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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease that originated from Wuhan, China, in December 2019. Investigations on how exactly the disease spread to humans is still ongoing although early theories show it may have come from a meat and seafood market in Wuhan. Since then, the virus has become widely spread and is now known as a pandemic. The disease is spread through cough and sneeze droplets. COVID-19’s symptoms include cough, fever, and shortness of breath. However, those who have weakened immune systems may experience more severe respiratory symptoms. As of March 26, 2020, there is still not a vaccine although a diagnosis of the disease can be found with laboratory tests. Jobs, schools, stores, and more across the world have been shut down in hopes of slowing the spread of the disease as professionals work hard to treat those already affected as well find a cure. Prevention includes not touching one's face, washing one's hands thoroughly, and social distancing.






*DATA AS OF MAY 15, 2020

1,461,122 CASES 87,025 DEATHS 318,040 RECOVERED



Jessica To



CLOSURES, CANCELLATIONS, AND COMPUTERS With the fast spread of the Coronavirus, the Dekalb County School Systems relied on the Georgia Department of Public Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, DeKalb County Board of Health, Georgia Department of Education, as well state leaders on guidance for what steps to take. Soon, Governor Brian Kemp authorized local communities to close schools early if prudent. As a result, Mrs. Ramona Tyson, Interim Superintendent of DeKalb County School District decided to close all schools starting March 16, 2020. Employees were able to work from home with pay. Students were able to learn and do assignments through the virtual learning VERGE website. The county still provided meal services as well as free WIFI across Dekalb County. State assessments such as the Georgia Milestones were suspended and AP (advanced placement) exams were moved online. Although the Coronavirus hindered school activities and sessions across the county, DCSD is still working towards giving students all the necessary tools for success during this difficult time.

CAMDEN FISHER The coronavirus has changed how we engage with each other. Schools are closed, sports leagues have been canceled, and we all are home schooling.




The outbreak is affecting me because it’s not letting me work and I can’t even leave the house and be productive.

I’m passing time during this quarantine by simply doing nothing but cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I love cooking.






A good thing about this quarantine is that it has saved my mom a lot of gas money, and it has saved me from eating out.

Jessica To


k e e w r o i n e s

Nancy Nguyen




Every student has a preference. Whether it's teachers or extracurriculars, students at Arabia each have their own unique taste. However, after four interesting years with one another, many of us have picked up on the same things. The game "This or That" is self explanatory. Two contrasting prompts are presented at the same time. It is up to player to choose which one they prefer before time runs out. This game is a great way to learn more about our peers. It also allows us to see what we do or don't relate on as well as what's most and least popular.






"Guess the Ram Language" is inspired by the notable "Mad Gabs" and "Guess the Gibberish" game. Originally, a board game and later on Instagram filter, the yearbook team decided to put an AMHS twist on this fun game. The goal of the game is to sound out smaller words that make up a larger phrase or word. At Arabia Mountain High School, we are a close knit family that share a lot of the same memory and fondness. The yearbook committee was excited to compile a list of the most notable phrases and words around school and bring them to life. Here's our last chance to have a laugh about words shared through the school halls. The only skill required to win this game is linguistics and quick-thinking. Watch as our seniors race to the clock to figure out all the phrases!

Jessica To






Here at Arabia, we love our staff and we often like to poke fun at what they do for us. In this game, we decided to flip the switch and see which students could be which staff members. Normally, most character games involve some sort of questionnaire based on traits and likeliness. However, we decided to let the world dictate and make this game 100% random. This game has a random sequence of staff members. Once it stops on a specific staff member, it is up to the student to accept their role with smiles or reject their roles with sighs. Scan the QR code to watch which staff members carry a special place in some of ram's hearts. Also, watch to see which staff members recieve more tough love.

