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Zainab the Heir of Faima Throughout the history of mankind, human was and is interested to know his origin, his destiny, and the life after his death, the philosophy of his creation, the ways of perfection or obliteration. He likes to know his whole capabilities and abilities, what he can be and what status he can reach. He is always afraid of the death as he dislikes mortality and has tendency towards immortality .These thoughts perplexed and made him busy to such an extent that led to eruption of his imaginations. In order to free, relieve and subsidize these thoughts he started to write and compile tales, philosophical reasoning and legends in which he created heroes and legendary characters that have the characteristics and traits of the perfect human. The hero who is the desire of everyone to reach his status, to be like him; and in fact this is the goal of his creation to move towards this position. But he cannot; he is unable to do so, not because he does not have the power and strength. On the contrary, he owns the power but he does not utilize it in the right path, or maybe he is unfamiliar with the ways of perfection and excellence. Maybe because of the confusion of instinct ( ‫ ) غریزه‬and innate ( ‫ ) فطرت‬or domination of instincts on innate. We see throughout the history that human may hide his instinct and ignore them but he can not hide his innate. He likes to be imperishable and is always escaping from demise. Since he does not observe any ways to be imperishable he makes legendary characters in his mind. Homer ,the Greek epic poet , in order to make Achilles , the Greek hero of the Trojan war , immortal he created in Iliad a river known as River Styx , which runs under the world . Thetis, Achilles’ mother, bathed his son in this river to make him invulnerable. But still Homer can not digest the idea of bodily immortality even for his imaginative hero. So, his hero died due to an arrow into his heel, because his heel was not bathed by his mother as Thetis hold him from heel during bathing in River Styx .But, Homer has to make his hero immortal in a way. Therefore, he forced his hero in a heroic battle and as a result of death he will receive a reward known as “kleos aphthiton “meaning “fame imperishable. Therefore, Achilles, the central character of Iliad is forever immortal. John Paul Sartre , the great philosopher of the last century , although he denied any life after death and limits everything to this world , in his poems and literal works he complains about this world which is like a prison for him and he wants to escape . He wants another place which is eternal and perfect and he realizes that the human’s values are more than this and beyond this world. Why do we have to imagine heroes? Why cannot we reach the positions of the heroic characters with the substance of heroism? Why cannot we find the heroes on the earth to emulate them? Why cannot we have a hero in the legends with all the heroic characteristics? Why should one be God of sea, and another God of wrath? Maybe with advancement of the knowledge and science and different fields of anthropology we know, at least partially, who we are but do we know who we can be? Can human be like these heroes and at the same time assemble all of their characteristics? As we read in Hamlet, act 4, scene 5: “we know what we are, but know not what we may be?” What are the reasons behind this lack of knowledge? Maybe we can say human has forgotten or is not listening to the voice of the inside, the uproar of the self which is screaming: “(To the righteous soul will be said :) "O (thou) soul, in (complete) rest and satisfaction! Come back thou to thy Lord, - well pleased (thyself), and well-pleasing unto Him!”● (Sura Al Fajr) How can we return to the divine origin in this dark night and with the many present wolves in front and in ambushes? Who is the hero to navigate us to the summit and showing us the perfection path? Alexis Carrel after so many years of studying and investigations wrote a book about human titled “Man, The Unknown” (the bestselling book of 1935) in which he suggested that “mankind could better itself by following the guidance of an elite group of intellectuals, and by implementing a regime of enforced eugenics.” So, for perfection we need to know these intellectuals, the real heroes who lived, who

existed, not the imaginative incomplete heroes of the tales and legends. Therefore, to have a bright future we need to study the history carefully and unprejudiced to find these heroes. At a time, in a city, in a very simple house but full of dedications, sacrifice and holiness. A girl lived. A champion with a two phase life where the first phase is the preparation for the second phase. The second phase is shorter in time than the first phase but epoch-making which makes both phases eternal in the history .A lady who was a heroic character from childhood to the end of her bodily life in this world. The heroine of this first phase was not only the heroine of witnessing and experiencing hardships and difficulties. She was not depressed and isolated from the society although there was a strong connection amongst the members of this family. Like other woman, she was very emotional. However, whenever necessary, she was strong like a mountain to defend her believes and serves society in the path of Islam. Neither the traumas of her life nor her Islamic manifestation , prevent her from being present actively in the society .She was an active figure in the society in Medina as prescribed by Quran and prophet . She had regular meetings with the women and teaching them the percepts of Islam and exegesis of the Noble Quran .She accompanied her father to Kufa and there she also made the classes of education in