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Winter of 2011

Education by Wassim Khoueiry

The government is responsible for the educational system in Quebec. It subsidizes the educational system to a degree that is not comparable to that of the other provinces in Canada. As a consequence, students don't pay tuition fees, or pay very little costs. The high funding of the educational system has many advantages in Quebec. Firstly, it enables more people to consider a higher-level of education or even to consider different career programs. And second, it facilitates and provides services for working students. This being said however, the high level of funding of the educational system in Quebec also has some disadvantages. To have such a system means to have less funding for research and administrative faculties. This in turn has the potential of lowering the quality of education provided by the educational institution. It is for this reason that tuition fees may double or triple in the next year in Quebec. I am for the educational system in Quebec primarily because, economically speaking, it supports student's success. It seems to me that this is the main reason why many students from other provinces study in Quebec.

by Soraya Sahraoui

The abolition of the death penalty in France In 1981, President François Mitterrand abolished the death penalty in France. This was due to several reasons. Primary amongst them was the Declaration of Human Rights: “no person shall be subjected to torture or cruel and inhuman treatments or punishment”. Notwithstanding, thanks is also due to Robert Badinter’s famous speech to the national assembly against the death penalty.

“It is better to release a criminal than to convict an innocent person.”


A Few Things That I Encountered In Montreal

by Yared Beyene

Culture shock is an interesting phenomenon that affects everyone in a different way. Upon my arrival in Montreal, I expected to have fun, to be excited, and to experience many changes and challenges of the new place.


Maximilien de Robespierre

by Alberto Rivera Austria

With the slogan “WE ARE 99%” the occupy movement is getting more followers all around the planet. This is an international protest movement focused on economic and social inequality. This movement started in Canada as a group called Adbuster The scope of the movement is evident from looking at the protest that took place between September 17 to October 9, in 2011 in 95 cities around the world. For obvious reasons, a lot of people strongly disagree with governments and big companies. They are perceived as being incapable of managing the world economy. I believe that this movement is just the beginning of an international consciousness, which will cause a (R) evolution worldwide.


I was amazed with everything that I saw and encountered. I asked many questions: Why are the odd numbers on one side of the street and the even numbers on the other? Why are the stairways on the outside of some buildings so steep? What type of foods emit such a horrible smell when being cooked? At first, it seemed impossible to accept the culture to which I am now a part. It seemed difficult to integrate into the new environment which I came to perceive as being hostile. Something seemed to be missing: my family, my friends, and my home. I couldn’t have focussed on anything nor could I have enjoyed anything. This is what I believe to be home sickness. With time, as I became accustomed to the new culture and began to develop routines, things started becoming more “normal” again. I began to accept the culture with a positive attitude. This is what my experience of “culture shock” has been in Montreal, Canada.

Arts and HOBBIES Reading Benefits

Leonardo Da Vinci by Ghalia Al Azmeh

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most important artists of the Renaissance. He was born in Italy in 1452. He joined the workshop of the famous artist Andrea Del Verrocchio where he learnt sculpture. Da Vinci created his own way of drawing. He used a lot of colors to add imaginary situations to scenes such as for example, being in nature or in war. Many of Da Vinci’s works have not been completed. His art work is also small in quantity. This being said however, his works are also heavy in quality. Of his most important works, are the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. In the end, Da Vinci achieved a high place in the arts not because of what he imitated but because of what he added. He is a wonderful artist.

by Maya Bazerbashi

Most people claim that there is no time to read. But in fact, reading is considered to be one of the most essential activities in our lives. It is made easier and cheaper with e-books and e-magazines and it can improve your personality and mental ability. Studies have revealed that, • Reading makes you smarter: It is an active mental process which forces you to think. This enhances your smartness, creativity , and memory. • Reading improves your ability to concentrate: It requires focus. This in turn, increases concentration. • Reading improves your knowledge: It gives you a horizon of information that allows you to discuss different issues with others. • Reading familiarizes you to other cultures, lifestyles, ethnicities, and customs.. • Reading improves your vocabulary and writing skills; and, • Reading reduces your stress by allowing you to shift gears away from stressful situations. As a whole, reading improves the quality of life and helps in nearly every aspect of it. It is for this reason that it is important to prioritize reading for your own benefit and for that of your children.


