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Leisure Annual Report 2010/11

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Working together for the people of Herefordshire

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Halo at a Glance... Did you know...

Last year there were over 1.4million visits to halo Centres across the county. 386,000 visits were made to our gyms or group exercise classes. Over ½ million visits were made by visitors taking a dip in our pools. Over 23,000 people took to the green at the halo Golf Course based at Hereford Leisure Centre. 140,000 visits were made to our outdoor facilities – the All Weather Pitches or outdoor tennis courts. Over 300,000 visits saw local people enjoy our indoor racket sports or indoor sports hall facilities. 1



Here’s some information about us... is best known for running sport and leisure facilities throughout the county on behalf of Herefordshire Council. As well as two centres in Hereford, there are two in Leominster, two in Ledbury, two in Ross and one in Bromyard.

Work Out... More than just the gym!

Helping Herefordshire get Healthy…

Wind Down...

The halo Spa at Hereford Leisure Pool offers treatments such as holistic and sports massage. We even have a We work with health care Whilst many of our customers resident Physiotherapist professionals across the visit us to train in the gym, there is based at Hereford Leisure county to bring local people a much more to each halo Centre Centre. Or you can head range of services to help them than that. Across our Centres, you to Ross and Ledbury enhance their health. This will also find group exercise classes, Swimming Pools to included a smoking cessation swimming pools, indoor and outdoor enjoy a sauna. scheme to support those who activities on our sports courts and wanted to quit and get fit and pitches and a nine hole golf course. There an exercise referral scheme are also cafes at both Hereford sites and through local doctor Leominster, and even a library and Council surgeries. Information Centre in Bromyard.

More than just Herefordshire! In addition to the services we deliver at our own Centres, we share our expertise with sports and leisure facilities such as thePoint4 at The Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford, The Severn Centre in Highley, Shropshire and Wincanton Sports Centre in Somerset.

As well as our everyday services, we engage with the community to offer specialist activities for babies and toddlers, people with disabilities and people aged over 50.

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2010/11 The economic instability that pressured us last year has remained a key issue not only to us, but across the leisure sector and also to our major funding partner, Herefordshire Council. The challenges of the year were balanced by a number of new and exciting projects.

Highlights: Our success in gaining accreditation from professional bodies has continued; all of our Centres are rated ‘Highly Commended’ or ‘Excellent’ by Quest, the leisure sectors equivalent of OFSTED. We maintained our Flagship Social Enterprise Status - the only one in Herefordshire and one of just five in the West Midlands. We are also a recognised investor in People. We continue to work to maintain a positive working environment for our staff. Our annual staff survey told us that 91% would recommend halo Leisure as an employer to a friend and that 85% are proud to work for us. We reviewed our internal communications systems with staff and have a number of improvements planned for the next financial year. We are still working hard to reduce our energy consumption by 20% across the organisation, and are on track to do so. Our income figure for the last financial year was £6,452,158, slightly down from £7,020,000 the previous year (following a reduction in the management fee from Herefordshire Council). Usage of all sites ended on 1,404,597. We strengthened our collaborative approach with Herefordshire Council and the nHS/Primary Care Trust by delivering a number of health and wellbeing initiatives on their behalf. This included the ‘Quit and get Fit’ smoking cessation campaign and running summer activities for children across the county. Our continued success and growth would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of everyone at halo. i am grateful to each member of staff, as well as members of the Board, for their commitment and delivery of great service that allows the people of Herefordshire to live a healthier lifestyle through participating and enjoying physical activity on offer in halo Centres.

Jon Argent, Chief Executive 3

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Social Enterprise? Throughout our literature, we often discuss our status as a Social Enterprise. It’s a term that’s becoming more common, but many of our customers are unsure of what it actually means and more importantly, how it benefits them.

halo trades for social purposes. We are a registered charity and ‘not for profit’ organisation. halo has no shareholders. The money we make is ploughed back into the facilities. This allows us to keep our costs low and offer outstanding value for money across Herefordshire. Basically, when you hand over your hard earned cash to halo, we will largely reinvest this so you are helping to sustain leisure activities for everyone across the county to enjoy – from babies in the ‘Swim-A-Song’ session, to toddlers at Gym Tots to 50+ group exercise classes. Other well known examples of Social Enterprises include The Big Issue, Divine Chocolate and Jamie Oliver’s restaurant chain, Fifteen.

