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<body> @ 4:00 Am

Hello? Warmth? I've been searching for you. They say you're in that tunnel. Am I there yet? Are we there yet? </body>

I saw her the other day. I was waiting for her to focus.

Did she? She didn't. All she did was give me that look.

What look? You know that look. She's gazing outside. She's stil looking for it. I don't know what's wrong with her. Yesterday I asked her "When wil you ever snap out of it?"

<body> I'm stil waiting You said you'd be here I'm stil in this pile I'm being held up What? I can't find that light The one earlier? They keep taking it They? The same ones who never

let me stay. I'll wait, I'll protect you Please They don't like your warmth No, they don't I'll be floating, but I'll wait I'll be back soon Tell me about that light

Okay </body>

<body> I'll try to explain the light... It's like when you're dancing. You know like when you're radiating. So pure. They stand there.

Why do you smile so? Why do you create so? Why do you stil dance? Please simmer down. You've been sad. Stay sad. Stay in bed. How dare you smile?. Please stay with our norm. Caution. Caution. Shame? Shame? What wil people say?

They can't handle your joy. Your beauty. You create. Keep doing so. Don't stop. </body>

I'm stil waiting. I keep waiting. I'll protect your light.

Don't worry I'm here now .............

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Body Body  

A conversation between the body and self.