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Above: Chris Langlois Australia (b.)

Cover: Philip Wolfhagen Australia (b.)

LANDSCAPE (blue violet yellow green), no 5  Oil on linen Collection of the artist

SMALL EXALTATION No 4 (detail) 1 Oil and beeswax on linen Jennifer Arnold and Alan Luckie collection

Welcome I thought a new face for programs and events at the Gallery was about due and so this year we are presenting our program as a booklet listing the exhibitions and events in the Gallery. This seemed a good way of giving our Friends and supporters a snapshot view of the year and enabling you to plan your visit to the Gallery ahead of time. This year we are offering a wide ranging exhibition program including local artists, prominent Australian artists and selections from our rich permanent collection. We welcome your participation in these events and if you wish to receive invitations to openings and associated programs simply join the Friends (Membership forms available at the Gallery) with a single ($30) or family ($45 ) membership and you automatically go on our mailing list as well. I welcome you to the Gallery and look forward to your participation in our program. Daniel McOwan Director, Hamilton Art Gallery


CHRIS LANGLOIS Points in Time Chris Langlois is one of Australia's leading landscape artists. His masterful paintings defy specific geographical references and while often inspired by actual places, they transcend time and space to reflect on personal experience. Points in Time spans the past decade, revealing the evolution of an artist committed to defining a new visual idiom for our natural world.

Dates 2 April -  May Exhibition Opening Tuesday st April, 6:00pm to be opened by Simon Gregg Curator, Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale Education This exhibition comes with an education kit suitable for secondary school students. Particularly relevant for those studying Studio Arts. Merchandise Points in Time Exhibition Catalogue: $20 Greeting Cards: $1 each or 5 for $3 A Manly Art Gallery & Museum and Gippsland Art Gallery Travelling Exhibition

Chris Langlois Australia (b.) WATERFIELD No. 2 (detail) 12 Oil on linen Collection of the artist 6


KAKIEMON in Australia Kakiemon porcelain has been made in Japan since the mid-17th century and was one of the main oriental porcelains imported into Europe before the discovery of porcelain manufacture there around 1710. Considered to be primarily the product of the Kakiemon family kilns in Arita on Japan’s southernmost island Kyushu it is characterised by its purity, quality and by its somewhat sparse decoration with on-glaze enamels. The pieces on exhibition date from around 1700 making them over 300 years old but their quality and sophistication will astound you.

Dates 9 April -  May Exhibition Opening Tuesday th April, 11:00am by Patricia Begg, President of the Ceramics and Glass Circle of Australia Light luncheon catered by the Friends of the Gallery to follow Event Tuesday 15th April, 10:30am Screening of the documentary film, The Successor of Kakiemon Catalogue Published to coincide with the exhibition, Kakiemon in Australia is a beautiful publication celebrating the skill of this extraordinary family - $20

PLATE Kakiemon ware Porcelain with overglaze decoration Japan Valerie Sheldon Bequest, Collection of Hamilton Art Gallery 8


PAUL SANDBY Depictions of the English Landscape As a young man Paul Sandby travelled extensively through England, Wales and Scotland. In depicting both his fellow travellers and the homes of the landed gentry Sandby inadvertently became one of the first English artists to depict the countryside.

Dates 14 May - 30 July

We take travel for granted these days but in Sandby’s time travel was uncommon and associated with the dangers of bandits and lack of accommodation. As a consequence of his imagery travel became more popular leading to guide books being published with depictions of the landscape as it was in the 18th century. Drawing on the Gallery’s extensive collection this exhibition displays Sandby's approach to this genre.

Paul Sandby England (1731-1809) CAPRICCIO WITH EDINBURGH CASTLE AND ARTHUR'S SEAT Etching Collection of Hamilton Art Gallery 10


ANNE LANGDON A Curious Journey Anne Langdon is one of the most compelling contemporary artists to come from our region. Her prints, paintings and mixed media images explore people [usually women] and how they can interact with animals and the environment around us.

