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January 2013

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January 2013

January 2013

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Happy New Year Nick S. Morrow, DMD

W. Scott Jenkins, DMD, M.D

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The Hamburg Journal is happy to provide the following business-related news from our area:

Central Baptist Hospital’s orthopedic program earns certification from The Joint Commission Central Baptist Hospital has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for its orthopedic program, specifically hip and knee, by demonstrating compliance with national standards for health care quality and safety in disease-specific care.   As of November 15, 2012, Central Baptist was the only hospital in Lexington and one of only four programs in Kentucky to hold this certification.   To earn certification, CBH underwent a voluntary, rigorous on-site review in which a Joint Commission expert evaluated its compliance with standards of care  specific to the needs of patients and families, including infection prevention and control, leadership and medication management.   “With Joint Commission certification, we are making a significant investment in quality on a day-to-day basis for our hip and knee replacement patients,” said Central Baptist Hospital President/CEO William G. Sisson. “This certification is a major step toward maintaining excellence and continually improving our care.” The Joint Commission is the nation’s oldest and largest standards-setting and accrediting body in health care. The Joint Commission evaluates and accredits more than 19,000 health care organizations and programs in the United States and certifies more than 2,000 disease-specific care programs. Learn more about The Joint Commission at

Scott Bender Of Griffin Gate Golf Club becomes certified golf course superintendent Marriott Golf, one of the world’s premier golf operators, recently announced that Scott Bender, director of engineering and grounds at Griffin Gate Golf Club, located at the Griffin Gate Marriott Resort & Spa, in Lexington, has officially been designated a certified golf course superintendent (CGCS) by the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA). Scott is among approximately 1,600 golf course super-

intendents worldwide who currently hold CGCS status, and according to GCSAA Chief Executive Officer Rhett Evans, “twenty-five percent of GCSAA’s Class A members have elected to earn the highest level of recognition through the professional designation CGCS by completion of the GCSAA Certification Program. This program requires their demonstration of a higher set of competencies in golf course management through testing and practical application. Employers can be confident they employ a career professional who will increase their chances of having consistently superior course conditions.” To qualify for GCSAA’s new competency-based certification program, a candidate must have at least three years of experience as a golf course superintendent, be employed in that capacity and meet post-secondary educational requirements and/or continuing education points. The candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities are validated through the development of a portfolio consisting of their responses to skill statements, case-study scenarios and submission of work samples; an on-site inspection of their golf facility; and a rigorous six-hour examination covering: equipment, irrigation systems, materials and technology; golf course and grounds; human resources, rules of golf, financial and administrative systems, regulatory and programmatic systems, crisis management, project management and ethics and values.

Lexington Catholic to unveil The High Marks Center for Learning Enhancement In the fall of 2013, Lexington Catholic High School will unveil the new High Marks Center for Learning Enhancement. The High Marks Center and its programs will be an expansion of our currently successful High Marks tutoring program and is designed to meet the diverse learning needs of all students including those with learning challenges through enriched and individualized academic support. The High Marks Center will be staffed by trained faculty members during the entire school day. The High Marks Center will be used to administer teaching and testing accommodations and serve as a hub for learning interventions including resources such as Kurzweil, I-pad learning programs, and technology-assisted skills remediation.   “The High Marks Center will offer all students an opportunity to reach their full academic potential. While the

January 2013 students will still receive instruction in the typical classroom setting, the High Marks Center will be a resource for any students who need additional assistance beyond that offered by the classroom teachers,” according to Principal Sally Stevens. “Because it is located in the Bueter Library, the students will have access throughout the school day to the center’s resources and to meet with teachers who are prepared to provide them assistance that is customized for their specific needs. Additional training for our entire faculty will enhance classroom instruction by providing teachers with research based strategies to reach all learners and to help every LCHS student become college ready when he or she graduates.”     The High Marks Center will also serve as a site for small group instruction and alternative assessment for qualified students (e.g. reading an exam aloud or scribing exam responses). Teachers will assist students with establishing positive and beneficial peer and faculty mentoring relationships in subject specific areas.   The new Learning Enhancement addition to the High Marks Center will address documented learning differences and disabilities such as ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, and Autism Spectrum Disorders, such as Asperger’s Syndrome. Teachers will have special training in the Orton-Gillingham Method, which is a research-based intervention for students with reading and learning challenges. Lexington Catholic will be working with The Curious Edge Foundation of Lexington in establishing a longterm program for professional development (www.   and training for its faculty and staff. Additionally, this partnership is formed to establish Lexington Catholic as a regional center for professional development, presentations, seminars, workshops and academic coaching for teachers, parents and students.   “I am excited to be working with Lexington Catholic to achieve our mutual goal of helping all students reach their maximum academic potential. We’ve formed a truly unique educational partnership in which The Curious Edge will assist in applying research-based best practices in a college prep school setting,” Kimberly Hudson, president of the Curious Edge, said. “We will provide the faculty on-going professional development support that will assist them in identifying and supporting at-risk students and advise the school on the tools needed in The High Marks Center to help students with learning differences address short-comings and capitalize on their strengths. The end goal is to have their students achieve greater success at the high school level and be better equipped for their college careers.” The services and programs in The High Marks Center for Learning Enhancement will be available to all students at Lexington Catholic High School at no additional cost.   More information can be found at

January 2013

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when your kids aren’t around to protest. Fecalarity - The comic force that causes a child to laugh herself to the floor at the mere mention of the word “poop.” Feelabuster - To pat down your toddler before she leaves a play date at someone else’s house to make sure she isn’t stealing any toys. Fullish - Too full to eat more carrots, yet fully prepared to consume an ice-cream sundae. See Dumbwaiter above. Garboflage: To hide a piece of your child’s artwork under other trash in the wastebasket so she doesn’t catch you throwing it away.

Christy Stucker Mrs. USA Globe 2005

Happy New Year

A baby is the personification to the start of a new year. To celebrate the birth of 2013, I’m sharing terms used and inspired by my babies at MotherStucker headquarters. Carpool - Complicated system of transportation in which Dad is always nominated to drive the farthest with the biggest bunch of kids who have had the most caffeine. Chapturn - Sneakily skipping pages while reading a long book to a child. Chicken Nuts - Happy Meal entrée my children ask for at every meal by name. You’re welcome. Chipfunk in the Drive Thru – (I’m embarrassed at the amount of time for me to decipher this meaning. The take-away message here follows): The chipmunk living in/around my driveway (as defined by the pre-schooler). Who knew? Clandesdine – To hide from a child while eating a cookie so they don’t ask for one. Con Creep – Concrete as interpreted under age 5. No joke. Detaste – To harbor a deep hatred and disgust for food you have never tried. Dintercourse - State of revulsion evoked when (heaven forbid) two different food items on a plate touch. Dumbwaiter - One who asks if the kids would care to order dessert. Eradicrap - To purge the playroom of old toys

Brighton Animal Clinic Complete Care for Small Animals

Kris Montgomery, D.V.M. & Mary Mattingly, D.V.M.

