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Author : Thomas Hardy Pages : 448 pages Publisher : Penguin Classics Language : eng ISBN-10 : 0241347777 ISBN-13 : 9780241347 775

The Mayor of Casterbridge Par t of Pen gui n's bea utif ul har dba ck Clot hbo und Cla ssic s seri es,

des ign ed by the aw ard win nin g Cor alie Bic kfor dSmi th, the se del ect abl e and coll ecti ble edit ion s are bou nd in hig hqua lity col our ful,

tact ile clot h wit h foil sta mp ed into the des ign. In a fit of dru nke n ang er, Mic hae l Hen cha rd sell s his wif e and bab y dau ght er for five gui

nea s at a cou ntr y fair . Ove r the cou rse of the foll owi ng yea rs, he ma nag es to est abli sh him self as a res pec ted and pro spe rou s pill ar

of the co mm unit y of Cas ter brid ge, but beh ind his suc ces s the re alw ays lurk the sha mef ul sec ret of his pas t and a per son alit y pro ne to self

des truc tive prid e and tem per . Sub title d 'A Sto ry of a Ma n of Cha ract er', Har dy' s po wer ful and sy mp ath etic stu dy of the her oic but dee ply fla

we d Hen cha rd is als o an inte nse ly dra mat ic wor k, tra gic ally pla yed out aga inst the vivi d bac kdr op of a clos eknit Dor set shir e tow n. The Mayor of Casterbridge Get Now

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The Mayor of Casterbridge  

The Mayor of Casterbridge Get Now

The Mayor of Casterbridge  

The Mayor of Casterbridge Get Now