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Contents Spring 2013 Issue No.7


A-Prince Interview


Which SNS Do I Choose? VIXX


Jang KuenSuk “I Just Wanna Have Fun” TEAM H Korea Music Wave In Bangkok Who is Park Geun Hye? The Role of Women in South Korea


Tokyo’s Korea Town Yeouido Spring Flower Festival 411: Blood Types


Korean Couples and Rumors Let’s Play A Game!


TVXQ Catch Me Concert in Malaysia Introducing LUKA LEE G.I. Joe Review Special Music Review T.E.N Album Release Super Show 5


LINE Press Conference with CHOI SIWON


KIM KIBUM Fanmeeting in Bangkok American Fans Try to Bring KPOP to America


2K13 SEOULSONIC North American Tour +Interviews


Korean Beauty& Cosmetics LEE HI Crossword Eyecandy. Top Picks of KPOP World Pinnacle The Hustler KPOP Fan Clubs


DramaFever SHINee: Dream Boys

HALLYU Korean Entertainment and Culture Magazine






HALLYU: What do you think makes you stand out among

the many groups that have debuted? SUNGWON: 저희는 다른 그룹들과 다르게 차별화를 두고있습니다,멤버 각 개인의 매력이 뚜렷하기 때문에다른그룹과는 많이 다르다고 생각합니다. (I think we’re different in terms of our individuality. We try not to sacrifice each member’s individual charms and personality.) MINHYUK: 그리고 동네오빠처럼 친근하게 팬들에게 다가가면서 소통을 하는 것입니다. (Just like your friendly neighborhood brothers, as much as possible we try to communicate with our fans.) HALLYU: What are your plans for your comeback next


SEUNGJUN: 아마 기존에 보여드린 K-POP 과는 다른 신선한 장르를 선보일 예정입니다. (We are planning to show you a brand-new and fresh genre of K-pop, not like before.) Note: The date for the comeback is not yet definite. It could be next month or later. HALLYU: Both Sungwon and Minhyuk's birthdays past recently this month! How did you spend your birthdays? SUNGWON: 팬 분들과 작게나마 생일파티를 하고 회사식구들과 멤버들 끼리 회식도하고 좋은 자리를 가졌습니다. (We had small birthday celebrations with our fans and also had dinner with the other members and our company staff. Of course I also spent some time with my family, Minhyuk also did the same.) HALLYU: Has there been any interesting or funny episodes because of the slight age gap between the members? SIYOON: 리더인 성원이 학창시절 알고 있는 노래들을 막내 우빈이는 모른다는 거. ^^ (The fact that Woobin, the youngest one, doesn’t know the songs which Sungwon knew during his school days.) HALLYU: For April Fool’s you guys decided to play a little

prank on all the fans. How did you decide on who would change to who's name? WOOBIN: 만우절을 재밌게 보내기위해 멤버들끼리 회의를 통해 팬분들께 깜짝 놀랄 만한 이벤트를 준비했었습니다. 팬분들의 반응도 재밌어하시고 즐거웠습니다. 저희는 항상 팬분들과 소통을 하고 싶어합니다 . (We wanted to surprise our fans so we had meeting on what kind of prank we could do for April Fools Day. Fortunately, the fans liked and enjoyed it. As mentioned, we wanted our fans to know that we are communicating with them.) HALLYU: A-Prince always considers international fans by including translations of videos and announcements in various languages. Are there any new phrases you have learned

that you would like to say to the fans? SUNGWON: Isn’t it cool? いい天気ですね? (Japanese: Isn’t the weather nice?) MINHYUK: Talk to the wall~ I’m just kidding kkk (Minhyuk just learned the “Talk to the Wall” expression when he was answering this interview sheet) SEUNGJUN: Who's your favorite person? SIYOON: I’m hungry! WOOBIN: 宜しくお願いします。 (Japanese: Please take care of me) HALLYU: Leader Sungwon is participating in the Japanese

musical "Summer Snow". What has it been like performing so far? SUNGWON: 4개월 가량 대본 리딩과 춤, 동선연습을 뮤지컬 선배님들과 같이 연습을 했습니다 뮤지컬이라는 장르는 처음 접해본거라 많이 어려웠지만 좋은 경험을 한것같습니다. (For 4 months I’ve practiced script reading, dance and more together with many idol sunbaenims and veterans in the musical industry. It’s my first time to do a musical so it was really hard to adapt but it was worth the experience.) HALLYU: What was your first impression of the member to

your right?

SUNGWON: (우빈) 참 맑은 아이인것같다.

