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JANIE BUCKLEY, lightly worn Spring dress, skips into her farmhouse kitchen where her MOTHER and FATHER are going about their daily morning routine: Mother is washing the dishes used from cooking breakfast and Father is reading the newspaper and finishing his coffee before heading off to work. MOTHER There’s the little girl. Where did you and Sugar (puppy) end up going this morning? JANIE Over by the fence. (grabs coffee pot) Can I…? FATHER Don’t even try Janie. (interrupting Janie) How many times have I told you? Not until you’re older. JANIE Well, I’m always getting older. (sits at table with Father) FATHER Don’t be a smart aleck now. (shakes paper) MOTHER Here ya’ go, babe. (sets down glass of milk for Janie) What did you do over by that fence today? JANIE Uh, well, I drew. I love drawing. MOTHER And you’re very good at it for you age. So what did you draw? Can I see it?

JANIE Ya! I always draw what my brain sees. When I close my eyes, you know? MOTHER You have said that before. I’m not sure I understand, but you do have quite the imagination. A beautiful imagination that is. JANIE Thanks, Mama! (hugs Mother while sitting) MOTHER Always, babe. (turns to Father) Did you see this picture, Ron? FATHER Yup. A lot like the others. (stands and heads towards door putting on coat) I’ll see you both tonight. (walks out) JANIE When will Daddy look at my pictures? MOTHER He cares, babe. Don’t you worry. (changes topic) Where did Sugar go? Did ya both get breakfast this morning before going out? JANIE Sugar’s out back. No breakfast for us. (pause) I just wanted to say “goodbye” to Daddy before he left for work. (pause) I want to play in the creek today. MOTHER

K, baby. But be careful. Maybe draw your daddy a special picture? JANIE Not today, Mama. Maybe tomorrow. (walks out)

Behind Those Eyes  

Script of the third scene in Behind Those Eyes: a personal project for T206

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