Jessica To


I V R I a T arabia edition



Are you a true Arabia Mountain High School student? Do you not only have the knowledge of your classes, but also of the best high school in the world? This is where you show this off. Arabia Mountain High School is home of the most challenging courses to push you to your academic limits, and put your mind to the test to learn different topics, but it is also important to get accustomed to the way of life. Yes, it is important to be booksmart, but common sense is just as important. After going to school for four long years, the seniors and soon graduates of Arabia Mountain High School should know the routine and basic ideas that go on inside of the school. The questions were as follows: 1) What's our school's mascot? 2. What’s Dr.Swanson’s first name? 3. What are students supposed to wear on Mondays? 4. What grade did we first get our chrome books? 5. What special guests have we had at our pep rallies? 6. What teacher is known to have a ruler in hand and yells “BRING YA CALCULATOR”? 7. How much is pizza at the after school concessions? 8. What year did Arabia first open? A couple of the questions were honestly giveaways, such as the first, third, and last questions, but to be honest, you should know all. You have been here for three or four years, this should be common knowledge. The only question you may receieve a pass on is question four, besides that, every question is easy.

Lebga Fofung Talia Fordham Jessica To



Congratulations SCAN & SEE

To the class of 2020, those who have been here since freshmen year, sophomore year, junior year, and even to those who were only at Arabia for their senior year, the yearbook staff and Arabia Mountain High School want to say thank you! We are sorry about the cancellation of your senior activities, senior prom, and even your graduation. We have been looking forward to these events since freshmen year, but due to the Corona virus, everything has been canceled or put on hold for right now. However, this does not mean that your efforts are not recognized and meaningless. Every senior had tough classes to deal with, no matter which grade they came. This was expected though, as Arabia Mountain High School is the best high school in the world. The teachers had a goal: To challenge us, and help us to reach our maximum learning capability, and they did just that. We pulled all-nighters, whether it was studying for a quiz or test, or completing a project that was due the next day, even though we had two to three weeks to do it. We have had friends that were forced to leave or chose to leave, and we would not see them in the hallways anymore. Some of our favorite teachers left us along the way, including Mr. Christopher Stewart and Ms. Elizabeth Schoeneman. On top of all of this, we had to deal with the loss of our darling Elyse Purefoy in the summer of 2019, and she is still watching over us until this day. However, we made it. Through our hardships and difficulties, we weathered the storm, and reached the shore. We will go down in the history books, as one of the smartest classes Arabia Mountain High School, and the world has ever witnessed. We are not fortune-tellers, and can not predict where we will go, what we will do, or even who we will meet. One thing is for certain though, and it's that the same spark that we carried in high school, will follow us all throughout life, and even with the separate mascots of our colleges, we will be rams at heart. Congratulations to the Arabia Mountain High School Class of 2020. You made it this far, but your lives are just beginning.

Lebga Fofung Talia Fordham Jessica To


the PAST

With faces of intimidation, the drum majors were ready to put on a show for the school as always. From left to right, Janiah Moss, Martz Jenkins, Trevon Middleton, and Brandon Smith were hype, but also determined to put their practice into action, and lead the band. This was the senior pep rally, so they had to give their fellow graduates something to remember.

Senior Sean Ware did his best Rich Homie Quan impression in the dance battle against the drum majors. Even with the hat on his ponytail, we knew it was him...and he can not dance.

Professor Copeland really did his part for the school's Kappa League this past year. During the Homecoming pep rally, Mr. Arabia, Chadwick Dorsey lead his brothers Dewayne Edwards, Michael McCorvey, and Jevan Spann onto the gym floor to stroll that would make a grandfather shed a tear. With the entire school watching, the R&B soundtrack blasing in the back, and the confidence of movie stars, they set out to entertain their classmates.

Ms. Teague pretended to be camera shy, but deep down, she was excited. The students and faculty voted for her as the Miss Arabia of the staff. She was shockingly suprised, but honored to receieve the title. Lebga Fofung Talia Fordham

Man, the Arabia Mountain banner looks even better everytime it shows up in a photo. This would not be if it was not for banner girls Keslyn Billings and Naomi Fennell. They make sure that at every pep rally, those pearly whites and the honorable emblem is presented in the best way possible.



When asked about this upcoming baseball season being canceled, senior Desmore Joseph stated "This was going to be my breakout year, but sadly, life had other plans. I really wish things didn't have to be like this." He is just one of the many athletes at Arabia who have missed their senior seasons, and must endure this pain from now on.

Senior Miracle Goolsby lined up her shot in practice, being very careful, but at the same time, using enough power to hit the ball into the hole. However, she can not use these skills from practice in golf tournaments this semester. We know her along with the rest of the golf team are sad about this season, but we hope they start to feel better.