(I thought Woobin looked so innocent.)

MINHYUK: (성원) 차가워 보였다.

(Sungwon hyung looked like a cold-hearted person.) SEUNGJUN: (시윤) 나보다 형인줄 알았다. (I thought Siyoon was older than me. (Laughs)) SIYOON: (민혁) 소심해 보였다. (Minhyuk hyung seemed like a timid person.) WOOBIN: (승준) 잘생겼다 (Seungjun hyung handsome guy. (Laughs)) HALLYU: Do any of the members have any interesting


WOOBIN: 민혁형이는 다리를 떠는 습관이있고

승준형이는 자기전 항상 노래를 틀어놓고 자는 습관을 가지고 있습니다. (Minhyuk shakes his legs. Seungjoon goes to bed with songs playing.) HALLYU: Other than your position in A-Prince, is there an-

other talent you can show us?

SUNGWON: 그림 그리기 (Drawing). MINHYUK: 축구 (Soccer). SEUNGJUN: 태권도 (Taekwondo). SIYOON: 수영 (Swimming). WOOBIN: 요리 (Cooking). HALLYU: If you were a girl, which member would you

want to date and why? SUNGWON: (우빈) 데이트하면서 연애를 가르쳐 주고싶다. (Sungwon chooses Woobin. I want to teach him how to have a relationship.)

MINHYUK: (시윤) 지루하지 않을것 같다. (Minhyuk chooses Siyoon. I wouldn’t feel bored with him.) SEUNGJUN: (민혁) 자상 할것 같다. (Seungjun chooses Minhyuk. He seems like a gentleman.) SIYOON: (승준) 잘 챙겨 줄것 같다. (Chooses Seungjoon. He would take care of me very well.) WOOBIN: (성원) 연애를 배우고싶다. (Woobin chooses Sungwon. I want to learn how to have a relationship.) HALLYU: Is there another artist you would like to collabo-

rate with?

SUNGWON: 김재중 선배님의 솔로 앨범을 들었는데

제가 좋아하는 장르와 비슷하여 기회가 주어진다면 같이 작업을 해보고 싶습니다. (I’ve listened to Kim Jaejoon sunbaenim’s solo album, and I feel like we share the same interests in terms of the song’s genre. If I’ll be given a chance it would be an honor to do a collaboration with him.) MINHYUK: 빈지노선배님과 다비치선배님들과 같이 작업을 해보고 싶습니다. (I want to collaborate with Beenzino and Davichi.) SEUNGJUN: 노을선배님들과 태양선배님과 같이 작업을 해보고 싶니다. (I want to collaborate with Noeul and Taeyang.) SIYOON: Jason Mraz님과 Eric Benet님과 작업을 해보고 싶습니다. (With Jason Mraz and Eric Benet.) WOOBIN: 싸이선배님과 비선배님과 같이 재밌는 무대를 서보고 싶습니다. (With Psy and Rain. I want to make a funny concert.)

HALLYU: Living together do you all have roles at home?

What is each member in charge of? SUNGWON: 지휘관 (Commander). MINHYUK: 설거지 (Dish-washer). SEUNGJUN: 바닦쓸기 (Sweeper). SIYOON: 걸레질 (Wiper). WOOBIN: 빨래 (Laundry-washer).

HALLYU: How long does it take you to get ready in the

morning? Minhyuk: 우빈이가 가장 일찍 일어납니다. 다섯명이 다 준비하면 1시간정도 걸립니다. (Woobin wakes up the earliest among us. Then Siyoon, Seungjun, me, and then Sungwon hyung. That’s the order. It usually takes an hour for us to get all ready. HALLYU: Describe the member to your right in one word. MINHYUK: (성원) 패셔니스타.

(To Sungwon: Fashionable.)

SIYOON: (민혁) 신사.

(To Minhyuk: A gentleman.) WOOBIN: (승준) 무뚝뚝하지만 자상함. (To Seungjoon: Taciturn but kind.) SEUNGJUN: (시윤) 귀여움. (To Siyoon: Cute.) SUNGWON: (우빈) 엉뚱함. (To Woobin: Unpredictable.) HALLYU: If your manager was in an idol group, what position would he be? SEUNGJUN: 아마도....리더..?^^ (Maybe a leader.) HALLYU: Out of the members which one motivates the rest

the most when you all are tired? MINHYUK: 시윤이가 가장 활력소가 되는 멤버입니다. 항상 쾌활하고 밝아서. ^^ (Siyoon is the tonic out of our members. Always cheerful and bright.) HALLYU: If you were given a 1 week vacation to another

country, what are 3 things you would pack? SUNGWON: 화장품 , 의류 , 신김치. (Cosmetics, clothes, sour kimchi.) MINHYUK: 책 ,나침반 , 신발. (Book, compass, shoes.) SEUNGJUN: 선글라스 , 폴라로이드 카메라 , 사진첩. (Sunglasses, polaroid camera, album.) SIYOON: 스케치북 , 비상약 , 노트북. (Sketchbook, first-aid kit, laptop computer.) WOOBIN: 모자 , 선크림 , 초코우유. (Cap (hat), sunscreen, chocolate milk.)

