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SHOW CATALOG April 6–8, 2017 LA Convention Center, Los Angeles The Rug Show is a non-profit organization.

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The Rug Show is a non - profit indus tr y as sociation comprised of producer s, impor ter s and w holesaler s w hose primar y aim is to bet ter promote and ex pand the collec tive interes t s of our indus tr y. By bringing together a consor tium of dif ferent r ug indus tr y busines s per sons – par tic ularly f rom Nor th A meric a – to develop promotional ideas, s tage event s and ex pand positive ex posure for our wares ac ros s the globe, The Rug Show will develop mar keting tools, promote member brand s and ex pand mutually beneficial connec tions ac ros s the indus tr y.


2017 WINNER 6–8 A P R I L


WINNER Best Modern Design Deluxe



+1 973.433.0748 | www.woolandsilkrugs.com

The Rug Show | Show C atalogue — Los A ngeles 2 017

WELCOME For three days in April visitors will have their senses delighted by an explosion of colour, texture and artistic endeavour, all in the name of rugs.

Welcome to the fif th edition of The Rug Show Los Angeles, which is sure to star t on a high. For three days in April visitors will have their senses delighted by an explosion of colour, tex ture and ar tistic endeavour, all in the name of rugs. Rug ar t has never been so varied and so inspiring and here we present one of the best shows to demonstrate that fac t. The t wo Rug Show event s — one in New York ever y September and the Los Angeles version ever y April — have become well-respec ted fairs within the US and abroad. Not only do the event s at trac t top brands to exhibit but also key industr y buyers and individuals to at tend. This show is therefore, an impor tant event for the West Coast market, bringing some premium rug companies to the area. With the Rug Show brand you are guaranteed top qualit y and excellent ser vice. We hope this is your experience of the show. The Rug Show



The Rug Show | Show C atalogue — Los A ngeles 2 017

EXHIBITOR LISTINGS Anadol Rug Company // Andkhuy Rugs // Ar t Resources // Ayka Design // A zad USA // Caravan Modern // Caravan Rug Corp. // Creative Touch // French Accents Rugs & Tapestries // Globalcraf t Rugs // Ketenci Rugs // Mobayen // Nalbandian // Rug & Kilim // Rugzy // Slocum Rug Company // Tamarian // Wool & Silk Rugs // Yilong Silk Rugs // Zollanvari





9663 Santa Monica Blvd., 9663 Monica Blvd., Suite 126Santa Beverly Hills, CA 90210 t310 860 1134 f- 310CA 860 90210 1135 Beverly Hills, e- info@mobayen.com

The Rug Show@Javits, Javits Center NYC | September 10-13, Suite 126 2016 AmericasMart Atlanta, 3-D-16 & 3-E-16 | January 10-17, 2017 The Rug Show in LA, LA Convention Center | Spring 2017

Atlanta • Beverly Hills

browse our complete inventory

t- 310 860 1134 SHOWROOMS

f- 310 860 1135 e- info@mobayen.com

9663 Santa Monica SuiteHills 126 Showrooms: AtlantaBlvd., • Beverly online 24/7. Beverly Hills, CA 90210 t- 310 860 1134 f- 310 860 1135 e- info@mobayen.com


Showrooms: Atlanta • Beverly Hills




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Winner: Best Liked by DOMOTEX Visitors Award for ‘Rapture 4’, Carpet Design Awards 2017 Winner: Special Mention for ‘Glow’, German Design Awards 2016 Exhibiting: The Rug Show, Los Angeles 6–8 April 2017 Maison et Objet, Paris 8–12 September 2017

New design from the Designer Isfahan Collection, ‘Abrashed Floral Cartouches in Hues of Gold on Lilac’ in wool and silk



Save the date Fall 2017 SUNDAY 10 - WEDNESDAY 13 SEPTEMBER


NY Shows are held in conjunction with Metro Market Week.





The Rug Show is a non-profit organization.


W W W. T A M A R I A N . C O M


The New Berber Collection Our award-winning* Berber Wool Rug Collection, hand-woven with Turkish knots in Turkey from luxurious




handspun wool, presents vibrant and free spirited designs. They capture the artistic characteristics which has been created during centuries of tradition and craftsmanship – and are exotic additions to today's modern interiors.

9 Times Winner America’s Magnificent Carpets Award

* AMCA 2017 Winner displayed on the left.

