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Lets Get Started... My birth certificate classifies me as a “Haley Christine Sevalstad” that was born in a quaint little town nestled along the Clark Fork River on June 2, 1987. Where is the Clark Fork River you may ask? If you’re a history junkie like myself you might know the significance of this river. It runs through Superior, Montana, but it also runs alongside the path that Lewis & Clark took. When I was in my competitive athletic days, I would run on this path every evening. There’s just something about living in a town enriched with so much pure history that makes one little girl grow up with a tremendous amount of curiosity. I feel like everybody’s life is mapped out along a path. Some are straight and perfectly carved out. Other’s are all over the place, winding through mountains, wading over rivers and lakes, and scouring 2,000 foot waterfalls. It’s funny though, because I’ve never really had a set path mapped out. I would rather take the unexpected detours and the backroads that so many people fear to take, so you can only imagine what my map looks like thus far. But this isn’t about paths or maps. This is about the hidden truths I uncovered from this journey called life.

At 14 years old I learned 5 important truths at my grandfathers funeral. Known as one of the greatest elk hunters in Montana, my grandfather said that success in elk hunting and life goes hand in hand. All one has to do is follow these 5 things...

It’s hard work. Each time you go out it will be different. You’ll fail more than you succeed. Enjoy every moment and have fun. Never be afraid to take a risk.

THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY Ⅰ New Business Opportunity Ⅰ

THE TRUTH Young working adults perceive The Cheesecake Factory to be a time-consuming, extravagant, and over indulging experience, with which they treat themselves to occasionally.

THE JOURNEY The Challenge To reinvent the Cheesecake Factory - create a new business opportunity that will be the first step in transforming this brand to an iconic one that seeks to drive additional traffic.

The Set Up For over 30 years The Cheesecake Factory has been in the business of making people happy. They are wrapped in an experience of originality and charismatic personality, delivering generous portions and consistently surprising and delighting their guests. The brand currently is seen as an extravagant indulgence created perfectly for special occasions.

The Objective With The Cheesecake Factory being perceived as a place to dine on special occasions only, we wanted to turn the experience from an every-once-in-awhile, occasion-based indulgence into an everyday one.

Who We Are Talking To Young working adults who are always on-the-go. They crave originality and are always in search of the next big trend. They like to indulge in everything from shopping to food, but tend to only do so to either treat themselves or when family is in town. Eating at The Cheesecake Factory is a commitment to them in which they have to plan and starve themselves for way in advance. It’s because of this perception that they don’t eat there regularly.

Findings Due to the overwhelmingly large number of choices, the average consumer experiences less than 5% of the menu. This suggests the majority of guests never get to experience the whole menu. The Cheesecake Factory is also just one of their many indulgences and something they only treat themselves to occasionally.

Insight Indulgences are a love/hate relationship that we always give in to when placed in front of us.

Strategy Bring the indulgence to the people - Get young working adults to view the brand as an everyday experience by bringing the indulgences of The Cheesecake Factory to them.

SMP The Cheesecake Factory - An everyday indulgence at your fingertips.

Reasons To Believe Bringing the Cheesecake Factory to its fans and guests will make the brand more approachable and accessible. A more simplified, custom catered menu will also give consumers a chance to have a complete Cheesecake Factory experience - one that’s very memorable in an unexpected environment. They also will be getting a real opportunity that is not fussy as many of them expect.


To create a more engaging, well-rounded and everyday experience, we introduce The moving Cheesecake Factory. This will be a new branch of restaurants that will be on wheels. To start out with, trucks will be set up in six locations and wrapped in three different experiences. 30 Degrees (a business lunch), H2 (a happy hour), and Sweet (a neighborhood bakery) will rotate weekly based on voting done by Facebook followers. To promote the launch of these restaurants, one Cheesecake Factory Food Truck will travel the nation, coast to coast, over the course of 3 weeks serving lunch in 14 cities. The menu will feature a variety of dishes and will change daily based on the availability of ingredients in each location, giving consumers a holistic Cheesecake Factory experience.

THE moving CHEESECAKE FACTORY Mobile Pop-Up Restaurant

3-Week Food Truck Tour

Co-AP.Areej Khan

Ӏ AD.Maria Molina Ӏ CW.Ashly Milliot

Ⅰ Messaging Campaign Ⅰ

THE TRUTH Every mom has  an intrinsic  need to ensure that the future of their children is the best that it can possibly be.

Winners of “Best Overall Campaign”

THE JOURNEY The Challenge

Develop a campaign to increase YouTube usage and loyalty for one of YouTube’s growth segments, Young Facebook Friendly Moms.

