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Putting Green for your backyard in Scottsdale AZ

Practice golf like a pro! You can now enjoy your hobby or passion on a pro surface! You can avail your own golf course on your backyard in house or office. Putting green is a smooth area of short grass filled inside an area marked. Legacy Green Solutions is bonded and has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau in Scottsdale AZ. These mini-golf courts are easy to install and comes in varied size, shape and colors. Purchasing on your own and installing it you might not just cost you more it would also consume your energy and time. With our services we save it all for you. Practicing golf game on your own court comes now. The perks of our services are: •

Putting green installed is made of high quality, 8-year guaranteed grass.

Our installation services are exquisite and professionals ensure durable performance of

the putting green •

Our turf is free of lead or any other RCRA hazardous waste heavy metals

Putting green’s grass will look as natural and smooth as the real grass.

Any sprinkler or water irrigating system, rocks or dead grass will be removed

The advantages you’ll find by choosing professionals, in Scottsdale AZ, include: •

Best consultant advice on how to lay the putting green in such a way that it would

appropriately suit the layout •

Professional methods handled in your presence.

Laying weed barrier cloth, which will approximately be 4" of decomposed heavily

compacted granite and then placing putting green over it.

Customer chosen thickness, color, weight, and a perfect design of the putting green,

according to it. •

Perfectly varying the speed, required by our client, on the surface by adjusting the

amount of infill.

While choosing the shape and size of your putting green depends on the space in your backyard, choosing its color is based on your needs. Choosing amongst the two colors, things to know are: •

Tru Putt:

Putting green surface color: Color of Field Green Made of: Polypropylene Slit Film Face weight: 34 ounces. Pile height: 1" •

Poly Putt:

Putting green surface color: Color of Light Green Face weight: 28 ounces Pile height is 1/2" Infill: lighter and creates a non-chipping surface Legacy Green solutions are 40 years experienced in installing putting green in Scottsdale AZ, a family-owned business. We are licensed, insured the Better Business Bureau in AZ. We also avail thousands of location where people may feel, walk and play on our already installed turf. Your child may now have the chance to become that wannabe golf professional you were. So, choose

our services in Scottsdale AZ, to get perfect putting greens and help us enhance your backyard or office at the finest quality.

Contact Us: Professionally Installed Putting Greens Artificial Grass Scottsdale, AZ Get Turf! 480-827-7878 Call for a free quote Scottsdale AZ

Putting green for your backyard in scottsdale az  

Legacy Green solutions are 40 years experienced in installing putting green in Scottsdale AZ, a family-owned business. We are licensed, insu...

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