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We are very proud to hold Flagship Social Enterprise Status. As one of only five Social Enterprises in the West Midlands - and the only one in Herefordshire - to be awarded this, we have received recognition for the work we have done to develop leisure opportunities across the county. We are Social Enterprise Mark Holders, which is representative of the work and good practice we demonstrate. 4

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Great activities for young people aged 6 – 16

Stop Smoking Ser vice


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What’s on? New! Halo’s ‘Get Active’ summer pro gramme Free swimmi ng Lessons Kids Camp at Hereford Leisu re Centre

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As a Social Enterprise and Community Leisure Trust we are passionate in our belief that everyone should be able to join in a wide range of activities, regardless of their circumstances. During the year 2010-2011 we worked with a growing number of external partners to make this belief a reality. As well as the activities we offer at our Centres and the individual users and groups we welcome through the doors week in week out, we regularly go out on the road to attend and host events. Here we meet with communities and organisations, informing them of what we do and discussing the benefits of taking part in sport and leisure.

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Our major funding partner, Herefordshire Council, has assisted us in developing links with a wide range of groups across the local community. In addition to this, funding has been secured from non-council funded organisations and bodies, enabling us to build new links and develop exciting projects. Here are some examples of how our work as a Social Enterprise really benefits the wider community.

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for a healthier body


20 minutes Your blood pressure and pulse return to normal 24 hours Carbon monoxide will be eliminated from your body 48 hours No nicotine left in your body. Your sense of taste and smell are greatly improved 3 days Your breathing becomes easier and your energy levels increase 2-12 weeks Your circulation improves and exercise can be easier and more enjoyable


Customer Ad

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Widening Participation We recognise the importance of increasing opportunities for Herefordshire people to participate in sport and leisure. However, we understand there are often barriers preventing them from doing so. In 2010-11, we joined local and national partners to engage with specific groups in the local community. Here’s some examples of the partnerships we’ve formed, and more importantly, how they have benefited the community!

The Learning Disability Development Fund

Local adults with learning difficulties enjoyed swimming lessons and dance mat group fitness classes as part of an innovative exercise initiative between halo Leisure and Marshfields Day Care Centre. Thanks to funding from the Learning Disability Development Fund, staff at Leominster Leisure Centre encouraged members of Marshfields to get moving and mobile. “Everyone got something out of these sessions” said Greg Davies, Swimming Coordinator. “Although most of the adults had used the pool before, it was great to see their confidence and enjoyment of the water grow. Staff also worked with the carers and helpers, giving them hints and tips on making a trip to the pool pleasureable and safe.”

“We were delighted to work with halo in finding exciting and innovative ways to increase exercise opportunities for individuals attending Marshfields, and we are delighted with the results,” said Sean Ladd, Inclusion Manager at the Marshfields Centre. “The dance mat sessions have engaged those who have attended and provided them with a real opportunity to challenge themselves. One participant enjoyed the session so much the only way to end it was to turn the power supply off! Exercise is a vital part of all of our lives and these sessions have inspired a number of participants to be more active than before. The swimming sessions have increased the fitness of those taking part but for one participant it has benefited her by increasing her interaction with others.” Penny Southwood, Community Partnership Manager at halo Leisure said, “At halo we are committed to providing opportunities for everyone in the community to be active. In some cases there can be increased barriers for people with a disability to access public facilities. As a result they miss out on the chance to be healthy, make friends and become part of their community. Working with Marshfields helped us to understand how we can encourage more people with disabilities to enjoy halo facilities across the county.” Halo joined forces with SCOrE to produce a fitness DVD helping people with learning disabilities to get fit and active.

Fit Kit DVD

The adults spent 12 months working with a fitness team from halo Leisure to create the DVD which features easy to follow exercise routines. The FREE Fit Kit DVD was distributed to hundreds of people with disabilities in Herefordshire – giving them a chance to increase their fitness levels at their own pace in the comfort of their own home.

Rosie Wooderson, SCORE Service Manager, said: “This project has created such confidence and self esteem for those involved, as well as improving the fitness levels of SCORE members. The Fit Kit DVD can help all people with learning disabilities get more active we’re delighted to help them take that step towards a healthier lifestyle.” The Fit Kit CD and DVD project was made possible by generous funding from the Learning Disability Development Fund. Derek Wilding, Fit Kit team member, said: “i feel i have achieved something. it’s great exercise and i’m proud to be part of the team.” Penny Southwood, Community Partnership Manager at halo Leisure said, “We hope that building up their confidence by exercising in the security of their own homes will encourage them to continue to keep fit with halo Leisure and take part in activities they have never had the opportunity to do before such as gym, group exercise classes, swimming, golf, indoor bowling, racket sports, team sports etc.”


change 4 life

and get Active: A HUgE campaign that ran throughout the summer of 2010. Children joining in with halo activities and choosing healthy snacks at our cafes and vending machines were rewarded with Change4Life goodies and prizes. The Get Active programme encouraged children throughout the county to try new and exciting activities that they may not have had the chance to experience before, such as martial arts and dance classes, dodgeball, tchukball, cricket and youth circuits. Over 400 young people joined in and had a great time, as did the many halo Instructors and Coaches who supported the young people during the project. “Dance mats were a really effective method of getting children more active,” said Penny Southwood, Community Partnerships Manager at halo. “They combine the young person’s affinity with modern technology and computer games with a fun and effective way to get in shape. Healthy activity should never be boring, but many young people have this perception. The dance mat sessions prove them wrong!”