Always cheerful and bright.


have brought to the fan’s attention they know about it. U-Kiss Eli, and B.A.P. Bang Yong Guk have made it known they have accounts and Dari DMTN made it known he searches on the site when he brought to attention a picture of himself he discovered. One thing to keep in mind when using SNS that there are often fake accounts that have been created so it is always a good idea to do research to confirm the account you are following is in fact legitimate.


With so many rookie groups debuting it can be easy for some groups to be lost in the chaos, which is why many are coming to rely on variety shows to help gain attention. Mydol was a variety show in which 10 trainees competed to be in the next male group Jellyfish Entertainment would debut. It was in this show that fans were able to get a glimpse into what idols go through and a sneak peak at VIXX. VIXX consists of 6 members all with very unique personalities.

What is aegyo? It is when one shows a cute manner that charms the person or persons it was directed at. Children are full of natural aegyo but in older people it is usually a female trait although it is not limited and there are a few male idols who have better aegyo then some females. WRITTEN BY AMY SAIAUSKI

So what is the good aegyo? It’s blend of cuteness with innocence and poutiness. The type of charm that comes when a female will ask her oppa for something while displaying her unique aegyo. Often it causes the male in question to melt and give in to what she wants. When it is asked of idols on shows they will usually say buing buing while having their closed hands against the side of their faces and smiling brightly. Also popular is puffing out the cheeks and giving a wide eyed innocent look. Fairly recently the Cutie Player has become a trend which is the cute way of counting numbers with fingers which was started by BTOB’s Ilhoon. The bad‌very few male idols can pull of decent aegyo that does not make ones toes curls in embarrassment when watching. Yet this does not stop fans from demanding it from their idols. It may also be hard to watch male idols with tough images to try attempy aegyo. It can also be very bad when it comes from females for who acting cute is just out of character for them. It will come across as fake and forced and rather than being sweet and cute it looks almost as though it is causing the idol pain when they do it. Also, female idols who do too much aegyo can sometimes be seen as annoying and bad. It can be cringe worthy for the audience to watch.

est presents






ith the election of the country’s first female president, one might think that now is an excellent time to be a woman in South Korea. If a nation can elect a woman as its most senior official, then surely it must be a place that holds the fairer sex in high regard. However, according to a “Glass-Ceiling Index” released by The Economist, this does not seem to be the case for the origin place of the Hallyu Wave. In a comparison of the conditions of working women in 26 nations, South Korea was the country ranked at the bottom. This ranking was determined by looking at a variety of factors, including education, labor force participation, a comparison of earnings, and the number of women in senior management positions. Of the world’s developed countries, South Korea also has the biggest income gender gap among the members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. It is a country in which women generally earn 40% less than their male counterparts. The beginning of Park Geun-hye’s administration has disheartened those who were initially excited about the prospects of reform regarding the place of women in Korean society. Thus far, the new president has only nominated two women for 18 high ranking political appointments. Furthermore, one of those positions has traditionally been reserved for a female appointee as it deals with gender equality. While Ms. Park has been critical of the male domination of politics in South Korea, citing it as a source corruption and other problems, she does not seem to be doing much to lessen the number of men in charge of the country. People whose only knowledge of

South Korea comes from the country’s exports (be it cultural, technological, or from the realm of entertainment) may think that the lower status of women in society is being exaggerated. Those of us who are accustomed to the image of fierce and flawless female idols, or of dazzling divas in dramas, and who have never set foot in South Korea may, unsurprisingly, have a skewed image of the role of women in South Korea. However, when you stop and think about it, the gender disparity is apparent in the entertainment industry as well. Ask yourself how many women you can name who are producers, directors, or presidents of entertainment companies. While it is possible that there are simply more men than women interested in a career in the entertainment industry, the lack of women in power in this sector is on par with other industries in South Korea. The fact of the matter is that, despite more women receiving higher education than ever before, the chances for career advance-