Doggy Day Care Open

Hairricane - A girl’s knotty, messy hair and the ensuing tantrums that erupt when her mother tries to comb it out. Invisibooboo - The site on a child’s body where you unnecessarily apply a bandage to appease him when hurt, even though no blood ever appears. Peep Season – Teenager dubbed term for the weeks leading up to Easter’s marshmallowy goodness. Rest Rumba – An indication to parents you have to use the bathroom by fidgeting, squirming, clutching and leg crossing. Reptangle - Not a purple dinosaur shaped geometric figure! A toddler boy’s attempt at “rectangle”. Roverture - A child’s discussion of what kind of pet she would like after the current one dies. SOUPermarket – A grocery that only sells soup (so I am told). Are we there yet? Total Bish – The gal who snagged my parking spot in front of Bonefish Grill. The original (similar) term was stated by me and interpreted slightly differently by my youngest, thankfully.

Additional services include dog and cat grooming and cat boarding Now Offering Home Delivery On Your Pet’s Prescriptions, Food And More!

1875 Pleasant Ridge Drive Lexington, KY 40509

Hair for the NewHair Year Kentucky’s Leading Kentuckyʼs Only Facility Replacement Genetic Hair LossConcept • ChemotherapyStudio Virtual Reality Alopecia • Cosmetic Hair Replacement

First Time Ever Promotion! Hair Institute offers several surgical and non surgical hair restoration options, including Virtual Reality®, full and partial prostheses, hand-knotted wigs, and human hair extensions.


Laser Light Hair Therapy • Surgical Hair Restoration Options Full Cranial Vacuum Protheses • Enhancements and Integrations Some restrictions apply. New customers only. Expires Jan. 31, 2008. Hair Replacement • Hair Restoration • Hair Extensions Professional •LOCATION Confidential • Meticulous NEW HAMBURG

1795 Alysheba Way, Suite 7101 859.263.9811 Lexington, KY Way 40509 1795 Alysheba Suite 7101 859.263.9811 Lexington, Kentucky 40509

Whatebber - First used by 5 year old kiddo as the term “whatever”. Now adopted by the entire family and used often, especially by my pre-teen – sometimes followed with a sigh. Wishjack – To blow out candles on another child’s birthday cake. Word Picker - The bird that pecks at the bark on a tree, a.k.a. Woodpecker. Now you know. More at

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January 2013

To All Our Valued Customers, Readers & Friends, Start the NEW YEAR off right, with NorthEast Christian Church, this month’s cover feature. Imagine financial freedom in 2013 with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University classes at NorthEast Christian church, starting January 13. Learn about their Leadership Development events and more. Pages 16-17. In keeping with our theme each January, NEW YEAR NEW YOU, we have compiled a bountiful issue with many exciting venues to make 2013 your very best. From health, wealth and wellness, and more, these are some of the best.

Teresa Murphy | Publisher

And, as always I would sincerely like to thank each and every one of for your continued support and look forward to providing you with another year of the most valuable information pertinent to Hamburg and the surrounding area. Sincerely,


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January 2013

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Something New is Growing In Lexington

Circle Fellowship Church

Creating Winning Smiles For Children and Adults

We know what it’s like to be new in the neighborhood. We are a new church plant. If you do not have a church already we invite you to meet a new circle of friends at Circle Fellowship.

Located in Hamburg at

Fb: Circle Fellowship Lexington

2517 Sir Barton Way, Ste. 204



Dr. Stan Ferguson and Dr. Ed Tipton


Phone: 859 335-8998

Circle Fellowship is located at the corner of Richmond Rd. & New Circle (Rt. 4). Enter the parking lot between Fed Ex and Miyakos Suite 9.

January 2013

Tickets on sale now for Bollywood Bash Like Indian Masala, Bollywood Bash, the 23rd Annual H’Artful of Fun will be a spicy mixture of many things: music, dance, art, food, fine spirits, and unique and artful surprises! Bollywood Bash will be a rich and colorful homage to the wildly popular contemporary music and dance of India. Bringing a renewed energy and excitement to this year’s event, the 2013 H’Artful of Fun will be held at a new venue – the Alltech Arena in the Kentucky Horse Park.   Bollywood Bash will provide a more intimate experience, with only Lexington’s finest restaurants, bakers, caterers, and artists participating.  Enjoy the delightfully decadent desserts by Martine’s, Tinker’s Cakes, and Catering by Donna Potter.   And, sumptuous savory dishes by Season’s Catering, Louisiana Passion, the Hilary J. Boone Center and more! Lexington’s first Bollywood-themed event will showcase creative artistry in all the details as art will be auctioned, music will be made, and participants will enjoy an evening of fun entertainment. Local wineries, distilleries, and breweries will provide their finest for tastings, and a variety of musicians, dancers, artists, and interactive surprises throughout the evening all ensure a lively, artful and elegant ambience. Our silent and live auctions will feature week-long stays in vacation homes, personally catered dinner parties, travel packages, sporting and event tickets, Keeneland boxes, and other unique and one-of-a-kind items!   The incredible

art auction alone will include over 75 original works of art from painters, jewelers, sculptors, photographers, and the work of other fine artists and craftspeople.     H’Artful of Fun is the premier event of the winter. EVENT DATE: February 9, 2012 TIME: 7 – 11 PM LOCATION: Alltech Arena, Kentucky Horse Park North Exhibit Hall, 4089 Iron Works Parkway, Lexington TICKETS: $65 in advance, $80 at the door; $85 VIP ticket (1 drink ticket + hand printed, limited edition event poster by Cricket Press); $700 table for 8 (includes eight drink tickets + eight special event gifts)  Get your tickets now at www.LASCLEX. org, by calling 859-252-5222, or at Joseph Beth Booksellers!   All proceeds benefit the Living Arts & Science Center, a not-for-profit organization that provides programs and services to over 40,000 Central Kentuckians each year.   H’Artful of Fun benefits the many creative and educational art and science exhibits, classes, workshops, and community events presented year-round for children and adults of all ages by the Living Arts & Science Center (LASC), a not-forprofit organization.   In addition, the Living Arts and Science Center partners with numerous community agencies, public schools and organizations to provide free hands-on arts activities at community events and programs and classes for special needs and at-risk students.  

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Tired? Fatigued? Low Sex Drive? Weight Gain? No Energy?

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It’s a new year; you’ll have another birthday and so will we! PLEASE CELEBRATE OUR BIRTHDAY WITH US!

Thursday, February 7 from 5-8 p.m. H’ors d’oeuvres and Beverages Provided Over $5000 in Door Prizes RSVP

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40509 Properties SOLD ANDOVER FOREST DR 1000, $475,000

LARKHILL LN 4740, $210,779

ANDOVER VILLAGE DR 701, $287,500

LARKWOOD DR 460, $101,500

ASPEN ST 1221, $107,900

LOGANS FORT LN 4417, $315,000

CHELSEA WOODS DR 416, $68,090

PATCHEN WILKES DR 2326, $236,000

CHERRY MEADOW PATH 3116, $343,500

RED LEAF DR 276, $265,000

CRUSADERS WAY 2511, $87,500 DONNINGTON CT 512, $246,646 DUNHILL LN 2205, $192,500 FALLING LEAVES LN 2032, $199,900 FOREST HILL DR 628, $190,000 FOXGLOVE PT 4766, $205,508



Concours d’Elegance gives to Kentucky Children’s Hospital

ROUNDWAY DOWN LN 3084, $172,500 SANDHURST CV 1736, $280,745 SANDHURST CV 1764, $289,900 SEWANEE LN 3152, $140,000 STARRUSH PL 4120, $210,487