Living Well We all know that in a society of convenience and temptation, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge. halo’s Community Partnerships Officer ran a scheme to support young people who found themselves struggling, which was in turn affecting their health. Activities included sports and group exercise classes, as well as outdoor trips. In addition to promoting healthy lifestyles, halo worked with the young people to help develop their confidence and self-belief as they gained knowledge and understanding about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.


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Lemar is a make or break athletes. Hugo The costs of training can really it wasn’t for waves throughout the sport. if young swimmer who is making on top of ship ly struggle to afford a member halo Elite, Hugo would probab bership mem e Elit rt and accommodation. His the costs of club fees, transpo and gym the into n in the pool, but get has enabled him to not only trai nger ning methods, making him a stro trai ss cro benefit from additional learnt to “i o. Hug said ” nts, eve of my last six competitor. “i medalled in each a lot.” por t they are giving me means swim in halo pools, so the sup

Tasha Webster is a Power Walker who competes for the UK, and is definitely one to watch in the future. “halo Elite is an amazing scheme,” she said. “it’s a really good way to encourage local talent.”

And the winner is... We support local events which celebrate local people and their achievements. As well as sponsoring the Health Champion Award at the annual Pride of Herefordshire Awards, we also support the Herefordshire ts Spor ts Awards as they reward local spor ts effor and ents evem achi people for their throughout the year.

Here at halo, we are really proud of the achievements of all of our Elite Members, and look forward to supporting more local heroes in the future.


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As well as our two sites in Hereford, we can be found in market towns across the county... The Bromyard Centre

Leominster Leisure Centre

We enjoy a really unique set up in Bromyard. Our Leisure Centre sits within a council run facility that is a real community hub; there’s a Library and Tourist and Council Information Centre where local people can do anything from pay their council tax bills to pick up a bus timetable. The halo facilities offer a gym, indoor racket sports courts and sports pitches and group exercise classes, as well as Personal Training and beauty therapies.

Less than a mile away at Leominster Leisure Centre, we share part of our facilities with Earl Mortimer College. We’ve got a great gym there, where we are able to offer Personal Training services in addition to our gym programmes. Our cafe takes care of centre users grabbing a smoothie after their workout as well as parents waiting for their children, who are often enjoying swimming lessons in our impressive main or teaching pools. There are indoor and outdoor courts, as well as an exciting group exercise programme; including the hugely popular indoor cycling which takes place in a dedicated Spin studio.

Bridge Street Sports Centre Over in Leominster, we have two centres. Bridge Street is your place to go for a wide variety of activities, from cricket and tennis to outdoor football, netball and hockey to name but a few. Bridge Street also boasts a fantastic indoor bowls facility, which is used regularly to host competitions and as a training base for the Commonwealth champion! There is also an extensive group exercise programme, offering everything from Bootcamps to Zumba workouts. You can also hold functions and events in our meeting and conference rooms.


Hereford Leisure Centre Our largest site, Hereford Leisure Centre is known to just about everyone in the county! We have a massive range of things to do for customers of all ages. From Gym Tots to 50+ mobility sessions. Many people visit us for lunch in the halo cafe or enjoy a drink with their friends following their workout or game. Indoor and outdoor courts and pitches are used by clubs and individuals, as is our outdoor athletics track. Our nine hole golf course is available to casual users and members, who can also book golf lessons with our resident Golf Pro. The gym is the largest of all our Centres, and also offers Personal Training.

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Although we’re more about people than buildings, halo is equally committed to providing first class facilities to all of our customers. It’s been a time of change this financial year for a number of our sites. In addition to the makeovers at Ross Swimming Pool last year, we were finally able to begin long overdue maintenance work at Hereford Leisure Pool (see below). In addition to this work, work commenced on the sauna at Ledbury Swimming Pool.

