Centre Cobbold Road, W12 9LB tel: 020 8746 1872 email: childrencentre2@

l Gemma, 32, of Hammersmith, is a full-time mum to daughter Eni. She has attended Melcombe Children’s Centre since Eni was born. “Eni and I are real regulars,” Gemma said. “We love it there. Both of us have made friends.”




10% OFF

For more information visit

BUZZ 4.2013

Larmenier & TROPHY IS OURS! s celebrate pil pu t ar He d Sacre Tavy Oursin, their win. From left:; Sophie 11 i, gr 11; Diana Ne Fergusson, 11; O’Driscoll, 11; Izzy hanna VerryEmily Sawyer, 11; Jownes, 10; Holly Justicia, 10; Tilly Doa Brickley, 10 Hudson, 10; and Ell


THREE CHEERS! Langford Primary , boys Josh McNally 11; Jon Becisha, 10; Ronnie Wylder, 10; Mazn Arif, 10; Shayne Logan, 11; Hatem Sfar, 9; and, in the front, Conrad Adams, 11; Louis Baynton, 10; Tyrell Butler, 11; and Jack Govier, 10


BUZZ 4.2013




ootball players from primary schools in the north and south of the borough experienced a rollercoaster ride in the deciding matches of the Mayor’s Cup 2013. Braving a bitterly cold day in Hurlingham Park on March 22, the champions of the north of the borough’s league came up against the south in the final game of the H&F derby. Kicking off the action were the girls’ teams, with reigning champs Brackenbury pitted against fellow Hammersmith pupils Larmenier & Sacred Heart. The pressure was on for the girls from Brackenbury, who were crowned winners of the Mayor’s Cup in both 2011 and 2012. With the advantage on Brackenbury’s side, the game started upbeat, with a run of skilful passes and bold tackles. Speed was on the side of nine-year-old Amber Sampson, who had no trouble outrunning a number of other players, but with a goal from Larmenier & Sacred Heart in the first half, morale took a bit of a dip. Despite a rousing halftime booster from coach Damian Duguid, there was no catching up, and a couple of tumbles put paid to the Brackenbury girls’ hopes of a hat-trick run in the Mayor’s Cup. Despite the result, the coach praised the skills of the girls, in particular the 11-year-old captain Sara Gelataw, and their opponents. “They were phenomenal,” he said. “Sara is a fantastic captain, not just on the pitch but off it as well.” The jubilant Larmenier team were overjoyed to carry away the cup – presented to them by H&F mayor Belinda

GIRLS’ FINAL Brackenbury Primary v Larmenier & Sacred Heart Hurlingham Park, Fulham 22 March 2013

BUZZ 4.2013



It has been amazing to see them win the cup after all their hard work

Donovan immediately after the action. Captain Izzy Fergusson, 11, led the celebrations along with the school’s entire Year 6 pupils, who had come along to support their girls in the match. Larmenier coach Aidan Garvin said: “They were all brilliant; it has been amazing to see them win the cup after all their hard work.” The Mayor’s Cup is the crowning glory of the H&F Primary Schools’ Sports Association football season,

with 34 teams competing this year across the borough for the coveted title. Organiser Deryck Fill said this year the teams were “a lot more determined”, with the competition growing in popularity each season. The passion put into the game by the girls was evident, as emotions got the better of the Brackenbury team.



BUZZ 4.2013 96


BOYS’ FINAL Langford Primary v Brackenbury Primary Hurlingham Park, Fulham 22 March 2013

BUZZ 4.2013 As the whistle blew, there was no chance of a clear winner, with both teams finishing with a single goal. Reminiscent of the 2012 Mayor’s Cup boys’ final – albeit different teams – it went down to penalties. Langford started off ahead, with a positive strike from 10-year-old Jack Govier, but Brackenbury’s goalkeeper Zil Burkhardt-Dawood saved the next two attempts. Meanwhile, two failed kicks from Brackenbury left Langford feeling confident... but a third successful goal left the teams still in limbo. Sudden death was the only option, with both schools immediately off to a good start with goals in the first round.