HARDWOOD RD 3769, $199,900

STARRUSH PL 4129, $262,497

HAYS BLVD 317, $49,000

STONEWOOD LN 2327, $138,570

HORSEMINT TRL 3685, $494,895

TELLURIDE CIR 1224, $163,000

JANE BRIGGS AVE 200, $315,000

TELLURIDE CIR 1236, $96,720

LARKHILL LN 4736, $186,819

VILLAGE GREEN AVE 984, $255,000

Accepting the check from the Keeneland Concours d’Elegance on behalf of Kentucky Children’s Hospital are, from left, Erich Maul, DO, hospitalist, Kentucky Children’s Hospital; Joseph B. Zwischenberger, MD, 
chairman, Department of Surgery and professor of Pediatrics; Carmel Wallace, MD, associate professor of Medicine in the Division of Pediatrics and chief of the Division of General Pediatrics; and Michael Karpf, MD, executive vice president Health Affairs. Co-chairs Connie and Tom Jones, right, presented the check on behalf of the Keeneland Concours. Photo courtesy of Keeneland Concours/

On Nov. 16, The Keeneland Concours d’Elegance presented a $25,000 check to support the Kentucky Children’s Hospital infant simulator program. The check represents the first of a three-year commitment to fund the purchase of three infant simulators for the pediatrics department. Physicians, medical students and other healthcare providers will use the simulators to train in treating pediatric conditions. Tom and Connie Jones, co-chairs of the Keeneland Concours d’Elegance, presented the check to Erich Maul, DO, assistant professor, Pediatrics at University of Kentucky College of Medicine and hospitalist, Kentucky Children’s Hospital; Joseph B. Zwischenberger, MD, chairman, Department of Surgery and professor of Pediatrics; Carmel Wallace, MD, associate professor of Medicine in the Division of Pediatrics and chief of the Division of General Pediatrics; and Michael Karpf, MD, executive vice president Health Affairs. “We’re grateful for the ongoing support from the Keeneland Concours d’Elegance that will help improve healthcare for the children of Kentucky,” said Dr. Zwischenberger. “The Concours has become a top event in Central Kentucky and we thank everyone who plays a part in making it happen.”

Kentucky Children’s Hospital has been the beneficiary of the Keeneland Concours since the first event in 2004. “We’re proud to support the efforts of Kentucky Children’s Hospital, and everyone who attends and volunteers makes it all possible,” said Tom Jones, co-chair of the Keeneland Concours. The 10th annual Keeneland Concours d’Elegance is scheduled for July 18-21, 2013, when the featured marque will be Mustang, in anticipation of the 50th anniversary of its introduction. The Keeneland Concours d’Elegance showcases the finest in automobiles and the attractions of Central Kentucky as each year more than a hundred exquisite examples of automotive history from across the U.S. gather on the lush grounds of the Keeneland Race Course. The event draws thousands for this one-of-a-kind experience unmatched in the collector car community. Activities include a Bourbon Tour, Hangar Bash and the Tour d’Elegance of scenic Kentucky back roads. Proceeds benefit the Kentucky Children’s Hospital to help bring better healthcare to the children of Kentucky. For more information, visit

January 2013

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Komen Lexington moves into the new year with new coordinator, address Lexington, KY Susan G. Komen Lexington would like to ring in the new year by welcoming Natasha Milby as the affiliate coordinator. Milby will be responsible for the administrative work as well as some of the financial data input.

$1.9 billion since inception in 1982. As the world’s largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists, we’re working together to save lives, empower people, ensure quality care for all and energize science to find the cures.

Thanks to events like the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® and the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure®, and generous contributions from our partners, sponsors and fellow supporters, we have become the largest source of nonprofit About the Susan G. Komen funds dedicated to the fight against for the Cure ® Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, the breast cancer in the world. For more global leader of the breast cancer information please call 859.368.7133 movement, has invested more than or visit The Komen Lexington Affiliate will also be moving offices. The new address is 324 N. Ashland Ave., Lexington, KY 40502. The doors will be open January 7, 2013.

January 2013

Kentucky Round-Up coming to horse park Event features Michael Montgomery concert

The Kentucky Horse Council will host the Kentucky Round-Up, a new family event featuring horse fun, learning and interaction on February 2 at the Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park. Kentucky Round-Up also includes an evening concert by country music star John Michael Montgomery. The event has been designed to provide families with no horse involvement to be around horses, learn about their personalities, grooming, safety, and horse sports that kids can be involved with. In addition, those who already ride horses will find advanced speakers, clinicians, vendors and demonstrations for their interest. Also taking place at the Kentucky Round-Up is the fourth annual International Safety Symposium, sponsored by, attracting attendees and speakers from around the world. In the evening, well-known Kentucky country music artist John Michael Montgomery will be in concert in the arena, with the Danny Frazier Band as the opening act. Between the daytime activities and the concert, the Kentucky Horse Council will hold its annual members’ awards banquet to recognize outstanding industry contributors and volunteers.

“Kentucky Round-Up is a way for the horse council to address an issue which all of agriculture faces,” commented Anna Zinkhon, president of the Kentucky Horse Council board. “Less young people today are comfortable around horses and other livestock because the family farms are disappearing. Getting the kids ‘off the couch and into the barn’ not only introduces them to the wonder of horses, but also has tremendous character and health benefits.” “We also hope to take these same families out to horse activities and farms throughout the year,” said Ginny Grulke, executive director of the Kentucky Horse Council. “This is not just a oneday experience, but a continuing pathway to the horse.” For more information about Kentucky Round-Up, visit www.kentuckyroundup. com. Admission: adults - $10 in advance, $15 day of show; kids 12 and under free. (Complimentary tickets for youth and community groups is available by contacting the Kentucky Horse Council office at or at 859/367-0509). Concert: adults/kids - $25 in advance, $30 at the door. Location and Parking: Alltech Arena. Times: Demos, Clinics and Speakers – 9 am to 5 pm. Concert – 7 pm.

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December 2012

December 2012

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December 2012

December 2012

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December 2012

What parents think ... Foundation for a healthy Kentucky releases parent survey results One new year’s resolution that should be on every parent’s list is to talk to their kids about health related issues in 2013. Parents have more influence in a child’s development than anyone else, and discussing their views on health helps to shape their child’s behavior. The Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky released results from its Kentucky Parent Survey about how often parents talk to their children about certain health issues. The survey found that:

step-parents, grandparents, foster parents or other legal guardians of children in Kentucky.

• More than half (53%) had shared their views on smoking or tobacco use with their child often or all the time.

Overall, the Kentucky parent survey provides a snapshot of parental views on a number of issues including health care, school and home life. The final parent survey will be released in late January and will include data from parents on the high school dropout age issue

The survey was conducted in July and August by the Center for Survey Research at the University of Virginia. More than 1,000 parents and guardians of children under 18 from throughout the state were interviewed by phone. The survey has a margin of error of plus 3 percent.

