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Candidates For Councilor At Large

Volume 3 Issue 10 October 2009

Ed Cervone Ed Cervone for Hallowell City Council, At-Large A Statement about Hallowell and My Reasons for Running Hallowell is a unique community on the Kennebec River with a thriving main street, inviting neighborhoods, and rolling rural landscapes that are the envy of the region. We are a diverse community of artists, families, business people, young and old, who embrace and celebrate our differences achieving a strong community identity. As your City Councilor I would work hard to keep the unique quality and character of this community alive and well. Why am I running for City Council? When I moved to Hallowell I immediately felt at home. This was a new feeling for me after living in a number of communities across the country. I understood that Hallowell is a special place and it is still the place where I want to live and this is the community where I want to continue to build my life. There are many things about Hallowell that get me charged up – the Kennebec River, the parks and open space, a vibrant downtown, a lively cultural scene, a historic feel. Hands down though, the most appealing aspect is the people. I was immediately taken in and embraced by this community and blown away by the range of experiences, occupations, interests and views. And despite these differences each person has a place and connection to one another in this community. It was because of these experiences and a personal desire to offer something to the community that I ran for Mayor in 2006. Although I came short of winning, it was an amazing and powerful experience that taught me a great deal about the city. It led to my ongoing involvement in a number of city committees and efforts including the work around the new Vaughn Park and Playground, the Stevens School property, and the soon-to-be released Comprehensive Development Plan. The time spent on these efforts, working with committee members and the City Council, has given me a better understanding of city issues and community needs as well as a deep appreciation for the commitment this work entails. The issues facing Hallowell are challenging but also present real opportunity.

These issues include the pressures of new development, the need to take care of ageing streets and city properties, and maintaining services like a fantastic school system and open space and parks - services valued by all families in our community. We need to be able to do all this, and more, while keeping Hallowell an affordable and welcoming place to live for all. To me we can tackle these challenges by engaging all members of the community, by working with our neighbors across the region, by looking beyond tax revenues for additional resources, and creating a long-term plan for Hallowell. We can create an environment that supports businesses, encourages economic growth, and honors the values of all in Hallowell. Success will only be realized by approaching this in a way that is transparent, predictable and reflects and respects the needs and wants of the community. My work experience qualifies me well for the position… I feel that I bring other good work experience to the table. My current employer, the Maine Development Foundation, exists to drive sustainable, long-term economic growth for Maine. Locally, I work with the City of Augusta on riverfront and downtown development. We partnered with Gardiner to win almost a half million in grant money for the communities’ waterfronts and are looking for ways to partner with Hallowell on future opportunities. My other work experience includes time spent as an economic advocate for low-income families, a small business owner, high school teacher, and state and federal employee. These experiences have provided me with the tools and knowledge necessary to tackle the issues facing Hallowell. When all is said and done; however, and I return to the original question of why I am running, the answer is simple and personal: I love this place and just want to do my part. Cheers – Ed Cervone (I can be contacted by any interested parties at 7134034 or at – also on Facebook)

Christy Cross I'm Christy Cross and I'm a candidate for the at-large seat on the Hallowell City Council. This is a fresh direction for me, an opportunity to offer my qualities and experiences to benefit this city I have loved since I moved here six-and-a-half years ago. While I love to travel, Maine is where I've always lived and always wanted to live; more specifically, Hallowell Maine is where I want to live. It's a small, friendly - and safe - city of diverse communities. So who am I? I am a mother, a grandmother, a widow. I have two daughters and a son, in that order, all now wonderful adults; and by election time I will have three grandchildren. My husband whom I married in 1997 died a year ago after living with Alzheimer's Disease for nine years. I have a dog and two cats. I am a committed individual. When I take on something, I stay with it: I returned to the University of Maine while a single parent of three young children and earned my degree in 1984; I have a Class B Commercial Driver's License; I began working at the Maine Department of Transportation on a survey crew in 1992 and I now work in Human Resources advocating for equal opportunity for women, minorities and people with disabilities - a dream job for me. Oh, and I bought my house at 19 Pleasant Street - talk about committment... So why am I running for city council? As a former newspaper reporter/editor (1984-1991) I was also an advocate for

open government and I am committed to transparency in government. A public body must remain as open - and as inclusive - as possible. It is the only way to earn the trust of the people it serves; it is the only way to ensure fair government. Now is a time in my life that I have time - and energy - to give something back. I'm not flashy, not quick to make decisions. But I am steady and consistent and thorough in my quest for information upon which to make a decision. I know government contracting, at least as it pertains to state government. I know how to listen, until I really hear what people are saying (and I'm pretty sure if you ask my kids, they will confirm that). It is impossible to agree to vote the way everyone might want me to vote... My goal - personally - when voting is to elect people I believe will act in my best interest - because I trust them and because I beleive they can weigh the pros and cons. I have the long patience needed for the pros and cons. And after asking and listening, I have the ability - and courage, if needed - to make my own decisions. I ask for your support, your vote, in this election. Please, if you have questions or want to let me know what's on your mind, email me : Or call me: 344-5153. Or stop and see me at home. And please... tell your friends and neighbors about me. I'm committed to government with the people.

Charlotte for Mayor! Music Wensday-Saturday At The Comfort Zone

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6The_Hallowel_ Record09 oct 6pdf  

open government and I am committed to transparency in government. A public body must remain as open - and as inclu- sive - as possible. It i...