It was almost too exciting. We have had a hard term and it was the perfect end


FTER watching their fellow pupils in the girls’ team lose in a nailbiting finish, the boys team stepped up to see if they could secure at least one trophy for Brackenbury Primary. With referees Mauricio Sanchez and Ian Murray from Fulham FC Foundation bringing their experience to bear on both games, the match was going to get plenty of attention. Despite Langford’s five attempts on goal in the first

half, there was no luck for the team in yellow bibs over red kit. All that effort was thwarted by Brackenbury’s goal from 11-year-old Rhys Joseph-Barnes, putting Langford on the back foot at half time. But vocal Brackenbury coach Jason Frederick was having none of it, and pushed his lads on – delivering several substitutions – before his team equalised in the second half with a goal from 11-year-old Shayne Logan.

Langford’s goalie Mazn Arif, 10, matched his opponent save for save, until the final shot, when Langford pulled ahead with a stunning goal from 11-year-old Conrad Adams, celebrating his birthday the very same day. When Brackenbury failed to score in a final attempt, the epic game was finally over and the celebrations could begin in earnest. Langford headteacher Sylvia Howieson said: “It was almost too exciting. We have had a hard term and it was the perfect end. The boys have worked so hard, and the coaching staff have been amazing.”


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If Chelsea refuse to give Frank a contract there’s always the Booker Prize

Frank Lampard and John Terry in 2006


u As Blues fans scratch their heads in disbelief at the prospect of letting cherished midfielder Frank Lampard leave the club, a new career in children’s writing is proving a welcome distraction with the No. 8 following a line of football scribes, writes Tim Harrison


hen the last Pope announced his resignation, one of the few able to follow the Latin was Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard. The 34-year-old footballer has an O-level in Latin, putting him in an elite club not usually associated with tackles and passes. Lamps is on the brink of becoming Chelsea’s all-time record goalscorer, but to the bewilderment of fans has not been offered a new contract when his expires in a couple of

months. Mind you, a new career is looming. The No8 has signed with publisher Little Brown to write children’s books. Chelsea’s reluctance to offer Lampard an extension is made all the more baffling when you look at his statistics.

He is the only midfielder in Premier League history to score 150 goals. His current 200-goal club tally (in a 12-year Chelsea spell) is just two behind striker Bobby Tambling’s 202-goal haul in 11 years, and his current form is dazzling. He is, in addition, one of the coolest penalty takers in England… although he was outfoxed at Manchester City at the end of February against the keeper he practises against in the national side, Joe Hart. This summer, with the club record almost certainly his, he is expected to leave – possibly for the USA. Most Premier League clubs would give him a two or three-year deal, which makes his club’s hesitation hard to explain. Lamps himself just smiles and shrugs when asked what will happen in May. He doesn’t need to worry, and is quietly enjoying watching the Chelsea directors’ awkward squirmings when the home crowd chants ‘Sign him up’ after each successful strike. Frankie’s Magic Football will be a series of books, loosely based on Frank’s career, aimed at five-yearolds and over. “I had the idea when reading to my own children,” he said, referring to his two daughters (now aged seven

Playing on the write wing... l Frank Lampard isn’t

the first player/writer. Fulham goalie Mark Schwarzer, 40, (pictured reading from Scarves and Sombreros) has written several kids’ novels, as has Arsenal’s Theo Walcott. ExBlue and ex-England gaffer Terry Venables has written crime, while literary keepers abound. Albert Camus (The Outsider), Vladimir Nabokov (Lolita) and bestselling Pope John Paul II were net-minders, while Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle played in goal for Pompey.