ment and for attaining high ranking positions is still not as equal as it could, and should, be. The election of a female head of state may yet spark a change regarding the role of women in Korean society. Unfortunately, if Ms. Park’s regime is anything other than a success, there exists the potential for her tenure as president to reinforce stereotyped ideas about the ability of women to lead and to govern. Yet even if that is the case, strong female role models are increasing in number in Korean society; figure skater Kim Yu-na is one such example. Additionally, as more of Korea is exported to the world, and more of the world imported to Korea, cultural concepts regarding gender are going to be challenged and potentially modified. Whether it was wanted or not, South Korea has been placed at the center of the global gender debate, particularly regarding the role of women in society, and many eyes will be watching to see how things unfold.

In the past decade, Shin-Okubo has gone from being just another stop on Tokyo’s Yamanote Line to one of the most popular places to visit. That is because it is home to the Japanese capital’s Korea Town. [WRITTEN BY DARLA CORNETT]

If one wants to see how major the impact of the Hallyu Wave has been, Shin-Okubo is a prime example of the popularity of Korean culture in another nation. The street in front of the station, Okubo-dori, is lined on both sides with restaurants and cafes serving a variety of Korean dishes, shops selling cosmetics, clothes, and other goods imported from Korea, grocery stores with all the items to cook your favorite Korean dishes, and, of course, Korean Idol goods shops. Shin-Okubo became a hub for Koreans in Tokyo after World War II when both Koreans who chose not to be repatriated and new immigrants began to settle there en masse. The area has seen some tension over the years due to Japanese ultra-nationalist sentiment against the country’s Korean population, but even in these times of international political strife between Japan and South Korea, Shin-Okubo is a peaceful place where one can go to for an enjoyable time. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this area is how it has evolved over time and how that evolution has been a reflection of Korean popular culture. Six years ago, when this author visited Shin-Okubo for the first time, the area was mainly restaurants. There was one or two shops selling idol goods on the main stretch of Okubo-dori, and most of those goods featured Bae Yong-Joon, better known as Yonsama in Japan. The often bespectacled actor became

a sensation in Japan after capturing the hearts of many Japanese housewives for his role in the romantic drama “Winter Sonata.” The business owners in Shin-Okubo displayed their savvy by plastering Yonsama’s image wherever they could in order to attract more customers. This tactic of banking on what is popular to improve business is still seen in the area today. The Shin-Okubo of today has a much greater variety than it did in the past, at least in terms of idol goods. You can find an assortment of products featuring everyone from Big Bang to ZE:A. There exists more competition for such shops in now though; chain music stores across Japan now carry a variety of Korean acts, both their Japanese releases and CDs imported from Korea. However, on any given day Shin-Okubo is still a bustling hive of activity. The area has become a go-to spot for getting popular cosmetics from the top Korean brands (though variety stores selling these products are now also facing competition as Etude House, Tony Moly, and other such shops are opening throughout Tokyo). Of course, Shin-Okubo still remains the best place in Japan’s capital to get Korean food, and the increase in popularity of the area has produced a wider variety of menu items at restaurants looking to distinguish themselves. If you are ever in Japan and want to experience a little taste of Korea, Shin-Okubo is definitely the place to go.

The best thing to do in Shin-Okubo is walk around and explore. Even now new shops and restaurants are opening up and new products are arriving daily, so you never know what you will find. That being said, here is some advice for exploring Shin-Okubo.



Learning about a new culture can be intimidating if the one interested knows very little about the society about which they are seeking to gain knowledge of. Sometimes it helps to start with something that seems irrelevant at the moment but will give an amazing insight into that culture. In the west Astrology is a popular way to consider if the person you are interested in maybe compatible with you. It is not uncommon for people to ask what your sign is. What they are asking for is what sign of the zodiac your date of birth falls under to help determine the type of personality traits that you may have. In the East one of the most common questions asked is what your blood type is.As with Astrology it is believed that what blood type a person is will help determine if a couple will be stable and have a chance at a lasting relationship.

The four blood types are A, B, O, and AB. Like the misunderstood Scorpio’s of the West, blood type B also seems to have unfavorable views. As with Astrology these are just the general traits that are often shown among the different blood types and are not absolute on a person’s personalities. Interestingly enough there does not seem to be any set “standard” blood type that conforms one to the quirky 4D personality that is often seen among K-Pop groups. The impact of blood types can be found throughout K-Pop, for example MBLAQ fans are called A+ because all the members are type A. The group B1A4 name is because only one member has type B while four have type A.

