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Background image: Esquire Evolution Rug by Esti Barnes for Top Floor



Forza Tappeti: The Rug Revolution


La Pelota 10, Via Palermo, Milan 9–14 April 2013 COVER magazine – the international quarterly devoted to high-end handmade contemporary carpets and textiles – hosted its first exhibition of the best in new rug design at Milan Design Week in 2012. This year, COVER brings the second edition of the Rug Revolution to a wider audience, in a more prominent position as a partner in designjunction's show at La Pelota. This exhibition occupies a prime location at the entrance of EDIT, a curated, condensed edition of designjunction’s exploration of the best in contemporary design and culture. The specially conceived Forza Tappeti pavilion offers an exceptional opportunity to view a selection of leading rug designs during Milan Design Week. Forza Tappeti highlights the impressive variety of styles, materials and techniques currently being used by contemporary rug makers. The exhibition reveals how the medium of hand-knotted pile has been developed and adapted for for contemporary interiors by these innovative designers. COVER magazine is the younger sister publication of HALI, the esteemed international antique carpet and textiles magazine founded in 1978. COVER is the first publication devoted to the accelerating international market for handmade carpets and textiles, and features worldwide coverage. Subscriptions are available at, or digitally at, or via the Apple Appstore.

Milan Design Week, 9th-14th April carpets & textiles for modern interiors

COVER EVENTS COVER magazine quarterly publication which also organises, promotes and exhibits at events in the carpet, textiles and design sector internationally. COVER is also a partner in the Carpet Design Awards with Domotex, the world's premier rug industry fair, which takes place annually in Hanover, Germany. In 2014, the Carpet Design Awards plans to launch a rug design competition for students and young designers. If you would like to know more about this or any other COVER event, or learn more about working with COVER, please contact:


The bespoke Michael Sodeau pavilion will display nineteen rugs from seventeen selected rug makers and designers of the highest calibre.

01 Mesmerising Flowers Zollanvari 02 Shimmering Spring Zollanvari 03 Emoticon Stile BK 04 Elm Top Floor 05 Soho Wool & Silk Rugs 06 #74 Sepia Creative Matters 07 Fish Scales Deirdre Dyson 08 Autumn Leaves Deirdre Dyson

11 Rock 'n' Roll Vintage W36 by Henzel 12 Lost in the Fifties cc-tapis 13 Otane NL1 Kristiina Lassus 14 Reverie J.D. Staron 15 Gulsom Amadi 16 Alasht Edelgrund 17 Mystic Spring Theko

09 Broinha Claudia Araujo

18 Red Meander by Anni Albers Christopher Farr

10 Grace Tissage

19 Tabriz Hossein Rezvani




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01 zollanvari mesmerising flowers

One of the top producers of contemporary Persian gabbehs being made today, Zollanvari is a family company that has been instrumental in the increasing global appreciation of traditional Persian nomadic weaving. Trading since the early 1900s, Zollanvari has grown to become one of the world’s most influential carpet companies, and its designs have a strong international following. The ‘Kundansilk Ethos’ collection is hand knotted with organic silk in India; the new designs combine the finest traditional crafts and latest interior trends. Zollanvari Gebäude E/F, Eingang F3, 4. Stock Postfach 139, Embrach-Embraport CH-8423, Switzerland T: +41 44 493 28 29 F: +41 44 493 07 73 E:

The inspiration for Mesmerising Flowers Inspired by antique suzani designs from Uzbekistan and woven in colours of a more contemporary hue, Mesmerising Flowers is featured in Zollanvari's beautiful ‘Kundansilk Ethos’ collection. It is executed in the finest organic silk and over-dyed with layers of translucent colour to give the rug a beautiful, rich surface that ripples in the light like water. In this design, the motif is blown up, off-centred and cut off irregularly on each side, giving the rug a modish feel and illustrating just how well traditional designs can be translated to suit contemporary tastes. Kundansilk Ethos Collection. Available in 3 different qualities Hand-knotted silk Size: 2.66 x 2.87 [8’8’’ x 9’4’’]

shimmering spring zollanvari 02

One of the top producers of contemporary Persian gabbehs being made today, Zollanvari is a family company that has been instrumental in the increasing global appreciation of traditional Persian nomadic weaving. Trading since the early 1900s, Zollanvari has grown to become one of the world’s most influential carpet companies, and its designs have a strong international following. The ‘Kundansilk Ethos’ collection is hand-knotted with organic silk in India; the new designs combine the finest traditional crafts and latest interior trends. Zollanvari Gebäude E/F, Eingang F3, 4. Stock Postfach 139, Embrach-Embraport CH-8423, Switzerland T: +41 44 493 28 29 F: +41 44 493 07 73 E:

The inspiration for Shimmering Spring Also from Zollanvari's new ‘Kundansilk Ethos’ collection, Shimmering Spring is made of organic silk over-dyed with layers of translucent colour to create a unique shimmering texture, like the surface of water. The collection features ornate patterns taken from antique rugs and textiles, and Shimmering Spring's repeated floral motif is reminiscent of Ottoman velvet designs but executed in a strong contemporary palette. Centuries of rug weaving traditions are combined with an understanding of interior design to create a truly sumptuous carpet. Kundansilk Ethos Collection. Available in 3 different qualities Hand-knotted silk Size: 2.62 x 2.74 [8’7’’ x 8’11’’]

03 Stile BK Emoticon

Behrouz Kolahi, founder of Italian carpet company Stile BK, is an artist whose design influences span the ancient world and contemporary culture. The company’s carpets reflect this diversity, with designs ranging from the ancient labyrinth motif to a series of cartoon explosions. Stile BK’s new rug Emoticon brings the computer age to the traditional art of weaving, with emotive faces represented within web or text dialogue. As with the labyrinth motif, these symbols are universally understood. Stile BK – Contemporary Rugs Via Mazzini 52/f, 10123 Turin, Italy T: +39 011 882467 F: +39 011 5539352 E:

The inspiration for Emoticon Thanks to cyberspace's little helper – the emoticon – expressing sadness, happiness or anything in between, in an email or text message, is as easy as a few keystrokes. From smiles and laughter to shock and dismay, hundreds of expressive faces are available using a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Stile BK's Emoticon rug replaces the language of weaving and the traditional carpet motif with a different, internationally recognised language, that of 'smiley' and his friends. By utilising these simple shapes, Stile BK brings digital expression to weaving. 100% wool and silk Size: 1.20 x 3.00 [ 4’ x 10’ ]

Elm Top Floor 04

Designer and owner of London-based Top Floor, Esti Barnes has an inimitable style all her own, which has provided the firm with the excellent reputation it has gained since she founded it in 1998. Multipleaward-winner Barnes produces rugs with an understated exuberant style, often with an astonishingly articulated use of carved pile, giving her designs life and depth. 2/6 Chelsea Harbour Design Centre London SW10 0XE UK T: +44 20 7795 3333 F: +44 20 7351 5419 E:

The inspiration for Elm Another stirring design from Top Floor owner Esti Barnes comes in the form of Elm, a new hand-tufted rug that takes its inspiration from the lines of a snow-laden elm tree. The organic shapes created within the pattern look three-dimensional and reflect Barnes's expertise in working with colour gradation and surface sculpting. The rug is an elegant study in surface pattern using a neutral palette, giving the effect of looking through a microscope at the intricate structure of organic matter. At the same time it appears soft and tactile. Hand-tufted 100% New Zealand wool Size: 1.70 x 2.40 (5’6” x 7’10”]

05 wool & SILK RUGS SOHO

New Jersey-based Wool & Silk Rugs doesn’t do anything by halves. The company’s designs are pure exuberance, with a luxurious combination of vibrant colour, beautiful materials and attentiongrabbing design. The limited-edition wool and silk mix rug Soho is a perfect example of what designer Erbil Tezcan of Wool & Silk does best: with its expressive energy and attention to detail, the composition is like a finely woven artist’s canvas. The firm, which was founded in 2010, has had winning entries at the Carpet Design Awards at Domotex for the last two years running. Wool and Silk Rugs 74 Overlook Road Upper Montclair NJ 07043 USA T: +1 917 348 1312 E:

The inspiration for Soho Designed exclusively for the Milan exhibition, the Soho rug has a strong abstract painterly effect redolent of mid-century artists such as English painter and printmaker John Piper. The richness of the wool and silk mix and the amazing use of 49 colours, plus the company's attention to detail, give this rug a truly luxurious quality. This one deserves a place on the wall. Limited edition using 49 colours Hand-knotted Wool and silk blended fibre Size: 2.43 x 3.05 [8’ X 10’]

