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November 1, 2012

Scheduling Manager GEMINI

Feature Spotlight The new Gemini version of Scheduling Manager includes several new, much-requested features.

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Combined Fixed/Hourly Billing

We periodically discuss and review users’ requests and incorporate some of the most popular requests into the software. It’s done by vote! If several people request the same feature then we add it in to the software, if feasible.

The new Gemini version supports the ability to have a combination of fixed-price items, and hourly-priced items on the same job and invoice.

Let us know your suggestions. Maybe your ideas will become reality!

We’ve highlighted a few of the new features below:

This means that you can have a “Basic Cleaning” Work Code, for example, that is billed hourly, and add on a fixed-price item, such as a “Travel Surcharge”.

6 Payroll Types The Gemini version now supports the ability to store and track up to 6 different hourly rates for employees. You are also able to relabel these fields to whatever you wish.

Export-As-PDF In the Gemini version any report can now be exported as a PDF document. You can also export in a text document, word document, or CSU file.

Defining Zones The new feature enables users to define for each zone, which zip codes are a part of that zone. When users enter a new customer it will then assign the zone to them automatically. You can then search on zones or assign jobs by zones.

Email us or tweet us with your ideas.

Enhanced “Find Optimal Team” Utility We have made an improvement to the “Find Optimal Team” utility so that the software now stores latitude and longitude coordinates. This means that when the “Find Optimal Team” utility is run, the software does not need to send any information to MapPoint, meaning the utility is now MUCH FASTER - It takes only seconds to run!

New Suggest-A-Date Feature With our new map utility you can now check addresses by using the check button which will take you to Google Maps. You can also use the “M” button which interfaces with Microsoft MapPoint and shows a map of all your jobs with the time of job, team, and address. This way, you know who’s in what area and add jobs that are not out of the way.

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We Had A Great Time At the ARCSI Conference in Chicago! Thoughtful Systems introduced 2 new products at the ARCSI show in Chicago, held at the Hard Rock Hotel in October. The new web-based version of Scheduling Manager includes most of the features users have come to love in the stand-alone version, giving our users exciting new options for running on the cloud The mobile add-on for Scheduling Manager lets field workers view their jobs, get directions, and more – on an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Tablet!

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November 1, 2012

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