AB blood types are often called the humanist. Although they are sociable and popular because they are very logical they do not sugar coat their words and can hurt others feelings with their criticism. They are thought to be ruled by their head not their heart and rarely let the small things bother them. They don’t like labels or conforming to standards set by others so they tend to stand out.

B blood types often called the hunters are very bright, and cheerful. Although they get excited and curious about new things they quickly abandon them which give the impression that they are unreliable and impatient. They are very independent with strong personalities yet for the B man, they are the most undesirable blood type for marriage as they are often thought of as selfish playboys.

O blood types often called the warrior are the social butterflies of the blood types. Natural leaders with bright personalities, they often create the mood in groups. They are organized and ambitious and of the four blood types they are the ones who handle stress the best. They are also the most daring and selfreliant. However they are also considered arrogant, vain, and over confidant.

A blood types often called the farmers are said to be shy, calm, introverted and reasonable. Though shy they are considerate to others, conscientious, rule followers, and loyal. On the other hand they also find it hard to adapt to changes quickly and can be stubborn. Being perfectionist they also sometimes come across as uptight.




hen idols enter into an entertainment company it states that they are not allowed to date other people, but as anyone can tell, this doesn't always happen. Whether it is Beast's Junhyung and Kara's Hara or newly formed couple Rain and Kim Tae-Hee, couples in the idol world show up everywhere. Where there is a story however, there are bound to be rumors and break ups that follow. On March 15th, 2013 it was discovered that Junhyung and Hara were no longer following each other on twitter which sparked a massive netizen debate on whether or not they were in a relationship anymore. It was found out four days later that the couple had actually broken up in July of 2012, but decided that they wouldn't go public about it because of privacy. When super idol Rain and Kim Tae-Hee hooked up everyone had an eye turned to them. With the following rumor and confirmation that Rain had abused his military privileges, many questioned whether or not having a significant other was smart. Idols are people just like everyone else, and they have needs just the same as anyone else, but because of certain circumstances and because of the dangers of certain people towards others, when an idol or actor falls in love

with someone it becomes difficult. This is why they either do it in complete secrecy, or just avoid it all together. Netizens and some fans have even gone so far as to assuming that a celebrity is in a relationship by a picture that gets posted, when it is merely friends meeting up together. An example of this would be the IU and Eunhyuk of Super Junior event where she posted up a picture of the two together, and all of a sudden everyone attacked the two singers, and they were suddenly in a relationship. Another recent event would be where F(x)'s Victoria posted up a picture of her dinner and fans spotted TVXQ's Changmin in the reflection of her spoon. There are many rumors of these two now going out, but nothing official has been set yet. So what can be said about idols dating and the rumors that spark from little things is unimaginable. They can come up from something as small as a reflection, and couples can form faster than what the media can keep up with. With that being said, when couples break up sometimes it isn't announced right away for the sake of the performers. Hopefully one day, idols can date freely without the pressure from fans and other companies disapproving of their relationships, and the acting and musical world can move onto a new era of discovery.


Fans of Asia’s biggest alternative K-POP band, TVXQ!, who fondly refer to themselves as Cassiopeia, shall have to wait no longer for the return of the K-Pop Kings! The TVXQ! legacy lives on as the boys continue their record breaking streak, filling out arenas and stadiums across the globe with their new world tour < TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR “CATCH ME” >. TVXQ! was temporarily stepped out of the lime light since <The 3rd Asia Tour Concert Mirotic in Seoul> in 2009. Four years on, TVXQ! members Uknow and Max returned to the K-Pop music scene in the form of a duo and introduced the brand new album Catch Me in 2012. After an absence of 6 years, the K-POP duo, TVXQ! will be back to dazzle fans with their live world tour “Catch Me” in Kuala Lumpur - to be held at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam, 18th May 2013. Ticket sales was officially started on 16th March 2013. The new tour commenced in Seoul, Korea, October 2012 and proved to be more popular than ever, with 20,000 concert tickets completely sold out within five minutes. The K-Pop phenomena is making history as the first K-POP band to embark on a tour that includes performances at five major entertainment domes in Japan; following a concert at the Saitama Super Arena, TVXQ! then moves on to perform at Tokyo Dome, Osaka Kyocera Dome, Fukuoka Yahoo! Japan Dome, Sapporo Dome and last but not least Nagoya Dome. The world tour will also take the dynamic duo to Hong Kong, Beijing and other Asian cities. The organizer, JPM Music, heard Malaysian fans’ cries for a chance to see the K-Pop legend’s return and is all set to delight the local Cassiopeia with a sensational TVXQ experience! Not only is this JPM Music's first K-Pop concert but it also the first TVXQ! concert in Malaysia in 6 years and as a duo. News of the highly anticipated concert has already got fans reeling with excitement and no doubt there shall be a vibrant sea of people dressed in pearl red apparel – the official TVXQ! fan colour. To ease the commute for concert goers, JPM Music is thoughtfully providing shuttle transportation from KL Sentral station to Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam. Shuttle bus vouchers can be purchased on the launch day of ticket sales,