Senior Danielle Besay was putting in her best effort in practice for the tennis team. She stated "I was looking forward to this season. All the fun to make with the future of this team, but life had other plans."

When asked about missing his last track season, senior Michael McCorvey stated "Honestly, it made me pretty sad, as we were ready to do big things and break records. It was going to be a fun season to watch." The girls soccer team standing together is a sight to see. All the women in their favorite sport of choice, with smiles on all of their faces, proud of their skills. Mr. Roberts was there, just as happy as them, that he chose a great group of young ladies to represent Arabia Moutain High School.

Lebga Fofung Talia Fordham


Lebga Fofung Talia Fordham

Emioluwa Adenuga

Samaria Allen

Carlynn Andrews

Danielle Besay

Jalyncia Bibb

Aiya Bishop

Donovan Brown

Alexandra Campbell

Jayla Coleman

Imaya Colson

Jayla Culpepper

Louis Dandridge

Tramelle Daniel

Dantasia Dolson

Dewayne Edwards

#WE'VE DECIDED! Aisha Emmanuel

Mikayla Franklin

Jaidyn Frazier

Jada Fuller

Yusuf Goodman

Miracle Goolsby

Kayla Grant

Aubri Gray

Kaylup Heard-Roberts

Imani Hollins

Jordan Howard

Kerrell Hurt Jr.

Desmore Joseph

Aji Kah

Nala Johnson

Lebga Fofung Talia Fordham


Lebga Fofung Talia Fordham

Nena Kalu

Kyra King

Bryston Lee

Mallory Lewis

Myia Lewis

Lawrence Marbury

Michael McCorvey

Iyana Miller

Maggie Murphy

Robyn Nelson

Jaylen Nipper

Deborah Nyiam

Ofuan Oyakhire

Sanaejah Reid

Bryana Rollins

#WE'VE DECIDED! Briana Ross

Leeasiah Ruffin

Pierre Sanon

Toni Simmons

Ryan Smith

Mia Sterling

Lauryn Strong

Jessica To

Noah Toland

Divine Turner

Saniya Vaughn

Precious Watkins

Stephanie Watt

Jalen Wilson

Raina Wynn Lebga Fofung Talia Fordham

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Even though prom was canceled due to the pandemic, Ciara Simmons struck a pose in her prom dress during a fun photoshoot. Photo courtesy of Ciara Simmons

Danait Issac planned to accessorize her prom dress with these dazzling silver drop earrings at this year's Fabulous Las Vegas Prom. Photo courtesy of Danait Issac

Ciara Simmons puts her final touches on her prom outfit, using her face mask as inspiration for her matching red clutch. Photo courtesy of Ciara Simmons Kayla Burkett Deborah Nyiam

Lights! Camera! Action! Las Vegas is the capital known for its grand entertainment, flashy lights, and unforgettable nights. With a prom themed after this memorable night, Arabia Mountain students were sure to follow suit. Dressed in glitz and glam, girls would captivate every stage from social media posts to the dance floor. Guys would add finesse to the crowd when they showed off their intricately designed suits. Students dream of the moment that they get to shed their uniforms off for the opportunity to dress up since freshman year. Some students have even been looking forward to prom since they started school 12 years ago. Nevertheless, the rapid introduction of COVID-19 to America cut the dream short. Class of 2020 lost an experience known by all upperclassmen, a chance to dress up for the theme, and their accessories in the mail. Even with this lost experience, seniors are taking prom into their own hands by having their own photshoots at home. Girls are showing off the dresses and jewelry thy would have worn as well as guys doing the same with their suits. The prom experience may not be completely erased by the spread of this pandemic. Colleges all over the nation recognize the lost of tis special expereince and as such are planning a prom for their incoming freshman class. They hope to ease their disappoint from senior year with these proms.


$ $

$ ) (

$CHOLARSHIP $ WINNER$ $ ( ) $ $ $

Greater Lithonia Chamber of Commerce Scholarship

Jessica To took advantage of a scholarship offered to graduating Arabia Mountain seniors, among other Stonecrest and Lithonia high schools. Her video submission on engineering granted her $500 as one of the two winners in that category.




$ ) (





Steve and Majorie Harvey Foundation Scholarship On Mentoring Mondays with Steve Harvey, Brandon Smith was awarded with the opportunity to participate in the Steve Harvey Mentoring Camp. He was also granted a $10,000 scholarship towards his budding college career.


