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AVIONICS DISPLAY SOLUTIONS A division of Lockheed Martin, specializing in systems integration of military aircraft, has selected Quantum3D Inc.’s IData Human Machine Interface (HMI) toolset to support the simulation and embedded display of graphical information shown on cockpit displays. The IData HMI toolset will provide systems engineers at Lockheed Martin Systems Integration in Owego, NY, and at its facility in Havant, UK, with a breakthrough approach to developing graphical information shown on cockpit displays. Instead of employing outdated code generation methods, the IData toolset outputs data defining the HMI’s graphics and behaviour. This approach can significantly reduce the time and expense in each phase of the embedded display lifecycle, from prototyping and simulation through development and deployment of the embedded target application. Lockheed Martin Systems integration in Owego will use the HMI toolset to more rapidly develop tactical and situational awareness information that is graphically displayed to military pilots and crew aboard a range of rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft.

3D SIMULATION ENGINE Caspian Learning is making its 3D simulation authoring tool, Thinking Worlds™ available to defence personnel, trainers and contractors as an annual developer seat licence. This allows one

user to create and deploy as many simulations as they need over one year for use by any number of personnel, regardless of location. Thinking Worlds allows defence personnel to rapidly create their own highly immersive 3D training simulations using inbuilt image libraries, game mechanics, problem solving tasks and interactivity templates. Games have already been tested within both a DII and DLP environment in the UK and within a secure US Army system. The UK Defence College of Policing and Guarding has developed a 3D simulation in which military police are able to examine crime scenes, question military suspects and search property and people for effective seizure of evidence. In addition The Maritime Warfare School has created an advanced role playing simulation to teach new recruits processes linked to “Rounds Inspections” onboard a Type 22 frigate.

STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP Antycip Simulation Limited, a subsidiary of ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) Pte Ltd, has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Cogent3D. Cogent3D is a privately held business specialising in modelling and simulation, created to distribute some of the world’s most technically advanced 3D products. Antycip Simulation will be the European exclusive distributor of Cogent3D’s products including its Diamond Visionics’ GenesisRT dynamic construction 3D viewers and Symmetry 3D terrain reuse tools. “We are pleased to bring to our customers a new generation of COTS simulation and visualisation technologies,” said Michel Pronier, CEO of Antycip Simulation. “Our customers today demand targeted visual simulation solutions that include dynamic and deformable terrain, high fidelity weather, sensors and night simulation effects, integration with the latest DIS/HLA and CIGI interfaces, and in some cases a certifiable solution.”

COMBAT TRAINING SYSTEM CONTRACT Cubic Defence New Zealand, an Auckland-based subsidiary of Cubic Corporation, has received a follow-on contract valued at approximately $70 million from an Asia-Pacific customer for a new wireless version of Cubic’s widely used laser tactical engagement system. Cubic will deliver multiple lots of the wireless system starting later this year. Cubic’s Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) tracks and records the performance of soldiers and vehicles as they participate in force-on-force training exercises. In 2006, Cubic introduced a new variation of this system that uses a wireless Personal Area Network (PAN) to relay information between soldiers and vehicles.

NEW CTO FOR QUANTUM3D Quantum3D, Inc. has promoted Alan Commike to the position of chief technology officer. He brings nearly two decades of technology leadership to the position. Mr. Commike joined the company in 2006, initially as principal high performance compute (HPC) architect and subsequently as software platform manager. He has played a critical role in the company’s technology and product development, being responsible for Linux and Windows platform software, firmware, drivers, and application software. 56




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