• Nearly two in three (62%) of parents with older children said they discussed their views on drug use often or all the time during the past year. • Just one in five (21%) of parents of older children said they had discussed their views on birth control with their child often or all the time during the past year. “This is a new year’s resolution that parents can keep,” said Susan Zepeda president and CEO of the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky. “Talk to your children about your views on dating and substance use and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.” Studies show that parental monitoring and engagement can deter children from unhealthy behaviors and help improve their academic achievement. The Kentucky Parent Survey also asked parents about spending time with their kids and how they learn to be good parents. Additional Kentucky Parent Survey highlights reveal: • About one in three parents (33%) said they had played a sport, played a physical game or exercised with their child on 5 days during the preceding week. • More than half (54%) reported watching television with their child on at least five days during the past week. • Nearly half (48%) indicated they eat meals together as a family every day (national average is 46%). • About two in three (67%) said their child was responsible for completing a household chore on at least five days during the past week. • Eight in 10 parents (80%) said they spent at least 20 minutes talking with their child each day during the week prior to the survey. • The main places where Kentucky parents turn for information on parenting are the mass media (30%); their

parents, family and friends (27%); and the internet (21%). • When asked where they would look for information to keep their child healthy or to help him if he is sick, the main places named were health professionals (47%); the internet (25%); and their parents, family, and friends (17%). “Raising a child is important, challenging work, and it is a job that we believe Kentucky parents are committed to doing well. The Kentucky Parent Survey shows that majority of parents are engaged in their child’s life — sharing meals, watching television and talking,” noted Zepeda, “but parents were a little less likely to report playing actively with their kids. Perhaps we should all resolve to be more physically active with our kids and have a little more fun in 2013.” The Kentucky Parent Survey assessed the views of parents,

The first survey report was released in September. All reports, released to date, are available on our website at www. About the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky The Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky is a non-profit, philanthropic organization working to address the unmet health care needs of Kentuckians. Our approach centers on developing and influencing health policy, to promote lasting change in the systems by which health care is provided and good health sustained, to: • improve access to care, • reduce health risks and disparities, and • promote health equity. The Foundation makes grants, supports research, holds educational forums and convenes communities to engage and develop the capacity of the commonwealth to improve the health and quality of life of all Kentuckians. For more information, please visit

December 2012

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Come play at the Jan. 6 Tracing Bodies For the month of January, we’ll explore health related activities. First up, laying down on BIG pieces of paper to trace our bodies and then coloring them in! Open 1:00pm - 5:00pm daily. Free with admission!

Jan. 8 Tracing Bodies For the month of January, we’ll explore health related activities. First up, laying down on BIG pieces of paper to trace our bodies and then coloring them in! Open 1:00pm - 5:00pm daily. Free with admission!

Lil Bookworm Club The Very Hungry Caterpiller Find out what happens to the very hungry caterpillar when he eats too much junk food in this Eric Carle classic! For grades PreK - 1st. Free with admission!

10:30 AM to 11:15 AM at the Book Nook.

Baby Explorers - Birds on the Loose! In this class we’ll take to the sky! Make your own soft and fuzzy bird craft and enjoy storytime with the StoryTeller! This session is designed to help your little one explore texture, color, and animal recognition. For ages 9 months - 2 years. Free with admission! 10:30 AM to 11:15 AM in the Kaleidoscope Room.

Jan. 10 Tracing Bodies For the month of January, we’ll explore health related activities. First up, laying down on BIG pieces of paper to trace our bodies and then coloring them in! Open 1:00pm - 5:00pm daily. Free with admission!

Mini da Vinci’s - Healthy or Not We’re going to look at pictures of food to discuss if

they are healthy for you or not. The bonus? You get to color and keep these pictures! For ages 2 - 4 years. Free with admission! Drop-in Activity. 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM at Wonder Woods.

Jan 12 Art Workshop - Gargantuan Mono Print Mania Get ready to stretch! In this classic printing workshop we’ll make our own mega sized mono prints! Session Content: Geometry, color theory, composition, and scale. $5 per child for non-members, $3 per child for members. 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Imagination Station - Pantry Play Take a look inside the Explorium’s Healthy Eating Pantry! Can you sort different food items in the correct food groups? Free with admission! 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM at Imagination Station. Continued on page 22

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January 2013

KHS launches UK Tour on phone app The Kentucky Historical Society (KHS) launched its “ExploreKYHistory” smartphone application this summer with a statewide Civil War tour. Now the University of Kentucky (UK) tour is available. The history of the University of Kentucky is intimately connected to the Commonwealth’s past, present and future. To commemorate that history, UK and KHS created the UK Senior Challenge Historical Marker Project in 1994. The program allows each graduating senior class to leave a memorial to the university by creating a special historical marker that notes important people and places affiliated with the history of the university. Each year a UK historical marker committee picks a topic, raises funds for the marker, researches and writes the text, and works with KHS to produce the marker. The UK tour on “ExploreKYHistory” is composed of the 19 special historical markers on campus dedicated to people and places including Adolph Rupp, Stoll Field, Memorial Hall and WBKY-WUKY. Based on the Kentucky Historical Marker Program, the smartphone app connects Kentucky communities by combining historical markers, related items in the KHS collections and user-submitted images and stories into mapped points of interest. Related historical markers across the Commonwealth are then grouped together into tours. The Kentucky Historical Marker Program, administered

by KHS in cooperation with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, tells Kentucky’s story through the people, places and events that have shaped local communities across the Commonwealth. These markers highlight the importance of place in Kentucky’s collective history, in order to build strong communities for the future. The markers are on-thespot history lessons that make connections between history, place and historical evidence housed in the Commonwealth’s many historical organizations. Through the program, Ken-

tucky’s history is made accessible to the public on markers along the state’s roadways. The Explore Kentucky History smartphone application is available free at iTunes and Google Play. Users who have already downloaded the app will have immediate access to the UK tour and previously released Lincoln, Civil War and War of 1812 tours. Regional tours are set to be released soon. Visit for more information.

January 2013

Midway College adds two new sports to athletics program Midway College will soon be expanding its athletic offerings. Both archery and golf will be added as varsity sports for the fall 201314 season. Athletics at Midway is offered for the women’s college students. Archery will be added in the spring 2013 semester as a club sport. By fall 2013 the college will be a member and participate in the United States Collegiate Archery Association program. Golf will be a varsity sport within the NAIA/ KIAC for the 2013-2014 academic year. “Our athletics program is extremely important to us,” said Dr. Robert Vogel, interim president. “Midway currently has 160 athletes that participate in 10 sports within the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletics Conference, Intercollegiate Horse Show Association and Intercollegiate Dressage Association. Our student athletes make up nearly 70 percent of our residential population, a statistic that

shows our commitment to intercollegiate athletics and the development of our students.” “Archery and golf are two sports that increase the comprehensive nature of our athletics program and keep us in step with the trends emerging in participation in sports by young women,” said Athletic Director Wendy Hoffman, adding that “golf has been very popular at the high school level in Kentucky and archery has just been recognized by Kentucky middle and high schools as a varsity sport this year.” Forty-six percent of Midway’s athletes are drawn from out of state to Midway for their education and to be part of our athletics program. Also Midway currently has international students from five countries participating in athletics. The college is currently recruiting coaches to manage both programs and recruit students. Complete job listings and details can be found at www.

Sunday, January 13, 2013 3:00 pm | Lexington Opera House Tickets: $14 Adult, $8 Child Visit the fantastical world of Dr. Seuss with LexPhil’s Two By Seuss family concert. Kids of all ages will love the delightful musical renditions of


Sponsored By:

Operating Support All Lexington Philharmonic programs are made possible through the generous support of LexArts. The annual Fund for the Arts has raised millions of dollars to support the visual, literary and performing arts in Lexington.

The Dupree Initiative is an investment in the artistic vision exemplified by LexPhil.