Fulham keeper Mark Schwarzer writes


Premier League fixtures March-April Chelsea FC

l Saturday, March 30 Southampton v Chelsea l Sunday, April 7 Chelsea v Sunderland

BUZZ 4.2013

and five). “Sport and reading are two essentials for us at home, so I decided to make up my own football stories and adventures.” The deal is for five books, following the adventures of schoolboy Frankie, his pals, and his pet dog Max. The first volume in the series, Frankie Versus The Pirate Pillagers, comes out on Lampard’s 35th birthday in June, followed by four more by 2014. Little Brown is confident publicity surrounding the author will prove the perfect springboard for the first book. After that, success will depend on the reception from a more discerning audience; young readers. Whether Lampard leaves Stamford Bridge this summer, or stays after an 11th-hour change of heart, his legend status is assured in SW6. A year of upheaval seems inevitable for Frank Lampard, who also aims to use this summer to make an honest woman of girlfriend Christine Bleakley.

l Sunday, April 14 Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur l Wednesday, April 17 Fulham v Chelsea

Can QPR survive the drop? Can Fulham keep winning? Can Chelsea retain a Champions League place?


PRIL Fools’ Day could be one to make Queens Park Rangers feel a bit foolish. Their season could be in tatters at Craven Cottage if Fulham continue the run of form which saw them win 1-0 against Spurs at White Hart Lane. Rs manager Harry Redknapp believes the Hoops need five wins to dodge the dreaded drop, but the first of those would have to come at Fulham. Losing at Aston Villa was a bitter blow for QPR, especially as they started brightly at Villa Park, and led after 23 minutes. Meanwhile Chelsea are still battling in the FA Cup and Europa League, as well as trying to cement a top-four place for the Champions League next season.

l Sunday, April 21 Liverpool v Chelsea l Saturday, April 27 Chelsea v Swansea City

Fulham FC

l Monday, April 1 Fulham v Queens Park Rangers l Sunday, April 7 Newcastle v Fulham l Saturday, April 13 Aston Villa v Fulham l Wednesday, April 17 Fulham v Chelsea l Saturday, April 20 Fulham v Arsenal l Saturday, April 27 Everton v Fulham

Queens Park Rangers

l Monday, April 1 Fulham v QPR l Sunday, April 7 QPR v Wigan

l Saturday, April 13 Everton v QPR l Saturday, April 20 QPR v Stoke l Sunday, April 28 Reading v QPR


BUZZ 4.2013 TRUE CLASS: Hammersmith & Fulham cricket stars and coaches conquered Lord’s yet again. Front row, left to right: Iona Fairhead, Hannah Allchurch, Araminta Knowles, Aisha Straker-Grimes and Matilda Thomas. Back row: Buddy Mason, Katie Dando, Foxy, Ines Dols-Wong, Sophie Dyson and Mark Mason. Below, the girls at Lord’s

CHAMPS AGAIN! at Lord’s u H&F’s girl cricketers enjoyed a day isgard that they’ll never forget, writes Jon We



HE borough’s girls’ cricket team have retained their crown as the best young cricketers in London! The team held the coveted Rodney Fitzgerald Trophy in the Balfour Beatty London Youth Games girls’ cricket finals at a hotly contested day of action at Lord’s last month. In their opening tie, the girls, aged 12 and 13, showed their class by putting on a mammoth 129 in their 10

overs for Bromley to chase. Despite a valiant effort, Bromley fell short by 16 runs. Fine batting from Hackney forced Hammersmith & Fulham to chase 114 in the second semi-final. However, H&F showed their mettle to successfully chase down the large target. In the final, the H&F girls showed why they were favourites, posting another huge score against Ealing, just one run shy of their quarter-final total.

