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The Transformation of the Ghanaian Cashew Processing Industry

Presented by: Rowell Kutie Weyori December 2009


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General Overview of Processing Industry ACi Support Financing Other Initiatives Plan for 2010


General Overview Ghana is relatively small cashew producer but offers good conditions for cashew processing

Cashew Industry •Cashew Farmers : 35,000

Doing Business •Easy start up, free zone facility, tax holidays.

•Hectares under cultivation : 72,000 •Favorable labour policy •Yearly Production : 27,000 tons •Average Farm size : 0.8 - 2.5 ha

•Better Infrastructure, water, electricity, roads, port, etc.

•Average Yield : 2-3 kg/tree

•Good management people

•Productivity/ha : 250 kg/ha

•Workers are Hard working though expectation levels are high.

•Farm Gate price : $350/ton •Value Raw nuts : $11m

•Finance for Working Capital is not easy even at high interest rates

•Value processed Nuts : $19m •Local Processing : 2% •Yearly exports : 55 - 70000 tons

•Raw nut quality is good to support profitable processing

Cashew Processing at a glance ‌. Processor


Bottle Neck

Mim Cashews Goaso Municipality

1500 tons/year 530 acres plantation Cashew apple brandy

Workers training Expansion Quality Control

Kona Agro Processing Wenchi

1000 tons/year

Financing Management Complete TA

West African Market Link Techman

Project in pipeline (5000tons/year)


Cashfoods Ltd. Drobo

750 tons/year

Financing Management Complete TA

Winker Investments Lda. Afeinha (Volta region)

150 tons/year Local market oriented

Expansion Financing Complete TA

Muskaan Ghana Limited

A new investor 1000 tons capacity plant in Nsawkaw

New kick off Financing Complete TA

Bole , Sampa, Kabile, Nsawkaw (4 small plants)

100 tons/year each Local Market oriented

Expansion Financing Complete TA

Facility Location


Processing Plant

Apple Plant 4

ACi is Providing Technical assistance for three existing plant, Expansion for 2 existing plant and one new in pipeline • Technical assistance to MIM Cashew & Agri products Ltd. and Winker Investments Limited: Systems to control production loss and traceability tools are in progress. Technology up-grading and training on quality. • Financing for Kona Agro Processing, installation of machinery for 2010 • Discussions on MOU for CRIG processing plant at Bole: Complete Technical Assistance will be given by 2010, February. • Expansion plans for Mim, Winker, CRIG - Bole and Kona Agro processing. • One New client is receiving base line assistance to kick off a plant in 2010. (Muskaan Ghana Limited, Nsawkaw) • Business Plans • Layout designs • Environmental and social Impact study • One potential client is in the pipeline.

Financing is a critical issue in revitalizing old closed processing plants as well as for new start ups. Banks and financial institutions are not prepared for financing cashew sector • Introduced cashew processing to the banks as banks have hardly any experience of it: some banks show a positive response, a step forward to help cashew processors. • Various introductory meetings with many banks, ADB, Ecobank, Amal Bank: Root Capital has assisted in visits to some processors. • Ecobank and Root Capital is working on some proposals. Other banks are still reluctant to finance cashew processing. • New processors are also motivated and investing a good part of investments from their pockets.

Other Initiatives Creating a Direct Linkage between farmer groups and Processors and introducing tools to measure for premium payments • Work with FMS and GTZ to introduce farmer associations, groups, cooperatives to processors. • Training program for these farmer groups in evaluation of their product quality, post harvest handlings. • Set up tools for processors as well as for farmer associations on premium base. (Mutually agreed by farmers as well as processors) • Creating one brand for processors to export

Plan for 2010, Next steps.. • Continuous Technical assistance to MIM, Winker in their expansion phase • Trainings for future managers, supervisors and workers, Academic and hands on approach on cashew processing and controls • Installation and Commissioning on equipment for 2010 processors, maintenance schedule for equipment • Assist Kick off processing for 2010 processors, install all control systems in place • Quality control at each stage of process, Hygiene and workers health • Assessment of certification need and preparation for certification • Farmer linkage with the processors, introducing tools to measure premiums. • New client search and set up. • Holding company base line as services provider as AIA in Mozambique, address brand needs

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Cashew processing in Ghana 2009  

Cashew processing in Ghana 2009

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