The Kentucky Arts Council, a state agency in the Tourism, Arts, and Heritage Cabinet, provides operational support funding for the Lexington Philharmonic with state tax dollars and federal funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, which believes that a great nation deserves great art.

Hamburg Journal8 21

22 Hamburg Journal

January 2013

Come play at the Continued from page 19

Jan. 12 Tracing Bodies

Baby Explorers Bake-able Counting

For the month of January, we’ll explore health related activities. First up, laying down on BIG pieces of paper to trace our bodies and then coloring them in! Open 1:00pm - 5:00pm daily. Free with admission!

Let’s practice counting by decorating our cookies to take home and bake. From colors to counting we’ll make a take-home activity and read “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”. This session is designed to help your little one practice counting, shapes and color grouping. For ages 9 months - 2 years. Free with admission! 10:30 AM to 11:15 AM at the Kaleidoscope Room.

Jan. 13 Senses Books We’ll put together a sketch book to explore our five senses! Open 1:00pm - 5:00pm daily. Free with admission! Open Art Studio.

Jan. 15 Lil Bookworm Club Skeleton Hiccups Learn about the different bones and their functions in this fun, educational book! For grades PreK - 1st. Free with admission! 10:30 to 11:15 AM at the Book Nook.

Senses Books We’ll put together a sketch book to explore our five senses! Open 1:00pm - 5:00pm daily. Free with admission! Open Art Studio.

than just moms! Caregivers are welcome to drop off little ones from ages 3 to 5 years of age for this fun care center that lets you get things done! Children must be potty trained, and bring a packed snack. Registration required. $15 per child for non-members, $12 per child for members. 9 am to noon at the Explorium.

Jan. 17 Mini da Vinci’s - Healthy Foods Can you fill the cupboard with healthy foods? For ages 2 - 4 years. Free with admission! Drop-in Activity 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM at Wonder Woods.

Jan. 19 Senses Books

Jan. 16 Mother’s Day Out

We’ll put together a sketch book to explore our five

This fun enrichment program is designed for more

sion! Open Art Studio.

senses! Open 1:00pm - 5:00pm daily. Free with admis-



January 2013

Tuesday, January 1 New Year Hike at McConnell Springs Bring the whole family out to McConnell Springs on Jan. 1, and start your new year out on a healthy note. Participants will take a short hike and enjoy all the sights and sounds that can be found during the winter months at the nature park. This program will be cancelled in

Hamburg Journal8 23

lebrities Anna Trebunskaya & Jonathan Roberts conceived and choreographed by Dancing with the Stars’ Louis Van Amstel! This critically acclaimed, dazzling production is highlighted by stunning costumes, magnificent music and breathtaking performances by Dancing With The Stars pros, So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol finalists. Length “Ballroom With A Twist” plays

ning costumes, magnificent music and

mission. Act One runs approximately

breathtaking performances by Dancing

one hour. Act Two runs approximately

With The Stars pros, So You Think You

fifty minutes. Age Recommendation PG-

Can Dance and American Idol finalists.

13. For the consideration of all patrons,

Length “Ballroom With A Twist” plays

children on laps and/or babies in arms

in two acts with a 15 – 20 minute inter-

are not permitted at Broadway Live pre-

mission. Act One runs approximately

sentations. (859)233-4567. 2 and 7 p.m.

one hour. Act Two runs approximately

at Lexington Center.

fifty minutes. Age Recommendation PG13. For the consideration of all patrons,

Monster Jam

children on laps and/or babies in arms

2 p.m at Rupp Arena

are not permitted at Broadway Live pre-

sentations. (859)233-4567. 2 and 8 p.m.

Monday, January 7

at Lexington Center

RC and the Nightshades This group of veteran musicians came

in two acts with a 15 – 20 minute inter-

Monster Jam

at 11 a.m.

mission. Act One runs approximately

7:30 p.m. at Rupp Arena

Wednesday, January 2

fifty minutes. Age Recommendation PG-

UK Men’s Basketball vs. Eastern Michigan

13. For the consideration of all patrons, children on laps and/or babies in arms

Contra Dance with caller Barbara Ramlow and band Footbridge

HOME game: 6 p.m. at Rupp Arena

are not permitted at Broadway Live

8-11 p.m. (Beginner lesson 7:30-8:00

Red Barn Radio: Mike Mitchell

presentations. (859)233-4567. 8:00 p.m.

p.m.). ArtsPlace, 161 N Mill St.

at Lexington Center

$8 adults; $5 students and first-timers.

Cost is $8. Time: 7 pm at ArtsPlace /

the event of threatening weather. Starts

Thursday, January 3

one hour. Act Two runs approximately

Call for information at 859-552-5433.

Saleem Tha Dream Entertainment Presents: New Year, New Laughs.

Nellie McKay Live at Natasha’s

LexDance: Lexington Traditional Dance

You should know that Nellie McKay is


In celebration of the new year, comedian

hard to categorize. She’s done Brecht

Joe Deuce hosts an evening showcasing

on Broadway, opened for Lou Reed at

January 6, 7, 13, 14

together in September of 2012 to simply have some fun playing songs they love. Come & check them out! Cover: $5. 859.259.2754. 9 pm at Natasha’s Bistro.

Wednesday, January 9

161 North Mill Street

Thursday, January 10 Bluegrass Heritage Museum 2nd Thursday Program Ron Elliott, historian and author, will

Carnegie Hall, sung Woody Allen movie

Learn to Irish Dance!

songs at the Hollywood Bowl, per-

Children 5-17. First lesson is free. Janu-

to the brim with fun and laughter, as

formed on A Prairie Home Companion,

ary 6 & 13, 2013 4-5pm. January 7 & 14,

well as some of the most entertaining,

duetted with Eartha Kitt and Triumph

off the wall, and unexpected comedians

The Insult Comic Dog, played Hilary

the Lexington area has to offer. Make

Swank’s sister on the big screen, paid

your reservations now, as this event is

tribute to Doris Day, and released three

sure to pack the house. Food and drinks

wildly acclaimed albums of original

are available throughout the night so

music. Come and check her out. Call for

come on out, eat, drink, and laugh until

table reservations. $30 day of show. $25

it hurts!859.259.2754. 9 p.m. at Natasha’s

online.859.259.2754. Doors 6 / Show 8

Bistro & Bar.

p.m. at Natasha’s Bistro & Bar.

lebrities Anna Trebunskaya & Jonathan

UK Women’s Basketball vs. Florida

Saturday, January 5

by Dancing with the Stars’ Louis Van

HOME game: 7 p.m. at Memorial Coli-

Broadway Live Presents: Ballroom With A Twist

Amstel! This critically acclaimed, dazzling production is highlighted by stun-


Featuring Dancing with the Stars’ Ce-

ning costumes, magnificent music and

lebrities Anna Trebunskaya & Jonathan

breathtaking performances by Dancing

Friday, January 4

performances are at 8 pm, Sunday per-

Roberts conceived and choreographed

With The Stars pros, So You Think You

formances are at 2:30 pm. Show playing

Broadway Live Presents: Ballroom With A Twist

by Dancing with the Stars’ Louis Van

Can Dance and American Idol finalists.

January 10-13, 18-20, 25-27. 8:00 pm

Amstel! This critically acclaimed, daz-

Length “Ballroom With A Twist” plays

Th,Fri,Sat, 2:30. Carriage House Theatre.