Faced with this target, Ealing’s chase got off to the worse possible start, losing three early wickets to leave them 6-3 after two overs. Despite a couple of fine individual efforts, Hammersmith & Fulham were deserved winners. Buddy Mason, the H&F team manager, was delighted with the victory and highlighted the strength of his team’s batting. “I felt always that our batting was pretty strong. But really it was the bowling I was most worried about, and I think in the finals they learned a lot with each game and bowled pretty tight when it mattered.” Mason also noted that with a number of Year 7s in the side, he is hoping they can come back next year and make it three wins in a row. “You don’t want to get too cocky; we won it last year and we won it this year, which is fantastic. A lot of the girls that won it this year will be eligible to play next year. So fingers crossed.” l For more details on the London Youth Games, visit:

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The Green Deal advisor will also assess if any work can be carried out free of charge, if you meet certain eligibility criteria.

Energy-saving improvements include: • loft, cavity wall or solid wall insulation • heating improvements, such as new boilers and system upgrades • draught-proofing • double glazing • renewable energy technologies, such as solar panels

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To book your free assessment, call 0800 6129026 or visit Free Green Deal home energy assessments are available whilst funding lasts.

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GET STUCK IN! KEEP UP TO DATE: Hoops striker Loic Remy battles West Ham’s James Tomkins. Inset below, Esteban Granero flies in

u Online football sticker app is a Premier League first for QPR, reports Magda Ibrahim. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start swapping!


NOW your Fabio da Silva from your Esteban Granero? If so, QPR has a treat for avid fans in the form of

an interactive app designed to bring even more fun to the beautiful game. The unique app is the first of its kind in the Premier League, and brings a new dimension to the traditional Panini sticker album. The new QPR online sticker album allows fans to collect

and trade stickers of favourite QPR players and management – whether that’s French striker Loic Remy or keeper Robert Green – and you can read their profiles and stats, and watch video clips, all in one app. Fans can play for free, building up their squad by trading with other QPR fanatics. The app is available through Rangers’ Facebook page.


BUZZ 4.2013


u Another thrilling swimming gala continues a long and illustrious borough tradition. As Tim Harrison reports, it’s a competition that can trace its origins back nearly a century

T 104

HEY know how to make a splash at Fulham Pools. The borough’s annual swimming gala – with its origins stretching back to the First World War – proved as thrilling as ever as the borough’s primary schools took to the water. All Saints in Fulham finished as overall champions with 71 points, followed by St Stephen’s in Shepherds Bush on 66, with St John’s in Fulham just one point behind in the ninth event to be staged at the pools in Normand Park. Some of the Hammersmith & Fulham Primary Schools’ Sports Association trophies date back to 1937. One is actually dated 1914, and was

first presented to the Shepherds Bush Swimming Club, then based at Lime Grove swimming pool, or the Hammersmith Public Baths & Washhouses to give them their original title. Organiser Deryck Fill was delighted with the way the event went on March 1. “It was most exciting, and the relays were as noisy as ever,” he told h&f buzz. “The 14 participating schools certainly enjoyed themselves, and the results were a mixture of new and old names in the winners’ lists.” The girls’ competition was won by St John’s with 49 points, followed by Good Shepherd in Shepherds Bush on 39 and John Betts on 36. The boys’ section was won by All Saints with 40 points, from St Stephen’s on 39 and Larmenier & Sacred Heart in Hammersmith on 29. The boys’ relay was won by St Stephen’s, the girls’ by St John’s, while the winner of the boys’ championships was Larmenier & Sacred Heart, and the winner of the girls’ version was Good Shepherd. Deryck praised the hard work of the organising and volunteer teams – at least STORY CONTINUEs ON PAGE 106

BUZZ 4.2013 ALL SMILES: Phoebe Halpern shows off the Championship Cup at Fulham Pools PICTURES BY LEIGH QUINNELL


BUZZ 4.2013 TROPHY TIME: From the top: Hammersmith & Fulham mayor Cllr Belinda Donovan gives the winners’ cup to boys’ relay winners St Stephen’s; Good Shepherd takes the championship trophy; and All Saints hold a boys’ shield that’s almost as big as they are