The Set Up YouTube is huge. Humongous, even. More video content is uploaded to YouTube in a 60 day period than the three major U.S. television networks created in 60 years. It’s safe to say that YouTube has proven itself to be the world’s largest video sharing website. They are truly a participatory platform, reeling in over 490 million unique users worldwide per month. But while these digitally savvy moms are aware of YouTube, they have very little emotional attachment to the brand and typically engage with YouTube video content through shared links on Facebook.

Who We Are Talking To Young moms (ages 25-34) that have children under the age of 5. She is active online, consuming and creating content with a strong compulsion for self-expression and sharing. Moms are busy and, unfortunately, this frenzied pace and lack of personal time often results in loneliness. She finds herself in online communities - often at odd hours when she has a moment alone searching for connections with moms like her that can not only give her advice and guidance as a new mother, but allow for a creative outlet of self-expression.

Findings Whether they’re into music, fashion or cooking, all of them share the underlying love for their children and the need to provide the best possible life for them. All mothers are constantly fighting for their children to have a better tomorrow.

Our Objective

To not only increase usage and brand loyalty, but provide young moms with a unique opportunity on YouTube to speak about the issues that matter most to them, while simultaneously making connections with other moms.

Strategy Phase 1 [advertising message] Encourage young Facebook-friendly moms to use YouTube as the means to unite their voices in trying to shape an ideal future for their families. Phase 2 [engagement space on YouTube] Give moms an opportunity to interact and engage on YouTube that is for moms and by moms.

Insight The one discussion that all moms are always willing to bring their voice to, is how they can create the ideal future for their children.


A motherʼs voice is the sound of an ideal future.


Our goal was to make YouTube the go-to platform for moms to discuss their children’s future. To accomplish this, we wanted to allow moms with all levels of commitment and interest to be a part of the discussion through an aspirational campaign. Because their children are their number one priority, mothers are actively fighting for a better tomorrow. YouTube can be the platform for moms to take part in the discussion for their kid’s future. The message we want to send moms is that their voice is important. We want them to embrace this, allow the world to see their voice, and be an influence on their children’s future. After all, their children’s future starts now. Our engagement timeline is a multi-tiered process that first uses ambient and banner ads to create buzz around the Moms for Change initiative. Banner ads would be placed on popular mommy blogs and forums, while ambient ads would be placed where moms are already considering their children, such as supermarkets and playgrounds. With the support of Google Ads, we will roll out headline-driven banners that will appear based on keyword searches from users. We will also use Google Ad’s rich media to interact with moms on the Internet. By accessing the users webcam, the banner will ask moms to display a piece of paper with the change they want to see in their kid’s future. To start this campaign we will give mothers the chance to customize their YouTube homepage. Moms will be able to view content dealing with the future of their children. The page will also link to mom’s Google+ account. Through this, they can drop videos to their circles. The homepage will also feature a section devoted to TedTalks dealing with future innovations and change. Mom’s voice will reach speakers through posting video questions for upcoming TedTalks. Moms For Change will be the first weekly web series hosted on Google+ to feature Mom bloggers, influencers and issue specialists. This panel will come together via Google hangout to talk about topics that affect children’s futures. The show will live stream through YouTube, allowing viewers to partake in the discussion through a live comment section. Shows will also be easily uploaded into Google+ hangouts for moms to watch and discuss with their circle of friends. To reach a wider audience, The Moms for Change web series will also be available on Airlines, such as Virgin America and Delta.

Moms For Change

Be Heard.


Co-AP.Kai Hsing

Ӏ AD.Sean Park Ӏ CW.Nic Bauman


THE TRUTH Young adults fear getting tested for HIV. Getting tested means knowing and knowing means having to live with it for the rest of their lives.

THE JOURNEY The Challenge Get Screened Oakland, a new public-private partnership in public health and a citywide response to Oakland’s HIV epidemic, wanted to run an out-of-home messaging campaign to get high-risk segments of the city’s population to get themselves tested frequently. More specifically, 40-year-old male, habitual drug users.

The Set Up Over the years there has been an excessive amount of HIV messaging in the media. It’s been all around us, bombarding us with why we should get tested and statistics that are supposed to frighten us. Needless to say, people are fatigued. As we were shuffling through some statistics of those infected with HIV in California by age range, we had to ask ourselves who exactly we were targeting. Although there are a higher percentage of older individuals living with HIV, we decided to take a more preventative approach and target men and women ages 16-29. Among this age group, 60% of those under the age of 18 and 54% of those between the ages of 18-25 are much more concerned about being infected with HIV than individuals who fall in older age groups. We found that concern rates decline gradually as age increases, because the older you get without contracting the disease the more invincible you feel...specifically if your lifestyle puts you at risk.

The Objective To get young adults into the habit of annual HIV testing.

