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Black Pug Software is committed to writing cloud足based software applications for the Boy Scouts. Our firm is comprised of three partners, each with many years of experience in both Information Technology and the Boy Scouts. We are combining those passions to write software that is powerful, affordable, easy to use, and maintenance free for scouting organizations of all sizes.

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Camp Reservation System (CRS)

Camp Reservation System maximizes the return on your year round camping facilities by bringing web based reservations to your customers. • Increase your demographics through online reservations • Real time availability searching • A better reservation experience for your customers Camp Reservation System also provides complete reservation lifecycle management including customer support, accounting and reconciliation. • Allows your staff to see the facility reservation big picture • Improves customer service • Provides trending and reporting that help you grow reservation revenue • Integrated accounting capability for better financial control We strongly believe the capabilities of our software will help enhance the scouting experience of all your units. Additionally, our home page puts your facilities on the map. This exposes your sites to new markets and enables potential campers to read reviews left by previous campers. We've priced this product to be affordable to councils of every size. Contact us for additional details.

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Prepared For Excellence (PFE)

Prepared For Excellence enables your units, districts and councils to better manage their Journey to Excellence. Our software was designed to allow units to track their progress on the go by providing smartphone access. Changes are saved in real time, allowing units to work on their journey when it is convenient for them. This also enables real time data tracking of unit progress, allowing districts and councils to proactively engage units to help meet goals. • No more Excel spreadsheets • Enables multiple user access • Optimized for mobile devices • Real time tracking of unit progress throughout year • Free for units • District and council level reporting from data entered by units. No more manual data re-entry! Prepared For Excellence enables your units, districts and councils to succeed in their Journey To Excellence by simplifying the process. We will be launching the product in 4th quarter 2011 at We are providing the services to districts and councils free of charge for charter year 2011 with a planned $0.1 0 per unit per year charge. That's only $1 0 for 1 00 units! Contact us for additional details.

For further information contact Steve at: (614) 365足1600

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