BUZZ 4.2013 SHIELD ME: Cllr Donovan awards first place in the girls’ overall competition to the youngsters of St John’s. Above, Jaydene Duah swims for Wormholt Park. Below, Razan Osman swims for Wormholt


25-strong – who helped make the event such a success. Volunteers came from Ealing Swimming Club, with swimming coaches and lifeguards from Virgin Active, assisted by helpers from the schools which entered the gala. Flo Barnes, Trevor Hyde and Len Soanes were singled out for special praise for their contribution. “Poolside at the gala is a fraught place to be with dozens of children and adults hovering close to the officials, particularly Roz Davey our recorder,” said Deryck. “Yet I must applaud the behaviour of all the children; it was exemplary and they were all a credit to their schools. “Such goodwill from child and adult alike underlines the appreciation everyone has for the gala.” Kerry-Lee Pohl led the team of instructors at Virgin Active, while the borough’s mayor, Cllr Belinda Donovan, presented the trophies. 107

BUZZ 4.2013 COUNT IT: Stephen Pickett, 13, scores a try for London Oratoryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s B team against Burlington Danes Academy


BUZZ 4.2013

SEVENS HEAVEN TEAM SCRUM: London Oratory’s A team show off their trophy at the first H&F Invitation Under 13 Rugby Sevens competition

u A great sporting rivalry meant passion in the final of the first U13 Rugby Sevens in the borough, reports Rachel Mountain


here was real excitement on the field as London Oratory stormed to victory at the first Hammersmith & Fulham Invitation U13 Rugby Sevens competition.

The inaugural rugby tournament in March saw nine schools – mainly from the borough – compete in a series of rugby sevens matches on the playing fields at Barn Elms Sports Centre in Wandsworth. Taking a narrow victory in an explosive match full of tackles and speed, London Oratory emerged supreme in the A team final against Gunnersbury, scoring 15 points to the opponents’ 12. Team captain Rónán Maloney, 13, said: “We played well as a team and we did

well to get the win. We kept our heads and kept focused. It was a good match.” The schools have a welldeveloped sense of rivalry on the field, and Gunnersbury showed their competitive spirit after the match by promising early revenge on London Oratory! Taking the trophy for the B teams, boys from Barnardiston Hall in Suffolk fought their way to victory against London Oratory’s B team with a solid final score of 38-12. STORY CONTINUEs ON PAGE 110


BUZZ 4.2013




Participating in the B tournament – London Oratory, Phoenix, Burlington Danes, Gunnersbury, Hammersmith Academy, St John Bosco, Bernardiston Hall and the West London Free School – all put on a spectacular show of energy and skill. The competition was set up by London Oratory’s school games organiser Stephen Hughes, 37, who said: “As it’s the inaugural sevens tournament, it’s nice to see these schools taking part.”

PITCH BATTLE: Clockwise from top, a London Oratory pupil makes a dive; a Hammersmith Academy pupil offloads; a Hammersmith Academy tackle and a London Oratory pupil narrowly evades a tackle

His inspiration for the day came from the extensive rugby programme that is run at London Oratory school in Fulham. Stephen explained

that he ‘couldn’t see why something similiar wasn’t in place in other schools’. “I feel it’s an opportunity everyone should have

BUZZ 4.2013

GOTCHA! A pupil from London Oratory’s A team successfully catches a Gunnersbury player...

ACTION: Clockwise from top, a St Benedict’s pupil feels the crunch; London Oratory on the break; and an offload from an Oratory pupil; Hammersmith Academy pupils head for a try; and Phoenix lads try to evade an Oratory tackler PICTURES BY KEVIN POOLMAN

because I know what discipline it brings to kids who play,” he added. Rod Jack, 47, head of PE at Phoenix High School in White City, had brought boys from his school for their first ever rugby tournament. He explained that ‘developing rugby is not the main thing for inner city kids and it is rewarding as a teacher to see them’. And Jaheim Robinson, 11, of Phoenix, said he was ‘thrilled’ to be able to use the moves he’s learned in a ‘proper’ match. Nigel King, 49, PE teacher

