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Layout Design


Typography Design


Fashion Skteching


n o s p m o h Haley T





Hardworking Apparel Studies student seeking a job pertaining to design, merchandising, and retail management. Seeking to continue learning in these areas and expanding understanding of the fashion/retail world. Experience in customer service, retail work, and design.

Graduating May 2014. 3.5 GPA B.S Human Environmental Sciences, Apparel Studies


Leadership and Volunteering

Carter’s, Fayetteville and LR, AR

Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU):

University of Arkansas Fayetteville Scholarship

Arkansas Lottery: $5,000 yearly

Restocked clothing and products on the floor daily.

Leadership with weekly bible study alongside two others, leadership meetings and classes, and a discipleship program. Weekly preparation and participation. Volunteer opportunities through CRU: Tri-Cycle Farms, Make a Difference Day, and NWA food drive.

Cashiered and helped and revisited customers to make sure they had complete satisfaction in their shopping experience.

Volunteer, North West Arkansas Fashion Week (March 2012):

Sales Associate (2012- 2013) Provided high impact customer service to gain complete customer satisfaction.

Involvement in action packs and basic pushes, meaning changing the stores layout and visual merchandising is required.

Fort Thompson’s Sporting Goods: Sales Associate (2008- 2010) Customer Service


Handled money daily, reconciling the cash drawer 100% of the time. Restocked floor and merchandise.

Contact Me: (501) 529-1354

Hands on work with a local designer, Ms. Leslie Pennel, designer and executive for Esque. Ms. Pennel entrusted me with independently assisting models with their garments, hair, and make up. Efficiently moved crowds through doors and drink counters. Volunteer, Fayetteville Animal Shelter (2011-2012): Utilized visual merchandising techniques to increase potential pet adoptions.

Technical Skills Graphic Design:

Photoshop, InDesign Illustrator

Apparel Design: Kaledo, Optitex

Small Town Girl

Becomes Honors College


Layout Design

Serving as chair for the Bumpers College Honors Student Board, being a member of the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow, being a former Bumpers College Ambassador and Director of Lectures for Honors Student Board is quite a list for a small town girl. Maggie Jo Pruitt, Bergman, Ark., is a success in the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Science. All of these accomplishments have led Pruitt to have the opportunity to become homecoming queen at the University of Arkansas. The homecoming process was so much fun, said Pruitt. “I learned a ton about myself and made so many friends!” Pruitt is a senior agricultural education, communication and technology major and an agribusiness minor. When it came to choosing her major, Pruitt made two lists. One list described her passions and the other list

described her academic and personal skills. “I noticed the passions all had a common theme: providing for the less fortunate,” said Pruitt. “Growing up on a farm, I knew agriculture was the industry that provides food, clothing because of fiber, and fuel, which is transportation,” said Pruitt. “Agriculture is the industry that grows trees for lumber to build houses. It is the industry that provides for the overly-fortunate, fortunate and less fortunate.” “When I saw the Bumpers College had a major called agricultural communications, I wondered if it was the

program for me—and it was!” Pruitt now plans on getting her master’s degree in agricultural extension and education with a focus on public policy. She hopes to use her degree to work directly with agricultural policy on a federal level or conduct research to influence policymaking. Pruitt is a member of the Bumpers


graduate thesis focuses on the perceptions of genetically modified (GM) food among Belgian researchers, farmers and general public. Her research project is significant because “it measures the perceptions of GM food from all actors in a government that is still debating whether or not to allow GM regulation,” said Pruitt. “It can help government officials measure the receptiveness of consumers to GM.” She said the honors program has helped her research, be involved in international agriculture, seek scholarships to further her education, and utilize her skills through positions on the Bumpers College Honors Student Board. Pruitt has studied abroad in two different locations. She lived in Gent, Belgium for three months and completed an internship with the Agricultural and Fisheries Research Institute in conjunction with the University of Gent. She also interned for three months in Edinburgh, Scotland, with Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC). She received credit from the

University of Arkansas for both internships. “I conducted my thesis research while in Belgium and am in the process of finishing my thesis now,” said Pruitt. “I also researched the same subject in Scotland with SRUC as part of my job duties.” She said studying abroad has been the most rewarding and difficult thing she has ever done. Living in a country that spoke primarily Flemish taught Pruitt a lot about herself, while giving her a greater respect for others. “In Scotland, I had to commute a total of two hours a day to work, and my job was only 2.5 miles from where I lived,” Pruitt said it made her thankful for the convenience of her life in the United States. “My perspective of the world and others was broadened through my experiences and that is something that will stay with me for a lifetime,” said Pruitt. Author: Julie Blagg Photgraphs credited to: Maggie Jo Pruitt

Spirit lead me Where my


Borders is without

let me walk upon the


Typography Design


wherever you will

Call me.

Fashion Sketching I designed these two outfits using Adobe Illustrator. I used tools such as live trace, and live paint. For the design on the left I created an IKAT pattern using an online tutorial. I then placed it into my patterns swatches and used it for my dress design. The other dress I used an already made color pattern and colored the rest accordingly.



Specializing in all of your Sewing, Alterations, and Custom Wedding Gown needs!

Call us today or come in for a visit! (479) 790-9449 26 E. Meadow St. Suite 11 Fayetteville, Ar Hours: M-F 8:30 am-5:00 pm

Graphic Design Final Project Portfolio  
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