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I was recently looking for the best hairloss treatment to help with my hair regrowth. My hair began thinning when I was 21, and progressively started to thin more and more and I knew I had to do something before it was too late.   I did many searches online and but found it difficult to find an unbiased review of any products since most people are trying to sell it, so I wrote this unbiased Provillus review of my experience. I have always been a skeptical person especially when it comes to hair regrowth, or hair thinning treatments. When I started searching I had no intention of purchasing any products, I simply wanted info. I found a Provillus review that I knew was real and the results the guy showed were enough to convince me to at least try a month's worth of the product. The cost was $49.95 shipped right to my door within a about 4 days I believe. Within the first couple of weeks I did not see much difference. I know that it takes longer than a few weeks for any of these products to work. After the first month I definitely noticed some small changes so I thought I would opt into the 2 free months that Provillus offered me.   After the first month I was very much more eager to keep going especially after speaking to others about about what they thought was their best hair loss treatment. After month two I definitely saw results and was happy to notice that my thinning had completely stopped. I am not saying that I grew a full head of hair, but I noticed there was no hair in my brush when I combed my hair, and I certainly noticed some minor thickening in some areas, which made me very happy. As for side effects, I chose Provillus because it was described as a natural product and contains the FDA approved ingredient minoxidil. I haven't experienced any side effects, except for when I first started, my scalp got a little dry. I fixed that though by using a lubricating shampoo, and have had no other problems at all. If you are looking to try it out I hope you found my Provillus review helpful. Provillus uses ingredients that are FDA approved so I don't think there would be any major problems.  

To read more factual information on this product click Hair Thinning Treatment. Another great thing is that this hair loss treatment product is for men and women. This Hairloss Treatment is also available free for 2 months for men and women if you choose to opt in for it.

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==== ==== Hello : This Is The solution To Baldness !! The Answer To Your Pray!! ==== ====

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