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The market – Office space In the last year the majority of the companies decided to rent the office space (56.7%), 26% opted for a leasing contract and the other 15.7% chose to buy the property. (Source: Rapporto mercato immobiliare e aziende italiane, Tecnoborsa, 2012)

«An enormous change is taking place in the traditional relation between landlords and tenants» … «Tenants look for more flexible workplaces, whereas long-term partnerships with external providers in outsourcing will lead to better results for both the parties». (Source: Benoît du Passage, Managing Director , Dipartimento Research di Jones Lang LaSalle, Studio Office 2020. 2012)

The market – Serviced offices  The market of serviced offices is one of the most increasing sectors worldwide, with a growth of 19.5% of the business volume in the last 3 years and a growth of 73% in the number of serviced offices since 2005.  Since 2008 the highest growth (38%) in this market has been recorded in Europe. (Fonte: Global Serviced Office Review - Instant Office, 2011)

 Demand turns to new, efficient and quality products which enable companies to save money and guarantee employers better working conditions. (Source: BNP Paribas Real Estate Research Italia, 2012)

The office – Requirements «Workers need efficient working spaces and don’t fear to ask whatever they want». 3. «Their requirements can reach an important level of specificity: the location, the capacity, the density, the sustainability, the security and even the air conditioning. (Source: Benoît du Passage, Managing Director , Dipartimento Research di Jones Lang LaSalle, Studio Office 2020. 2012)


Increase/decrease in spaces

More accessible location

Cost predictability and control

Efficient space organisation and management

Compliance with the law and its evolution

Continuity and reliability of the ICT service

Result In the last 10 years, 90,000 companies (16.8% of the italian ones) have changed their headquarters.

(Source: Rapporto mercato immobiliare e aziende italiane, Tecnoborsa, 2012)

Solution – Traditional office Features


Inflexible spaces

43,8% of the companies would

Inefficient use i.e meeting rooms

have wished to change office

Furniture and technology set up

but it gave up because of:

Operating management

Organizational difficulties

Ordinary maintenance

Logistic complexities

Owners and providers relations

(Source: Rapporto mercato immobiliare e aziende italiane, Tecnoborsa, 2012)

Variable costs: property charge, unpredictable costs, extraordinary maintenance

Taxation in force: TARSU, IMU

Property insurance

Multi-year contracts: 6+6, 9+6

High deposit

Solution – SMARTOFFICE SMARTOFFICE is the innovative solution which lets you choose and use the office in a easy and quick way, relieving of the managerial and operating aspects.

Ready-to-use serviced offices Cost efficiency Wide choice based on flexible spaces and services Office Management (maintenance, cleaning and utilities management3) Advanced technology in internet and communication Building automation with 24/7/365 access

SMARTOFFICE - Advantages Ready-to-use office • Cabled and furnished office • Planning, design and management of the architectural and technological setup • Compliance with the law in force and its evolution (equipment conformity, assessed plan, working safety, absence of architectural barriers) Freedom from management • Operating management fully given to professionals • Office management: maintenance, cleaning service, utilities, ICT assistance • Owners and providers relation management Personalized solutions • Spaces flexibility: possibility to increase or decrease spaces according to clients’ needs • Services flexibility: extra services on demand, pay per use Flexible contracts • Personalized contract term: monthly, yearly or multi-yearly • Possibility to terminate the contract with a short notice

SMARTOFFICE – The product Building • Typology: new or renovated • Variable measure surface, in floor used exclusively for office accomodation • Assessed category: office accomodation (A10) Area • Central: close to public transportation • Suburban: proximity to motorway junctions • Parking availability in the immediate vicinity ICT • Internet connection and complete mobile service, Cat.5 o 6 • Internet port mapping and certification Compliance with the law • Energetic Certification • Declaration of equipment conformity (electric and mecanic system, lighting, air conditioning and others) • Working safety, emergency and evacuation plan (emergency exits, fire system, fire-extinguisher) • Absence of architectural barriers

SMARTOFFICE – Pricing Annual costs (₏)

Comparison between a traditional office solution and a SMARTOFFICE in similar locations:  5 workstation office in a SMARTOFFICE  Traditional office constituted by a hall, a waiting area, a small meeting room and 2 other spaces

Traditional office





Secretary/Office management






Internet connection









General charges






Hardware and software maintenance



Operating costs






Cost of capital for investments



Overall fixed costs per year



SMARTOFFICE – OFFIXspace web portal

SMARTOFFICE buildings are published on:  Specialized: the best offices in Italy and Europe .  International: multilingual assistance service  Detailed: single building page and mapping  User friendly: immediate and easy consultation

SMARTOFFICE – The office web page Contacts City, Address Description

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SMARTOFFICE – Where we are SMARTOFFICE offers prestigious offices in central and easily accessible locations

Windows on Europe Group – Overview SMARTOFFICE is born from the experience of Windows on Europe, Italian leader in the management of serviced offices and apartments in Italy and Europe

Main features:  In 1986 Leonardo Ferragamo set up the business  1.300 managed building, 200 offices with 600 workstations  25.000 clients in 2011  Presence in 20 cities in Italy and Europe with a multilingual specialized team  Constant development with a growth rate of 37% from 2003 to 2011

Windows on Europe Group – Distinctive Expertise 

Process know-how Windows on Europe directly controls all the stages of the process, from the operating management of the spaces to the relationship with clients, thanks to the distinctive knowledge developed in every corporate department: sales, marketing, operations, R&D, ICT, purchases, legal, amministrative.

Customer care The Group boasts an international qualified staff, able to identify the best solution for every client and assist him from the first contact to the whole stay.

Product know-how From the market research to the real estate business planning, Windows on Europe has developed dozen of projects in the field, assisting owners and clients in the creation of tailored products.

Marketing The Group promotes its activities thanks to different marketing tools: from the solid partnerships with professionals, agencies and organisations, to the promotion of events and networking as well as speific web marketing activities such as newsletters, direct email marketing and the Group’s presence on the most popular social network. Furthermore, SEO and SEM techniques are also used.


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