Gold investment is “OUT”. To be “IN”, thinkLouboutin.

by Laetitia Gomis

We hear everywhere and especially in these times of crisis that gold is the ultimate safe haven for our investment in these harsh times. True. However, not only is investing in gold the only safe haven for our money, but so is investing in pairs of Louboutin shoes: It allow us to keep our feet warm, to keep us on top of fashion, and to keep looking chic and elegant. If you like fashion, you must love shoes. Every fashion-victim is a potential shoe addict! Whatever the model, be it heels, flats or ballerinas, we are ALL fans. Born on October 30, 1991, the brand Louboutin has taken a huge place in the world of fashion. The red soles trademark has been already twenty years in all celebrities and fashion-victims’ hearts. Though Louboutin offers an elaborate range of styles of shoes, his name is most often associated with high heel shoes from 100 to 160mm. His shoes come in beautiful boxes and are wrapped in white tissue paper. It feels like Christmas every time a box is opened. And yes, it is true; Louboutin shoes are not accessible to everyone. The “cheaper” pairs begin at $700. It should be remember that this is a luxury French brand? Like Marilyn Monroe said however, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” I will even add “Give a girl a pair of Louboutin, and you will give her wings”.


s a

n o i h

Why do we like watching sports?


by Apostolos Bakalis


As we can see around us, there is a huge number of people who love watching sports. On “match day”, stadiums or sports cafes are often full of fans waiting to watch their favorite team play. What motivates people to watch a game? I am a sports fan. I believe that nothing is more relaxing in a weekend than watching your favorite team play. It’s all about those two or three hours you have for yourself after a difficult and stressful week: Those hours that you want to spend either with friends or just being alone, without thinking about any problems you may have; It is the satisfaction you get, and the fact that as long as the match lasts, you become part of a team contributing to the team’s effort. When the game ends, you feel more relaxed, and happy, irrespective as to whether the game has been won or lost. This gives you strength and courage to endure another week. So women ought not to complain about a man’s favorite pass time habit.


An Agenda to Travel by Nasrin Jafari

‘Travel’ is the movement of people or objects between relatively distant geographical locations. ‘Travel’ can also include relatively short stays between successive movements. Purpose and Motivation Reasons for traveling include recreation, tourism, research for gathering information, migration to begin a new life, missions, religious pilgrimages, and business and trade. Travel can occur by either human-powered transport such as walking or bicycling, or by vehicles such as public transport, automobiles, trains and airplanes. Motives to travel include pleasure, relaxation, discovery and exploration. Getting to know other cultures and taking personal time for building interpersonal relationships are also other good reasons to travel. Finally travel may be local, regional, national or international. It could be the best entertainment possible.

Meet Belgium ! by Souad Fares

The Importance of Exercise

by Eduardo Garcia Physical exercise produces significant changes in personality. Emotional stability and self-esteem are only a few of these such changes. Disorders such as anxiety, phobias and compulsive obesity improve significantly with exercise. In general, stress and anxiety decreases with the practice of a sport. Physical activity programs should provide relaxation, strength, muscle strength and flexibility. Generally, during physical exertion, individuals feel an inner purification. A feeling of euphoria occurs during endurance exercise (such as running for example). This is due to the secretion of hormones called endorphins, two times more powerful than morphine. Endorphin level increases in response to exercise. Today, fast foods have become a must for many people out. If this type of food becomes a habit, the immediate consequences may be: overweight, high cholesterol, increased blood pressure, diabetes or cardiovascular disease. A good diet provides the necessary nutrients for the body in quantity and quality. Food gives us nutrients the body needs, such as protein, vitamins and minerals, and even some small amounts of certain types of fats for optimal health. These nutrients make the difference in the quality of what you eat and maintain the health of the people. I believe that it is important to exercise.

I would like to talk about Belgium. I believe that it is a topic that completes the discussions undertaken in my conversation class at Dawson College. Belgium is a small European country, it is very well known for its beer, waffles, french fries and chocolate. Brussels is its capital, as it is that of the European Union. Compared to its European counterparts, Belgium is in a very difficult political situation. Elections in Belgium were held 18 months ago. But, until now, Belgium still has no government. This is primarily due to Flemish radicalism. Belgium is divided geographically along the lines of 2 languages: French and Flemish. The Northern part of the country is primarily Flemish. The names of some towns previously French, have now been changed to Flemish. If you visit Flemish cities you also must speak Flemish. Flemish people may also refuse to speak in a language other than Flemish. I’m very proud to go out to vote to avoid a Flemish takeover of Belgium! At least, the people of Belgium are not revolting on the streets as it is in the case of many Arabic countries. In Belgium, everyone is either at home or at work. This country is mine, and of course I will never say that Belgium is better than Canada nor that Canada is better than Belgium. I would however say that, Belgium is my heart, Morocco is my soul and Canada is my mind.

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English Level 5  

A newsletter of what student made essays of during English-Level 5 class of Dawson College. Montreal, QC Canada

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