at Burlington Danes, echoed the sentiments. “Our school is pushing rugby really hard so this is a big step forwards for us,” he said.l “You can see how we are improving. To come to a tournament like this gives [the boys] opportunity to play competitively and hard, with no malice.” On the field, boys clinging to the ball and desperate to score a winning try showed their strength and determination. Kevin Moran, director of sport at London Oratory and organiser of the afternoon,

concluded that the day had been ‘very successful’. He added: “You only improve by introducing these boys to a new level of competition. “The Hammersmith & Fulham schools have improved as the day has gone on.” The happy day of hard rugby came to a close with new friendships and rivalries being forged. As scores of tired boys made their way back to the changing roms for a hot dog, there was no doubt that the day had been a huge success.


BUZZ 4.2013 112

BELT UP, SON: JJ Kelly holds aloft his world kickboxing title prize

u The relieved words of a proud dad sum up the achievement of a young kickboxing star. Nick Skoric reports

lucky Gym: Coach Jason Stevens puts hopefuls through their paces at Hurlingham & Chelsea School


OUNG kickboxer JJ Kelly promised dad Jim a surprise he would never forget. And he delivered it when he clinched the BIKMA world kickboxing title. However, the gift almost did not end up on the Kelly family’s mantelpiece after the Fulham fighter weighed in over the limit for the 52kg bout in Billericay. The promising 12-yearold had only 45 minutes to shed the excess three pounds and made a quick dash to the changing rooms to skip off the weight so he could keep true to the promise he had made to his dad. And the Hurlingham and Chelsea pupil did not disappoint once he got into the ring with world champion Jamie Brown of Kicks boxing club in Brighton. Although Kelly started tentatively in the opening round, he seemed to lose all of his nerves after that as he attacked his

BUZZ 4.2013


opponent with a barrage of punches and kicks to the body and head. He grew in confidence and began to go through his repertoire as he landed a devastating spinning kick which dazed the Brightonian in the second. Brown seemed resigned to his fate come the third round as Kelly took further command of the bout, going into the final two stanzas to give the judges no trouble in naming him the victor. Dad Jim said: “I was so happy after JJ won the title. It has been a long time coming and he deserved it after all the hours of training he has put in.” Coach Jason Stevens was pleased as his fighter added a fourth title to his collection alongside the BIKMA European and two-weight British crowns.

Stevens plans to take his Scorpion Kickboxing army to Europe next year in search of more titles with the first port of call being the Irish Open. Meanwhile, Scorpion’s poster girl Sam Ryan is poised to fight for a world title any time soon after her fight was cancelled on the night. Ryan also holds the BIKMA European and British belts, but has been denied the chance of the ultimate prize due to countless opponents pulling out of scheduled dates. But coach Stevens is still on the search for more champions to join his team who train at the Hurlingham and Chelsea School in Peterborough Road, Fulham. l For more details on the boxing club visit: www.


BUZZ 4.2013 114


BALL u Everyone agreed it was one of the closest finals ever as the town hall echoed to the sound of cheering children at the end of the frantic, boisterous annual skittleball contest, reports Tim Harrison


T WAS thrills all the way in the 2013 skittleball tournament at Hammersmith town hall as the fastest, noisiest primary schools event in the borough reached its breathtaking climax. Roared on by spectators, the Year 3 heats of the Hammersmith & Fulham Primary Schools’ Sports Association competition generated tough, tense and tight games. St Stephen’s emerged as tournament marksmen with a skittle tally of 23, pipping St

John’s score of 20. But this was really a competition which allowed everyone to improve their co-ordination, agility and teamwork skills, to the delight of tournament guru Deryck Fill. “What a day it was!” enthused the organiser. “There was great excitement, and such enthusiasm that the audience spontaneously applauded both teams at the end of the first match. All the other games throughout the day were played in the best of spirits.”

