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Imagine how much more we could see Imagine how much more we could see NASA’s annual funding is less than half of a penny on the dollar.

We are calling for the Obama administration and the US Congress to increase NASA’s funding from its current level of 0.48% to a whole 1% of the US annual budget. It’s the human spirit of exploration that drives the world’s greatest technologists to invent the future, today. We want to see to it that the US annual budget allocation for NASA reflects that hugely important role technology, economy, and inspiration bringer.

one penny means endless possibilities. NASA contributes massive amounts of technological, economical and inspirational power to our nation, and we want to see that they are funded to continue doing just that! If you crunch the numbers, you will find that 2012 is the 2nd lowest year of NASA funding by percentage of the US budget since 1958 and 1959, their founding years. When looked at in a constant 2007 dollar value, the 2012 funding comes in at about 23rd place out of the almost 55 year history of the agency. Coincidentally, 23rd place is also the United States’ world position in Science test scores.

Penny4nasa v2  
Penny4nasa v2