$ ) (


$ $




Amazon Student Scholarship

Nasjia Barton was granted a $40,000 scholarship from a scholarship offered to seniors across America. This scholarship is awarded to individuals who are active in their community and engage in leadership positions.










Kayla Burkett

An In-Depth Look Into the COVID-19 Pandemic The Affect On the Student Body In November of 2019, the virus COVID-19 appeared and started to make its rounds through the world. The virus first attacked singapore and made its rounds through the rest of the Eurasian continent. By March 2020, the virus had attacked every continent. It swept through the United States causing the whole country to go into panic. The result of this pandemic was a nation wide quarantine. Quarantine has put a damper on everyone’s lives, especially that of students. Students in all grade levels and stages of their education were advised to stay home and undergo online learning. At Arabia Mountain High School, students were tasked to do their assignments through online learning platforms such as Verge and Google Classroom. Further communication between students and teachers was done via Zoom or other video chat services. The transition to online learning was not a smooth one. There were chances of students lacking internet service, not having a laptop or chromebook, struggles with internet connection or availability when doing video chats. Furthermore, learning from a computer screen instead of a classroom was very difficult for hundreds of students to grasp. The reason for this struggle in adapting to online learning is because of the distractions in students’ homes. There are televisions, cellphones, family members, and opening other tabs on the computer that do not pertain to homework. Beyond the difficulty of getting accustomed to online learning, students have to go through giving up field trips, special ceremonies, and spending time with friends before the school year ends. This harsh reality weighs heaviest on the Class of 2020. With COVID-19 closing everything in sight and the government enforcing social distancing, the hope for creating fond high school memories and graduation ceremonies hangs indefinite question mark.

Deborah Nyiam

Coping With The Virus Even in this state of crisis, students have learned different ways to occupy their time in quarantine. Some students have picked up new hobbies while others perfect the ones they have. Students have also used this time to catch up on television shows and movies. Many have turned to social media to vent their frustrations.

Student Responses To COVID-19 Joelle Stamper, Grade 10 Have You Found Any New Hobbies? Coloring, Gaming, and Cooking What Has Quarantine Taught You? Never take what you have for granted because it can become a memory What Do You Like Or Hate About Quarantine? I hate that I cannot hang out wih friends What Is One Positive Thing That Happened to You during Quarantine? I get to eat a whole lot more.

Maggie Murphy, Grade 12 Have You Found Any New Hobbies? Cooking What Has Quarantine Taught You? Quarantine has taught me things I didn'y know about my family What Do You Like Or Hate About Quarantine? I can eat whenever I want What Is One Positive Thing That Happened to You during Quarantine? I've spent more time with friends

Deborah Nyiam

Student Responses to COVID-19 Star Carter, Grade 11 Have You Found Any New Hobbies? No, I have not found any new hobbies. What Has Quarantine Taught You? It has taught me that if people have nothing to do, they will just be lazy. What Do You Like Or Hate About Quarantine? I hate that I cannot leave the house and that my plans were cancelled. What Is One Positive Thing That Happened to You during Quarantine? I got to spend more time with family

Jayla Culpepper, Grade 12 Have You Found Any New Hobbies? Editing, Meditating, and Art What Has Quarantine Taught You? In the end, you have to make sure that you are taken care of because that might be all you got. What Do You Like Or Hate About Quarantine? I hate that I cannot hang out wih friends or go on walks. What Is One Positive Thing That Happened to You during Quarantine? Developing my self worth.

Trine' Garret, Grade 10 Have You Found Any New Hobbies? No I have not. What Has Quarantine Taught You? Qurantine has taught my work at school was not as bad as this. What Do You Like Or Hate About Quarantine? I like that I have more time to do chores and get my grades up. What Is One Positive Thing That Happened to You during Quarantine? I get to focus more on working out.

Deborah Nyiam

Student Responses to COVID-19 Iyana Miller, Grade 12 Have You Found Any New Hobbies? I have learned to braid and upcycle. What Has Quarantine Taught You? I now have time to do the things I wanted to do. What Do You Like Or Hate About Quarantine? I don't like social distancing. What Is One Positive Thing That Happened to You during Quarantine? I now have enough sleep.

