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Exam Welfare

Dance Audition

11 October

7pm Function Hall

8 to 10pm Function Hall


12 Oct 2011

17 Oct 2011

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SHERMAINE Hi Residents of Hall 15! Looking forward to having some time with your friends but just can’t find an opportunity to? The Exam Welfare Supper is the perfect opportunity for you and your hall-mates/ og-mates to gather and catch-up before life gets a little hectic nearing the exams! Expect goodies in the

JCRC Biz Mag

form of stationery, drinks, vouchers, snacks and more! We’ll also be having our very own Jam Band performing for you while you enjoy supper with your friends, followed by games by our Social Secretaries who will have you participate in fun and engaging games! So, come on down to the Exam Welfare Supper on 12th October, 7-10pm for a fun and enjoyable time!

Exam Welfare 7pm Function Hall

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12 Oct 2011


Hong Kiat (Hall XV King 2011) How did you feel when you hear that you won the Hall XV King 2011 title? I was more of shocked than anything else. Having an opportunity to participate is already more than what I could ask for. I joined pageant with a mind to have fun with my friends and also to make new friends. Didn’t even cross my mind that I will win at all! We all saw your bare your muscular body during the talentime segment on the event night itself. What amazing guts! Do give all the men out there some help! HAHAHA! It was tough work. I went on a strict diet. No junk food like tidbits and fast food. Less/No carbo and more protein! Of course, I exercise a lot. I went for a run every day since 2 weeks before the actual event and head for the gym 2 to 3 times a week. I toned up my arms, chest and back muscles. You are now the vice-chairperson of the newly elected D&D committee. Give us some hints on your upcoming plans! The current theme is not confirmed. This year’s D&D walked along a formal theme and come next year, maybe we can try out a fun theme instead. The idea we have now is something along the line of magical garden or Garden of Eden. Instead of coming in the usual blazers and gowns, everyone can dress up according to the theme! Maybe in costumes or something? We will see! & a shoutout to the new D&D committee: I look forward to work with all of you! :)

PAGEANT CONTESTANTS 2011 Joween (Hall XV Queen 2011) When you were crowned Hall XV Queen 2011, how did you feel? It’s a bonus for me to win because I never thought I would have nailed it. I remember my friends were shouting for my name when they were announcing the winner of the title and when I really got it, I was very thankful and happy because the encouragement and support from them paid off. Did the Hall Queen title make a difference in your life? Not really, though the title provided convenience for my friends in conversations once in a while like ‘hall queen then you like that lah!’ Pageant increases your presence among people. If more people know you, you will feel the need to be more approachable. Maybe that’s why Glenn Wong asked me to smile more! Did you receive more of objections or acceptance in joining pageant from the people around you? E.g. parents, boyfriend My parents or boyfriend do not object upon hearing the news. In fact, my boyfriend was quite supportive. He even helped me in my catwalk because he commented that I can’t really walk! If you can find one word to describe your pageant journey, what would it be? Memorable. It was a fun and good experience and I was lucky because this is a rare opportunity. I was able to feel all the support my friends were giving me, which motivated me to last through the whole journey.

Dawn Loke

Location: Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas (Dallas, USA) Course: Accountancy and Business (Banking and Finance) / Year 4 Participation in Hall (Up till Date): Year 1: Block Head (Block 70) Hall Productions Ticketing Officer FOC Sub-Committee: GL Year 2: Financial Secretary Hall Productions Calefare FOC Sub-Committee: GL Year 3: Hall President Hall Productions Calefare FOC Sub-Committee: Programmer Year 4: Cannot wait to get back to hall to HTHT and talk cock with hall people Qn: How're you settling down there and how is it like over there? It's been pretty good in Fort Worth. People here are really friendly and all, but the weather here is just crazy. I went for exchange, hoping to escape the Singapore heat but FAT HOPES. It was as hot as 40 degree celsius in my first week here! Thankfully fall is here and winter is coming! :D

Qn. What are the top 3 things you miss back home? 1. Hall 15! I miss all the late night suppers, htht sessions and generally, all the spastic things we always do! 2. Food. I miss roti prata, bbq pork, dim sum, bak chor mee and so much more! There're only burgers, fries and steaks here. Food's quite boring. 3. Convenience of travelling. Though Singapore public transport system is packed like sardines and sometimes smelly, count your blessings cause travelling without a car here is almost impossible. The bus comes once every 30mins? and OMG. NO MRT. Qn. So.. angmoh guys or Singapore guys? Don't kill me Singapore guys, but i think angmoh guys are more attractive. OOPS. they are friendlier, more gentlemanly and definitely more charismatic.

Qn. Anything you wanna tell/advise our new hall president, Allan? :) With great powers... HAHA. Just kidding. Just have fun during your presidency and enjoy the process! =) Qn. Any advice(s) to people who are planning to go/going for exchange? Choose a country that you are interested to travel around in cos’ you are gonna be constantly travelling during the weekends and school breaks! Qn. Anything else you might wanna add (shout out to who you miss in hall and stuff) :) Regardless of all the fun I have had so far on exchange, I really cant wait to get back to hall to la teh talk cock! I MISS HALL XV!

HALL XV’s CUTEST COUPLE - Lynnette and Junyu Location: Bocconi Universita, Milan (Italy)

Qn: What's the top 3 food you miss back home?

Course: Lynnette – Business (Tourism and Hospitality Management) / Year 2, Junyu – Business (Banking and Finance) / Year 2 Participation in Hall (Year 1):

Katong laksa, chicken rice and KFC!!