the mosque to teach women. When she married with Abdullah ibn Jafar-e-Tayyar, she had only one condition and request. Money, car, house, pleasure, trips?? No. She did not ask any wealth, although Abdullah was a very rich man and was known as the “master of generosity”. She just asked him that he will give her permission to accompany her brother, Hussein, when he travels. The time comes that Zainab (s.a) has to choose whether to commence the second phase or not. To live a religious life full of prayings, fastings and Hajj but devoid of any sense of responsibility or life not much full of praying or other rituals but full of sense of social understanding and on top of that you lose your fame and dignity. What for? Everything is good in the society, people are performing their rituals and religious obligations. What is wrong?Seemingly she knew what is going to happen as she had got permission from her husband already. She eagerly accepted to accompany her brother although she realizes that this journey can be her last journey of life. But not only she came with her brother but also she brought his two sons, Mohammad and Aun. A woman left the crowd, the circumbulation, the God’s duty, the state of Ihram. Where is she heading? Her piligrimage has been left incomplete. Just complete it and then go. You hit two birds with one stone. You make God happy, just a bit longer with the crowd. It is a jurisprudential obligation, stay back, have a perfect spiritual time with God, is nt God order in his book? Perform Hajj at least once in your life. Anyhow you can make God, family, society and everyone happy by staying back and doing your work: household, teaching scripture and holding classes for women. As perfect as possible!!so what is wrong? Where are you heading? But no, no logical or religious excuses can stop her as truth has been twisted, as truth has been effaced, not only that it has been replaced by falsehood and worse than that falsehood is being presented as truth. What do you live for? Where are you? What is truth? Who cares? Is it my duty? But no she is liberal thinker, there is a fight inside: to slaughter her Ismail of time or to keep him and have a religious and spiritual life. What to do? Apparently in terms of reasoning keeping Ismail is more logical and religious. Suddenly she makes a revolution inside herself against all the prides and falsehood to go out and change the reality of her society, to make a reformation, to make a revolutionary reformation and a reformatory revolution. But hang on ok you changed yourself, you corrected your inside but why do you want to make a revolution? Firstly, you do not have any military skills and secondly you can not do anything. The situation is worse than what you think, try to purify and correct yourself and be a good person. Who cares about the reality in my society? Put all these things aside how do you know you are now complete or pure? We have a really long time to go. Aren’t we taught first purify yourself from any defects, then find the truth, then understand it, then attain it and finally if you get time apply it? What an amazing formula? Basically I will never be able to do anything. As still I don’t have the knowledge, purity, qualification, understanding, maturity and endless adjectives. Where do you want to go? You still have to stay back, pray, fast, recite, study, perform; you still need knowledge. You are not still qualified. Where are you

heading? But no, she does not need great military skills, her revolution is a thoughtful, thought enlightening, spiritual and mindful revolution starting from herself and then revealing the truth to the society and reforming the twisted truth. With what? With the miracle of incantation, pen, ink, time and power of Tavakol, relying on monotheism, God, Brahma, Nirvana, tetragrammaton, Yahweh, ho theos , ho kurios (lord), truth, Allah. The Imam’s followers and the elders of the tribe advised Imam about review on his decision to bring women and children. Their advice arose from intellectual compassion and kindness, a pure mindful action. Imam Hussein and Sayyedeh Zainab are now encountering a clash of moralities. Zainab go back home, your children are in the army and that is enough, go back home and be a good wife and pray for the army in peace and comfort. Go back. But no she senses she lives for the sake of truth and truth is being twisted. The Satan of the time is oppressing the truth seekers. Who is the Satan of my age? What do I have to do? Where am I standing? Stop, stop is there any Satan at my time? I am doing my duty more than enough I am studying, going to centers, I am social and not harming anyone so what is wrong? I do not know. Zainab herself sat down and realized she has a duty upon her shoulder. She has to leave behind mosque, teachings, motherhood, being wife for another important value. What a hard intersection of moralities? How easy you can make up an excuse and escape? and you will be even more correct and praised. Finally, after all the failed temptations she made the internal revolution in order and for the sake of the external revolution: to reform, to change, to be, to act, to say, to think, to write and to express. Now she is on the dessert of lonelinss and love, The most sacred and spiritual loneliness is in the middle of crowd and noise. What am I saying? Have you ever seen the crowd of truth? Truth is always alone, blamed, detested, rejected, smashed and twisted. Now She has to act as a guardian and take care of the families of the martyrs, the orphans and the women and keep their spirituality and hope at a very high level after the event of Karbala. Zainab is an exceptional and unbelievable nurse, psychologist, and social worker. It is thought that a European or American woman serving in the First World