1088 HUFF ROAD NW. ATLANTA, GA 30315 www.anadolrugs.com 404 350 8558

Visit us at The Rug Show from 6th - 8th April

Globalcraft Rugs

www.globalcraftrugs.com (832) 778-6200

� a e ? � � ��� � � t H� ��n � h� I� � u �. A� �w� t� Globalcraft Rugs www.globalcraftrugs.com (832) 778-6200


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Soft tones W

hile bright color is threatening to make a daring return to our interiors, soft tones such as pastel shades, pale grays, light blues and neutrals are still popular choices for interior designers. Soft-tone rugs make welcoming, adaptable and unifying additions to any room, whether they feature a hint of color or remain purely tonal. Here is a selection of the latest and greatest softlytoned rugs on the US market.


1 67743 Persian Oushak rug, Slocum 2 Rug by Tamarian 3 47012, Emerald Collection, Art Resources 4 Rug by Caravan 5 Soft, Ketenci

5 3






6 Berber 126842, Anadol 7 Genesis Spring, Wool & Silk Rugs 8 Woodland 3, Into The Woods collection, Zollanvari 9 Flatweaves by Rug & Kilim



2 17

The Rug Show | Show C atalogue — Los A ngeles 2 017

1 Interior featuring rug by Creative Touch 2 Rug by Caravan 3 Eon TK Cumulus, Tamarian





ark, inky walls and moody hues have been having their moment in European interior design for several years now. Dark interior spaces have certainly started to usurp the once popular white-onwhite look—shadey grays, deep blues and blacks are now the wall colors of choice. The coolest of interior schemes in the US are now following suit and adopting these darker tones and what better way to enhance a deep wall color than to add a darker-hued rug. Black rugs were never so popular! Think moody yet elegant and cosy: these tones create a whole different atmosphere.






4 Vintage 125519, Anadol 5 Abyss - Night, Wool & Silk Rugs

7 47041, Jade Collection, Art Resources 8 Silhouette Gold, Ayka Design

6 Caprino 2, Flatweaves Minimalist collection, Zollanvari





www. 20

Caravan Rug Corp. +1- 310 - 358 -1222 Everest Collection Texture Coco Jeans by Caravan Modern

Glimpse features distinct abstract designs based on the artwork of Carol Benson-Cobb

401 Penhorn Ave. Suite #4 Secaucus, NJ 07094 Ph: (201) 468-0246 www.CreativeTouchRugs.com 21

The Rug Show | Show C atalogue — Los A ngeles 2 017




DRISCOLL ROBBINS 1. How did you develop your taste for contemporary design? My parents were in the antique carpet business in San Francisco. To be honest, I never had a lot of interest in the rug business. It wasn’t until after college when I was introduced to Woven Legends and was captivated by modern interpretations of traditional patterns. I refer to the mid 1990s as the beginning of the ‘modern rug renaissance’ and my first job with Woven Legends put me at the forefront of that movement. 2. How did your eye for a good rug develop? I’m sure living around exquisite antique rugs had a lasting impression on me. However, my parents are also avid collectors of tribal and modern art, and their


Raised by parents who worked in the antique carpet business, Driscoll Robbins soon developed his own taste for modern rugs. It is 20 years ago that he opened his first eponymous retail store in Seattle. Lucy Upward discovers more

tastes have had a huge influence on my own aesthetic. My dad is an amazing modern painter, and I’m currently working on translating some of his work into carpet designs. Their life revolves around modern art and design so my parents continue to be my greatest influence.

3. When you opened your first showroom twenty years ago what did you stock? I opened my showroom with little financial capital so I leaned heavily on my suppliers for consignment rugs. My key suppliers were Zollanvari, Tufenkian, Odegard and Woven Legends. In 1997, gabbehs were first arriving in the US, and with the help of James Opie, I had a direct pipeline to Zollanvari. Clients had never seen gabbehs before,

and for a few years, we sold them like candy. At the time, Zollanvari rugs were all unique, and the best pieces were truly exceptional works of art. 4. What are the biggest changes to the market that you have observed in the last 20 years? Over the years rugs have become much more trendy and decorative. Taste for design, texture and colors change rapidly. I also find clients are less interested in purchasing a rug to last a lifetime and are more interested in current trends. 5. How is the market for traditional design? The traditional rugs we sell are somehow altered or reinterpreted. Distressed vintage rugs, overdye, and modern interpretations of