BUZZ 4.2013

YEAR THREE FINALS KNOCKDOWN ACTION: From top, Brackenbury play St John’s; the mayor gives the cup to Normand Croft’s Elais Abek; St John’s pass the ball; and (bottom, right) Norman Croft clash with St Stephen’s. Opposite, the Normand Croft victors celebrate

The frantic ebb and flow of play eventually produced four semi-finalists in a sport which moves like basketball, but involves knocking over your opponents’ guarded skittle to score. Normand Croft achieved the highest score in a single game with 10 on the way to the semis, where they were joined by St John’s, St Stephen’s and Brackenbury. The first semi, between Normand Croft and St Stephen’s, was so tight it ended in a skittleless draw; even extra time failing to produce a winner. For the first time in a semi, it came down to penalties… but even this failed to split the teams. In the end, it went to sudden death, with Normand Croft scraping through. The second semi, between St John’s and Brackenbury, was more straightforward, with St John’s triumphing 6-0, making it the only game STORY CONTINUED ON PAGE 116


BUZZ 4.2013


in which Brackenbury had failed to score. Both finalists flagged, but Normand Croft emerged as victors thanks to a 5-4 win over St John’s. The winners received gold medals and the trophy, the runners-up silver medals and the other semi-finalists bronze medals.





he next day, the assembly hall at the town hall rang to cheers from supporters of the Year 4 competition, where most of the young competitors had had a year to hone their skills and develop strategies after taking part in the junior event in 2012. In the first semi, St John’s overcame stiff opposition from Sir John Lillie (who had won all their previous matches, and top-scored with 43 points) to win 4-0, while in the second semi Miles Coverdale beat Good Shepherd 6-3. The final was a fast-paced blur, with the ball whizzing from end to end. “Both teams played with a great deal of determination and resolve to win, never once casually giving up the ball to the other side,” said Deryck. St John’s emerged as winners, thanks to another 5-4 scoreline. Hammersmith & Fulham mayor Cllr Belinda Donovan presented all the medals and trophies at what was the ninth annual skittleball competition in the borough. Deryck Fill thanked her for her duties and support, and also praised the work of Peter Boyd, who shared refereeing and time-keeping duties.

BUZZ 4.2013




DRAMA: It was action all the way for the Year 4 competitors, with the purple skittleball being flung around the town hall as St Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s claimed the trophy in a contest refereed by Deryck Fill (pictured, top right) and Peter Boyd (whistling below)


BUZZ 4.2013



pictures by leigh quinnell

LAST GASP: The moment Normand Croft secured the win with their fifth penalty attempt hitting the mark





HE crowd in the assembly hall had few fingernails left after normal time in the Year Three semi-final between Normand Croft and St Stephen’s. The match at Hammersmith Town Hall ended even at 1-1 in normal time, sending it to sudden death. Two nervous minutes were played in each direction, seeing St Stephen’s miss a penalty and some last-gasp defending from Normand Croft keeping the score deadlocked. But all of the frantic

chances and play did not produce a goal. So in a rare turn, the match was sent to a penalty shootout. However, the drama did not stop there. St Stephen’s won the toss and shot first in the best-of-five shoot-out. They missed. Then Normand Croft missed. And so it went for all three chances from both sides! The players agonised as each ball went narrowly wide of the vulnerablelooking metal skittle laying untouched in its circle. The stalemate forced the penalty shoot-out into

sudden death. This was uncharted territory for the skittleball tournament, and it left the referees consulting each other on how best to proceed. Up stepped St Stephen’s. Another miss. Then Normand Croft. Another miss. St Stephen’s missed again. Finally, on their fifth attempt, a Normand Croft penalty grazed the skittle, knocking it out of its circle, but not toppling it. It was enough. The whistle blew. Normand Croft moved on to the finals in truly dramatic fashion! Geoff Cowart

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