Case Study Hereford Leisure Pool Just south of the river and close to the city centre, Hereford Leisure Pool boasts a 25m lane swimming pool, teaching pool, diving pool and large fun pool with a slide and wave machine. There’s also a spa, where customers can relax in the Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. The halo cafe caters to the needs of customers, whether they are grabbing a quick bite or meeting friends for lunch. As well as a gym, there is an outdoor putting green and the only grass outdoor tennis courts in the county overlooking the River Wye, which are great fun and popular during the summer. 2011/2012 will see a £3million refurbishment programme at this Centre – read more about this on the ‘Looking Ahead’ section on page 16.

Ross-on-Wye Swimming Pool and Sports Centre South of Hereford in Ross-on-Wye, we have two great facilities for the community. Our swimming pool welcomes people of all ages through the doors every day and also offers a gym facility, enabling customers to enjoy an all round service. Our group exercise programme continues to grow, meaning members get even more activities to enjoy. The sauna continues to be popular. Down the road at The Sports Centre, we hire out the pitches to clubs such as Ross Cricket Club.

Ledbury Swimming Pool and Leisure Centre Over in Ledbury, our swimming pool is popular with families, children at pool parties or at swimming lessons and with adults who enjoy the lane swimming. The gym at Ledbury also offers Personal Training, and we have a great group exercise programme that members and our casual members can get involved in. The sauna at Ledbury was also refurbished recently, ensuring customers enjoyed an improved facility. We share the leisure centre facilities with John Masefield High School, and our customers can book indoor and outdoor courts for a wide range of sports. We host children’s parties and offer group exercise classes too!

Herefords Leisure Pool was built in the 1970s and has seen thousands of families and individuals visit it for a swim and a workout. However, after more than 35 year’s service, it’s in need of some TLC! “The good news is that in partnership with Herefordshire Council, we were able to begin the long overdue maintenance work, starting with an update to the plant room,” says Jon Argent, halo Leisure’s Chief Executive. “Over the next two years more than £3 million is being invested in a major refurbishment programme.” This will build on the work that started during 2010/2011 and will bring lots of benefits to visitors whether they are swimming or working out: A more comfortable main swimming area with new lighting and air handling. A new village changing area offering swimmers greater privacy with more changing cubicles, dedicated family changing areas and new showers and lockers. New larger changing facilities for those in the gym or group exercise classes. Fresh interior design, new wall tiles and flooring in the spa.


An Efficient and Sustainable Environment good energy management is at the heart of sustainable leisure facilities. Energy bills contribute to our largest costs. Across all nine sites, we consume 11,200,000 kWh of gas and 3,085,000 kWh of electricity per year. Following our investment in 2009/10 of £111,000 to reduce carbon and energy costs throughout our facilities, with an investment from Herefordshire Council to support this, we are recording significant progress in meeting environmental reduction targets from local and central government. We are well on track to reduce our carbon footprint by more than 20% in the coming years. We also began talks with Sharenergy a not-for-profit Co-operative, about the possibility of installing one of the county’s first and largest community owned solar (roof panel) arrays at our Bridge Street Sports Centre. This has the potential to provide low cost electricity to the Leominster based centre with excess going to the national grid. This could save approximately 22,400kg of carbon dioxide every year. Andrew Talbot, halo’s Head of Technical Services said, “This is the next important step for us in our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. Our customers will also benefit, as we will have lower priced electricity and greater security on our energy bill, helping to ensure our services stay affordable and accessible for everyone.”

On the Quest to deliver Outstanding service As part of our commitment to delivering outstanding service we subscribe to a nationally recognised and leisure specific external quality scheme, Quest. Think of it as the Leisure equivalent of OFSTED. This year, Hereford Leisure Pool was assessed and scored 85%, resulting in an impressive ‘Highly Commended’ grading. Overall, the average score across halo is 83% and we are delighted that all of our Centres are ‘Highly Commended’ as a minimum, with two of them accredited as ‘Excellent’.


Do Tell! We work hard to continually improve these Quest scores, and use feedback from our customers to make sure we are moving in the right direction. Customer feedback is something we take very seriously, and as well as customer surveys and forums, our Tell! system is in place throughout each Centre, enabling Centre users to tell us about their experiences. if you would like to join one of our customer forums, please speak to the Duty Manager at your local halo Centre. During 2010-2011 we had almost 2000 comments from our users. 60% of these were compliments, enquiries and requests. The remaining feedback was mainly customer suggestions on how we can enhance our services further. As a result some of our policies, procedures and ways of operating were reviewed and amended accordingly.