74 Sepia Creative Matters Inc 06

Canadian rug company Creative Matters has a remarkable team that produces some of the world’s most unique rug designs. With the company’s recognisable colour palette and unusual patterns, Creative Matters has built up an extensive portfolio of rugs. The latest designs in the ‘Art Day Collection’ come from an inspired series of 'art days' held at the company’s Toronto studios. Creative Matters Inc 532 Annette Street Toronto Ontario M6S 2C2 Canada T: +1 416 934 9771 F: +1 416 934 1528 E:

The inspiration for #74 Sepia Hand-knotted in fine hand-spun Tibetan wool and Chinese silk, #74 is a rug from the ‘Art Day Collection’, a vast series of works created on special 'art days' held at the Creative Matters's headquarters for staff to focus on creativity. These productive days generated a wealth of ideas, and the vibrant designs that were developed are all available in a range of perfectly considered colourways for which Creative Matters is well known. Art Day Collection designed by Ange Yake Hand-knotted in Nepal Tibetan wool and Chinese silk Size: 2.44 x 3.04 [8’ x 10’]


London’s King's Road is home to some of the city’s most prestigious brands, including carpet designer Deirdre Dyson, who is well known for her stunning rugs, including an iconic butterfly series. Her clearly drawn and carefully composed designs based on the natural world are a plus for any stylish contemporary interior. Fish Scales is from Dyson’s 2013 collection ‘Designs from the Deep’, which celebrates the beauty of the underwater world with a series of striking patterns and shapes. Deirdre Dyson 554 King’s Road London SW6 2DZ UK T: +44 20 7384 4464 F: +44 20 7384 2232 E:

The inspiration for Fish Scales Deirdre Dyson's rugs explore beautiful patterns and structures found in nature, and her signature style is one of clean lines, rich colours and silk highlights. Dyson's 2013 Collection, ‘Designs From the Deep’, moves the focus away from land to the stars of the sea, illustrating seven different fish-skin patterns. In Fish Scales, the individual scales could almost be pebbles on a beach; but at the edges of the rug they darken and curve around, as if mimicking the shape of a fish's body. The subtle blue colourway is decidedly watery, in a range of delicate blue tones. Designs from the Deep Collection Custom sizes available Hand-knotted Wool and silk Size: 1.70 x 2.40 [5’6’’ x 7’10’’]


Deirdre Dyson is one of London’s most elite carpet designers. Her custom designs are chosen from a palette of over 2,000 colours, and her painterly compositions are created using a unique hand-woven technique and expertly selected fibres, creating textures to enrich any interior. Her rug Autumn Leaves won the prize for Best Studio Design Artist in the 2013 Carpet Design Awards. Deirdre Dyson 554 King’s Road London SW6 2DZ UK T: +44 20 7384 4464 F: +44 20 7384 2232 E:

The inspiration for Autumn Leaves Winner of the Best Studio Artist Design category at the Carpet Design Awards 2013 in Hanover, Autumn Leaves is a perfect example of a Deirdre Dyson carpet. Dyson has an impressive ability to simplify patterns and shapes seen in nature, so they appear as perfectly composed abstract or semi-abstract illustrations that not only convey the essence of the subject but also stand alone as a beautiful design. Here the leaves are not abstracted, but simplified and arranged to be read as a pattern of line and colour. Wildflowers and Grasses Collection. Custom sizes available Hand-knotted Wool and silk Size: 1.70 x 2.40 [5’6’’ x 7’10’’]

09 Claudia Araujo Broinha Rug

Brazilian textile designer Claudia Araujo’s outstanding hand-loomed work has won international design awards, and has appeared in commercial projects across the globe. Araujo has produced work with some of the biggest names in design, such as the über-cool Patricia Urquiola and Italian brand Moroso. Highly innovative in its outlook, Araujo’s work utilises natural fibres and recontextualises the most diverse materials. The intricate Broinha Rug ingeniously recycles polyamide spandex discarded from the textile industry to make a beautiful interior product. Claudia Araujo r. Senador Bueno de Pavia, 838 Caldas – MG CEP 37780-000 Brazil T: +55 35 3735-1710 E:

The inspiration for Broinha Rug Passionate about texture and interesting fibres, textile designer Claudia Araujo is an expert in the repurposing and recontextualising of a diverse range of materials, particularly byproducts of the textile industry. Broinha is handmade using polyamide spandex discarded by fabric companies, and requires 600 of the small fabric rings for every square metre of carpet. The weavers named the rug Broinha, which means 'maize bread', and refers to the similarity of the rings to biscuits. This version resembles a golden sun, and is more comparable to a beautiful piece of art rather than something to tread on. Recycled polyamide spandex discarded from the textile industry Size: 1.85 [ 6’ ] diameter

Grace Tissage 10

Tissage’s highly desirable designs are gaining increasing popularity for their stunning textures and creative use of natural materials such as wool and silk. The Kapoor family, with a hand-knotting legacy spanning four generations, has spent over a year developing this cuttingedge contemporary range. Grace, from the ‘Aanya’ collection, is inspired by vintage Asian textiles. This collection took Domotex Hanover 2013 by storm, and is winning Tissage a reputation for innovation and fine craftsmanship. Tissage Baskoo House Govind Nagar ( East ) Jaipur 302002 India T: +91 141 2635260 F: +91 141 2635036 E:

The inspiration for Grace Taking inspiration from vintage Asian textiles, the ‘Aanya Collection’ garnered great attention at Domotex Hanover 2013. The mix of bright, oversized floral elements with abstract imagery in Grace gives the rug a great sense of depth and energy. The interplay of different textures is created by the weavers' having used six different blends of wool and silk. Aanya Collection Six different blends of wool and mulberry silk Size: 2.43 x 3.05 [8’ x 10]

11 BY HENZEL Rock ‘n’ Roll Vintage W36

Straight out of the book of cool design come byHenzel’s rugs, depicting paint splashes, explosions, writing and typography, model faces pulling ‘too cool for school’ expressions plus drawings, patterns and squiggles. These collagestyle designs are reminiscent of frenetic, multilayered city life. The carefully composed rugs are a perfect fusion of the artwork of company owner, painter and designer Calle Henzel, and the very latest developments in carpet production. by Henzel 1st Floor Skånegatan 29 Gothenburg 412 52 Sweden T: +46 76 3399900 F: +31 76 3399900 E:

The inspiration for Rock ‘n’ Roll Vintage W36 Based on the artwork of company owner Calle Henzel, by Henzel's rug designs combine multiple elements such as paint splashes, explosions, writing and typography, faces, drawings, patterns and squiggles. Rock 'n' Roll Vintage W36 is from the 'Contemporary' Collection, and depicts rough paint strokes and splashes on top of an eroding pattern. The multilayering effect that results has the appearance of a painting, but is – quite remarkably – made of wool. Contemporary Collection Hand-tufted New Zealand Wool and Viscose Size: 2.20 x 2.60 [7’2’’ x 8’6’’]

Lost in the Fifties CC-Tapis 12

Exciting things are happening within the international rug market, and one of the companies helping to create this aesthetic revolution is Milan-based carpet firm cc-tapis. With the dynamic new rugs emerging from the cc-tapis design team in the past few years, the company has proven itself to be a trendsetter rather than a follower. The Lost in the Fifties rug, from the ‘Avant Garde' collection, pays tribute to the optimism of the 1950s and to Giò Ponti, one of the fathers of modern Italian design. Do not miss a visit to cc-tapis’s Brera showroom in via San Simpliciano 6, ten minutes from La Pelota! cc-tapis Via San Simpliciano 6 20121 Milan Italy T: +39 0289093884 E:

The inspiration for Lost in the Fifties Lost in the Fifties is the third rug from cc-tapis's brilliant 'Avant Garde' collection. The series pays tribute to the optimism and the lifestyle of the 1950s and to Giò Ponti, the godfather of Italy's postwar design renaissance. With its bold design of repeated structural shapes in bright light-hearted colours, the rug evokes the mood of the 1950s but appeals equally to our 21st-century interiors aesthetic. Contemporary Collection Hand-knotted in Nepal, 152.000 knots per sqm Himalayan wool Size: 1.79 x 2.40 [5’6’’ x 7’10’’]