Sasha Powell, Grade 11 Have You Found Any New Hobbies? I found new outlets in stretching and exercising. What Has Quarantine Taught You? Quarantine has taught me patience and that we are all in this together. What Do You Like Or Hate About Quarantine? Quarantine can be pretty boring. Your life becomes a routine of a few basics. Wake up, do your work, find something to do, go to sleep. But the one good thing is that you can do these things comfortably in your home. What Is One Positive Thing That Happened to You during Quarantine? I have more time to pick up old hobbies.

Zakiah Bryant, Grade 10 Have You Found Any New Hobbies? Learning a foreign language What Has Quarantine Taught You? Things you like can be gone very quickly. What Do You Like Or Hate About Quarantine? I like having my own time. What Is One Positive Thing That Happened to You during Quarantine? I see my family more.

Deborah Nyiam


Nancy Nguyen Danait Issac




Nancy Nguyen Danait Issac

Class of 2020: Student Highlights

In the summer before junior year, Harrison Cosby launched his own photography business famously known as "201 Lifestyle". In Dekalb County, Harrison has been the go-to guy for photo shoots. Depending on the month, he has anywhere from ten to twenty customers. Harrison plans to continne to grow his business in college and believes that college is a great networking experience. Soon, 201 Lifestyle will be worldwide! "I love creating and making people's visions come to LIFE through my art." - Harrison Cosby

In a creative attempt to make money as freshmen, Tyler Anthony and Harrison Cosby came up with the idea of a clothing line SmallWorldApparel. Although, Harrison decided to branch off and start 201, Tyler has been growing and expanding SmallWorld for the past couple of years! He hopes that one day it will become a billion dollar clothing business. Danait Issac

Currently, Tyler has expanded his business to designing and creating custom clothing for his customers and other businesses. After high school, Tyler Anthony will be attending Georgia Southern University to major in business management with a focus in marketing. His post-secondary plans include going to grad school for a master's degree while working in the marketing field.

1. Imani Hollins 2. Chalyse Workman 3. Jayda Morrison 4. Assitan N'diaye 5. Michael Tedla 5. Jaylen Nipper 6. Jaheam Charles 7. Kameron Dowling 8. Victoria Simpson







4. 1.

5. 2.

Danait Issac

6. 3.

Can You Guess the Senior?

Valedictorians Danait Issac: Magnet Valedictorian In my elementary school yearbook, my 5th grade teacher, Ms. Wright, wrote "I will look forward to seeing you as valedictorian in high school. Good luck in middle school!" Unfamiliar with the term "valedictorian", I went home and searched it up on my computer. I discovered that a valedictorian is the highschool student with the highest overall grade point average in their graduating class, who delivers the valedictory speech at the graduation ceremony. Over the course of four years, I have taken six AP and ten dual enrollment classes. Although it was hard to juggle these classes and my extracurriculars, I enjoyed the challenge. After many late-nights, difficult webassigns, and countless quizzes and test, I am so proud to finally earned the title of Arabia Mountain High School’s Magnet Valedictorian. I am so glad that I reached the potential Ms. Wright saw in me. In the fall, I plan to attend Vanderbilt University to further my education in environmental policy and sustainability.

Sanaejah Reid: Magnet Salutatorian

I was very excited when I was announced as Magnet Salutatorian. I’ve been through all-nighters, battled procrastination, and stressful exams and presentations that may have discouraged the average Joe, but I was determined and kept my head up through it all. Knowing that all my hard work and efforts paid off in the end, gives me the motivation to keep pushing forth in my journey for success. I am proud to announce that I will be continuing my education at the University of Georgia majoring in biological sciences on the pre-med track with intentions on becoming a physician assistant. I also hope to one day open up a volunteering service and educational center for wildlife and environmental conservation.

Salutatorians Robyn Nelson: Resident Valedictorian Hello. My name is Robyn Nelson and I am extremely honored to have earned the title of Resident Valedictorian for the Arabia Mountain High School Class of 2020. After 4 years of remaining motivated and overcoming any obstacles that I faced, it is amazing to be able to represent my class in this way. The students of the Class of 2020 are truly some of the hardest workers that I know. I have spent my high school years watching each and every one of us thrive in our own ways, and I have so much pride in how far we all have come. As we venture on to the next chapter of our lives, I am extremely proud to say that I am a representative of a group of students who accepted any challenges with open arms and exceled. To further my education, I will be attending North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University as a recipient of the Lewis and Elizabeth Dowdy Scholarship. I will be majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications with a concentration in Mass Media Production. After earning my degree, I hope to have a successful career in the film industry as an Editor or a Producer. As I continue this journey through life, I will never forget everything that being an Arabia Mountain student has taught me. I will continue to be academically motivated and strive for excellence. I will not settle for being average. I will chase my goals with the hopes of exceeding them. I am eternally grateful that I was given the opportunity to grow alongside my fellow Rams, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us all. Thank you.