The Rug Show | Show C atalogue — Los A ngeles 2 017

1 Driscoll Robbins 2 Driscoll Robbins Fine Carpets showroom in Seattle

3 Vista Gold rug, Driscoll Robbins Collection

combination of color and texture, or some other quality that makes the rug unique. 8. How would you define your showroom style? We moved into a new showroom about one year ago across the street from the Seattle Design Center. I was fortunate to be able to buy the building and convert it into an open, modern space with white walls, concrete floors, open beamed ceiling and large floor to ceiling windows. 9. How much of your business is custom? We have always specialized in custom. It fluctuates by month, but I would guess custom accounts for 50% of our business. 10. Do you mainly work with interior designers? Yes, we rely on interior designers to keep our doors open. We do a fair amount of retail business but it requires much more hand-holding, and generally smaller purchases. 3

‘Over the years rugs have become much more trendy and decorative’ traditional patterns are much more in vogue. Transitional designs have taken the place of the classic oriental rug. 6. What kind of designs and colors sold well last year? Being located in the Northwest, we tend to do well with warm and rich color. I’m also finding a trend toward creams and blacks.

Over the past year we’ve done well with organic designs, with a more painterly quality. 7. How have you stayed on top of the market for the last 20 years? I can’t help but be guided by the reactions of my clients and I’m hyperaware when certain trends run their course. I also buy rugs that speak to me, whether it’s the right

11. What makes a perfect rug? As my Dad always said, ‘the perfect rug is a sold rug’. Certainly high-quality materials and design execution are extremely important. 12. Which shows do you attend? I always attend The Rug Show New York and Los Angeles. Every other year I head to Domotex Hannover. 13. Which brands do you admire? There are so many amazing rugs being made right now. I love what Erbil is doing at Wool & Silk, the intricacy of his rugs is amazing. www.driscollrobbins.com


The Rug Show | Show C atalogue — Los A ngeles 2 017


After 28 years in the rug business, Louis Tarantino of Carpet Source of Winter Park knows the market like the back of his hand. Speaking to Malin Lonnberg, he shares his insights as a buyer of contemporary rugs





hen you talk to people in the rug business, you quickly realize that it is a life-long calling rather than an ordinary career. Louis Tarantino, President of Carpet Source of Winter Park, star ted at the family carpet store 28 years ago, working for his brotherin-law Juan Jorge at Carpet Source Inc. in South Florida. ‘I


star ted as a helper to the carpet installation crew and from there I learned every aspect of the floor covering business and eventually made my way into sales,’ he explains. Soon after, in 1990, Carpet Source entered the hand-knotted rug business. More than a decade later, in September 2002, Tarantino was visiting family when he suddenly had the idea to relocate and open

his own store. With the full support of his wife, he drew up a two-year plan and opened the doors to Carpet Source of Winter Park, not far from Orlando, nine months later. Jorge has been a partner from the very beginning. The business is now in its 14th year, and Tarantino can proudly say that the company has grown 20% each of the last two years. Tarantino’s story makes it clear just how important collaborating with interior designers is for success in the world of rugs. As early as 1999, Tarantino landed a large outof-town design firm and made it his routine to travel to see them every other Monday. ‘My interior design clients have been most influential in helping me develop my eye for rugs,’ he says. ‘I spend a great deal of time learning from them how

The Rug Show | Show C atalogue — Los A ngeles 2 017


1 Louis Tarantino of Carpet Source of Winter Park 2 Interior with New Moon’s Orion, Charcoal rug 3 The Carpet Source of Winter Park showroom 4 Interior with transitional rug from Carpet Source of Winter Park

color, texture, and pattern work to pull a room together.’ Out of these aspects, it is color that Tarantino looks for first when buying rugs. ‘In my opinion the best quality and pattern in the wrong color will not sell,’ he states. Along with the palette, design, weave and value are key concerns. Like in all areas of design, customers’ needs are constantly changing. ‘In our first 7 years, 90% of our business was decorative 2 transitional (traditional rug or designs in today’s colors),’ explains Tarantino. ‘Today, 80% of our rugs are more of a modern design.’ Within that, Tibetan rugs in wool and silk make up the majority of Carpet Source of Winter Park’s sales. To be a successful retailer of rugs, one always has to keep an eye on the next big thing. In terms