Dates 21 May - 29 June Exhibition Opening Tuesday 20th May, 6:00pm by Pat Cameron, photographer

Anne is based in Smythesdale at Birchgrove and has made her studio an important part of the property with her surroundings stimulating and enhancing her creative output. Anne Langdon: A Curious Journey will both delight as well as challenge viewers perceptions of reality with her distinct whimsical figurative style and mastery of may media.

Anne Langdon Australia (b.1950) WOMAN WITH PARROTS 2013 Collage Reproduced courtesy of the artist 12


FROM THE FIELDS & TRENCHES Centenary of the Great War The centenary of the Great War (1914-1918) occurs this year and to mark this historic event the Friends of Hamilton Art Gallery have organised a loan exhibition of memorabilia from the period.

Dates 28 May - 13 July Exhibition Opening Tuesday 27th May, 6:00pm

Borrowed from around the district are the tragic remnants of this war, markers of some of the celebrations upon the return of our soldiers and the mementos of their achievements.

'Pip' Australia TWO SOIDERS - CHRISTMAS SHOPPING Lithograph 14


WAYNE VINEY Singular Impressions Singular Impressions surveys Melbourne artist, Wayne Viney’s responses to landscape over the past thirty years. Best known for his hauntingly evocative twilight studies, Viney masterfully draws upon the painterly potential of monotypes in his exploration of the pastoral tradition. This exhibition maps his transition from gestural drawings grounded in physical sites such as the Strathbogie Ranges and Yea, to his signature brooding monotypes of psychic landscapes, to recent colourband abstractions. Whether depicting the observed countryside of the Australian bush, or giving expression to the private vistas of an imagined scene, Viney imbues his images with a mood that is achingly sublime. Dates 9 July - 31 August Exhibition Opening Tuesday 8th July, 6:00pm

A Maroondah Art Gallery Travelling exhibition

Wayne VINEY Australia (b.49) WEATHER 1 2003 Monotype Reproduced courtesy of the artist and James Makin Gallery 16


FROM THE COLLECTION The Fabulous Shaw Bequest Revisited General consensus was that the superb showing of a selection of works from the Shaw Bequest organised in 2013 was on for too short a time so we are revisiting one of the greatest gifts received by the arts in Australia’s history and the core of the Hamilton collection.

Dates 31 July - 5 July 2015

BOY AND GIRL AT PLAY c.1750 Porcelain HĂśchst, Germany, modelled by Johann Peter Melchior (1747-1825) Herbert and May Shaw Bequest Collection of Hamilton Art Gallery 18


PRINTS Recent Gifts and Acquisitions The Gallery holds over 1500 prints spanning from the 17th century onwards.

Dates 6 August - 12 October

They frequently come into the collection as the result of gifts and many of the prints in this exhibition have arrived as a consequence of this. Others we purchase in an attempt to maintain the breadth of the collection or to represent emerging media. They are usually of Australian origin these days and so this exhibition draws together some of the recent Australian prints we have added to the collection. Artists represented include Noel Counihan, Ron Quick, Paul Baxter, Dean Bowen, Brent Harris and local artist Danny McDonald.

Ron Quick Australia (b.1947) FOOL'S PARADISE III (detail) 1987 Aquatint with etching Gift of Dr Barbara van Ernst AM Collection of Hamilton Art Gallery 20


HAMILTON QUILTERS Two Colour Harmony There has been a renewed interest in craft and needlework in recent years as traditional arts and crafts enjoy a revival with a younger generation. Quilts in particular are familiar objects, yet every stitch has the power to carry a range of stories and histories. These works can often hold immense family value, lovingly handed down through the generations.

Dates 8 September - 2 November Exhibition Opening Sunday 7th September, 2:00pm for afternoon tea An exhibition by the Hamilton Quilters

The Hamilton Quilters have been delighting Western Victoria with their dedication, skill and creativity with this popular medium for over 30 years. This exhibition will mark the group’s 16th biennial exhibition in the gallery with a variety of techniques and ideas on display themed around 'Two Colour Harmony'.

