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Let's talk about Hamlet, a play by William Shakespeare, published in 1601. First Hamlet is a tragedy because at the end, everybody is dead. Murdered, more exactly, just because of a ghost! The main thing is this play is revenge. No revenge = no Hamlet. Why? It's simple; at the beginning of the story, a ghost appears to Hamlet (the Prince of Denmark) and tells him to avenge his father (the former King of Denmark)n who was poisoned by Claudius, who is Hamlet's uncle and the new King of Denmark. Now, Hamlet has a mission: he has to kill Claudius! But Hamlet doesn't want to become a criminal, he wants to stay pure, so this mission depresses him. However, Hamlet has a pride, and a strong affection for his father, so he will the most as possible to avenge him? Moreover, Hamlet loathes Claudius, because he took the place of his father, even in Gertrude's his mother, the Queen of Denmark - bed... So, if you want a story like Young and the restless, but with more blood and more violence, Hamlet is for you!! By: Charlie Adèle

11 copie de hamlet for dummies charlie adèle  
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