Featuring Dancing with the Stars’ Ce-

zling production is highlighted by stun-

in two acts with a 15 – 20 minute inter-

Continued to page 28

some of Lexington’s best in stand-up comedy. The evening is sure to be filled

2013 4:30-5:30pm. Ky McTeggart Irish Dance Studio. 3519 Lansdowne Drive. Visit to register.

Sunday, January 6 Broadway Live Presents: Ballroom With A Twist Featuring Dancing with the Stars’ CeRoberts conceived and choreographed

discuss his book on Franklin Runyon Sousley, one of the raisers of the flag on Iwo Jima. Program is free. Doors open 6 p.m. Refreshments. Building is handicapped accessible. 6:30 p.m. at Bluegrass Heritage Museum, 217 S. Main Street in Winchester, Ky.

Jazz Live at the Library: The Higgins Brothers Cost is free. 7 p.m. at the Lexington Public Library - Central Library,

Southern Comforts By Studio Players. Tickets are $11 for students and $19 for adults. Packages available. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

24 Hamburg Journal

January 2013

Monster Jam to make four FREE appearances Take a look in advance of Rupp Arena shows Jan. 5 and 6 Some of America’s most beloved touring Monster

Rap Attack

Trucks will make special pit stops in and around

Friday, January 4, 2013 from 2-6 PM

Lexington prior to the wildly popular show at Rupp Arena on January 5 & 6.

Advance Auto Parts Store 8280 1221 US Hwy 127 S, Frankfort

Approximately 12 feet tall and about 12 feet wide,

Mechanical Mischief

monster trucks are custom-designed machines that

Friday, January 4, 2013 from 2-6 PM

sit atop 66-inch-tall tires and weigh a minimum of 10,000 pounds. Built for short, high-powered bursts of speed, monster trucks generate 1,500 to 2,000

Advance Auto Parts Store 8110 1911 Bypass Rd, Winchester

horsepower and are capable of speeds of up to 100


miles per hour. Monster trucks can fly up to125 to

Friday, January 4, 2013 from 2-6 PM


Advance Auto Parts Store 8180

Feld Motor Sports℠ announced that tickets for

1317 Versailles Rd

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam®, the world’s

Lexington, KY 40504

premier monster truck series, are now on sale.

130 feet (a distance greater than 14 cars side by side) and up to 35 feet in the air. To get an up close view of these mechanical superstars as well as meet their drivers see appearance info below.

WHERE & WHEN: Please note that all appearances are subject to change. Most recent listing as of 12/27/12.

Monster Mutt Rotweiller

Monster Jam events are affordably priced for the whole family with seats starting at $5 for Kids and $25

Friday, January 4, 2013 from 3-7 PM

for Adults. Tickets are available at all Ticketmaster


Outlets, the Rupp Box Office or by calling 1-800-745-

499 Indian Mound Rd., Mount Sterling, KY


January 2013

Central Baptist first in state to receive SCPC Atrial Fibrillation Certification Central Baptist Hospital has received full Atrial Fibrillation Certification status from the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care (SCPC).

Hamburg Journal8 25

CBH is the first healthcare facility in Kentucky to receive this certification and is one of only 12 programs in the country to earn the honor. Atrial fibrillation (A-Fib) is the most common cardiac arrhythmia and has become recognized as a health concern that in some cases can lead to stroke and possible  death.  

in atrial fibrillation,” said Central Baptist Hospital President & CEO William G. Sisson. “We are committed to not just maintaining a nationally recognized standard of care, but consistently improving so that the cardiovascular health of our patients can improve.”   Central Baptist Hospital has demonstrated its expertise and commitment to quality patient care by meeting   or exceeding a wide set of stringent criteria and undergoing a comprehensive review by an accreditation review specialist from the SCPC.

Nearly 3 million patients in the United States have A-Fib, and the numbers are rapidly increasing as the population ages. “We are pleased to receive this important certification that recognizes   our expertise

Central Baptist’s protocol-driven and systematic approach to patient evaluation and management allows physicians to reduce time to treatment and to help patients to decrease their length of stay in the emergency department and the hospital.


Where your pet is treated like family 116 Hud Rd., Winchester, KY, 40391 (Only 10 minutes from Hamburg) • 859-744-5656

M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sat. 8 a.m. to noon


We’ve got you covered See us for all your insurance needs– auto, home, business, life and health.

2721 Old Rosebud Road next to My Favorite Things 859-335-0237 •

26 Hamburg Journal

January 2013

January 2013

Hamburg Journal8 27


... small town feel

WMA Internal Medicine and Pediatrics has moved Visit Our New location at 2424 Sir Barton Way, Ste 125, Lexington, KY 40509

Some of the Services We Provide: • Infant Nursery Care • Infant Check Ups • Well Child Exams • Preventive Medicine

• ICU Admissions • Nursing Home

• Two Clinic Locations

• Sports Physicals

• St. Joseph East Hospital Affiliates

• Same Day Sick Visits

• Se Habla Espanol

Now Accepting New Patients

• Late Appointments Available

(859) 263-1280

28 Hamburg Journal

Thursday, January 10 Steel Magnolias Rose Barn Theater presents Steel Magnolias. Tickets: $10 in advance, $15 at the door (if available). Time: 8:00 pm. EKU Center for the Arts, Richmond

UK Women’s Basketball vs. Texas A&M HOME game: 6 p.m. at Memorial Coli-

adults; $5 students and first-timers. Call for information at 859-552-5433. LexDance: Lexington Traditional Dance Association.

Saturday, January 12 A Las Vegas Evening Among Friends with Donny Osmond We are thrilled to announce Donny Osmond will be performing at St. Mark


Catholic Church, 608 West Main Street,

Friday, January 11

From 6:00 p.m. until midnight. It will

Steel Magnolias Rose Barn Theater presents Steel Magnolias. Tickets: $10 in advance, $15 at the door (if available). Time: 8:00 pm. EKU Center for the Arts, Richmond

in Richmond, on Saturday, January 12. be a Las Vegas Evening Among Friends – and only 400 tickets will be sold. Doors open at 6 p.m. for the gambling to begin and Donny will perform at 8 p.m. Following the show, gambling will

Steel Magnolias

Steel Magnolias

Rose Barn Theater presents Steel

Rose Barn Theater presents Steel Mag-

Magnolias. Tickets: $10 in advance, $15

nolias. Tickets: $10 in advance, $15 at

at the door (if available). 8 p.m. EKU

the door (if available). 3:00 pm at EKU

Center for the Arts, Richmond

Center for the Arts, Richmond.

The Bats

Tuesday, January 15

Bringing together the eight diverse talents known as The Bats has netted a

UK Men’s Basketball vs. Tennessee

genre that can best be described as caba-

HOME game: 7 p.m. at Rupp Arena

ret meets rock and roll. .. and everything in between. The five feisty women and

Wednesday, January 16

three very brave men of this distinctive


group embrace many musical styles with

Outstanding original material delivered

the material ranging from comical to

by four musicians who know the roads

poignant. In total the “Bats experience”

by heart. Jim Gleason brings guitar

is unique, smart, fun, lively, refreshing,

mastery and intuitive energy. Rex Hart

and most of all entertaining. Tickets

brings creative and compelling percus-

must be purchased though the Box

sion. Ricky Baldwin brings his solid-flu-

Office, Monday- Friday, 10am-4pm. 859-

id precision bass. And Tom Green brings

259-2754. 859.259.2754. 8 pm. Natasha’s

remarkable songs, written across state

Bistro & Bar

lines in every direction. This Oldsmo-

be available until midnight. Tickets are

UK Hockey

The Brotherhood

$125 per person, and participants must

UK vs University of Toledo Tickets:

Tickets: $10, $15, $20. Contact: 502-352-

be 18 years or older. Since there are a

$7 Doors open at 11:30 pm, seating is

7469. 7:30 pm at The Grand Theater,

limited number of tickets available –

general admission Time: Midnight at


400 – guests are advised to purchase

Lexington Ice Center.