Members of the Hamilton Quilters Sonia Wale and Penelope Slocombe 22

WILLIAM HOGARTH Characters and Caricatures William Hogarth was most famously known for his biting commentary on 18th century manners and morals. A controversial and individualistic character he was driven by a sense for justice and missed no chance to assert his opinion even if he meant he got into a quarrel with his contemporaries. This selection of prints from the Gallery’s holdings looks at his satire and preoccupation with caricature in his work. The term caricature is defined as a ‘grotesque representation of a person by the exaggeration of the characteristic traits in picture, writing or mime’. We will not offer the writing or the mime but the exhibition will consist of some entertaining pictures! Dates 22 October - 25 January 2015

William Hogarth England (1697-1764) SIMON LORD LOVAT 1746 Engraving Trust acquisition Collection of Hamilton Art Gallery 23

HAMILTON TOPS 2014 Now in its twelfth year, Hamilton TOPS 2014 features work created by local VCE students undertaking studies in Studio Arts and Visual Communication and Design. The exhibition highlights Hamilton Art Gallery’s strong commitment and support of arts education in the region and celebrates the talents and achievements of the local youth. Audiences are provided with an insight into the ideas and influences that inspire arts students. Work is selected from secondary schools in the Shire: Baimbridge College, Hamilton and Alexandra College, Monivae College, Good Shepherd College and Balmoral Community College. Dates 8 November - 30 November Exhibition Opening Friday 7th November, 6:00pm by Samantha Rogers, artist

from Hamilton TOPS 2013: Rosie Hutchins Balmoral Community College ROSESURF SURFBOARD Posca pens on surfboard Visual Communication & Design 24


ILLUMINATION The art of Philip Wolfhagen This exhibition Illumination: The art of Philip Wolfhagen is the first major survey of this Tasmanian artist. A landscape artist, Wolfhagen is a master of creating works of art that capture changing light and mood, temperature and atmosphere. To view his paintings is to be seduced by the fleeting elements of weather and the ever-changing qualities of nature. It is this ethereal quality that makes his art so appealing to collectors and art galleries both in Australia and overseas.

Dates 13 November - 1 February 2015 Opening Wednesday 12 November, 6:30pm

The exhibition will travel to 6 other venues across four states and the ACT.

A Newcastle Art Gallery and Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Travelling Exhibition

Philip Wolfhagen Australia (b.) VIEW TO THE PAST (detail) 10 Oil and beeswax on linen Newcastle Art Gallery collection 26


TRANSCENDENCE: photographs by David Stephenson David Stephenson has photographed a range of subjects in countries around the world, including landscapes, skyscapes, cityscapes and cathedral ceilings. Stephenson uses photography to explore abstract, intangible themes including time, mortality and spirituality. While the immediate subject of his works has varied, the underlying themes and ideas within his photographs have remained consistent. Dates 3 December - 1 March 2015

A Monash Gallery of Art Travelling Exhibition

David Stephenson Australia (b.1955) MADONNA DEGLI ANGELI, TORINO 1993 from the series Domes 1993-2005 Chromogenic print Monash Gallery of Art, City of Monash Collection courtesy of the artist, John Buckley Gallery (Melbourne) Boutwell Draper Gallery (Sydney) and Bett Gallery (Hobart) 28

