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Dosimeter for radiation detection.?

One of the positive things that emanated from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster is that manufacturers started to look into developing more compact, easier to use and affordable radiation detection devices and dosimeter for personal use. Previously these could only be found in major government and private sectors laboratories. However many of the detectors in the market have come from Russia and Ukraine. Of course they are not in English – and so hardly useful for English speakers. Many people in the West – out of concern – are now interested in these devices. However there has been little information on what features to look for and or what fair prices are. There are stories of people who have paid hundreds of dollars more that they should for some of these devices- some of which are not in English. There are many reasons to own a radiation detector including the fact that some few these devices are quite cheap. One of the best radiation detectors is the Radiation Alert MONITOR4 Analog-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector. Product Features Radiation detector used to check levels of potentially harmful ionizing particles and rays in the environment and in objects such as particle accelerators, x-ray shielding, and industrial gauges Detects ionizing radiation types such as alpha and beta particles, and gamma rays and x-rays Dual-scale analog meter with needle-point display of counts per minute (CPM) and milliRoentgen (mR) per hour Three selectable operation ranges of X1, X10, and X100 for adjustment when peak mR levels are met Red, flashing counter and a beeping noise indicate each ionizing radiation increase event

One of the best things about purchasing a radiation detector device such as the Terra Dosimeter is that they can last a long time – over a decade and still work remarkably well. All one needs is to check the batteries and change them occasionally .

One would be well advised to own a personal radiation detector such as the ever popular Nuka Alert. Not only would it alert you if you and or your family were in danger but you could also be the first one in your community to notice the high radiation levels and alert your neighbors. It also helps for individuals to do all they can to protect themselves before awaiting the government. We all heard the horror stories of how the Japanese government dealt with the nuclear damage. There were alleged to have kept information under wraps in order not to “alarm’ people. Many governments fail to act promptly when faced with disasters. Take the case of Hurricane Katrina and the slow government response. It is also clear that some of the local emergency response services may not have the equipment such as dosimeters and otehr radiation detection devices or training that they need to deal with nuclear disasters- and or radiation emergencies- especially with all the budget cuts.

Learn more adn see prices of the Radiation Alert MONITOR4 Analog-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector

Dosimeter for radiation detection  
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