luka lee

A Musician that finished Gnessin State Musical College and Moscow Conservatory (Moscow State Conservatory named for P. I.Tchaikovsky), Majoring in Fortepiano. After graduation he had spent 2 years studying and increasing his knowledge of Computer Music in Vienna, Austria. In summer of 2007 he made his return to Korea and two years later he released an Extended play album “A Pianist Who Loves HipHOP”. After EP album debut he worked with Vasco, Basick, Innovator, Jaymoon etc. Also it’s important to mention his notable contribution and employment with the “Independent Records” in a period between 2010 -2012. In his “Music Folio” you can find a wide range of approaches to Hip-Hop music. Look good and you can find a single featuring Hwayobi and collaboration with many quite famous international Hip Hop singers. Currently Luka is working with the other musicists and colleagues at the “A-Teem Music GROUP”. Soon we will have a chance to see his new album called "La Vida LUKA". New album is going to make emphasis on what he is so good at - Instrumental Hip Hop

G.I Joe: Retaliation is an action packed movie about the world ending at the hands of the U.S president. Only the Joes can stop him, but after being almost completely annihilated by a surprise attack only three remain. Roadblock who is played by Dwayne â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Rockâ&#x20AC;? Johnson, Lady Jaye played by Adrianne Palicki, and Flint played by D.J. Cotrona seek the help of fellow Joe, Snake Eyes who played by Ray Park, and none other than General Joe Colton played by Bruce Willis to find and defeat the crazed president and Cobra who seemed to hold the master key to all of the problems. Korean actor Lee Byung Hun plays the Storm Shadow who is the opposite of Snake Eyes and as the movie comes along, makes some major discoveries about

his past life that completely changes his outlook on the war at hand. The plot and lines to this movie never quite hit a strong focal point causing some of the audience to lose their attention to the film, and there were also some very adult jokes about the different countries involved that might not be suitable for everyone. Other than those few moments, the action was intense and very well put together. Every scene that had fighting in it, whether it be between ninjas or just the militia in general, was choreographed perfectly and the actors themselves added to the intensity by putting out that extra vibe that drew the audience back in again. This movie is a fun blockbuster that is great for older children and adults alike, and is a definite must see if you like action packed movies filled with explosions and gunfights.

'Dream About Indulging in Water' is a track about one realizing that this whole time they have been living behind a mask and have been unable to show the world who they are and be free. Because of the mask he has been living behind and the compromises he has made he feels that he will be dragged down to the “sea” and is losing his courage and strength to fight what has become a living nightmare for him. He wants his friends to look past this mask and see his pain and help him but they can’t see past the façade. They are not realizing their actions are making it even harder for him.He is at the point where all he wants to do is let go of everything including his dreams and just fly towards the Heavens where he can finally rest in peace.




Super Junior's Super Show 5 is going to be one of the biggest concerts of the year. The group will then go to China, Japan, South America, North America, and Europe. With shows in Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and Chile it will be the first time Super Junior has traveled and performed in South America. This will be Super Junior’s 5th ‘Super Show’ and the concert tour has been held every year since 2008. Last year marked their 1st World tour while the previous years Super Junior stayed primarily in Asia. The tour has been a more than a huge success as it has brought in over 900,000 fans from around the world. Fans can't be more excited than to hear Super Junior speak English to them live and have tweeted to them saying they can’t wait to hear it, but some have a heavy heart since leader Leeteuk will not be joining them on this tour due to his military activities. However, even with the missing member, fans have already begun to purchase their tickets

and the Korea venues are completely sold out for the launching events; proving that Elf's around the world will support Super Junior no matter what. Now that the tour has expanded to South America, people can't help but to question what Super Junior may have in store as far as future events go. They will have officially traveled around the entire world for performances after this tour, and no one really knows how much bigger they can get. As long as fans keep supporting Super Junior there is no limit to what they can do. Maybe even one day they will be able to do a Super Show Super World Tour where they expand into less popular areas around the world including Central U.S, Central South America, and other regions. As KPOP grows bigger by the day, the demand for more artist in a particular venue grows as well. All anyone has to do is keep helping their favorite groups grow, and they will do the rest.


