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==== ==== Get top tips on parking at airports as well as more tips on fear of flying help here. ==== ==== Help With Your Fear Of Flying Fear of flying help can be found in a lot of places, therefore you have to realise that is actually quite a common phobia. If you read some of these statistics below, may be it will help you put things into perspective a little. These have been taken from one of the new fear of flying courses and you will find the details from that below. Naturally, just being aware of the statistics of airline safety will not be enough on its own to conquer a fear of flying, but what it may do is to help add some reassurance that you are indeed safe. This will allow you go focus more attention on any other techniques to eliminate anxiety. Heres just a small sample of things to remember, go get a copy of our free report with answers from actual flight crew and airline personnel by filling out your name and email in the form to the right to learn a lot more. * Your chances of being involved in an aircraft accident are about 1 in 11 million. On the other hand, your chances of being killed in an automobile accident are 1 in 5000. Statistically, you are at far greater risk driving to the airport than getting on an airplane. * An article in Time magazine (12/4/06) reminds us that more than 500 times as many people die on U.S. roads as in airline accidents. * In 1993, 1998, 2002 - 2007 there were no fatal accidents in large commercial airliners in the United States. On the other hand, 600 Americans are killed every year from falling out of bed. * Studies have shown one would have to fly once a day every day for over 22,000 years in order to statistically be involved in a fatal aircraft accident! * In 1980, The Boeing Company published a report by Robert D. Dean and Kerry M. Whitaker entitled Fear of Flying, Impact on the U.S. Air Travel Industry. This report surveyed the results of five studies done on fear of flying and indicates that one of every three adult Americans is either anxious or afraid to fly. * Worldwide nearly 3 million passengers fly every day. According to the Air Transportation Association of America, on an average day about 1.8 million passengers are up in the sky over the U.S. on 24,600 flights. * Thirty years ago, fatal accidents on commercial jetliners occurred approximately once in every 140 million miles flown. Today, its 1.4 billion miles flown for every fatal accident: a ten-fold safety improvement.

* 96% of people survive airline accidents! Fear of flying help from the TakeOff program is the ONLY program that uses the 2X2 Formula, as well as our trademarked techniques to assist you in eliminating your feelings of fear and anxiety while on board the plane and in the days and weeks leading up to a flight. During the development of the program we teamed up with actual flight crew such as pilots, flight attendants, air traffic controllers, and others, as well as a Doctor of Clinical Psychology to ensure that every aspect of fear and flying we could think of is thoroughly covered. Not only that, but we provide the course material in written, audio, and even video format to be sure you have absolutely EVERYTHING we think you need to overcome your fear, all for a small fraction of the price our competitors charge. Basically, if you don't love the program, don't pay for it, as they offer a no questions asked, no hassles money back guarantee. There's a reason why the Takeoff Today Program is so widely recommended around the world...there simple IS NO COMPARISON around that matches it. Anyway, this is what they claim and going by the reviews it seems to work quite well. You decide for yourself and let us know. Find out more about the 2x2 fear of flying help formula at You will need to give your email address to download the report, but they do have a no spam policy which should keep your email inbox safe!

==== ==== Get top tips on parking at airports as well as more tips on fear of flying help here. ==== ====

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