‘My interior design clients have been most influential in helping me develop my eye for rugs’ of fiber use, that has meant more viscose and bamboo for Tarantino. Another trend that looks set to continue is shimmer and, going from subtle to loud, maximalism. ‘Bold color is coming back in a big way, as well as exaggerated patterns,’ he says. Displaying rugs is a science. A showroom needs to be smart, but at the same time display a range of products in sizes that can be inconvenient to hang. ‘I want our

showroom to continuously be the Tiffany’s of the rug business,’ says Tarantino. Carpet Source of Winter Park puts an emphasis on variety, both in terms of rugs and presentation. ‘We have 9x12 rugs hanging, there are ladder rungs with over 400 2x3 rug samples, rug samples on wings, rug piles and rug bales,’ he says. ‘I feel this works because the client has the chance to take a reasonable amount of time to look for the right rug.’ Tarantino travels to six markets a year, meaning that his showroom sees a constant influx of new samples and rugs. He is not alone in being constantly on the search for what is new and desirable in luxury carpets. In our trend-driven world, rug shows thus have an important role to play. www.csowp.com


The Rug Show | Show C atalogue — Los A ngeles 2 017


The Rug Show | Show C atalogue — Los A ngeles 2 017


LA CONVENTION CENTER We look forward to seeing you this spring at our 5th annual area rug showcase, featuring the most innovative and cutting-edge designs from some of the industry’s most renowned producers and wholesalers.



Thursday 9am – 6pm Friday 9am – 6pm Saturday 9am – 12pm

A block of deeply discounted rooms is available at the Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles. The Rug Show subsidized rate is $149 per night, excluding tax and applicable fees. Restrictions apply, visit www.therugshow.com for the reservations link. Space is limited.



Join us for our signature Opening Day Cocktail/Dinner Party on Thursday evening, April 6 at 7.30pm—taking place at an exclusive LA venue. Registration is REQUIRED at the LA Convention Center during show hours to obtain your credentials and for complete venue details.

All attendees are invited to kick back during show hours at our exclusive coffee bar: The COVER Lounge, sponsored by COVER magazine.


The Rug Show | Show C atalogue — Los A ngeles 2 017

GUIDE TO EXHIBITORS Here we introduce all the companies exhibiting at the Rug Show Los Angeles, emphasising what a fantastic and varied collec tion of rugs will be on display at the fair








Anadol Rug Company knows home is a sacred space for its clients. Specializing in Angora wool Ushaks and the transformation of preloved Anatolians into on-trend zero pile contemporary rugs, Anadol’s focus on innovation, integrity and authenticity is allied to beauty and experience to create their exceptional platform of products. The award winning Atlanta, Georgia-based manufacturer, importer, and exporter is on a continuous quest for excellence, and even its industry-acknowledged secret weapon—exceptional customer service—is consistently reviewed for excellence. anadolrugs.com

Andkhuy Rugs is a newcomer no longer. The San Francisco-based company debuted as a wholesaler at The Rug Show New York in 2015. Since then Andkhuy has become a leading source for new tribal rugs in classic designs with the occasional contemporary design refresh. Importers and producers of hand-spun, vegetable dyed wool rugs and kilims, Andkhuy’s strength is their confidence in the market’s continuing appreciation for colorful tribal rugs. Founders Abdul Sattar Karimi and Rehman Nazar adapted the company name from the region in Northern Afghanistan where their rugs are made by Turkmen weavers. www.andkhuyrugs.com

The City of Angels is home to venerable and award-winning company Art Resources. The firm is at the nexus of dramatic, modern rug designs, and is a well-known source for retailers looking for a huge variety of rug designs at multiple price levels. Few firms understand the West Coast rug market better than Art Resources and fewer still understand how to leverage that knowledge into rugs that sell beyond the region to an international clientele. A leading rug expert, Art Resources is the source for artful luxury, unexpected designs, luxe materials, and trends that transcend the fleetingly ephemeral. www.artresources.us

1. Vintage 125525, Anadol

2. 54SK-137 Fine Aryana, Andkhuy

3. 47026, Emerald Collection, Art Resources

2 29






Company founder and lead designer Karen Michelle Evans is the powerhouse behind Ayka Design. Acclaimed for her variable length pile carpets that create subtle trompe l’oeil movement and depth in her intricate weaves, Ayka Design also specializes in narrative designs that convey unspoken stories and allow the imagination to roam. Evans’ unparalleled designs, superlative weaving, and her unique themes of camouflage and nature have led to Ayka Design being recognised with multiple industry awards. www.aykadesign.com

The finest rugs, the most beautiful designs, the most on-trend colors— these statements aren’t bold claims but rather the demonstrable driving goals of Azad Rugs, a family business established in Iran more than one hundred years ago. The company expanded its global office to Germany in 1962 and to the USA in 1976. Azad’s longevity in the international rug market enables them to understand precisely what to manufacture and import in order to provide the finest rugs in designs and colors guaranteed to appeal to their global market and to satisfy the myriad regional and national trends in their US market. azadusa.net