featuring Siwon

LINE, the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading mobile messenger service provider, announced its goal to expone tially grow its Malaysian user-base this year at a press conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malasia. At the press conference, Jin-woo Lee, General Manager of the Global LINE Business Office, highlighted that 2013 will be a year of transformation for mobile messengers to become a mobile platform for content distribution. LINE has already established partnerships with many local businesses, corporations, as well as well-known personalities to grow its local content and provide a more enriching experience for its users. To kick off LINEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first local campaign, LINE will be airing a locally-filmed TV commercial starring Siwon Choi, an internationally recognized singer and actor, who portrays a boyfriend interacting with his girlfriend on LINE.


While fans haven't quite gotten the formula correct for completely bringing down their favorite groups just yet, entertainment companies have definitely heard their words, and many times have assured them that when the time was right, their teams would tour in the Americas. This is a big success for the American KPOP community. With KPOP being limited to mostly L.A and New York, the fact that people have started documents, rallies, and other means of media shows that there is more to the American community than what is being given credit for. Soon communities outside of New York and L.A will be seeing advertisements for KPOP concerts in their area, and if the Korean Pop community spreads out through North and South America, their popularity will go up ten fold. This is the future of the music industry, and while there will always be someone who says that KPOP should stay in Korea, there will be the long line of supportive fans still pushing for their favorite groups to come see them, and this is what the Korean community is looking for when they send their idols over seas.


GALAXY EXPRESS HALLYU: Is there anything you do special to prepare for a performance? HEEKWON:No nothing. JUHYUN: No, just smoke and drink. HALLYU: Growing up did you want to do anything else other than music? JONG HYUN: It was always music for us. HALLYU: Who or what is your source of inspiration? JONG HYUN: There are many bands; I’ve covered bands like Nirvana. I like many pop groups like Sex Pistol. I also like 70’s music, Jimmy Hendrix and classic rock. JUHYUN: Punk music. HALLYU: Where would you like to preform or return to preform again? HEEKWON: North Korea… JONG HYUN: New people, new audience. HALLYU: What do you plan on doing when you return to Korea? JONG HYUN: We’re going to Hong Kong in May, and we have a U.K tour this month. Possibly Japan. JUHYUN: Russia. HALLYU: Since this is the last stop of the tour, is there anything special you are going to do? JUHYUN: Strip club. JONG HYUN: Drinking and strip club.

LOWDOWN 30 HALLYU: What did you do on the plane ride here? BYEONJOO: I read comics on my Ipad. Japanese Manga. TAEHYUN: Sleep. ROCKGUN: Yes, sleep. HALLYU: What or who inspired you to start doing music? BYEONJOO: There are too many so I will choose just one. Jimmy Hendrix. ROCKGUN: My brothers. HALLYU: What is one thing you are going to be bringing back to Korea from the USA? TAEHYUN: A white woman. I’m hoping to meet one this concert, and also a guitar. ROCKGUN: Musical instruments. BYEONJOO: I don’t want to bring anything back but I want to come back. HALLYU: What other cities did you want to go to? BYEONJOO: L.A. and Austin. ROCKGUN: Austin. TAEHYUN: Austin. HALLYU: Are there any festivals you want to perform at? BYEONJOO: Coachella. TaeHyun and RockGun also agree with Coachella. HALLYU: What inspired you to take up the instruments



NO BRAIN that you play? TAEHYUN: My friends were already playing the guitar and bass so I had to play drums ROCKGUN: In Korea there are a lot of guitarist and drummers, so what’s left over is basses HALLYU: Is there an instrument you would have played instead? TAEHYUN: Guitar HALLYU: While on tour, what moment has left the biggest impression? BYEONJOO: South by Southwest TaeHyun and RockGun agree that South by Southwest has left an impression HALLYU: Since LA is the last stop for this tour is there anything special you intend to do? BYEONJOO: Wear this shirt I got (shows off his Dodger’s tee-shirt he got after going to a game) TAEHYUN: Nothing special HALLYU: What do you plan to do on the plane ride back home? BYEONJOO: Read comics on my Ipad ByeonJoo treated the HALLYU staff member to a bright yet shy smile when talking about reading his comics TaeHyun shared his joking personality as he told the staff he would exercise and then demonstrated.

