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Issuance date: 19th October 2012

Issue : 3, Sept-Oct 2012

FAST School of Management, Islamabad

FAST GAZETTE One of the most awaited events held at FAST School of Management was the launch of the Youth Economic Forum. Many renowned and prominent guests who are part of the YEF chapter visited FAST NU and encouraged the students to become entrepreneurs and work relentlessly towards a prosperous and economically sound Pakistan. The guests included Mr. Amir Jahangir (Curator, World Economic Forum), Mr. Olaf Kelheroff (Country Head, Fedrich Naumann Foundation), Mr. Jahangir Tareen (Politician & Entrepreneur), Mr. Jawad Majid (Country Head, Silk Bank), Mr. Brandon Possin (Financial Analyst, US Embassy) and a few others. The guests focused on the need for economic development through leadership, the need for investment, accepting responsibility and exploring entrepreneurial opportunities that exist for the youth to pursue a better future for the country.

Society Mentor: Mrs. Silvia Khattak Publication Team: Momina Khan, Sana Rehman, Sohaib Ali Khan, Ayesha Aslam, Saad Rizwan & Jannat Ali Publication Secretary: Hira Pervez Raja For suggestions & feedback email us at: publication.basf

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A huge turnout was witnessed at a seminar organized by the FAST School of management. The guest speaker was Mr. Faisal Khalique, Chief information officer at Ufone Pakistan. Mr. Faisal shared his life experiences and certain principles that he attributes to his success. After completing his bachelors and masters degrees from USA in the field of Computer Software, he worked at various organizations including NCR and a project of Teradata in collaboration with NADRA. He emphasized on the importance of avoiding shortcuts, continuous learning and considering reputation before profit. Although a techie by qualification, his steady and careful application of knowledge and skills makes him worthy of his position at Ufone, a job which requires a fine blend of technical and managerial abilities.

After all the tension and pressure of the first sessional examinations, finally came the day for which all the newbies were waiting: “Welcome Party 2012” .The theme of the party was "Black and White" With exciting performances by Sardar Usman and Nosherwan, it was an experience worth remembering. The title of "The Lady of the Evening" was presented to Tayyaba Akbar while the title for “Lord of the Evening” was given to Nabeel Farooqui. Cheers to batch 11 & BASF for throwing such an awesome party!

A five member team, representing the FAST School of Management at the EME Olympiad (held from the 4th to 7th of October), secured 2nd position in the “Speed Marketing Competition”. An event designed to bring out the best in the participants; it challenged the creativity, ingenuity and brain storming capability of the group. The objective of the competition was to create a creative advertisement, logo, jingle and slogan for a product/service disclosed at the time of the competition. Team FAST included Saad Rizwan, Naveed Mustafa, Sana Sadiq, Sana Kareem and Nazia Batool of MBA.

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Issue : 3, Sept-Oct 2012

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BASF Sports society organized a “Ludo Competition” and 14 teams took part in it. Beenish Niazi and Areeba Kiani of BBA-12 won the game.

BASF Sports society (headed by Hasnain Sheikh) will be organizing three leagues this semester namely BASF Futsal League, BASF Badminton league and Super Sixes tournament. A Student vs. faculty match will also be organized by the society. Organizer of BASF Futsal is BBA 09’s Waqar Ahmad. The teams participating in the league are BBA-09 Attacking Jaguars (Captain Waqar Ahmad), BBA-10 Red Hawks (Captain Mustafa Mehdi), BBA-11 Cheetas (Captain Jehanzaib Khan), BBA-12 Scorpions (Captain Malik Afnan), BBA-12 Cobras (Captain Hassan) and MBA (Captain Hasnain Sheikh). So far, BBA-10 Red Hawks are at the top with the maximum number of goals but are tied in points with BBA-09 Attacking Jaguars. The highest goal scorer is Ahmad Bokhari of BBA-10 Red Hawks .

Sports at FAST, headed by sports president Sameer Hussain are slowly and steadily rising to the top. The FAST sports teams performed brilliantly at the Annual EME Olympiad. The Male Squash team (Captain Sohaib Ali Khan) and the Male table tennis team (Captain Ali Tareen) made it to the finals of their respective events. The Male cricket team (Captain Khawaja Jibran), Volleyball team (Captain Sabeeh Zaidi) and the Female Basketball team (Captain Noor Masood) made it to the Semi-finals of the Olympiad, an event which featured universities from all over Pakistan. Absolute motivation and commitment!

Cricket mania was at its peak during the T20 world cup. We Pakistanis enjoy a passion for the game and a level of enthusiasm only a few other nations in the world can reach. On the 4th of October, the students of FAST-NU, assembled in the campus lawn to witness the screening of one of the biggest and most hyped -about matches of the entire tournament: the semi-final between Pakistan and Sri Lanka! Pakistan lost the match, but the feeling of belonging and patriotism was still oozing from the crowd. The students were seen wearing green and white clothes and had their faces painted in the national colors. They were proud to have been part of a team which ended up in the top four teams of the

Visit to the Slum school organized by BASF: From the eye of a participant ‘’ Only if we find happiness in sharing; even if it’s a smile, we will make a difference in this world.’’ As we drove in our air conditioned bus to the slums, scorching heat shone down our windows and most of us complained about 'how hot it was'. But I doubt any of us knew what we were complaining about until we saw the people living in the humid slum. The slum village was a stretch of mud, logs and had an aura of staleness and moisture. We walked down the narrow pathways and came upon the efforts of 'Renaissance Pakistan’: a non-profit organization founded by the students of FAST, who are selflessly investing their time, money and efforts to help the children of the slum. We were warmly welcomed by the friendly children who had smiles on their faces and excitement upon prospects of new course books and confectionaries. It was an experience for us all to realize that a little sharing can make a huge difference in another person’s life. We were able to empathize and learn that children study without air conditioners, tables and chairs. Those children are no less than any of us. They are just short of basic necessities like education, proper food/water and homes.

POLL Results A business graduate must be social and he must possess great interpersonal skills in order to succeed. Keeping in view the importance of social interaction in the university, a Facebook poll was conducted in order to identify some of the most popular and well known students in FSM. Students were nominated by their friends. The nominated students were observed posting statuses and sending messages asking for votes. Some students voted for many of their friends so as not to disappoint any of them. More than 300 votes were cast on a single day! Winner of the poll is Adnan Akhtar Kiani, 1st runner up is Atif Irfan, 2nd runner up is Shahzada Hamza and the third runner up is Mohsin Khan. Congratulations boys!

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