The phrase ‘two heads are better than one’ indicates strategic savvy, and it is a coinage eminently applicable to the twin arms of the Beverly Hills, California-based Caravan Rug Corp and Caravan Modern. The company names cleverly reference the individual ‘caravans’ that together created the historic caravanserai laden with rugs for markets along the Silk Road. These twin iterations of caravanserai create handmade rugs for multiple markets. Caravan Modern is known for erased and oxidised rugs in bamboo silk, art silk, linen, wool woven in Nepal and India. Caravan Rug Corp creates more traditional Persian motif rugs handmade in Pakistan. www.caravanrug.com

4. Silhouette Gold, Ayka Design


5. Rug by Caravan

The Rug Show | Show C atalogue — Los A ngeles 2 017





Creative Touch is a leader in creating, collaborating and presenting luxury artist-designed and fashion-led rugs to an international clientele of interior designers, architects and bespoke retailers. The innate artistic flair and industry achievements of Creative Touch’s Baki Ildiz means he can attract leading artists to create collections for Creative Touch. Most recently Creative Touch has launched the Carol Benson-Cobb Collection of handknotted wool and silk rugs based on BensonCobb’s internationally acclaimed abstract paintings. creativetouchrugs.com

New York-based French Accents Rugs & Tapestries was founded in 1994. Since that time the company has evolved from a traditional rug importer into a bold and influential presence in transitional and modern floor coverings and a leader in highend contemporary rugs. Innovations abound and include unique ikat patterns handwoven in Nepal and their Scandinavian-inspired modern flat weaves; part of French Accents’ handmade Contemporary Collection in wool and silk. www.farugs.com

6. Interior featuring rug by Creative Touch

7. M327 flatweave, French Accents Rug & Tapestry







Texas has a proud pioneer history, and Globalcraft Rugs, headquartered in Houston, Texas continues this heritage by continually pioneering new ideas in the rug industry. Almost thirty years ago the company reacted to client needs by creating an alternative to the then standard idea that ‘one size fits all’. Their alternative concept reflects the bespoke world of high-end fashion where choice is not a luxury but a standard. Leaders in custom design and color, Globalcraft Rugs work closely with their clients to translate desires into one-of-a-kind rugs—a process that has become the pioneering hallmark of Globalcraft Rugs. www.globalcraftrugs.com

Finding the balance between weaving and woven is the equilibrium between process and outcome. When that art is allied to the dance of knot with shadow, you have a Ketenci world. Headquartered in Teşvikiye, Istanbul, Ketenci is a global brand with a growing US presence. Founded in 1996, Ketenci quickly established itself as a leading brand for Turkish rugs, reinventing classic Turkish designs into contemporary masterpieces. Using natural materials and exquisite handweaving, Ketenci’s polished rug designs are popular with prominent global architects, designers and decorators, and the company increasingly collaborates on projects for international interiors. www.ketencirugs.com

8. Pink Saturn, Globalcraft Rugs

9. YH 40 Soft, Ketenci

The Rug Show | Show C atalogue — Los A ngeles 2 017






One of the organisers of the nonprofit organisation that hosts the annual The Rug Show events in Los Angeles and New York City, Ramin Mobayen of Mobayen, Los Angeles is the fourth generation of his family in the rug business. His company is known for a range of contemporary, traditional and transitional designs, flatweave to pile, skilfully made in a number of the world’s rug-producing nations. As such, Mobayen is a safe bet for finding a variety of highquality area rugs to suit any interior. www.mobayen.com

Nalbandian and Rugzy are complementary arms of the same Southern California-based company. The original and long established arm of the company— Nalbandian—specializes in vintage rugs augmented by on-trend rug collections such as Scandinavianinspired designs. More recently Nalbandian recognised the move towards refinishing ‘tired’ designs to save vintage rugs for new generations. Rugzy transforms vintage rugs—using techiniques such as over-dyeing and distressing—to create magical works of rug art. www.nalbandian.com www.rugzy.com

Weaving is an art and handwoven rugs are an art-form, but ensuring that each and every rug off the loom is grounded in an art ethos is difficult for many to achieve. Josh Nazmiyal of Rug & Kilim thinks like an artist and this skill allows him to work well ahead of trends. The universal clamour for all things Scandinavian was sensed by Nazmiyal long before the trend surfaced, and he guided the design process to adapt mid-twentieth century classic Scandinavian designs for a contemporary international clientele. www.rugandkilim.com