HALLYU: What do you like about the United States? SUNGWOO: Music and people, and sometimes food, but not every day HALLYU: What is the first thing you do when you wake up? SUNGWOO: Turn on my cell phone MINJOON AND WOOYONG: Drink water HyunSung’s answer has been omitted to protect his innocence HALLYU: What do you think are the ingredient’s to stay successful as a group? SUNGWOO: Because we hate each other, it is a good way for success HYUNSUNG: If you hate someone there is peace SUNGWOO: Our private time is private from each other HALLYU: Growing up did you want to do something else other than music? SUNGWOO: I wanted to make a comic, but most people are better than me so I didn’t pursue it. If I didn’t play music, maybe being a chef, cooking Korean, Japanese, and sometimes Thai. The members chimed in that he was a good cook and MinJoon joked around about marrying him for his cooking HYUNSUNG: I wanted to be a magician

SUNGWOO: When he (HyunSung) plays the wrong note he shows us magic (to distract them) WOOYONG: I just like music. SUNGWOO: He could be a nerd. The members share laughter when it is explained he (WooYong) did not get good grades MINJOON: Maybe a graphic designer. I designed the No Brain logos and artwork HALLYU: Who or what is your source of inspiration? SUNGWOO: For me it’s Bob Marley, and sometimes my mom HYUNSUNG: My son is mine WOOYONG: Mr. Big: Their style and our style is really different but I really like them MINJOON: Jay Berkin? Jo sung chin? Kung Fu.. He’s a Chinese actor. HALLYU: Is there a place you would like to preform or return to and perform again? SUNGWOO:Thailand HYUNSUNG: I want to visit America every year. I really love America. Also Europe and Czechoslovakia WOOYONG: Los Angeles, because of the baseball team. I’d like to live there since it’s very close to Magic Mountain. MINJOON:I want to go to England HALLYU: What do you plan on doing once you return back to Korea? SUNGWOO: I want to eat Korean food so much right now. HYUNSUNG:I want to get dinner with my wife and my son. Also have an after party. No plans really MINJOON: We have a new album that we are going to make that has a western influence since it has opened our minds. HALLYU: What advice would you give people who want to be musician’s? MINJOON: Sometimes it can be happy but sometimes it can be messed up. Sometimes love and hate can be very powerful. If you fight, don’t separate, stick together and keep going. HALLYU: If you had super powers what would your powers be? SUNGWOO: I want to fly HYUNSUNG: Me too! Often I dream that I fly, because I hate airplanes. I would rather fly myself then by airplanes. WOOYONG:I want to rewind time MINJOON: I don’t want to grow old. SUNGWOO: He would have to quit smoking to do that.

GOONAM HALLYU: How did you come up with your band name? UNG: That’s a long story but when I was a kid I would drive around with my father and he would always play music. It is a good memory for me HALLYU: Are there any funny events in your lives that you have written in your songs? UNG: Life is funny so every song has some type of funny event in it HALLYU: What do you think is different being a coed group? UNG: It is not a big deal, we’re all human TAESIK: She’s like a boy almost. Just kidding… She’s the only one with a single room HALLYU: Is there anything difficult being a coed group? NAUN: I have to hide my underwear. The other members laugh at her response. HALLYU: Having toured North America the last few weeks is there anything you miss about Korea?

English and prompts him to add adult.) NAUN: Dancing, I like freestyle dancing UNG: Drinking. TAESIK: Watching baseball, mostly the Doosan Bears HALLYU: Did you ever think of doing something else other than being a band? UNG: Scientist, like an astronaut TAESIK: Baseball player NAUN: Teach in Africa BYUNGHAK: I would be a farmer and fisherman HALLYU: If you could travel back in time what year would you go to and why? BYUNGHAK: The 40’s, I know all the history. TAESIK: One month ago, so we could do the tour again UNG: I have no idea

UNG: I miss the food, and my girlfriend. They all agreed that they missed their cats, Naun and Ung each have one while ByungHak has two. HALLYU: When did you get your cats? The adoring pet owners share that they have all taken in their cats with in the last year or so. HALLYU: Why do you not have a pet? TAESIK: My brother likes pets and has some. Ung explained that Taesik lives with his brother to help clarify

HALLYU: Will you be returning to the United States? UNG: Yes

HALLYU: If you had super powers what super power would you have? UNG: I want to fly TAESIK: Stop time BYUNGHAK: Walk fast NAUN:I don’t need one

HALLYU: What plans do you have when you return to Korea? UNG: We have a U.K Tour coming up.

HALLYU: Other than music what else do you like to do? BYUNGHAK: Watch movies (Ung assists him with his





BIGBANG’s Daesung

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong

Infinite’s Sunggyu

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa



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