The Resistance Young adults are aware and educated on the subject of HIV, and most of them are concerned about getting HIV. So what is the barrier...what keeps them from getting tested? FEAR. Now fear is very broad, so we looked into it a bit more and realized that there are two fears that drive this. The first is a fear of being labeled. Unfortunately, in most cases, when you test positive for HIV it becomes who you are in the eyes of others. You are no longer a classmate, a teacher or a friend - you are just HIV positive. The second is a fear of the unknown. They worry about how it will change their lives and how they will deal with it if they test positive. The truth, however, is that not getting tested is more frightening because you have to live with not knowing.

Insight We are most scared of what we do not know.

Who We Are Talking To Young adults ages 16-29. They occasional get a high from meth or cocaine and practice unsafe sex with multiple partners. They are slightly rebellious and they stand strong for who they are and what they believe in. They seek advice and lifestyle cues from their friends and tend to be more self-conscious. What they want more than anything in life is to just be accepted by those that matter most to them.

SMP Doubt is the real killer.

Strategy PART 1 [Get young adults to get tested for HIV] Challenge young adults to think through to the possible outcomes by confronting the fears and doubts of getting tested and making it smaller than one might think. Simpler - easier - routine. PART 2 [Keep them coming back yearly] Propose a new testing process that is not so overwhelming and provides a more comfortable experience, so young adults will want to keep coming back for an annual test.


[ ]

Challenging young adults to confront their feelings and doubts head on will not only dispel the fear, but will empower them to “check in” and get tested. We want them to feel in control and give them the opportunity to be a part of a movement that will help stop the spread of HIV. It’s about empowerment and letting these individuals know that the fear ends with them - all they have to do is get tested.



Testing Process

walk-in/anonymous sign-in/wait

questionaire done by counselor/self swab 10 min. wait in lobby alonecounselor hands over results

Co-AP.Areej Khan

Ó€ AD.Maria Molina Ó€ CW.Ashly Milliot


questionaire done in private on touchscreen/self swab counselor comes into room to discuss respones to questions while waiting for results

New Online Dating Site â… Messaging Campaign + Site Development â… 

THE TRUTH Twentysomethings are embarrassed to admit that they “Facebook Stalk� to find potential dates by checking out friends of friends.

THE JOURNEY The Challenge Develop a new online dating site for people born in the 1980’s as well as a messaging campaign to launch it.

The Set Up Online dating is a crowded market that is now a $1 billion industry, making it bigger than porn. But in order to launch a a new online dating service, there are two important things to consider. Online dating is an increasingly segmented market, with dating sites available for everyone from atheists to farmers to eligible seniors. Also, people in their 20’s aren’t using online dating in the same way that older singles are. They find it to be an exhausting process and are more interested in casual dating then marriage.

The Objective

How do we get twentysomethings who are pessimistic about online dating to make it a regular part of their dating routine?

Who We Are Talking To 20-29 year-olds who are active online. They use Facebook as a primary communication tool and while some of them have experience with online dating, many are now lapsed users. Their views on dating are different...they want to have fun, not settle down.

Methodology Man-on-the-street interviews In-depth one-on-one interviews Experimental research exercises visualization map character profiles Direct experience immersion

Findings Twentysomethings place more value on a potential date if that person is already connected to their social network. They engage in some form of ‘Facebook stalking,’ where they check out friends of friends that they see on Facebook for potential dates. However, there is still a stigma associated with online dating. Through their eyes, the uncertainty of meeting complete strangers can be quite daunting and creating another online profile is just exhausting. They want authenticity and are starting to move away from fictional identities and towards the use of people’s real identities when it comes to finding a match online.


Twentysomethings use their social network as the means to engage with new experiences.


Friends don’t let friends date strangers.

Strategy Get twentysomethings to leverage the power of peer recommendations by taking away the uncertainty of online dating and moving it to a venue that they already use and see as safe - Facebook.


2 Degrees is a Facebook app that brings mutual friends back into the conversation on dating. This site encourages users to explore the friends their friends have. People will be able to browse mutual friends and see the various common grounds they share, whether that be movies, music or activities. For premium users, the app will feature a “nudge” button as well. Anyone that wants to be introduced to a new friend can “nudge” their mutual friend, asking them for a bit of help. Finally, the site will cater to matchmakers. Any mutual friend that believes their friends should make a connection can use the introduction photo to tag each person and suggest they meet.

2 degrees [a place for introductions] Our campaign prototype is about giving people the opportunity to meet the friends of friends that they’ve always wanted to meet in a safe and legitimate way – through Facebook. The idea that people can connect with someone meaningful just two degrees of separation from them appeals to many twentysomethings who are interested in people for either dating or friendship. We are also taking the pressure off the idea of serious romance through online dating by making it a place for introductions and not necessarily lifelong love.

