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Developing Writers Blog Social Media Campaign Haley Gresham

Brand Video

Overview Creating a brand consists of three major parts, creation of the brand, creating an identity for the brand and developing consistency among all of platforms. After creating the brand, the next step is creating a social media campaign to expose your brand to a wider audience and gather a loyal customer base. Writers Blog began as a creative space for writers but developed into my own persona. Writers Blog is a brand to promote myself as a creative writer. The platforms are geared towards a specific demographic but can appeal to any reader. The connection being made are to enhance my career as a published author. As the connections grow, my brand will grow. Creating a consistent post centered around creative writing on Facebook and LinkedIn followed by commentary on books and authors on Twitter and Instagram help the brand get exposure while keeping the theme around literature. A literature themed campaign reaches the targets audience it is intended for.

Creating your brand





To create a brand, you first need to find your reason or purpose. In Writers Blog, I can reach publishers, writers and editors to promote my own writing in several social media platforms. The platform serves my brands purpose of connecting and exposing.

Target audience is key for any type of business or personal brand. Target audiences are who you want to reach and how you are going to attract them. Writers Blog is directed towards writers and publishers.

What does the brand have to offer? What makes Writer Blog special? The Writers Blog social media platforms are offering an honest and transparent community. The posts on all platforms reflect the inspiration and struggles of writing fiction.

Brand Identity Making your brand identity universal is key to social media planning. All social media platforms should reflect your brand the same way. To accomplish this use: Images Links Similar bios

Media Platforms

Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media platform. This site offers a quick way to share images with filters to build an aesthetic profile. This site allows users to build a profile with a biography and profile picture. Once an account is active, users can post photos and videos for followers to see on their feed. Instagram has direct messaging, commenting and sharing links making it easy to connect. For the brand: • Easy photo sharing • Quick links to other platforms • Filters to help aesthetic of the brand

For the audience: • Quick way to find brand • Find similar pages by hashtags • Easy direct messaging on mobile version

Facebook is the largest social media site to date. The website offers more ways to connect than any other social media site. Users can create a profile, add interests, post photos and status updates. Facebook allows users to connect with messengers, comments and Facebook stories.

For the brand: • Easy tracking for brand growth • Multiple functions to create content • Ability to advertise the brand on the platform • Largest social media community

For the audience: • Direct communication with the brand • Ability to interact with brand and other followers • Sharing and inviting other users to the page

LinkedIn is the business side of social media. Professionals can update their bio as a resume for other professionals or possible work opportunities. LinkedIn creates easy connections using contacts or similar interests. The ability to search for a profession and/or company makes it easy to make connections with the correct people and businesses.

For the brand: • Ability to connect with publishers and writers • Continue to build the online resume’ • Finding jobs relating to the relative field

For the audience: • Easy way to see developments of the brand • Build network of writers and publishers connect with the brand • Check for jobs within the brand if ever posted

Twitter is a social media site with the ability to share information called a tweet. Users can follow pages, celebrities and businesses. Most major companies have a twitter account and frequently post due to it’s easy to share functionality and its popularity among social media users.

For the brand: •

Easiest way to share posts from similar brands or post directly from brand Following trends to better elevate presence Suggestions to help find new writers and publishers

For the audience: • • •

Quick updates or post from brand Direct messaging to the brand Ability to retweet or tweet at the brand

YouTube is the largest video sharing site on the internet. It is a free way to share video content for yourself personally or a specific brand. YouTube give businesses another way to connect with audiences using video instead of posts limited to 140 characters.

For the brand: •

• •

Easy and efficient way to upload videos Create playlist for different campaigns Engagement with audience with comments Ability to share on multiple platforms

For the audience: • •

Easy visibility for the audience Commenting and sharing allow audience to feel involved with the material Watching videos allow audiences to gather more information about the brand or company

Social Media Campaign ROI Four-part campaign on Facebook Five times a week there will be a new prompt to write. This creates interaction and traffic to the page.