War established nursing in the world. But, this is absolutely wrong. The first establisher of nursing in the world is prophet who used to take women with his army to take care of the injured and casualties of the wars. Zainab (s.a) the graduate of the prophet’s university accomplished her nursing role in a sacrificing manner in Karbala and after that, to take care of Imam Sajad (a.s). All these things are intolerable, she is a human she is neither a superhero in the Greek legends, nor Shiva or any metaphysical super power. She is a human with all the features that we have, with the same anatomy and physiology. With feelings, compassion and love. And that is the beauty of her work if she was not of human race what is her value in the history? She wants to explode she can not tolerate; it is hard and intolerable. But the heir of Adam relieves her and wants her to be more patient and tolerant “ Sister , be patient lest Satan should make you lose your self-control .” Still her pivotal duty has not been performed, this is just minor ;she has to be more patient. Her crucial responsibility is to express the message of Imam Hussein (a.s) and his followers and pave the way for the continuation of their thoughts. If it was not Zainab’s lectures in Kuffa, Ibn Ziad’s Divan, and Yazid’s Divan and in Medina did any names remained from the revolution of Imam Hussein (a.s) until now? Did the people of the world, or at least Muslim world, become aware of the oppression of Yazid and his followers? Would the message and aims of Imam Hussein (a.s) be delivered around the world in such a way that a Buddhist like Great Gandhi saying “I learnt from Hussein how to conquer while being oppressed and suppressed”? Yes, if it was not Zainab’s activities there would not be any trace of the revolution of the freedom around the world. Her speeches and lectures enhanced the awareness of the society in such a way that it leads to several movements, such as revolution of " ‫ " توابین‬with the leadership of "‫سلیمان‬ ‫ "خزایي بن‬and then Mokhtar and Ibrahim, the brave son of Malik Ashtar, against the corrupted government of Umayyad. Only after passages of nearly 4 years not only the executers of the event of Karbala were punished but also the life of the disgraceful of Bani Umayyad came to an end. And it happened as Zainab bravely told Yazid: ‫ ال تمحو‬... ‫"فکد کیدک و اسع سعیک‬ " ‫ذکرنا‬

“Yazid do whatever cheating and deceits you want but you cannot efface our commemoration from the memories. Your life will quickly wane, and a day will come that the proclaimer ( ‫ ) المنادي‬of Hagh will say that “the curse of God on the tribe of tyrants and depots.” Out of the brave, sophisticated and meaningful lectures of Zainab (s.a) one of them is really flabbergasting and amazing which surfaces the sublime characteristics of Zainab we are going to analyze one of the pithiest sentences of Hazrat Zainab(s.a). This is when Ibn Ziad told her ironically “how did you see the act of God about your brothers and your ancestors? Considering the situations in the Divan( ‫) داراالمارة‬of a bloodthirsty tyrant and killer and the emotional and psychological status of Zainab after witnessing the martyrdoms and experiencing captivity from one city to another, this grand lady did not lose her control and replied a very deep and meaningful answer which needs a very careful and studied interpretation. She said : ‫"ما راءیت اال جمیال اولئك قوم كتب هللا علیهم القتل فبرزو و الى مضاجعهم و سیجمع هللا بینك و بینهم فتختصمون عنده فانظر لمن‬ "‫الفلج یابن مرجانة‬ “whatever I saw was beautiful”. What did she mean? Are blood-shedding, killing and captivity beautiful? Does she want just to burn him? Can you find any romantic and love stories and legends with this level of surrendering to the beloved for the sake of God . This sentence of Ali bin Husayn beautifies history: "When we are on the right path why should we fear death?" The beauty is the satisfaction with God’s will, the beloved in any conditions . The extremity of beauty is when Zainab (s.a) went to the site where the holy body of Imam was. The lady is walking! Where are you going now? What for? You cannot tolerate? Please come back. Very strong and determined footsteps to the most shattering place. I expect her to do anything she is not blamed. Imagining the Imam’s body condition and the love of Zainab (s.a) who used to visit Imam every day. But she knows the true love and how to love .Imam Ali (a.s) would always spend time with his children. Once he was sitting in his house with his young children. Sayyedeh Zainab (s.a) then asked, "Dear, father, do you love me?" Imam Ali (as) said, "Yes, of course, my children are like a part of my heart". On hearing this, she said, "You also love Allah (SWT). How can two loves be in one heart of a true believer, the love of Allah (SWT) and that of children?"(Allah has not made for any man two hearts in his (one) body. (Surah Al-Ahzab, 33:4) Imam Ali (as) smiled and replied, "Love Allah (SWT) and for the sake of His love, you love His creatures; children and fellow beings too. I love you for the sake of Allah (SWT)."Exactly along the prophet’s Hadith : "The strongest faith is to be sincere for the sake of Allah, to hate for the sake of Allah (Tabarra), to love for the sake of Allah (Tawalla), and to discard for the sake of Allah."