People Here at halo, we value our staff as much as our customers. We strive to provide a positive working environment. The annual staff survey results for 2010 confirmed that as an organisation we are more than achieving this. 91% would recommend halo Leisure as an employer to a friend. 85% are proud to work for us. 92% of staff enjoy their job. We began a number of people related projects in 2010/11, including: A review of payroll procedures to improve control and efficiency of staff costs. In partnership with local provider Riverside Training, Modern Apprentices have been offered to staff at halo Sites. Graduate Internships were offered in partnership with Worcester University at our Centres and at our Support Centre.

“i’m learning so much from working here at halo. Everything from administration to customer care is covered, and i’m really valuing my time with the organisation!” Apprentice

Adult Safeguarding briefings have been conducted at sites, meaning staff have received up to date training and awareness of dealing with vulnerable adults. A review of our internal communication systems took place, with improvements planned for 2011/12 based on the feedback from staff in all roles.

Developing Potential As an Investor in People, we positively support the provision of learning and development opportunities and firmly believe that the quality of our staff performance directly affects the quality of the service we deliver to our customers. We invested in our staff by supporting a range of Continuing Professional Development opportunities including: The ongoing development of our supervisors and managers is important for succession planning. This was actioned through professional development opportunities, and demonstrates our commitment to the highest standards of professional leadership now and in the future. In support of this, two managers achieved Masters Degrees in Business Administration and Human Resources at Distinction Level. The National Pool Management Qualification and NVQs in Team Leadership and Management have been delivered to Duty Managers. Health and Fitness at halo has seen much investment in development of our teams. We’ve introduced Personal Training to our customers, which helps our staff develop their professional skills, as well as the service we offer to members. Industry specific training to support our accreditation to the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). Work shadowing allows the sharing of good practice and experience. This is really effective in growing the team of Group Exercise Instructors. We secured funding from the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) to provide our Swimming Teachers and Coaches with accreditation to the Register of Aquatic Professionals (RAPs). halo continues to meet all of its obligations to keep statutory qualifications current and our customers safe. This is demonstrated in the training delivered in First Aid at Work, Paediatric First Aid, EPIPEN (in partnership with St John Ambulance), Safeguarding, Conflict Management, RLSS UK National Pool Lifeguard, and Automatic External Defibrillation (AED) in partnership with Hereford and Worcester Ambulance Service and Pool Plant Operator qualifications. Customer Service and Sales Training for front of house teams. NVQ provision in Business Administration, Hospitality and Catering and Sport and Active Leisure has also been offered.


Business Support Commercial partnerships have continued to be a success; halo offered the benefit of its experience to fledging leisure operators thePoint4 at The royal national College for the Blind (rnC) in Hereford and The Severn Centre in Highley, Shropshire. in addition to this, iCT support is a service we provided to Wincanton Sports Centre in Somerset. We are pleased to be able to tailor the range of services and consultancy support we offer to these organisations, enjoying positive and mutually beneficial relationships that we aim to develop further. halo used the expertise of its staff to help community organisations to improve the quality of their operations and service, for example by offering consultancy advice and guidance on topics such as Change Management.

halo Leisure Enterprise Limited Our specialist Workplace Asset Management IT solution for the leisure industry – or as we call it, WAM – continued to be developed and enhanced, resulting in an increase in interest. We are now able to boast over 100 Leisure Trusts as customers who are using WAM to improve the health of their asset activity and performance.

“We have been using WAM at our leisure centres for the past three years. It has given us a really user friendly system to record faults and defects on our assets. The audit trail facility allows us to give hard evidence to the auditors regarding the resources that are required to run the maintenance department for the next financial year. WAM has also improved communication with our contractors. We can email work schedules directly to them so they are fully aware of what we expect of them. The Planned Preventive Management (PPM) module has proved hugely beneficial in cutting down on paperwork associated with asset management which can be very document intensive. Monitoring the progress of allocated work, defects repairs etc. is much more efficient using WAM.”

“The WAM system is easy to operate and navigate even for ageing engineers who do not possess brilliant computing skills. Gone are the days of sifting through months of paperbound maintenance schedules and reports.” Brian Doe Technical Manager Slough Community Leisure

nigel McLinton | DWT Technical Services Manager Education, Sports and Culture Sport Division St Helier, Jersey


Communications 2010/11 saw brand development continue with a number of awareness building and promotional campaigns. The thinking behind all marketing activity is that if local people aren’t aware of halo they can’t be interested in it! As an increasing number of people in the county take an active interest in leading a healthy lifestyle, more and more people joined halo. Membership sales continued to remain strong throughout the year, in spite of the tough economic climate. The outstanding value for money of our prices and the variety of activities you can enjoy at halo resulted in a total of 6,615 sales across our membership categories (up from 6,142 the previous year), with around 10,000 subscriptions across our sites. We began our development of Social Media Marketing, using Facebook and Twitter to converse with our customers and members of the public, discussing everything from amendments to pool opening times to exciting new projects and last minute availability on group exercise classes. We continue to develop and promote new and existing health and wellbeing initiatives to engage the local community and our members, through the halo Guide, PR, outreach work, media liaison, e-communication, advertising and onsite promotions.


