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Häli-Ann Tooms Studio Copenhagen

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ABOUT THE STUDIO Copenhagen-based studio is working with interior plantscapes. The studio is aiming to exhibit plants and everyday functional items in an exciting and unexpected ways.

�We love the lushness of nature! Therefor we have created products that are simple but functional and can bring out the special beauty of each plant: may it be air plant, pot plant or cut flowers.�

RING RING is a simple hanger, letting the plants speak for themselves. They can hang alone or one can hang them under each other, creating a sequence of circular decoration. The structure is solid and strong making it possible to carry also heavier pot plants.

TRIANGLE TRIANGLE is a minimalistic interpretaion of a traditional himmeli: a nordic decoration, originating from swedish word “himmel� for sky or heaven. The brass chain is making the TRIANGLE swing in the air that creates playful shapes and shadows.

TA B L E TO W E R Encouraging simpler ways of making our homes greener, this air plant holder is an aesthetic statement for both classical and modern interior. The pure and simple form of the holder together with an exotic air plant is creating a harmonious ensemble that is light and easy to move around.

WALL RING WALL RING is an easy tool to create vertical plant settings. Plants can be exhibitied in pots, air plants can be inside the brass ring or one can even use it to hang other decor elements.

SPHERE SPHERES have light and simple expression, which means they fit good both to minimalistic and classic interiors. They can be used for making green settings: green room dividers, curtains or just simply hanging by themselves.


TRIANGLE NO 1 h= 12 cm, w= 2,2 cm

TRIANGLE NO 2 h= 20 cm, w= 4,4 cm

RINS S d= 29 cm / 7 cm, l= 33 cm

TABLE TOWER S h= 15 cm d= 4 cm

TRIANGLE NO 3 h= 16 cm, w= 4,4cm

RINS M d= 33 cm / 11 cm, l= 37 cm

TABLE TOWER L h= 30 cm d= 6 cm

WALL RING d= 6 cm

Studio and shop: Kompagnistræde 25 1208 Copenhagen Denmark Phone: +45 21 3244 68 Email: hi@hali-anntooms.com Website: www.hali-anntooms.com Photos by: Rebecca Norberg, Virge Viertek, Jaana Süld, Benita Marcussen Copyright: Häli-Ann Tooms Studio, 2019

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Häli-Ann Tooms Studio Catalogue 2019  

Häli-Ann Tooms Studio Catalogue 2019  

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