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Visions from the Student Union

The future labour market, the increase in international competition and an ever-changing world requires skilled, innovative and creative students. The answer to societal and economic questions that future graduates are expected to deliver is being formulated and improved during our time as students A living, participatory and engaging study environment is imperative in obtaining skilled and independent students. During times where the student population is growing, it is decisive that CBS focuses on the quality of the study environment, in order to prosper from the increased student input. The following represents CBS Students’ vision for the study environment at CBS, including the academic, the extra curricular and the social study environment. It is our hope and ambition that the following will not just start the necessary debate about the future of CBS’ study environment, but also contribute to the well-being, learning and education of students at CBS. // CBS Students

CBS Students vision for the academic study environment at CBS Encountering Research CBS strives to deliver world-class research-based education. Research-based education is a learning form, in which the student meets the researcher during daily activities at campus, and where the interaction between teacher and students is secured and facilitated by the physical surroundings. This should, unlike today, not separate research and education. • Group rooms and study seats close to faculty working areas. • Less separation between students and faculty in the different buildings. • A revision of the incentive structure at CBS, which to a higher degree should acknowledge faculty for excellent teaching and for engaging in the individual student’s learning process. • The students should be included in the research by gaining insight in the process and get the opportunity to contribute with inputs. • More feedback on papers for the students to discuss and reflect upon our individual learning.

Opportunity for Academic Engagement Student activity at campus should be daily, feel natural and unrestrained. Students should be able to study at CBS and meet their study group in modern, inspiring and professionally challenging surroundings. A study seat and a group room should be a flexible choice, not one bound by long-term bookings. • • •

A serious strategy on increasing the amount of group rooms per student, covering the short, medium and long-term period. Creation of a lot more study seats per student. Double the amount of group rooms pr. AV module.

Flexible surroundings An inspiring learning environment is not only secured through auditoriums, more study seats and more group rooms. The learning process is facilitated by surroundings, in which (as an example) the students can meet with the teaching assistant in minor rooms, securing dialogue and thereby allowing a more reflective and critical approach to the disciplines. Furthermore, brainstorming, hypothesis-building and alternative group discussions should be supported by facilities that allow for interaction and visual communication. • • •

More and smaller rooms for classroom activities. Study zones with armchairs, cafe tables and couches. Creative and inspiring zones with whiteboards, smart boards, art and light.

CBS Students’ Vision for the Extra-Curricular Study Environment at CBS Practice meets theory CBS should support student initiatives and dynamism alongside their studies, seeing as this is part of improving the general study environment at CBS. CBS must acknowledge that student employability is significantly increased through volunteer, extra-curricular activities taking place in the CBS Network organizations. As such, CBS has to: • • •

Have a continuous focus on providing adequate framework conditions for the student organizational work at CBS. Financially support activities and student organizations via initiatives like the Activity Pool. Secure academic conditions that provide the opportunity for gaining practical experience in volunteer work.

Room for Volunteer Work CBS should have the world’s most innovative and best student volunteers. In order to make this vision come try, it is necessary to create the physical surroundings that allow the student volunteer-work to unfold to the best of its abilities. • Office space for all organizations that need it. • Specific conference rooms and meeting rooms for student events, in order to keep auditoriums free for lectures. • Visual and digital platforms such as screens, boards and apps where student initiatives can recommend themselves. • Possibility of overnight stays on campus for conference participants. • CBS should encourage and appreciate the student volunteer engagement, internally as well as externally. Diversity and Professional Development CBS Students works towards the continuous development and consolidation of student activities among the students at CBS. CBS Students also helps new initiatives as long as they do not fill an already covered requirement. • • •

There is always room for another organization or initiative, in as much as it does not cover already occupied interest areas. CBS should support the student union in being a long-term catalyst for the professional development and support of all student initiatives at CBS. CBS should be flexible and welcoming towards new student initiatives and should realize the potential in these initiatives and not the problems.

CBS Students’ Vision for the Social Study Environment at CBS A University is more than Just Education The social study environment is imperative for student cohesion and the single student’s well-being and relation to the study program and to CBS. It is important that the social study environment is developed as more students are admitted. • • • • •

More social rooms and lounges where students across courses and years can meet each other. The bar in Dalgas Have and Nexus should be renovated and thereby support the opportunity to arrange parties. Relaxing and welcoming rooms, wherein the students themselves can define the content and reside. Better utilization of outdoor areas with furniture. Political and practical support to Nexus’ activities and especially the first semester party.

The active and creative day at CBS The social study environment should provide the best opportunities for learning. As such, there should be focus on healthy, creative, fun and active lifestyle, where you can move around in-between lectures or group meetings, and become inspired. As such, CBS should have:

Sports facilities: Fitness center, gymnasium etc. on campus.

Rooms that creatively challenges and inspires the students.

Gaming rooms with foosball tables, board games etc.

Rehearsal rooms for music, dance and theatre.

Student well being and inclusion CBS should have an explicit focus on improving student well-being, both for Danish and for international students. This should be done to ensure optimal conditions for learning and engaging students. As such, CBS should: • Develop an explicit strategy for the continuous improvement of student well-being by including the study environment when evaluating student satisfaction. • Secure integration of all students in the study environment, with a specific focus on integration of international students. • Actively work to solve obstacles like stress and other psychological pressures, through improved study environment, counselling and information. • Secure a more participatory process in relation to the preparation of the study environment evaluations and portfolio management.

Visions from the Student Union

CBS Students - Study Environment  
CBS Students - Study Environment  

A vision from the Copenhagen Business School Student Union.