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This calculator was the main logo for Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s 2008/2009 Resident Advisor Selection. The design is modeled after a graphing calculator for the Selection Theme “Do You Add Up”. Logo appeared on large poster ads, print publications, and t-shirts.

Event Tags created for use on lanyards for the purpose of helping students to identify leader at various events that can help them. These were customized by attaching a list to the back of names, positions, and phone number of appropriate students and staff.

This poster was printed on 11x17 paper and laminated. They were used to help reinforce the relatively new campus wide recycling program. They were placed near every recycling station on campus at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

This project was done for Athena’s Goddess Corinne Geary. These are separate logo designs that were created for her as she wanted to create a new image for her business. In the coming pages there are a few advertisements that are for print as well as used on her facebook page that I created for her.

Athena’s by Goddess Corinne Geary #944  Girls Night Out Parties  Bachelorette Parties  Mixed Singles Parties  Gay/Lesbian/Bi Parties  Couples Parties  Themed Parties  Custom Gift Baskets  Direct Sales of Intimate Products Do you want to take charge of your life and get paid to party? Ask me how!


Portfolio. Include projects worked on for Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Athena's by Corinne, a person wedding, and a couple of other thi...

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