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JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE SPEECH Discovering the Core of Verbal Communication What I Knew Already: Just enough to get me started and to be excited to learn more. Introduction Speeches: Realizing the importance of being able to make someone else look good. Apprehension Lectures: Learning itʼs ok to be nervous and how to overcome physical and psychological symptoms. Ice Breakers: Discovering how to feel good about being silly and learning how to relax. Outlining the Informative Speech: Understanding that a clear plan of attack makes all the difference. Informative Speech: Realizing my weaknesses, such as movement, volume, and a few “ums”. But gaining confidence through experience.

Elevator Speeches: The importance of being concise.

Audience Analysis: Realizing the value of understanding your audience beyond assumptions and stereotypes. The Debate: A good argument canʼt be made without understanding all sides of an issue. Persuasive Speeches: Ethos, Pathos, Logos and the importance of their balance. I would have liked to prepared more for this speech, and worked in more solid logos. In Summary: For my own personal performance I have fully realized the importance of solid outlining and thorough practice, including real listeners, movement and time keeping. Iʼve learned the value of thorough research, not only of the topic, but of the audience. I thought exposure to the various resources was fantastic, and I feel like they will throughly benefit me in future analysis. I liked that I had a chance to get to know my classmates on a more personal level than in many of my other lectures.

Oral Communication Retrospective  

A visual summary of the impact of a semester's worth of oral communication exercises. Spring 2012

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