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Co-Branded Cards – A Revolution Marketing, advertising, and branding enable companies to move further with greater confidence. Innovative branding approaches help users to understand the objectives of a company. What else is needed is a strategic approach that goes beyond marketing and advertising. In this article, we will explore how co-branded cards strike the right balance between marketing and advertising and empower businesses by maximizing their market visibility. Companies look for the best and effective payment solutions that meet their daily business requirements for making payments, ease of transacting, efficiency and better control. As a result they use co-branded prepaid cards. It is the best suitable and a convenient and effective solution for growing businesses! Card issuing companies provide even more comfort by offering co-branded prepaid cards that simply addresses different needs of businesses. A co-branded prepaid card carries the trade name, brand name or trademark of a cobranding partner. It has its own features and remarkable benefits. Features of co-branded cards:  Prepaid and credit cards with your own logo  attractive advertising in the hand of your customers  Attractive commissions month for month  You choose the name, the design and the price of the card  quick and professional processing Endless possibilities with co-branded credit cards:  Improved brand recognition  Better brand positioning  Better reach and approach  Market penetration  Improve customer loyalty However, there are many ways to use a co-branded prepaid visa card or credit card for marketing purposes. The possibilities are unlimited. Such co-branding solutions are highly effective and good for different industries. The processing as well as implementation of the cards is easy. The following examples highlight a few industries where co-branding solutions are interesting.      

Media industries Network marketing companies Companies in the entertainment and telecommunications industries Financial service providers Sport clubs Corporate consulting firms

The co-branding solution from card issuing companies impresses with its individuality and endless benefits. These companies provide more than just the usual prepaid cards for co-branding opportunities. You can easily give your customers and business partners the very best and appropriate choice. The designs for credit cards and prepaid cards can also vary as per your business. This means that your customers have the best ever opportunity to avail the apparent benefits. The biggest advantage is that your business and your customers can efficiently and costeffectively make payments.

Co-Branded Cards – A Revolution  

Card issuing companies provide even more comfort by offering co-branded prepaid cards that simply addresses different needs of businesses. C...