December 1,2018- December 31, 2018 Goal: Increase interaction by 5 every week. Interaction: comment Baseline: 10 End goal: 30 comments on the last post

Four-part campaign on Instagram and Twitter

Goal: Increase new followers by 10 every week.

For four weeks there will be four posts regarding a book, author, quote and question. This gives the audience an ability to interact about the topics and new followers to find the post via hashtags.

Interaction: follow request

Four-Part campaign on YouTube

Goal: Establish a following

One video per week will keep the trend of openness and transparency of the writing process. The videos will be 5 minutes showing the writing process for short fiction.

Interaction: Subscriptions

Baseline: 30 End goal: 70 followers by the end of the month

Baseline: 1 End goal: 5 subscriptions

Four-Part campaign on LinkedIn

Goal: Create traffic from other platforms

Utilizing the blog entry and the material from other platforms will widen the audience and show a uniformed brand. One post each week from another platform will be shared on LinkedIn as a blog entry.

Interaction: Connections Baseline: 1 End goal: 15 connections










0 Week one

Week two

Facebook comments

Week three

Instagram follows


Week Four

Target Audience Meet Brent,

Demographics: Age: 24 to 45 Occupation: Writer, publisher, and college students Gender: All Interests: Fiction, blogging, creative writing, literature, short fiction and journaling.

Brent is the owner of Cornerstone Publishing. He publishes all genres including, poetry, fiction and nonfiction. He is active on social media and looks for connections within the literature community.

Meet Sara, Sara is a blogger on social media. She recently graduated with a degree in mass communications and is seeking inspiration to influence her next writing adventure.

Meet Ryan, Ryan recently published his first book and has started writing his next piece. He is active on social media connecting with other authors and looking for possible connections.

Example Post Plan Facebook Writing Prompts Campaign

Instagram and Twitter Campaign

Reposted for LinkedIn

Reposted for LinkedIn

First week: All about you

First week:

1. Describe a time you found something you were passionate about 2. Describe your first interaction with rejection 3. Describe a time you faced a fear 4. Describe your greatest accomplishment to date or your greatest regret 5. Describe your favorite picture

1. Book: In the dark dark wood by Ruth Ware 2. Author: Agatha Christie 3. Quote: “Popularity is often confused with significance”

Second week: In a different life 1. You are a super hero using your last bit of energy to sav the earth as your own demise, what are you thinking about? 2. The world is ending in a day, what do you do? 3. You’ve started life on a new planet, describe your first day. 4. If you woke up in your personal hero’s body, what would you do?

YouTube Campaign First week: Character development: counter characteristics

Media Calendar #NAME?










7 Youtube: Book

Facebook: Prompt

Facebook: Prompt

Facebook: Prompt

Instagram: Book

Instagram: Author

Instagram: Quote

Facebook: Prompt

Facebook: Prompt Instagram: Question

LinkedIn: Blog





14 Youtube: Book

Facebook: Prompt

Facebook: Prompt

Facebook: Prompt


Instagram: Author


Facebook: Prompt

Facebook: Best Instagram: Question

LinkedIn: Blog





21 Youtube: Book

Facebook: Prompt

Facebook: Prompt

Facebook: Prompt

Instagram: Book

Instagram: Author

Instagram: Quote

Facebook: Prompt

Facebook: Prompt Instagram: Question

LinkedIn: Blog





28 Youtube: Book

Facebook: Prompt

Facebook: Prompt

Facebook: Prompt

Instagram: Book

Instagram: Author

Instagram: Quote

Facebook: Prompt

Facebook: Prompt Instagram: Question

LinkedIn: Blog


Important Reminders

Facebook: Best

Best of the responses on day 14 and 31

Instagram: NewYear

Youtube Video on the 31st: Synopsis of progress on my book.

Youtube: Progress


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Writers Blog Social Media Plan  
Writers Blog Social Media Plan