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Sources of radiation danger

Contrary to popular belief, one does not necessarily have to live next to a nuclear plant to face radiation danger.. This was proven the case when the radiation from the Japan reactors was expected to blow in the wind over thousands of miles and reach the West coast. Luckily this did not happen . Apart from nuclear plants there are other sources of radiation including uranium deposits , and radon gas. So it is important that you understand potential radiation sources in your geographical region . One of the things that people don’t realize is that nuclear radiation risk can result from terrorism and not simply from unsafe nuclear plants. Since 911 the government has stepped up efforts to protect nuclear plants in the US .However the government has to be right 100% of the time while terrorist have to be right just one time to cause immense danger and terror. Terrorists can attack nuclear plants and cause emission of radiation. They can also put together loose nuclear materials for what has been called a “dirty Bomb”. Some of the nuclear material from former USSR are still unprotected and available in the black market. While the US government has made it a major priority , to secure all loose nuclear materials, the jobs is far from completion. All the terrorists need is a briefcase of such as “dirty bomb” to cause chaos and pandemonium across the globe. Lets we forget most of the nuclear plants in the US are quite old and some are in need of repair. After Japan, the US is evaluating which of these nuclear plants require repairs. The older and dilapidated these plants are- the more they post a potential nuclear or radiation disaster. There are also dangers from actual nuclear weapons . There are still tensions in the Middle East for example between Israel and Iran both of which have nuclear weapons. So there is an actual threat of a real nuclear war that still looms over the world. And don’t forget the threat of nuclear warfare from North Korea. S While many people think that it cannot happen – they simply forget that it has already happened- in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

There are many household items that are made from radioactive materials or emit radiation. . Here are some of them- Smoke detectors, micro waves, lanterns and even spark plugs. Indeed some household

items can actually become mildly radioactive. For example food can be exposed to high levels of radiation and become unsafe. In some cases food is irradiated to kill bacteria and parasites. While this is a good thing , and food is usually tested for safe radiation levels – the potential risk is still there. Many items which are shipped together can be exposed to radiation either in the container or even warehouses. People who are exposed to radio active materials can also pose radiation risk

So while we may not be able to live in a bunker , or inside a mountain , line our homes with lead or stock up on tonnes of food and water – in readiness for the looming radiation rangers , there are some steps one can take. One of which is to have a radiation detection devices that can warn us of radiation danger . Learn more and see prices of the Radiation Alert MONITOR4 Analog-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector

Sources of radiation danger