10. Terra Collection, Mobayen

11. Flatweaves by Rug & Kilim


The Rug Show | Show C atalogue — Los A ngeles 2 017






Founded by the Arsin family and helmed by the third generation, Texas-based Slocum Rug Gallery is headquartered in the heart of Dallas’s Design District. The international company can boast rug roots that grew out of Tehran’s famous Grand Bazaar in 1910. Slocum Rug Gallery continues to innovate. Its massive inventory reflects Persian Turkish, Oriental, and European rug—both antique and reproduction—and their stock is augmented by Slocum Rug Gallery’s superlative design service to create custom designed rugs for local, regional, and international clients. slocumruggallery.com

Artful rugs are a calling card to beautiful interiors, and few rug companies have better calling cards than Tamarian. Known throughout the industry for creating floor-based art, Tamarian rugs are handwoven using techniques unchanged for centuries, while the company’s dedication to weaver welfare and stewardship of the environment elevates their rugs to the pantheon of quality outcome. The Baltimorebased brand’s designs appeal to a discerning global clientele. Their rich texture and fashion-forward colors are what attracts high-end designers and architects. www.tamarian.com

12. 67657 Persian Sultanabad, Slocum Rug Gallery

13. Radio TK Sula Teal, Tamarian

The Rug Show | Show C atalogue — Los A ngeles 2 017





An embarrassment of riches is an idiom that means too much of a good thing, but is it possible to have too much of Wool & Silk’s multiaward winning rugs? Artist Erbil Tezcan—who designs each Wool & Silk rug—is garlanded with awards by the international rug community. Wool & Silk’s narrative designs are rich with symbolism and naturalism, enhanced by the handknotted silk and wool weaves. The rug designs are inspired by variety of subjects and Tezcan often looks to nature. His series reflecting the four seasons perfectly captures the richness of each season in wool and silk. www.woolandsilkrugs.com

Zollanvari is the guest at the gala who needs no introduction. A longestablished family-run company headquartered in Switzerland with international showrooms, Zollanvari rugs are nonpareil. A multi-awardwinning company, Zollanvari’s stunning handknotted rugs in wool and silk rugs embody the historic spirit of Persian carpet design and weaving while allying heritage to new designs and collections that exhibit the strengths of new allied with old. Suffice to say Zollanvari is a name synonymous with carpet art extraordinaire. zollanvari.com

14. Summit, Wool & Silk Rugs

15. Abrashed Floral Cartouches, Designer Isfahan collection, Zollanvari


The Rug Show | Show C atalogue — Los A ngeles 2 017


WEST COAST STYLE Is there any par ticular style that unifies the design created in areas along the west coast of America? Denna Jones investigates the concept of ‘West Coast style’


t’s more than a thousand miles from California’s southern border to Point Roberts at the tip-top of Washington State just below Vancouver, Canada. The span crosses three US states, traverses enormous geographic and social diversity, and contains myriad styles of interior design. It’s tempting to take the easy way out and say there is no identifiably universal style, but within this diversity lie pockets of style that together create a syncretic interior design style that can be identified as ‘West Coast’. A 2016 retail census by Dot & Bo analyzed thousands of interior design product sales to identify metropolitan ‘looks’ across the United States. Along the West Coast they identified four styles: ‘Urban Nomad’ in Los Angeles, ‘Midcentury Organic’ in San Francisco, ‘Industrial Rustic’ in Portland, Oregon, and ‘Midcentury Bohemian’ in Seattle, Washington. While Dot & Bo’s census has validity, West Coast style incorporates these sub-styles with a fusion of Pacific design, a historical import inspired by looking


west to Hawai’i, Japan and China and distilled into a uniquely West Coast aesthetic. This ethos is fused with design inspiration from eastern theologies practiced at retreats such as Encinitas near Ravi Shankar’s home, and with inspiration from timber-based residential styles such as the Sea Ranch enclave and Pacific Northwest Modernism by architects like Arthur Erickson, who was influenced by the wood dwellings of Native Americans. The warmth created by timber builds continues to influence West Coast style,

particularly the primacy of textiles and rugs. Native son of the Pacific Northwest George Nakashima augmented his architecture and furniture practice with rug designs (now reissued) that complemented West Coast style. West Coast style in the 21st century continues to evolve. The rise of a global elite has shifted high-end design to glamorous extremes, which rather than merge with communities purposefully separates itself as a design anomaly. A recently proposed apartment

The Rug Show | Show C atalogue — Los A ngeles 2 017

1 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In gravida 2 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In gravida 3 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In gravida