Diamond Mayeba: Resident Salutatrian It’s so funny because when the news came out about Vals and Sals, I was knocked out, sleeping. After two hours of my phone blowing up with messages without my knowledge, someone called me and woke me up and told me to check my phone. All my messages read “Congratulations!” and “I’m so proud of you!” and I was so confused as to why everyone was telling me these things. When I found out that it was because I was Resident Salutatorian, I felt such an overwhelming feeling. I was shocked, estatic, and grateful all at the same time. I was so happy that all my hard work and sleepless nights throughout my four years of high school did not go in vain. It really showed me that my devotion to my classes and my perseverance really paid off. My future plans include attending the University of Georgia as a Criminal Justice major and go on to the best law school of my choice to become a lawyer. I intend to accomplish ALL my goals and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me! Love, Diamond


Dear Seniors, On August 8, 2016 you all entered the doors of Arabia Mountain High School, the best high school in the universe, and you began your journey as a high school student. In our first class meeting, the Assistant Principals and I shared our school vision with you, which is, “To create a nationally recognized school ofexcellence with students who excel and compete on all levels to be successful in a rapidly changing world by creating stability, significance, opportunities, and traditions.� We promised you that we would provide a stable environment for you to grow academically, athletically, and socially. We asked you to become a significant part of the Ram nation, and you are truly significant to us all. We told you that if you worked hard in our stable environment, and made yourself a significant part of our school that your opportunities would come. We asked you to become a part of our traditions, and to create new traditions, and you have. It has been a true pleasure watching you grow into the outstanding individuals that you have become. During these difficult times, I hope that you can look back on your high school career and remember all of the hard work and fun times that you have had as a member of the RAM Nation. As you graduate and move on to your next level, remember to use your unique skill set to make a difference in this amazing world. We absolutely love you and you will truly be missed. Regards, Rodney F. Swanson, Ph.D. Principal

Danait Issac

Bingo Interviews


Abel Issac This I was onhas the Theyear, coronavirus AMHS Junior Varisty changed how we Soccer engage with each team a striker. other.asSchools are #GORAMS! closed, sports leagues have been canceled, and we all are home schooling.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people across the world have been creating new and creative ways to have fun online. On the social media platforms, Instagram and Snapchat, bingo is a popular game to play. For our senior virtual week, the yearbook team decided to create our own bingo game, Yearbook Edition: AMHS Bingo. Look over the scenarios to see if you are truly a RAM!

The outbreak is School lunch is terrible. affecting me because Often, I bought snacks it’s not letting me from the vending work and I can’t even machines. The lines leave the house and were always long. be productive.

Mr. Westbrook is my chemistry I’m passingteacher. time There was not a day during this quarantine went by that I did by that simply doing nothing notcooking hear Mr.breakfast, Westbrook but scream in D-Pod. lunch, and dinner.I Ilike tolove consider him the cooking. guardian of D-Pod.

Zhané Price



Dawit Alaze

Helen Mengistu

AOne good thing about this day, I was walking quarantine is Top that Flight, it has to lunch and saved my Johnson, mom a lottold of a.k.a Ms. gasme money, has to giveand heritmy saved fromI went eatingto Then, my lockerout. to get another one. Later, I ran into her again. Yikes! No one's energy to track down hoodies will ever compare to Ms. Johnson's.

Danait Issac


SIGN OFF Tiffany Nguyen

Lebga Fufong

Deborah Nyiam

Kaelyn Dicks

Nancy Nguyen

Jessica To

Jessica To

Danait Issac

Kayla Burkett

Talia Fordham

Profile for Rose Hamilton

AMHS 2020 Yearbook Supplement Pages  

AMHS 2020 Yearbook Supplement Pages  


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