Lynnette FOC Main-Committee: Welfare Cultural Sub-Committee: Cheer + Cheer IC Welfare Sub-Committee Junyu FOC Main-Committee: Welfare Bizmag Sub-Committee IHG Soccer, Hockey and Sepak Takraw Qn: How're you settling down there and how is it like over there?

Qn: I heard Europe is a super romantic place for couples to go, especially Italy. What nice places do you all recommend to couples who are going over to Italy? :) Hahaha. The romantic part is kind of overrated, but Europe is definitely a place to shoot plenty of awesome ayg (ayg = act yi ge) pictures! (: We liked Roma a lot, and Paris is nice too! And we're sure taking a *gondola around Venice is probably one of the most romantic things you can do in Europe (but we didn’t cos’ we're on a budget! haha) Qn: What's one bad habit that you can't stand of the other person? (cannot cheat hor! must answer separately. HAHAHA)

Well we've been here for 2 months already so we're pretty settled down in Milan now! It's pretty different here because everyone is angmoh and the Italians are too proud to speak English. Haha.

Lynnette: He prefers to take pictures of dead things than of me ): (true fact)

Other than that, the weather's quite different as well, not as humid but the temperature fluctuates quite a bit some days – it can be very hot today and before you know it, on the very next day, it will be too cold to wear shorts already!

Qn: Any advice(s) to people who are planning to go/going for exchange?

Food-wise, it's really pizza/pasta everyday and it's waaaaaay to expensive to eat out so mostly we cook at home! And of course, SHOPPING IS AWESOME. (:

Junyu: She doesn’t cook :(

Bring lots of home food! And don’t need to bring so much clothes because you'll just end up buying more here anyway hahahahaha. Oh! And bring comfortable shoes to travel in. And last but not least, we miss you hallies! ):

Liang Han Location: HEC Montreal, Montreal (Canada) Course: Accountancy and Business (Banking and Finance) / Year 2 Participation in Hall (Year 1): Bizmag Sub-Committee IHG Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton Qn: How're you settling down there and how is it like over there? Settling down is fine – settling stuff regarding apartment, Internet, sch admin etc. However, it’s quite hard to get settled in. The weather is pretty erratic; you can even feel the seasons changing! Right now, it’s getting pretty cold and its barely autumn (NOT EVEN WINTER YET). Food is not one of Montreal's strong points and besides, it’s expensive to eat out too. It is more economical to cook our own meals. Qn: What food do you miss in SG? Claypot laksa, chicken rice, bak kut teh, dim sum, whole of 85! Qn: What else do you miss in Singapore :) My family, gf, friends, you (thank you lianghan. HAHA <3)

Qn: Anything you wanna tell the seniors? Who do you miss most in hall? HAHA. Stay hall shiok. I come back no hall :( HAHA. i miss everyone! (politically correct answer) Qn: What's 3 differences between angmoh girls and local girls? If given a choice, would u choose an angmoh girlfriend? HAHAHA. Angmoh girls are less reserved than Asian girls; some are more sociable while others are asses (no pun intended). HAHA other than that, angmoh girls and asian girls are around the same? ASIAN GIRLFRIEND (politically correct again). hahaha. Qn: Any advice(s) to people who are planning to go/going for exchange? The key is planning properly. Have loads of fun and don't worry about studies. Try to go with ppl who are fun cos’ sucky people are killjoys. Oh! And please travel more. No no, I mean TRAVEL A LOT. It’s good for health.

Heng Yangting Location: York University, Toronto (Canada)

Qn: Is there anything you wanna tell HAKI?

Course: Business (Tourism & Hospitality Management)/Year 2


Participation in Hall (Year 1): FOC Sub-Committee: HAKI SA IHG Volleyball, Track Qn: How're you settling down there and how is it like over there? I'm kinda getting used to the life here, but things here are really EXPENSIVE :( eg. A cup of bubble tea can cost up to SGD $8!!!

Qn: Any advice to people who are planning to go for exchange? - RESEARCH ON THE PLACE & UNIVERSITY YOU PLAN TO GO (like how slack/xiong school will be and how cheap/expensive everything is!)

The weather is getting super cold! ITS LIKE WE ARE IN THE - GET A TRAVEL PREPAID MASTERCARD (billed to your new FREEZER ALL THE TIME!! :( I swear winter's gonna KILL US. And address) we have weed dealers staying at our basement so we smell weed everyday. HAHA! - SHOP LIKE MAD IF THINGS ARE CHEAP! Bring huge Ikea recycling bags, great for grocery shopping to save money (some But generally, here is a nice place to live in – it has nice scenery, supermarkets charge for bags) & the environment! houses and awesome hot chocolates in the cold weather! :) - AND AND! bring extension cords if you want to save on travel Qn: What's the no.1 thing you miss in Singapore? Answer ONE adapters! only hor (e.g. Family/Friends/Food/Jason) - BRING ULTRA THICK WARM JACKETS/COATS TO BRAVE THE I MISS EVERYONEEEE, including my family, Jason lee <3, moshi- COLD (if you are going to freezing winter countries!) potato (HAHA), my roomies (TPYL) and all my friendsssssssssss :( :(  - Talk to seniors who went to the same university in previous semesters so that you can save money on textbooks (DAMN EX) Qn: HAHAHAH okay, just kidding. What else do you miss in and pots, plates and utensils! :) And also, to know more about the Singapore? :) place that you’re going to! :)

HAHAHAHAHA!! I MISS THE AWESOME CHEAP FOOD & 6. Anything else that you still wanna add? SUPPERS (they have NOTHING to eat/do at night) and HALL XV!! AWW HAHAHAA :) I'm coming back in Jan 2012, so let me know if you want duty-free alcohol. HAHA :)

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