● Now she is at the site, this time the plot of story is completely different. This time Abrahm is being slaughtered, even Ismails have been killed, not with the hands of father or son as usually seen in the history. It is neither Rostam nor Sohrab. The climax is really different. This time the father and son both have been killed without any sheep being granted or one of them surviving. Who is she ? what is her role? Go and do not change the current of the river. I like to adopt. Why should I go against the current and the norm regardless of the truth and falsehood? Please step back at least do what Juliet and Romeo did. Do not you love him? How can you withstand? Do what Juliet did for Romeo. Please let us have the normal climax. But this is a different plot. The Romeo really died. Oh! it is even worse so she has to show at least some emotional actions. Hit herself, scratch her face, beat her chest. No there is no such a thing. She sat down next to the head. Calmly with all the belief. what is she doing? The sun is setting and the red ray of separation and loneliness is illuminating the field of love. The sky is red, it seems the time has been stopped. The history is being reborn. Which history? The history that makes us or the history that we make? This time the history is made by human a bright and sunny one at the sunset of love as red as blood. Not much time left the sun is going to set with falsehood please do something. The book of history will be closed very soon. Where should I put you in the history of legendary women? Who are you? Aphrodite the Goddess of Love and Beauty? Maybe Athena, the Patron Goddess of Athens, the Goddess of Wisdom, and the Goddess of Weavin. Or she is like Hera the most well known for being the wife of Zeus and the Queen of the Gods. Why

not? Her grandfather is the prophet, her father is Ali and her mother is Fatima. Or propabably Oya the God of magic. She is on the battle field so she should resemble Gurdafarin or Banu Goshasb. You perplexd me. I am looking thorught the history to find your character, your role and the end of the story. What are you going to do the legend of my story, no mankind story? Let me look at the Hidue heroine. You are Durga. Durga manifests fearlessness and patience. She is an embodiment of creative feminine force. So, I found you, you look like her. But wait Durga is an absoultoly imaginative figure. My legend is a human she has neither ten hands nor lion or any external power. Are you Vishipala? Never ever you are a real character. Even I did not find you in Babylion history as you can not be Ishtar as Ishtar is a personification but you are yourself, Zainab. She looks like Bellona as she is helping her brother as well. I don’t know. I am confused. She is so different from whole the history, story and legends. She is a human, woman, simpler than me and you but she is beyond legendary characters. She existed, she lived and she acted without any supernautral power or being of a high social class and caste; and more importantly she is on the right side and opposing falsehood. I am unable to predict her action in the final scene of this real story. Oh I realized I was doing a mistake finding you in the stories and legends. You are an heir and a speaker. You are the woman for all the classes, I should find you in Fatima. Suddenly the lady raised her hands with all firmness and determination; to whom? To the truth the one whose love led to this. For the first time in the history a new love story a new legend but this time real and authentic. Finally she said: "‫"اللهم تقبل منا هذا القربان‬. Oh my beloved the eternal existence without physical existence, please accept from us this sacrifice. A new role in the story? She is neither the father nor the son. Neither the God nor the queen. Neither the warrior nor a supernatural person. Who is she? She is not even the heir. Who is she? These are the beauties of Karbala meant by Hazrat Zainab (s.a) which are unseen in any real stories or even legends in the history of mankind. In Greek literature there are several awards for the heroes of the legends to create a substance of heroism in the mind of the readers. Awards like Nostos, which is the idea of homecoming after a battle; kleos apthiton the idea of imperishable fame as a result of death in a heroic battle, kleos the idea of glory earned in a victorious homecoming; and Time a concept similar to kleos which denotes respectability to an honorable man after accomplishing his cultural, political or martial duties. Achilles gained only kleos aphthilton and Odysseus obtained kleos, but the heroine of our real story who is alive in the history achieved all the awards. A heroine, who lived, existed, acted, resisted the hardships, and revolutionize against deceits, oppressions and autocracy to save the divine plan of life for the people of the world. At the same time her Islamic manifestation (to the extent prescribed by Islam) was not a barrier in accomplishing of her duties in the society and at home as a mother and a wife. As Dr Shariati said “What woman of whatever class, at whatever stage of life, in whatever system of particular tribal, religious and social ideas, who believes in the eternal values of womanhood and exalted values of the feminine, does not accept Zainab as a permanent everlasting symbol of the social, human and progressive leadership of women? “ Therefore ,to live like a free human wishing to advance our life to journey from sperm-drop towards the divine origin we need to investigate in the history to find the real heroes and champions who acted ,loved and hatred for the sake of Allah . And definitely, these heroes are in the legendary family of prophet Mohammad (s.a). The family of heroes whose grandfather is Mohammad (s.a), whose grandmother is Khadije (s.a) .The father of this family is Ali (a.s) and its mother is Fatima (s.a). The sons of this family are Hassan (a.s) and Hussein (a.s) and the daughter of this family is the extract of these legendary characters. The daughter who attained these characteristics rather inheriting them. The daughter who is impressive and a paradigm for woman of all ages and eras not because she is in this legendary family but because in speech and actions she was Zainab.

Zainab the Heir of Faima