The Nude Opening Preview Party The Nude exhibition celebrates the human form in contemporary visual art. Preview party-goers enjoy a first glimpse of this anticipated exhibition, refreshments, heavy hors d’oeuvres, live music, performances, and more. Tickets are $40, or $30 for LAL members. (859) 254-7024 Time: 6:00 p.m. at Loudoun House.

UK Hockey UK vs University of Toledo. Tickets: $7. Doors open at 11:30 p.m. Time: Midnight at Lexington Ice Center.

Contra Dance with caller Jim Vogt and open band (pick-up musicians welcome)

January 2013

their tickets early. Tickets are available online at www.saintmarkcatholicchurch. net. Contact: Reverend James W. Sichko (859) 338-5467. 6 p.m. St. Mark Catholic Church.

Gregory Turay Presented by Multigram productions. Time: 7:30 p.m. Haggin Auditorium on the campus of Transylvania University

Jam Brunch: LexJam Acoustic Cafe Open jam session with Brunch. Rock, blues, pop, country, jazz, ambient. Basics provided (drum kit, congas, keyboard,

UK Men’s Basketball vs. Texas A&M HOME game: 4 p.m. at Rupp Arena

Sunday, January 13 2nd & Broadway With only 3 members, 2nd & Broadway

Cost is $8. Time: 7 pm at ArtsPlace / 161 North Mill Street.

Thursday, January 17 STOMP 8pm at EKU Center For the Arts

HOME game: 7 pm at Memorial

Lumineers, and The Black Keys. With 3 part harmonies and complex dynamics


to their songs, you’re guaranteed to enjoy

Friday, January 18

every minute! Cover: $10. 859.259.2754.

New Century Chamber Orchestra fea-

8 p.m. Natasha’s Bistro & Bar

Featuring music from Dr. Seuss’ be-

ists are invited to sign-in and sit in. If

loved Green Eggs and Ham and Gerald

you have charts, bring them! Acoustic

McBoing Boing. 859-233-4226. 3 pm.

859.259.2754. Natasha’s Bistro & Bar.

Red Barn Radio: Acoustic Burgoo

you of bands like Mumford & Sons, The

On-stage group evolves as players/vocal-

ArtsPlace, 161 N Mill St, Lexington.$7

Natasha’s Bistro & Bar.

have fullest sound possible reminding

guitar and bass amps, sound system.)

set from 11am-3pm. FREE Admission.

there. Cover: $7. 859.259.2754. 9 p.m. at

UK Women’s Basketball vs. Mississippi State

Lexington Philharmonic - Two By Seuss

8-11 p.m. (Beginner lesson 7:30-8 p.m.).

bile is a classic, and it’s built to get you

Lexington Opera House. Tickets are $14 for adults, $8 for children.

turing Nadja Salerno-Sonnenburg The concert will feature Romanza for Violin & String Orchestra, an edgy, highintensity three-movement opus written with Salerno-Sonnenberg in mind, by composer William Bolcom. Other works to be performed include Symphony No. 10 in B minor (Mendelssohn), Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 (Villa Lobos), and

January 2013 Midnight at Lexington Ice Center

at Lexington Ice Center.

UK Women’s Tennis

UK Men’s Tennis

HOME match: UK vs. Morehead State

ITA Kickoff Weekend HOME match vs

UK Hockey

(10:00 am) and UK vs. Belmont (6:00

Michigan State

UK vs Penn State University Tickets: $7

pm). Boone Tennis Complex / Lexing-

Time: TBA. Location: Boone Tennis

Doors open at 11:30. Time: Midnight at

ton, KY


Sunday, January 20

Metamorphosen (R. Strauss). Tickets range from $28 - $55. 8:00 pm. Newlin Hall at Norton Center for the Arts.

Lexington Ice Center.

UK Women’s Gymnastics

Chamber Players

UK Winter Dance Concert: Loud & Clear

HOME vs. Arkansas. Time: 7pm

Time: 3pm at Singletary Center for the

Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for stu-

Arts recital hall

dents. Doors open at 7 pm, show starts


at 7:30 pm. Time: 7:30 pm at Guignol

10am MOMS Club of Lexington-East

Hepcats Swing Dance

Monthly Meeting at Crossroads Chris-

It Don’t Mean a Thing, If It Ain’t Got

tian Church. Visitors are welcome.

That Swing! Get hep to the jive and

Theatre, Fine Arts Building. or 1-859-955-0056 for

Swing Shift Latin/Contra boogie woogie on down to Natasha’s and Dance Festival with caller experience the original swing dances Vicki Herndon and band and music of the 1930’s and 40’s big band BoomChuck

more information.

swing-era! You’re welcome to bring your

6:30-11 p.m. Latin dance lesson 6:30.

dancing shoes and join the Hepcats on

Contra dance lesson 7:30. Contra dance

the dance floor - or just enjoy watching

at 8. ArtsPlace, 161 N Mill St. Call or

20th Anniversary African American Ball

the dancers with their flashy footwork,

visit web site for admission. 859-552-

dips and tricks and high flying aerials.

5433 or

20th Anniversary of the African Ameri-

Cover: $5. 1 pm. Natasha’s Bistro & Bar.

LexDance: Lexington Traditional Dance

MOMS Club is a support group for area at-home moms. Contactmomsclublex-

Saturday, January 19


can Ball at the Embassy Suites. 7:30pm.

UK Men’s Tennis Harlem Globetrotters

11 am - vs Northern Kentucky 5 pm - vs

Saturday, January 26

From tip off till the final whistle, FUN

Morehead State. Time: 11 am and 5 pm

Lexingon Ballet’s Cinderella

for the whole family! NEW in 2013 -

at Boone Tennis Complex.

Time: 8pm at EKU Center For the Arts

“You Write The Rules” The Globetrotters

UK Hockey

“You Write The Rules” lets YOU decide

UK Women’s Basketball vs. Auburn

the new rule we add to Globetrotters

HOME game: 2pm at Memorial Coli-

$7 Doors open at 11:30. Time: Midnight

basketball, a rule that could affect the

seum. Location: Memorial Coliseum

at Lexington Ice Center.

Rupp Arena

Wednesday, January 23

UK Men’s Basketball vs. LSU HOME game: 4 pm at Rupp Arena.


Red Barn Radio: Custom Made Bluegrass

The O-Zone is a mystical place a place in

Cost is $8.7 pm at ArtsPlace / 161 North

UK Men’s Tennis

the musical daydream of Paul Osborne,

Mill Street.