Health and Fitness

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reaching Out Links with Herefordshire Council and the Primary Care Trust (PCT) enabled us to offer services and opportunities to members of the local community who don’t traditionally take part in physical activity and had been difficult to previously reach.

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The ‘Get Active’ programme for children across the county in summer 2010 was a great success with over 400 children having a go at activities from a huge programme of events. They saw the benefits, from our activities and rewards scheme (as detailed in the Community section). It was an ambitious project that relied on our teams throughout our Centres to pull together, and they did so brilliantly to offer lots of fun activities which proved to often difficult to reach target groups that healthy living can be fun - just look at our dance mat sessions! We were also able to further develop our Smoking Cessation Programme, with the support of the PCT. halo staff were trained to become Stop Smoking Advisers. Our ‘Quit and Get Fit’ programme was launched to support members of the local community who wanted to kick the habit and to improve their health through an introduction to exercise. As well as specialist support, discounts on memberships and Nicotine Replacement Therapy were some of the incentives available to customers who signed up.

Personal Training

All Together now

Last year saw the launch of Personal Training at halo. Interest in the services of Personal Trainers continued to grow during 2010/11

Our group exercise programme has also seen some major developments, with more activities offered at more sites, as well as the introduction of new classes, such as Zumba and Bootcamps. During 2010/2011 we averaged 165 exercise classes per week!

halo Personal Trainers have been helping people train for many reasons, whether they are running a marathon or wishing to lose weight and become healthier for fitness or medical reasons.

Case Study “It was after a car crash that I decided to enrol at my local gym. Having not been active in some time, the services of a Personal Trainer were just what I needed to get going, improve my mobility and especially my confidence. My blood pressure is now within a normal range and best of all I have lost 25 kilograms. This year I will run the Race for Life for the first time – something I would never have thought possible without the encouragement of halo.” Liz ruck, halo Member

Case Study Who’d have thought it? We keep ahead of the game with our group exercise classes, but even the popularity of Zumba took us by surprise! What started as a small class in a couple of our exercise studios soon saw us blocking out entire sports halls to welcome up to 70 ladies (and some men!) at a time to our sessions!

“One of Liz’s goals was to lose weight for a Cruise holiday. We workout together three times a week to aid her day to day lifestyle. This has made such improvements to her health. I love the satisfaction of my job, seeing my clients achieve their goals.” Matt Morris, halo Personal Trainer


Amazing activities for children! As well as a HUgE variety of traditional sporting activities for kids to get involved in such as gymnastics or trampolining, we offer dance mat sessions, group fitness classes from Circuits to Teen Dance, and swimming lessons.

Aquatics We are well aware that swimming isn’t something that everyone is great or confident at, which is why we offer a wide range of swimming lesson formats to our customers. From Aqua Tots, where babies and their parents can get used to the water together in a fun and happy environment, to our swimming lessons for children and adults, we offer something for everyone. “I went for swimming lessons at Ross-on-Wye Swimming Pool with my brother, Alfie” Edith Jones, aged 10 told us. “We loved it. The Instructors were always really nice and we liked the pool. When we started, it was quite scary going underwater and swimming in deep water, but by the time we finished our course, we were jumping in! I love swimming now; not just when we swim at halo, but when we go on our holidays too!” “Edith loved her swimming lessons with halo, and she really improved during her course. It was great to see the improvement in not only her ability, but her confidence and enthusiasm when swimming too. It’s great to see her swimming and jumping into the pool when we’re on holiday, and it helps her make new friends too.” Di Montague-Jones, Edith’s Mum Speaking of which, many adults aren’t strong swimmers - something which becomes highlighted when their kids want to literally jump in at the deep end on holiday! Whatever the reason for wanting to become a better swimmer, here at halo we offer courses and one to one tuition for complete beginners or those who want to improve their technique, whatever their age. To our regular swimmers, we offer a number of lane swimming sessions throughout the day, as well as adult only sessions for when you need an escape from the kids! We offered Rookie Lifeguard qualifications which anyone can get involved in; we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn about water safety. Our pools were also used for activities. From Swimathons for charity, pool parties for the kids and hiring for clubs, for example local Diving Clubs, our pools are in regular use across the community. During 2010-2011 thousands of children took to one of our pools and learned the potentially lifesaving skill of swimming through one to one or group swimming lessons.



