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Open-fit Hearing Aids The newest development in behind-the-ear hearing aid technology, open-fit hearing aids are taking the world of hearing by storm! Offering excellent hearing quality, great aesthetics, and a more natural feeling while wearing, open-fits may be just the right choice for you! These certainly are not your grandmother’s hearing aids!

Similar to traditional behind-the-ear hearing aids (BTEs), open fits have an external portion that sits over the back of the ear (similar to eyeglass temples) and have a small tube that runs in front of the ear and into the ear canal. The external portion is often much smaller than traditional BTEs. The tubing on open-fits is also much slimmer and often connects to a small flexible dome instead of a larger ear mold. Ear molds can still be worn with open-fits, but may be unnecessary depending on the severity of the hearing loss.

Is an open-fit right for you? Open-fits are best for mild to moderately-severe losses that are more high-frequency in nature. Losses that are more low-frequency or more severe may require traditional BTEs or an in-the-ear custom instrument. Open-fits are a very lightweight, nearly invisible option. Since a small tip or Modern Hearing Solutions (330) 238-1304

dome can be used instead of an ear mold, less occlusion occurs, promoting a more open, less plugged up feeling. Many patients note that wearing open-fits feels more natural. Open-fits allow both natural reception of sound, by allowing sound to flow in and out of the ear, as well as the amplified hearing aid sound. Openfit hearing instruments are rather small and may be more difficult for those with dexterity issues to manage.

Ask your hearing healthcare provider about trying a pair of openfit hearing aids today!

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Open-fit Hearing Aids