ITA Kickoff Weekend HOME Match vs

new world tour show puts you in charge.

outcome of the game!!! Time: 7 pm at

where you can find a magical musical

UK vs Lindenwood University Tickets:

Texas & South Carolina

entity with whom you can escape the

Friday, January 25

day to day drudgery of Jazz in Lexing-

Stirfry Musette

ton and find a “fresh, live approach” to

Tickets: $10, $15, $20

UK Swimming and Diving

the genre! Cover: $10. Time: 9 pm at

Time: 7:30 pm at The Grand Theater,

HOME meet: UK vs. Louisville

Natasha’s Bistro & Bar


Time: TBA

UK Hockey

UK Hockey

UK Hockey vs Penn State University

UK vs Lindenwood University Tickets:

Tickets: $7 Doors open at 11:30. Time:

$7 Doors open at 11:30. Time: Midnight

Swing Shift” Latin/Contra Dance Festival with caller Vicki Herndon and band.

Time: TBA at Boone Tennis Complex.

Hamburg Journal8 29 BoomChuck Saturday, January 26, 2013, 2-11 p.m. Latin and contra dance workshops afternoon, potluck dinner 6, open waltz at 7, contra dance lesson at 7:30 and contra dance at 8. Russell Acton Folk Center, 212 Jefferson St., Berea. Call or visit web site for details and admission. Information: 859-552-5433 or http://swingshift. Contraire Dance Association

Sunday, January 27 UK Women’s Basketball vs. LSU HOME game: 3:00 pm at Memorial Coliseum.

Monday January 28 Big Blue Slam (UK vs. FL) Blood Drive 10 am - 6 pm at Singletary Center’s President’s Room

Tuesday, January 29 Big Blue Slam (UK vs.FL) Blood Drive 10am-6pm at Singletary Center for the Arts President’s Room No Website

Wednesday, January 30 Big Blue Slam (UK vs.FL) Blood Drive 10am-6pm at Singletary Cener for the Arts President’s Room

Thursday, January 31 Big Blue Slam (UK vs.FL) Blood Drive Time: 10am-6pm at Singletary Cener for the Arts President’s Room

Catch Me If You Can Based on the hit DreamWorks film and the incredible true story that inspired it, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN is the highflying, splashy new Broadway musical that tells the story of Frank W. Abagnale, Jr., a teenager who runs away from home in search of the glamorous life.(859) 2334567. 8 pm Lexington Opera House

30 Hamburg Journal

January 2013

Athens Schoolhouse Antique Show turns 25 Holiday open house scheduled for January 11, 12, 13 The Tradition Continues, now in our 25th year, at the historic AthensBoonesboro School. Athens Schoolhouse Antique Shows feature thousands of square feet of antiques and collectibles under one roof. Athens Schoolhouse Antiques’ monthly show features the region’s most discerning dealers displaying everything from American and European furniture to vintage handbags and accessories all under one roof with a beautiful historic setting, easy parking and an expansive, organized space. The show has been bringing buyers and sellers together for 25 years. Hundreds of Vendors The show carefully screens its vendors to ensure only the best receive coveted space in our historic schoolhouse. Deal-

ers are offered the ability to reach many prospective buyers at one show. The shows also offers shoppers a wide variety in vendors so it is truly a win-win situation! Convenience The show is conveniently located in the heart of the bluegrass just east of downtown Lexington. The show makes a great excuse to visit the beautiful thoroughbred countryside or take in a game at the University of Kentucky. Selection and Quality At each show, you will find a high quality of antiques and collectibles as well as reputable vendors who know their antiques. You can spend the day strolling through aisle after aisle of antique furnishings, artwork, one-of a kind collectibles and much more.

The Back Door Café — Eat while you Antique! The cafe is well known for offering a mouth-watering lunch menu. The cafe offers the popular open-face, pulled pork sandwich and many other assorted soups, sandwiches and homemade desserts at affordable prices. Spend the day or the weekend at the show. This is a truly exciting adventure

with unexpected finds from Colonial period antiques to Depression era vintage. Mid-century modern, fine art, pottery, architechtural finds, quilts, textiles, oriental rugs, fasion and much more can be found. The show will be held Jan. 11, 12 and 13; Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from noon until 5 p.m.

Continued to page 31

January 2013

Hamburg Journal8 31

A New You for the New Year A

Photo by: Earlane Cox

Julie E. Swindler, M.D. Board Certified Bariatrician

IT’S It’s Time TIME Now NOW Home of Lexington’s only board certified Bariatricians

(859) 263-SLIM (7546) Julie Swindler, M.D. Donald L. Cundiff, M.D. 2716 Old Rosebud, Suite #160 Lexington, KY 40509

Non-Surgical Medical Weight Loss

s traditional as the Times Square

have weight loss surgery, those thinking

ders, and others. These conditions

ball drop, and kisses at midnight,

about it, or those who have had various

often go undetected and untreated in

New Year’s resolutions happen the mo-

weight loss surgeries. Knowledge of

a non-medical weight loss program.

ment we wake up the next morning.

the most up to date techniques makes

When these conditions are controlled

Although these promises are vast, the

these physicians uniquely equipped to

and improved, often medications can be

majority center on improving health

help individuals whose diet and exercise

weaned down or discontinued to save

and wellness for the upcoming year.

regimens have led to frustrating past

hundreds of dollars in medication costs.

The unfortunate truth is that for every


Decreased medical conditions means decreased visits to physician offices or

100 people making resolutions, only 40 will try to keep them in January, and

They create a comprehensive program

hospitals, and can save you thousands of

that number decreases to 18 people six

of nutrition, exercise, lifestyle modifi-

lifetime healthcare dollars. Your current

months later. If you overloaded your

cations and, when indicated, the pre-

medications and medical history will also

body with sugar this past holiday season

scription of appropriate medications.

be reviewed to look for factors inhibiting

thinking of your upcoming promise,

Bariatricians also look at your medical

weight loss that could be adjusted.

your stats may be worse since that sugar

history, medications, and labwork for

loading increased your body’s hormone

potential metabolic or biochemical

If you’re ready to finally keep your New

insulin levels that increases cravings

reasons for weight gain. Then they teach

Year’s resolution for non surgical weight

and hunger. Add to that January food

about behavioral, psychological, and

loss, we are pleased to announce that

deprivation and a boost in metabolism

nutritional ways to reach weight loss

Lexington now has a valuable resource.

from new exercise, and you’re left with

goals. Basically, they design individual-

Dr. Swindler and other physicians at

intense hunger and worsening odds

ized weight loss plans. Plans are then

Medical Bariatrics of Lexington are

each year. To help combat these chal-

modified as weight loss progresses, and

Lexington’s only board certified baria-

lenges, many individuals seek the help

then individualized maintenance plans

tricians and have helped over 11,000

of a bariatrician.

are taught to keep the weight off.

patients lose over 450,000 lbs. They are located in Hamburg and are ready to

Bariatricians are physicians specialized

Bariatricians are also trained to treat

help you lose weight, feel better, and live

in the causes, prevention, and treatment

multiple obesity related complications

a healthier happier life affordably. For

of obesity in non surgical techniques.

that need monitoring such as diabetes,

questions, call (859) 263-SLIM(7546) or

They work with patients needing to lose

high blood pressure, high cholesterol,

learn more about them at www.lexing-

10lbs to 350lbs who have no desire to

low thyroid, depression, sleep disor- .

Initial Physician Consult!

Only $19

Includes: Physician Consult, Review of Medical History, & Body Composition Analysis

(859) 263-SLIM (7546)

Its Time, Now!

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January 2013

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Hamburg Journal January 2013  

Lexington Kentucky lifestyle magazine

Hamburg Journal January 2013  

Lexington Kentucky lifestyle magazine