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I am working on Mobile Business company which is provide SMS service, WAP service, MMS service and everything about mobile we can do. Today I would like to talk about mobile business strategy that's you suppose to know. Road map if you want to success on this business. Strong Technically This part explains to the core of business. That's the same to another business. If you do some business, you must UNDERSTAND on it deeply. You can not sell car if you don't know the speed, color, air bag, wheel, GOA body, etc... You can't sell house if you don't know the architecture, infrastructure, where the place close to, etc... Yes this is the answer why you need to know the deeply core on mobile business. Strong Idea Mobile business can be success if you have new idea to adapt the technical side to marketing side. How can you make money over business? Yes, you need to think I have some idea to sharing. If you have SMS interactive which is you can send SMS to voting, chatting,etc.. You can adapt it to use over website. I believe most of website wants to get money more. I have to success with partner about sharing file they use my SMS and get more of money a month. They just notice user if you want to download this file, please send SMS to get password, verify and then you can download. Strong Connection Connection is important for marketing team. You can get many projects in a week. Strong Partner Partners are important to generate money. You can get many partners because they have

different connection. For example, if you get CRM Company, you can brief them to use SMS over their client. That's easy for CRM company to explain with client and you get traffic = money A Business can help another business together. Strong Maintenance This part most of people don't care but I very care on it. After you get partner, get traffic and get money. You must be take care on your partners, clients by email to talk, email to ask some feedback and email to explain the new strategy or anything you can contact them. That's helpful them to trust you when they have some issue, they can ask you frankly.

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==== ==== Hello : Check out This Hot Mobile Business Strategy! ==== ====


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