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Underage Drinking in Wisconsin: Laws, Fines and other Information You Need To Know Sources: http://www.learn2serv http://www.uwstout.ed u/counsel/aod/upload/ drinking-and-lawbrochure.pdf http://www.revenue.wi. gov/faqs/ise/ ml#undrg1

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Underage Drinking at a Glance Most of the states in the U.S. allows persons 21 years old and above to consume alcohol. But minimum age limit for alcohol purchase (in some states) is 18 above. You may want to check your local state laws for more information on age limits for consumption and purchasing.

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Underage Drinking is almost like a wildfire that burns in a dry forest and that forest is as huge as America. Even if there are already laws and lowered BAC limit to prevent young people consuming any alcoholic beverages, it seems hard to lessen the accidents and other incidents. There are a lot of social, economic and health problem that results from the consumption of alcohol in youngsters. Some of the known end-result is alcohol poisoning, suicide, drowning, traumatic injury and more. Wisconsin is one of the states in the U.S. that has problems with underage drinking. Img src topnews

So Does It Affect Wisconsin Bartenders, Businesses (Clubs, Restaurants and Bars)?

As a bartender, selling drinks to minors can cause you and the business in REAL trouble. When I say trouble this means, liabilities, damages to your business name, and your bartending and alcohol license. Taking an approved Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Server Training will provide you (as a bartender) the necessary skills and knowledge you need for this kind of situations and also for the (business) to prevent or mitigate liabilities.

Wisconsin Underage Drinking by the Numbers Alcohol Sales Connected To Underage Alcohol Consumption The state of Wisconsin prohibits underage alcohol consumption and possession and other statutory exceptions to these laws. Each year, approximately 252,000 of young people consume alcoholic beverages in Wisconsin. A 2009 data by states that 74.4% had at least one drink of alcohol on one or more days during their life. These underage consumers drink 17.9% of all Wisconsin alcohol sold in the state that totaled $450 million in sales (2010 dollars).

Wisconsin Underage Drinking by the Numbers Harm Associated with Underage Drinking We all know that there is a lot of harm that can be caused by alcohol. There are a lot of cases where people are drunk driving which can lead to traffic accidents, risky sex, injuries, property crimes, and more. In 2009, an estimated 31 traffic fatalities and about 1,529 non-fatal traffic injuries were attributed to driving after underage drinking. Add to that data an estimated 17 homicides and 10,500 non-fatal violent crimes such as robbery, assault, and rape; and 29,900 property crimes like car theft, burglary and larceny.

Penalties and Violations for Wisconsin Drinking Laws

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Underage Drinking in Wisconsin: Laws, Fines and other Information You Need To Know