‘The warmth created by timber builds continues to influence West Coast style, particularly the primacy of textiles and rugs’

building in Vancouver designed by Kengo Kuma shows extensive use of wood and Japanese ofuru tubs and gives a nod towards Pacific Northwest design and West Coast style, but remains distinctly elite. The current evolution of West Coast style avoids elitism and instead merges with the US trend for Maximalism—uniquely personal, layered, textured, and at times scarcely contained riotous heterogeneous agglomerations of loud patterns, moody colors, intentionally mismatched furniture groupings and higgledy-piggledy gallery hangs—all tied together with rugs and textiles that reflect nomadic, global culture. A reaction to uncertain political times and a rejection of the copycat interiors trending across social media, Maximalism merged with West Coast style is reflected in retail by unique interior design collected and curated by one-off retailers such as Homestead Seattle who

heavily feature rugs and textiles in its store (pictured). The influence of West Coast style is global. Trends come and go but escalating interest in rugs and textiles as essential components of a well-curated interior design is not a trend but a pattern well established on the West Coast. West Coast style reflects the popularity of international collaborative design as evidenced by The Ninevites’ rugs, a weaving cooperative between South Africa and Peru in collaboration with Studio Carreras in Spain, while Maximalism’s ‘tchotchke’ style is reflected in contemporary rug design such as Jan Kath’s From Russia With Love collection. West Coast style was never simply Eames chairs and stream-lined mid-century modern interiors, but rather a layered tapestry of global influences distilled into the eternal dream of the West Coast as a land of promise, prosperity and (design) inspiration.


KETENCI www.ketencirugs.com


9030 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly hills. CA 90211 T: 310-271-7882 F: 310-271-7827 AZAdUsA@sBCGlOBAl.NeT AZADCARPETS.COM 39

subscribe today: www.ruginsider.com e: peter@ruginsider.com

rug&kilim established 1980

INDIA NEW YORK +1 212.829.9995 info@rugandkilim.com



147 Southwood Center, South San Francisco, CA 94080 Contact: 415 415 0237 Email: andkhuyrug@gmail.com www.andkhuyrugs.com



Join us in Spring 2018 LA CONVENTION CTR

NY Shows are held in conjunction with Metro Market Week.





The Rug Show is a non-profit organization.

Domotex 2017, Finalist Best Flat Weave Design



The Rug Show | Show C atalogue — Los A ngeles 2 017



WELCOMING CHANGE As more hotel properties in the US begin specifying area rugs in their interior designs, the hospitality industry presents a new opportunity for both area rug makers and trade showrooms. Lisa Vincenti reports on a new trend sweeping America


The Rug Show | Show C atalogue — Los A ngeles 2 017


1 Lobby of Modera Hotel in Portland by Staicoff Design Group featuring a rug by Wool and Silk Rugs 2 Fire and Ice Smoke, Wool and Silk Rugs 3 Hyatt Regency New Delhi interior by Ayka Design 3


hen French designer Jacques Garcia was commissioned to create the interiors for New York City’s chic NoMad Hotel housed in a turn-of-the-century building, he did something quite unexpected in the US hospitality sector. He selected rich antique Heriz area rugs not only for the property’s public lounges but its 168 guest rooms as well, to create a richly textured, classic Parisian style. The result was a luxurious look at the forefront of hospitality design. Now, just a few years after the NoMad Hotel, hospitality industry players, even the largest brands

such as Hilton and Marriott, are beginning to use area rugs in their designs. While these larger chains may specify custom rugs manufactured overseas or select a programmed style from hospitality vendors, boutique hotels are increasingly turning to residential area rug importers and manufacturers for pieces that offer an unexpected, posh finishing touch. ‘We often start with an area rug concept and build the design from there,’ says Danielle Fox, principal designer with design studio Rodrigo Vargas Design. The LAbased practice has carved a niche for itself in the upscale five-star

hotel segment and counts among its works the St. Regis, Monarch Beach, California, the Hyatt Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and the US Grant in San Diego. Oregon-based hospitality designer James Staicoff of Staicoff Design is planning an important rug installation for next year. ‘We are doing a hotel that will open in 2018 called the Woodlark in Portland, and we are putting in real wood floors and using area rugs in those rooms to define space, add a sense of intimacy and give a little more of a high-end finish,’ Staicoff explains. In European design annals, the use of area rugs in luxe hotel



