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Haley the Maker lookbook

Summer 2015 collection of cards and prints

Hello! I am so excited to introduce to you my first lookbook which displays a collection my cards and prints that I have been working on the past two years. Coming from a food based background all my work is inspired by food and nature. For individual purchases visit my etsy shop at: etsy.com/shop/haleypolinsky Or for wholesale purchases and inquiries please contact me at: haleypolinsky@gmail.com Thanks for looking!

Process A look into my process of how my works come to be. I find naturally that the two things I draw biggest inspiration from are food and nature. In my sketchbook there is a constant mix of ink, watercolour and lots of writing to accompany the many ideas being thought out.

Birthday All cards are hand illustrated and watercolour painted and then digitally reproduced.


Whether its Valentine’s Day or just a regular day, let the special someone in your life know they are loved.


From housewarming cards, thank-you notes or just blank cards waiting to be filled with a cute note.

Holidays The holiday season is always closer than you think...

Digital Prints My digital prints are hand illustrated and often watercoloured pieces that have been scanned and reproduced as a digital print.

Set of four re-usable fruit and vegetable themed bingo cards.

Linocuts As well as working in the mediums of illustration and watercolour, I do relief printmaking. I start by carving designs into block linoleun, rolling on ink and hand pressing all my prints with a back of a kitchen spoon.

About Haley the Maker I am a Saskatchewan born, Toronto based artist. I grew up with my four siblings on a honey farm in rural Saskatchewan. After finishing highschool I attended the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts and began my career as a chef working in restaurants from Vancouver to Toronto, most recently at Bar Isabel and Bar Raval. While I enjoyed working in kitchens I realized I needed to make art and while at first I thought they were separate activities, I soon realized when I started drawing and creating again that they can work harmoniously together. Food is my passion in life and I express it through a variety of mediums. I work in photography, relief printmaking, illustration and watercolour. I spent half of the last year travelling through Europe and Morocco, doing work exchanges of different kinds from cooking to design projects including illustration and photography work for the Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School in Sicily. I also run a pop up restaurant called The Galette Girls and will be taking over the chef residency this year from November to January at Restaurant Numero 7 in Fez, Morocco. As well as selling cards and illustrations, I self produce an online food magazine called Food Union.

To place an order or for any inquiries about wholesale prices please contact me at: haleypolinsky@gmail.com Blog: www.haleythemaker.com Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/haleypolinsky Food Union: Issue one- http://issuu.com/haleypolinsky/docs/food_union Issue two - http://issuu.com/haleypolinsky/docs/food_union_edit_j.3


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Haley the Maker Lookbook  

Summer 2015 collection of cards and prints.

Haley the Maker Lookbook  

Summer 2015 collection of cards and prints.