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Art Department

Ms Bigsby HOD

Cover Staff

Ms Henderson

Ms Elliott

Ms Barnes

Ms McGregor

Ms Carter

Ms Garred

Ms Lucas

Drama Department

Ms Carr

Mr Rushbrook

Ms Belcher

Ms Taylor

Design Technology Department

English Department

Ms Hunt

Mr Lewis

Ms Rodrigues

Mr Bussell

Mr Clark

Ms Hook

Mr Stephens

Ms James

Ms Sharma

Ms Hallett

Ms Harris

Ms Richardson

Mr Lovelock

Mr Carpenter

Mr Jones

Ms Smith

Ms Stephens

Faculty Assistants

Ms Darani

Ms Boulahlib

Ms Foley

Ms Curtis

Ms Foley

Ms Miller

Ms Heinze

Ms Dockrill

Mr McKernan -Chair Community Governors

Mr David Forster Vice Chair Community Governors

Finance Department

Food Tech Department

Governors Mr Brooks Community Governors

Mr Evans Community Governors

Mr Harries Community Governors

Parent Governors Ms Mckee Parent Governors

Ms Simon Parent Governors

Mr Stewart Parent Governors

Mr J Walshe Parent Governors

Mr S London Head Teacher

Mr Cole Staff Governors

Ms Fanning Staff Governors

Ms Hallett Staff Governors

Mr Burke

Ms Bannister

Mr Wright

Ms Brighty

Mr Downham Parent Governors

Ms Kamali Parent Governors

Ms Case

Mr Tsappis

Staff Governors

Humanities Department

Mr Smith

Human Resources

Ms Holgate

Computing Department

Mr Lucas

Mr Wantling

Ms Outram

Mr Zalicks

Ms Zalicks

Mr Joyce

IT Support

Ms Bint Director of Access & Autism/SENDCO

Ms Coleman LSD Office

Ms Holt LSD Office

Mr Rogerson SEN Teacher

Ms Sherwin SEN Teacher

Ms Butler SEN-Science

Mr Jessop Numeracy

Mr Mayambika Resp. For Nurture group & Differentiation

Ms Hayes Responsibility For Medical Issues

Ms Wallis HLTA

Ms Pallant HLTA

Ms Lammin

Ms Antoine

Ms Izod

Ms Couchman

Ms Adams

Ms Gunby

Ms Harrington

Learning Support Department

Learning Support Department

Ms Brown

Ms Howard

Ms Teece

Ms Walford

Ms Wood

Ms Heath

Mr Roney

Ms Mitchell

Mr Baker

Mr Hussain


Mr Asante

Ms Burrows

Ms Edwards

Ms McGrath

Mr Wells

Ms Steadman LSD ART

Ms Maloney LSD ART


Maths Department

Ms Noller

Ms Rushbrook

Mr Maher

Mr Allen

Ms Garvin

Ms Rattan

Mr Afzal

Ms Machin

Mr Clarkson

Dr Harper

Ms Smith

Mr Akanel

Ms Dyson

MFL Department Mr Smith

Ms Perks

Mr Harris

Ms Redden

Mr Wells

Ms Duncan

Ms Croker

Ms Roberts

Ms Hyde

Ms Lee

Ms Read

Ms Cox

Music Department


Planning Office

Ms Scott

Ms Moore

Pastoral Office

Ms Greenberg

Ms Harradine

Ms Garner

Ms Aslan

Mr Morritt

Mr Swan

Ms Smith

Ms Wellcome

Ms Morgan Head of PE

Ms Hand

PA’s Head’s Office

PE Department

Mr Murphy

Ms Topp 2 in PE Dept. nd

Mr Stacey

Premises Department

Mr Brown

Mr O’Sullivan


Mr Hales

Pupil Premium

Mr Cole

Ms French

Ms Fanning

Mr Cashman

RE Department

Ms Abbott

Mr Nottage

Resources Department

Ms Evans

Ms Outram

Mr White

Mr Shaheed

Ms Afteni

Ms O’Kane

Ms McFadden

Ms King

Ms Cox

Ms Mitchell

Ms Pellicci

Ms Rynne

Ms Watkins

Ms Boulahlib

Ms Brewer

Ms Dods

Science Department

Senior Leadership Team

Mr S London Head Teacher

Mr Cotier Deputy Head

Mr Bamber Deputy Head

Deputy Head

Ms Hallett

Mr Hales

Ms Afteni Child Protection

Ms Bint Director of Access & Autism/SENDCO

Mr Lewis Chapman

Ms Dockrill Dickens

Mr Swan Talbot/ Child Protection

Mr Morritt Waltham

Mr Shaheed Dickens

Ms Hatch Schools Ed. Officer

Ms Kirby

Mr Mcfadden

Mr Linge

Ms Chandler

Ms Aslan

Ms Yates

Ms Ducker

Senior House Tutors


Ms Lucas

Teachers 2016/17

Ms Redden

Mr Akanel

Ms Richardson

Ms Hook

Teaching staffbydept 2016 17  
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