Co-AP.Kai Hsing

Ӏ AD.Sean Park Ӏ CW.Nic Bauman


9201 E MISSISSIPPI AVE DENVER, CO SEVALSTAD.HALEY@GMAIL.COM HTTP://ABOUT.ME/HALEYSEVALSTAD 406...................529....................1074



Account Planner ┃ Factory Design Labs ┃Denver, CO

Charged with leading consumer research and strategic planning across all new business and current existing clients including Oakley, The North Face, Squaw Valley, Aspen/Snowmass, and Sports Authority. From gathering reseach and uncovering powerful consumer insights to delivering the right strategy and integrating across every possible touchpoint, my goal is always about trying to find the balance between uncovering the real business problem while at the same time solving a real consumer need.

Digital Strategist Intern ┃ BBDO ┃ Minneapolis, MN

Assisted other digital strategists and directors on discovering insights that identified ideal audiences and optimum methods to reach them online.



Brand Planning Intern ┃ The Richards Group ┃Dallas, TX

Did everything from write up creative briefs - moderate focus groups - conduct and analyze quantitative/qualitative research - compile trend watching reports - narrate videos for client pitches - write up online listening proposals - brief creatives - help out with ethnographic research and shop-alongs.


AAF NSAC (Manager) ┃ University of Idaho AD Team┃Moscow, ID As assistant mangaging director for the 2010-2011 National Student Advertising Competition for J.C. Penny, I was responsible for the creative functions of the team, as well as for the entire project organization, timetable, quality of work, people and function management, and the program direction.

AUG-DEC 2010

Marketing Intern┃ University of Idaho Athletics┃Moscow, ID

Duties included assisting in market research - brand strategies - advertising poster design - website management - writing content for website and quarterly newsletter - promotional events and game-day operations.

AAF NSAC (Creative) ┃ University of Idaho AD Team┃Moscow, ID

SEPT 2009-MAY 2010

As a creative member on the 2009-2010 National Student Advertising Competition for State Farm Insurance, my duties included strategic and conceptual development as well as producer of all executional designs. Oakley

Aspen Ski Co.

Sports Authority


MCA Denver

State Farm Insuran

Callaway Golf Company


Muse Studio


Squaw Valley

Summers Eve

The North Face

Snowmass Tourism

Mountain Collective

Beam Inc.

Wish for Wheels

J.C. Penny


Education University of Idaho ┃ Moscow, ID

BA Advertising / Minor Graphic Design ┃ Dec. 2010

Miami Ad School┃ San Francisco, CA Account Planning Boot Camp ┃ Fall 2011

AN OPEN MIND THAT OPENS MINDS I don’t expect. I expect the unexpected. The feeling of not knowing, of taking the backroads and the detours, is what I live for it’s what my mind constantly strives for. Afterall, it’s the overlooked and hidden details of human truths that changes lives. It’s what manifests lifelong relationships and conversations between consumers and brands. Initially I chose graphic design. It instilled in me the tools to think creatively and strategically. Designing became a release - my eager mind always fishing for ideas, trying to pluck out the most interesting, unique, and overlooked. Design, however, took me on a strange journey. Designing became less about aesthetics and more about the intellectually based truths that fueled consumer behaviors. I found myself digging to know more about the world, the people that live in it, and the technology that is shaping their conversations and experiences. Through consumer research, I found that my curious mind can take risks. It can shape stories to transcend emotions that engage and appeal to tribes of individuals in a relevant and interesting way. In a world of empty promises and conversations that start and end with a box on a screen, I believe that brand experiences fueled by creativity and laced with great strategy can make people feel again. After all, the world starts to change when people start to feel. My experience includes a mix of traditional approaches such as insight gathering, customer journey mapping, go-to-market strategies, retail strategies, qualitative & quantitative consumer research, brand and product positioning and messaging, consumer segmentation, market and category trendspotting, conducting interviews/surveys/shop-a-longs, and moderating focus groups as well as approaches focusing on integrated campaigns that include digital/social strategies, social segmentation, social media monitoring, and online listening. This last year I have been on the wildest roller coaster ride of my lifetime. I’ve experienced more of an agency life in one year then I could have ever imagined. I’ve been given the opportunity to do it all, growing immensly into a well-rounded strategist. I’ve proven that what makes a great strategist is the “miles not the years,” and I’m confident in the talent, skills, and work I can bring to any situation and to any client.


Central Market

The Cheesecake Factory








Amstel Light


The Home Depot

Ram Trucks

Get Screened Oakland


Hormel Bacon

EA Origin

Miami Ad School Account Planning Portfolio  

A collection of my work while attending Miami Ad School's Account Planning Boot Camp in San Francisco. Fall 2011

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