13 Kristiina Lassus Studio Otane NL1

Finnish interior architect and designer Kristiina Lassus creates rugs that are all about style and simplicity. Each design references other cultures, refined to create a contemporary motif. Milan-based Lassus has a strong affinity for materials and texture, and her work balances her use of wool, linen and silk perfectly, alongside a mostly neutral colour palette. These beautiful designs, like Otane NL1, illustrate the elegance of simplicity. Kristiina Lassus Studio Via Soperga 18 20127 Milan Italy T: +39 02 39800027 / 39462907 F: +39 02 44386061 E:

The inspiration for Otane NL1 Simple design is often the most powerful, and with Otane NL1 Kristiina Lassus has created a classic pattern. The neutral palette is soothing and highly adaptable, perfect for any contemporary interior space. Lassus uses wool, silk and linen to add subtle texture variation to the rug surface, making her rugs appealing to the touch as well as a delight to look at, with the different materials reflecting and absorbing light. Hand-spun and hand-dyed Tibetan wool, natural linen and silk Size: 2.00 x 3.00 [ 6’6’’ x 10’ ]

Reverie J. D. Staron 14

Jakub Staron is the creative force behind J. D. Staron, a brand name synonymous with inspired experimentation and diversity. Staron's designs are broad in their vision, from kilims and tapestries to carpets, and use a wide variety of weaves and materials. Reverie shows just what Staron is capable of achieving: it has a highly complex tapestry design that reinterprets a bold antique pattern to suit contemporary tastes. Last year the Connecticut-based company opened in Paris. J.D. Staron 330 Fairfield Avenue Stamford Connecticut 06902 USA T: +1 203 351 1130 F: +1 203 351 1132 E:

The inspiration for Reverie This stunning tapestry design looks back to the much-revered antique Aubusson tapestries of the early 19th century, and then gives them a poke in the eye. Not only does the design have the perfect drawing, fine weaving, delicate coloration and hint of the dramatic that the best of the originals possessed, but it also offers a contemporary twist with an added touch of the macabre. The pink arteries entwined with the ornate foliage are utterly incongruous, yet sit perfectly amongst their surroundings and bring us slap-bang back into the 21st century. Signature Collection Hand-woven, slit tapestry weave Hand-spun wool Size: 1.83 x 2.74 [ 6’ x 9’ ]

15 Amadi Carpets Gulsom

With over 60 years experience in the rug industry, the family team at Amadi Carpets based in West Hollywood mixes trendsetting with traditions. The family understands that tradition requires new impetus constantly to maintain its vibrancy. As one of the first producers of carpets with an ikat design – an interior and fashion trend that has swept the globe – Amadi has proven itself to be not just an authority in carpet production, but also an innovator and influential global taste-maker. Amadi Carpets 408 North Robertson Boulevard West Hollywood California 90048-1734 USA T: +1 310 659 5353 F: +1 310 652 0171 E:

The inspiration for Gulsom Amadi's ‘Ikat Collection’, which started the worldwide trend for this Central Asian textile pattern, is still expanding and gaining strength. The Ahmadi family has in depth experience of the international interiors market, and understands how to create flawless transitional weavings for contemporary tastes. With clever recolouring and rescaling of traditional designs, Amadi pitches each design to perfection. Ikat Collection Hand-spun Afghan wool Custom sizes available Size: 2.44 x 3.05 [ 7’2’’ x 10’4’’ ]

Alasht Edelgrund GMBH 16

Simplicity is key in the kilim designs of Edelgrund, a company established in 2012 by Hamburg-based importers Mohammad Mohammadzadeh and Mohsen Borhani along with designers (and brothers) Reza and Ali Lotfi. Inspired by antique Persian flatweaves, this series has distilled the most desirable qualities from the older pieces to create modern woven artworks. Edelgrund focuses on colour and simple forms to make bold statements for the floor. Edelgrund GmbH Brooktorkai 6 20457 Hamburg Germany T: +49 40 338 304 E:

The inspiration for Alasht There is something about the flat shapes and bold colours of kilim design that always attracts people's attention. Their minimal aesthetic is perfect for any interior, and works equally well in traditional to the contemporary settings. Edelgrund's new line of beautiful kilims inspired by antique Persian flatweaves balance colour and pattern with precision. Alasht Collection Kilim / hand-woven flatweave Fine hand-spun yarn 100% natural wool and vegetable dyes Size: 2.20 x 3.17 [ 7’10’’ x 5’6’’ ]

17 Theko Mystic Spring

German carpet brand Theko, part of interior product company Theo Keller, puts great emphasis on versatility and innovation. With six branded ranges, the company is known throughout Europe for the variety it offers from various different weaving nations for every possible setting, from kids’ rooms through to contemporary interiors. Theko’s ‘One of a Kind’ collection, from which Mystic Spring originates, is a fascinating series of rugs designed by the company’s weavers, highlighting the expertise of their craftsmen. Theko Lohackerstrasse 30 44867 Bochum Germany T: +49 2327 308 320 F: +49 2327 308 339 E:

The inspiration for Mystic Spring Respect for the knowledge and aesthetic sense of the weaver is an important element of Theko's ‘One of a Kind' collection. The design of the rugs is given to the weavers: the unique knowledge of the weavers is combined with the best silk and wool giving the rugs a rich sense of both the traditional and the idiosyncratic. Mystic Spring is a celebration of colour and energy, with each hue used to express a different emotion - hope, loyalty, confidence - to influence your home atmosphere. One of a Kind Collection Hand-knotted 100% Chinese silk Size: 2.43 x 3.07 [ 8’ x 10’ ]

Red Meander Christopher Farr 18

One of the world’s first producers of contemporary design carpets, Christopher Farr and partner Matthew Bourne started making contemporary design rugs in 1988, when such rugs were virtually unknown. Over the years Christopher Farr has produced rugs by some of the world’s leading artists and designers, an idea the company pioneered. Christopher Farr 6 Burnsall Street London SW3 v 3ST UK T: +44 207 349 0888 F: +44 207 349 0088 E:

The inspiration for Red Meander Woven in linen and cotton, Red Meander was designed by Anni Albers, famed alumnus of the Bauhaus in Germany and founding faculty member of the legendary Black Mountain College in North Carolina. It is she who can be credited with developing and disseminating a revolution in 20th-century contemporary textile design and production. Albers’s pattern recalls labyrinth floors like those of St Quentin, Chartres Cathedral or the infamous labyrinthos of Greek mythology. Designer: Anni Albers [1899–1994] Originally conceived as a linen and cotton weaving in 1954 Aubusson technique with raised hand-knotted pile Mill-spun and hand-spun wool Produced in association with the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation Edition of 10 Size: 2.13 x 3.05 [ 7’ x 10’ ]

19 Hossein Rezvani Design OHG Tabriz Lilac

German rug designer Hossein Rezvani appeared on the contemporary rug scene only three years ago, but has managed to take the market by storm with his brilliant 'Persia Reinvented' collection. His designs rework classic patterns into unique pieces, such as Tabriz and Bakhtiar, two Persian rugs that give traditional design a twist for the 21st-century carpet market, but have the woven quality of the finest Persian rugs. The 'Persia Reinvented' collection reinterprets the classic Persian carpet completely. Ancient traditional patterns have been revised, creating a state-of-theart modern original. Hossein Rezvani Design OHG Fuhlentwiete 14 20355 Hamburg Germany T: +49 40 18989672 F: +49 40 18989674 E:

The inspiration for Tabriz Lilac Hossein Rezvani cleverly reinterprets the classic Persian carpet in his ‘Persia Reinvented’ collection. In Tabriz, the design emerges from the background like a beautiful, ghostly trace of the past. Ancient traditional patterns have been revised and abstracted to create a stateof-the-art modern classic with the woven quality of the finest Persian rugs. Persia Reinvented Collection 1.000.000 knots per sqm Made in Esfahan, Iran Persian cork wool with natural silk Size: 3.05 x 2.01 [ 10’’ x 6’7’’ ]

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Background image: Esquire Evolution Rug by Esti Barnes for Top Floor



The comprehensive guide to Cover Magazine's Forza Tappeti: The Rug Revolution exhibition, part of EDIT by designjunction during Milan Design...


The comprehensive guide to Cover Magazine's Forza Tappeti: The Rug Revolution exhibition, part of EDIT by designjunction during Milan Design...