The Rug Show | Show C atalogue — Los A ngeles 2 017


‘Hospitality industry players are beginning to use area rugs in their designs’ settings isn’t new. The history of area rugs in American hotel rooms is not as lengthy. But as more begin to opt for hardwood flooring, even in guest rooms, US hotel developers hoping to make a bold statement are no longer shying away from area rugs. The newly opened The Beekman Hotel was like NoMad designed by a European, Martin Brudnizki of Sweden. He had no qualms about selecting area rugs not only for the lobby but picked saturated overdye area rugs for the guest rooms. He even swathed the reception counter in classic Persian carpets. The Rug Show in LA exhibitors Ayka Design, Zollanvari and Creative Touch have all been featured in overseas boutique hotels. Still, connecting property interior designers with high-end American rug manufacturers has been a slow process, as many interior designers might not have strong connections with traditional

area rug vendors, notes Ayka Design founder K. Michelle Evans, who is also a hospitality designer. ‘There is something you can see in a higher-end rug and a handmade rug—it has a higher vibration of care and quality,’ says Christiane Millinger of her eponymous rug gallery in Portland, Oregon. ‘There is something more esoteric about well-crafted rugs that people can see and feel. We are trained to notice these things and people that go to discerning hotels know and expect this.’ Millinger, who founded her area rug showroom in 2000, actively courts hotel groups. She recently invited executives from the Ace Hotel Group, a chain of 10 hip hotels based in Portland, to peruse her stacks. ‘They are design leaders with an innovative hotel approach and they are very excited by cuttingedge looks and integrating more high-end product into their Ace properties,’ Millinger notes. 5



The Rug Show | Show C atalogue — Los A ngeles 2 017


4 Schloss Elmau lobby with a rug by Zollanvari

5 Bhardong Downing Stone by Tamarian Carpets in an interior

American hospitality budgets are extremely cost sensitive. That said, hospitality properties will judicially add area rugs to a design to create a unique ambiance. Millinger sold a rug by Wool and Silk Rugs to Staicoff Design Group for a lobby installation at the Modera Hotel in Portland. ‘We design luxury hotels; we always use super high-end rugs because we do high-end boutiques and they want a luxurious look,’ explains James Staicoff. ‘In Portland we have some major showrooms such as Christiane Millinger, Tufenkian, and Lapchi. While you might find something you like online, it is important to feel the handle. And in terms of feeling the rug, there is no way of getting around it than but by seeing it in person.’ ‘If a hotel wants to offer guests a boutique experience and to give the hotel a high-end look, quality area rugs are something people will look at,’ says Sanjay Purohit, CEO

6 A rug by Zollanvari in Suite Les Trois Rois, Basel

of Zollanvari USA. That sentiment is echoed by Ned Baker of Tamarian Carpets, whose carpets have been used in various settings including corporate offices, restaurants and fine hotels and resorts. ‘As more people all over the world seek sanctuary in high-end, boutique hotels, area rugs become the kind of distinct detail that can help set a hotel apart from competitors.’ Although connecting highend rug makers with hospitality designers is still the biggest stumbling block, educated and proactive showrooms and dealers seem to be the most important influencers in getting area rugs specified in a project. ‘As designers we want to be more unique in our styles that we present to the clients so we look for the less obvious companies, new upcoming companies, and we always look for that edge and wow factor to set us apart from other interior designers,’ Evans notes.




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The Rug Show | Show C atalogue — Los A ngeles 2 017

SHOW INFORMATION April 6– 8, 2017 LA Convention Center, Los Angeles We look forward to seeing you this spring at our fifth annual area rug showcase featuring the most innovative and cutting edge designs from some of the industry’s most renowed producers and wholesalers. See you there!

SHOW HOURS Thursday Friday Saturday

MAP LA Convention Center 1201 S Figueroa Street Los Angeles CA 90015 Visit www.lacclink.com for directions and transportation options.

9am – 6pm 9am – 6pm 9am – 12pm

HOTEL DISCOUNT A block of deeply discounted rooms is available at the Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles. The Rug Show subsidized rate is $149 per night, excluding tax and applicable fees. Restrictions apply, visit therugshow.com for the reservations link. Space is limited.















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THE COVER LOUNGE All attendees are invited to kick back during show hours at our exclusive coffee bar: The COVER Lounge, sponsored by COVER magazine.



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The Rug Show Catalog LA 2017  

The fifth edition of The Rug Show Los Angeles takes place on 6-8 April 2017. Here we introduce the show and all the companies exhibiting at...

The Rug Show Catalog LA 2017  

The fifth edition of The Rug Show Los Angeles takes place on 6-8 April 2017. Here we introduce the show and all the companies exhibiting at...