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==== ==== Great Options And Tips If You Are Considering A Worldwide Timeshare Option ==== ====

If you are looking for a worldwide timeshare, then your options are wide with a variety of timeshare vacations now available. RCI timeshares (Resort Condominiums International) are just one option, but RCI control the largest share of the timeshare market today. The other big timeshare companies include Westin, Interval International and Trading Places International although there are several other worthwhile but smaller companies like Dial An Exchange and Redweek. So, why do RCI have the largest market share of this business? The simple answer is probably because they have been doing it for well over thirty years! RCI timeshare exchange is part of one of the world's most successful hospitality group, the Wyndham Worldwide family. In 1974, RCI were the first to pilot the idea of vacation exchanges and have now developed into the possibly the largest company in this market. RCI currently have approximately 4 million members who visit close to 4000 different timeshare resorts across 100 countries including Europe, the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East, Asia and the South Pacific. The entire system is supported by an array of nigh on 4000 backroom employees that come together to advance this type of vacation around the world. Owning a timeshare is far from boring, you don't have to go to the same place every year, although you can if you wish of course. You can visit condo style properties, hotel suites, cottages, villas and even go on a cruise. You can be guaranteed a home from home feel, and some great facilities such as swimming, tennis, golf, gyms and a relaxing jacuzzi. All this allows you to choose the type of vacation you prefer. If you prefer golf, skiing, scuba diving or even a gambling holiday the choice is yours. Timeshare financing can be arranged to purchase or you can buy using your credit card or of course, cash. The cost is likely to be an average of $15,000. Don't forget you are likely to have ongoing membership fees so do check this out as well. Naturally, not everyone wants the same thing from a vacation, with this in mind; there are various options such as floating or fixed weeks in the year or the very versatile points system for your RCI vacation. Briefly, points can be exchanged for a timeslot in multiple locations across the world, to buy flights to get your there, luxury cruises, hotel rooms and more. Owning RCI timeshares is certainly worth considering if this type of vacation interests you, but that does not mean you shouldn't check out the other companies mentioned above.

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==== ==== Great Options And Tips If You Are Considering A Worldwide Timeshare Option ==== ====

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