Looking Ahead: Our work with our key partners will develop to ensure we continue to offer the very best services at the very best value for money for our customers and the local community. As economic uncertainty continues and with many potential changes to funding a real possibility, there is no doubt that this may be a challenge. With the halo team being strong, innovative and forward thinking, we are confident we will overcome challenges and continue to succeed. The final word comes from the Centre Managers, see what they are celebrating, and looking forward to, at their particular sites.

Hereford Leisure Centre: A large number of staff added to their qualifications in Health and Fitness, Team Leading and Customer Service. Links were developed with Riverside Training, a local training provider, and Hereford Leisure Centre welcomed an Apprentice Administrator. We aim to continue supporting our staff through their Continuous Professional Development throughout next year. As well as halo staff achievements to shout about, Hereford Leisure Centre hosted a wide range of events in 2010/11, from the Hereford Half Marathon for local charity St. Michael’s Hospice, Martial Arts Combat events and Cancer Research UK’s Race For Life, to Bead Fairs and car owners club meets. Many of these events are annual, which means we look forward to hosting them again in 2011/12. They also enable new customers to come through our doors and find out more about halo. New group exercise classes are always exciting, but no one could have predicted the impact Zumba would have on the community! In 2010/11, we went from holding no classes at the Centre to six a week! It was obviously the year for fitness; we averaged 2000 gym attendances per week throughout the year.

Halo golf: We welcomed players of all ages and abilities including halo Colts (18-21 year olds) and Juniors (up to 17 years). We sell Golf Memberships to a wide variety of people and offer golf lessons from our Club Pro. Our retail shop also sells all the equipment and clothing you need to tee off. Alex Haines, Centre Manager


Hereford Leisure Pool: The last twelve months have seen heavy preparation for some major changes at the pool. When built in the 1970s, it was never anticipated that the Centre would be welcoming over half a million visits a year. This now means that the building and its facilities struggle with the amount of usage it has. Thankfully, with support from Herefordshire Council, halo Leisure and other funders, we are able to begin work on refurbishing Hereford Leisure Pool and offering our customers and staff a fantastic facility to be a part of. Work on the plant room, changing areas and pools began at the start of 2011/12. The work planned for 2011/2012, will bring lots of benefits to visitors whether they are swimming or working out: A more comfortable main swimming area with new lighting and air handling. A new village changing area offering swimmers greater privacy with more changing cubicles, dedicated family changing areas and new showers and lockers. New larger changing facilities for those in the gym or group exercise classes. Fresh interior design, new wall tiles and flooring in the spa. Our customer base continued to grow steadily, with members of the local community wishing to take advantage of the great service they receive at halo and the value for money our membership offers. Simon gwynne, Centre Manager

South Herefordshire - ross-on-Wye and Ledbury: Staff development was an area of celebration during 2010/11, with ten members of staff successfully achieving NVQ and Swimming Teacher qualifications. At Ledbury, work on the sauna began, offering our customers an updated facility that they were able to enjoy as part of their membership package. The demand for group exercise continued to flourish. Our group fitness programme at both sites expanded as a result. So successful are the classes at Ross-on-Wye, that the potential for a new studio becomes a real possibility. The number of people enjoying swimming lessons at Ross-on-Wye exceeded 500! As we celebrate success in both market towns, we look forward to more in 2011/12. Chris reeves, Centre Manager

north Herefordshire - Leominster, Bridge Street Sports Centre and Bromyard: Leominster celebrated the pool’s fifth birthday. It’s a real demonstration of community involvement in the Social Enterprise model; much of the money needed to build the pool five years ago was raised by members of the Leominster community. We were the first halo site to pilot Social Media, with Leominster having it’s own Facebook page where we could interact with our new and existing customers. From answering questions about membership prices and opening times, to letting customers know about unexpected amendments to pool timetables, it’s become a great tool to help us liaise with centre users. As membership numbers have increased, we saw more demand for group exercise classes. We were delighted to be able to move our morning classes up the road to Bridge Street Sports Centre, as it offered us much more room and some facilities in beautiful surroundings. We were also able to turn the studio at Leominster into a dedicated Spin Studio, as indoor cycling was incredibly popular with our members. Bromyard enjoys continued success; memberships increased significantly over the year and group exercise was also well attended. The Zumba phenomenon has reached us too, and we are pleased to offer a great range of classes to a wide variety of people. We look forward to further growth and development in 2011/12 at all three sites. Matt Smith, Centre Manager


