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Water School Program Free Natural Science Program WHAT IS THE WATER SCHOOL PROGRAM? This free program, in partnership with Green Venture and the Hamilton Waterfront Trust, engages grade 6 and 7 students in hands-on activities related to Hamilton Harbour and water protection in general. Participants will take a field trip to our outreach centre, the BaySpace, and take part in presentations, workshops and a tour on the Hamilton Waterfront Trolley. During this fun and educational event, students in both grades 6 and 7 will learn about the history of Hamilton Harbour and efforts to delist it as a pollution hot spot. The grade 6 workshop will include a stewardship art project, while grade 7’s will construct a miniature ecosystem – a vermicomposting bin for the classroom – with our partner organization, Green Venture. Water School will be available from May 19 to the end of June as well as September and October 2014, Monday to Friday. Each Water School event will run from 9:45am -1:45pm with a half-hour lunch break. This schedule is flexible if it does not work for your school. Please contact BARC to discuss. BARC requires two to three adult volunteers to attend the event in addition to the teacher. If you would like to have more than one class attend, they must book a separate date.

WHY BRING WATER SCHOOL TO YOUR STUDENTS? This project will give students the unique opportunity to see and experience Hamilton Harbour first hand. Located on the shore of the Harbour, the BaySpace is the ideal place for students to learn about its past, present and future. Water School was also assist teachers in addressing fundamental concepts and meeting student learning expectations in the Science and Technology component in both the grade’s 6 and 7 curriculum (biodiversity and ecosystems).

REGISTRATION IS EASY Please fax the attached registration form FOR MORE INFORMATION

Contact: Ilona Feldmann, Communications and Learning Coordinator Phone: (905) 527-7111; Email:

Water School Program REGISTRATION FORM Deadline to register: three weeks prior to booking date Fax this form: (905) 522-6066



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