FRIENDS OF THE GALLERY President's Report Last year was a busy year for the Friends celebrating our 40th Anniversary. We had birthday drinks where we unveiled two acquisitions, including the striking Auspicious Flower Charm Tattoo 2009 by Kate Beynon who was also our very well received guest speaker. "Take Two Fresh Eggs" curated by Roz Greenwood and Kate McDonald was an extremely popular exhibition and the Friends continue to come up with some fabulous ideas to promote our gallery. The success of the Thomas Clark exhibition last year will be a hard act to follow but there are various exhibitions focusing on local collections and artists planned for the year ahead. From a Friend's perspective, we are pleased to announce that we will be having another Loan Exhibition in May. Our focus will be World War 1 memorabilia recognising 100 years since the start of the Great War. We would be delighted to receive any contributions to this exhibition from our members. Please contact the gallery or myself before 9th May if you think you might have something of interest for us to include. Our winter film mornings continue to be well received and this year the first film Picasso will be screened on May 19th followed by two more on June 23rd and July 21st. We will email our members and place a notice in the paper for our AGM on 14th August which will follow our last film screening for the year. 29

In leading the Friends the committee is conscious of its role to create an interest in and focus on our wonderful gallery. With this in mind we will continue to organise social gatherings and events to bring new and existing members into the gallery. For our membership numbers to remain healthy I urge all our supporters to encourage your friends and family to join. I look forward to the exciting year ahead and hope to see many of our loyal Friends at the Gallery's many exhibitions and events. Jane Macdonald President Friends of Hamilton Art Gallery

Artist Kate Beynon with Friends President Jane Macdonald at the Friend's 40th Anniversary celebrations last year

EDUCATION at the Gallery

Education at the Gallery aims to foster creativity, appreciation and participation in the Arts by offering a range of programs that improve educational outcomes for regional and remote students across the south west and engage the wider community in learning about the arts. Programs can be customized to meet individual school's needs, focus on particular exhibitions or explore a range of works from the Gallery’s collection.

Teaching and Learning at the Gallery includes: · · · · · · ·

Gallery Tours Talks and Films Workshops Themed Education Kits Teacher Resources Art and Literacy Scaffolds Professional Development Opportunities

Free guided tours of the Gallery are available to school and community groups by appointment. Education programs and workshops may incur a small charge. For bookings and enquires please phone the Gallery (03) 5573 0460 30




FILM MORNING Thursday 14th August, 10:30am & FRIENDS OF THE GALLERY AGM Thursday 14th August

Opening: Tuesday 1st April, 6:00pm KAKIEMON in Australia Opening: Tuesday 8th April, 11:00am Film: Tuesday 15th April, 10:30am

MAY ANNE LANGDON A Curious Journey Opening: Tuesday 20th May, 6:00pm FILM MORNING Picasso Monday 19th May, 10:30am LEGACY SHERRY PARTY Thursday 22nd May, 6:00pm FROM THE FIELDS & TRENCHES Centenary of the Great War Opening: Tuesday 27th May, 6:00pm

JUNE FILM MORNING Helvetica Monday 23rd June, 10:30am

JULY WAYNE VINEY Singular Impressions Opening: Tuesday 8th July, 6:00pm FILM MORNING Edvard Munch: A Frieze of Life Monday 21st July, 10:30am 31

VCE DAY: CASE STUDY - WAYNE VINEY Thursday 14th August, 9:30am - 1:30pm

SEPTEMBER HAMILTON QUILTERS Two Colour Harmony Opening: Sunday 7th Sept, 2:00pm

NOVEMBER HAMILTON TOPS 2014 Opening: Friday 7th Nov, 6:00pm TRUST FUND AGM Wednesday 12th Nov, 6:00pm & PHILLIP WOLFHAGEN Illumination Opening: Wednesday 12th Nov, 6:30pm


HAMILTON ART GALLERY 107 Brown Street (Locked Bag 685) Hamilton, Victoria 3300 (03) 5573 0460 info@hamiltongallery.org www.hamiltongallery.org FREE ENTRY Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00am-5:00pm Saturday 10:00am-12noon & 2:00pm-5:00pm Sunday 2:00pm-5:00pm Closed Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day Find Hamilton Art Gallery on Facebook

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Location: Hamilton Art Gallery is located in the town centre, across the road from Coles Supermarket, in the same complex as both the library and cinema.

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Hamilton Art Gallery is owned and run by the Southern Grampians Shire Council with assistance from the State Government of Victoria.

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