Financial Focus halo Leisure Services Limited Statement of Financial Activities for the year ended 31 March 2011, before FRS17 adjustments relating to the charity’s defined benefit pension scheme. Summarised Income & Expenditure Account for the year ended 31 March 2011 £’000 INCOMING RESOURCES Management fee from Herefordshire Council Repairs and maintenance grant from Herefordshire Council Incoming resources from charitable activities Investment income Commercial trading operations

2010/11 £’000

1,031 86 5,749 113

£’000 1,085 86 5,847 2

6,979 RESOURCES EXPENDED Direct costs Staff costs Premises costs Advertising and promotions Office administration Finance and compliance Irrecoverable VAT Equipment - hire, repairs and maintenance Depreciation Other costs Governance costs

493 4,493 1,038 58 172 68 165 188 132 144 14

7,020 525 4,397 1,142 42 185 64 124 222 116 220 11

6965 14


2009/10 £’000

7,048 (28)

Summarised Balance Sheet at 31 March £’000 Fixed Assets Current Assets Creditors falling due within one year Net Current Liabilities Creditors falling due after more than one year Accruals and deferred income Net Assets

2011 £’000


1,041 592 (838)

Funds Brought Forward Net Income / (Expenditure) Funds Carried Forward

2010 £’000 1,059

781 (989) (246) (64) (379) 352

(208) (95) (417) 339

339 14 353

367 (28) 339

The above is a summary of trading results prior to FRS17 adjustments relating to the charity’s defined benefit pension scheme. An audited statement of financial activities is available upon request.


HErEFOrD LEiSUrE CEnTrE Holmer Road, Hereford HR4 9UD Reception: 0845 24 10 978 Golf Course: 0845 26 02 596 Opening Times Monday to Friday . . . . . . . . . . . . 7am-11pm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (gym closes 10pm) Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9am-6pm Sunday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9am-11pm (gym closes 8pm) HErEFOrD LEiSUrE POOL St Martins Avenue, Hereford HR2 7RQ Reception: 0845 24 12 562 Tennis Courts: 0845 26 02 595 Opening Times Monday to Friday . . . . . . . . . . . . 7am-10pm Saturday & Sunday . . . . . . . . . . . 8am-5pm (gym closes 4.15pm)

Highly Commended Highly Commended

BriDgE STrEET SPOrTS CEnTrE Bridge Street, Leominster HR6 8EA 0845 24 10 972 Opening Times Monday to Friday . . . . . . . . . 9am-10.30pm Saturday & Sunday . . . . . . . . . . . 9am-5pm

LEDBUry LEiSUrE CEnTrE Mabels Furlong, Ledbury HR8 2HF 0845 24 12 579 Opening Times Monday to Friday . . . . . . . . . 5.30pm-10pm Saturday & Sunday . . . . . . 9.30am-1.30pm LEDBUry SWiMMing POOL Lawnside Road, Ledbury HR8 2AD 0845 24 12 590 Opening Times Monday to Friday . . . . . . . . . . . . 7am-10pm Saturday & Sunday . . . . . . . . . . . 8am-3pm


THE BrOMyArD CEnTrE Cruxwell Street, Bromyard HR7 4EB 0845 24 10 980 Opening Times Monday, Wednesday & Friday . . 7am-10pm Tuesday & Thursday. . . . . . . . . . 9am-10pm Saturday & Sunday . . . . . . . . . . . 9am-4pm

LEOMinSTEr LEiSUrE CEnTrE Coningsby Road, Leominster HR6 8LL 0845 24 12 540 Opening Times Monday to Friday . . . . . . . . . . . . 7am-10pm Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8am-6pm Sunday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8am-8pm (gym closes 6pm) rOSS-On-WyE SPOrTS CEnTrE Wilton Street, Ross-on-Wye HR9 5JA 0845 24 12 570


Highly Commended

Highly Commended

Highly Commended

Highly Commended

How to contact us

rOSS-On-WyE SWiMMing POOL Red Meadow, Ross-on-Wye HR9 7DB 0845 24 12 570 Opening Times Monday to Friday . . . . . . . . . . . . 7am-10pm Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.30am-3pm Sunday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8am-3pm

Our Gym, Swimming Pool and CafĂŠ opening times may vary. Please check online at, call your local centre or ask a member of staff for details.

rEgiSTErED OFFiCE: HALO SUPPOrT CEnTrE Halo Leisure Services Ltd, Lion Yard, Broad Street, Leominster HR6 8BT 0845 24 10 340 Registered Company number 4335715.England & Wales Registered Charity Number: 1091543 Photographs courtesy of (c) George Burgess, George Burgess Photography and (c) Ian Cuthbert, Cuthbert Design

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Halo Leisure Annual Report 2010-2011  

Halo Leisure Annual Report 2010-2011

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